Haziran 14, 2020

Husband out, Black Master in

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Husband out, Black Master in
I was home alone that week end; my loving hubby had flown away from town in a quick business trip. My Black Master knew it and then he called me, telling me to get ready my horny pussy for his huge black cock…
When Jamal came home, he found me lying naked in my own marital bed.
He entered my sweet little cunt slowly, backed out a little way and then he pushed even a little deeper.
I tensed my back and moaned; I felt my vagina stretching, slowly accommodating his very thick girth.
The pain I felt was overwhelmed by an incredible sense of fullness.
The sensation of being fucked so badly was overcoming the pain and fear.

I screamed and wailed; feeling I was lost in my own wailing,

Jamal smiled and told me I was very tight that night. I confessed my lovely Victor had not fucked me in the last ten days…
My Black Master began slowly stroking in and out, thrusting deeper into me than any man ever had before, stimulating all of my vagina with each stroke.
I screamed with pleasure, telling him that I loved his huge black cock…
Before long, I was lost in a very powerful intense and stronger orgasm.
I rolled my head, bahis siteleri arched my back, dipped and rolled my hips as waves of ecstasy coursed through every fiber of my body.
In the middle of my own orgasm, Jamal paused and I felt his hot cum blast into me as I continued moving my hips around his hard thick cock.

He smiled and said we had just started.
I was expecting him to go limp and withdraw, but his cock remained rock solid, imbedded deep in my pussy, prolonging my orgasm as my vaginal muscles contracted, milking the semen from him.
In the midst of my euphoria, he shifted the two of us slightly; changing the angle his cock entered me.
I felt him probing against my cervix until he managed to set his cockhead up to my very bottom. Suddenly he pushed even further into me which caused a sharp stab of pain. I cried in pain, claiming he was hurting me.
But at the same time, I spread my legs even further for him.
I had to submit to that black fuck machine. He owned me; I was his fuck doll to do with me as he pleased.
Ignoring my protests, he used his strength and weight to drive his cock head even deeper, fully into my womb. canlı bahis I screamed again in pain.
He pushed a bit more and I screamed; then I went silent.
My body tensed and I screamed loud again as my womb went into spasms around his invading huge cock. He skillfully twisted his hard tool, making me cry in ecstasy and pain, both at same time.
I blacked out for a moment only to awake to a continuous orgasm of unimaginable intensity. In the midst of my orgasmic hysteria, I heard Jamal saying that now I knew how a real nigger fucked a slut married white bitch.
The bastard continued thrusting my body as I kept crying like crazy…
My womb contracted involuntarily; it hurt so much, but it hurt so good…
It was not the nice hard dick of my lovely hubby; but the hard and thick cock of a brutal nigger; who was now about to split me in two and fill my hot cunt with his burning seed…
I could not stop coming, as he pumped me in such a wild way.
All of a sudden Jamal tensed and arched his back onto my body. He grunted loud and then I knew he was going to cum inside of me again.
He pumped his sperm directly into my womb.
All the while, I kaçak iddaa thrashed in indescribable ecstasy beneath him.
My body trembled occasionally as I came down from my sexual high.
He stood deeply buried on top of me, his cock slowly softening and withdrawing. I felt I was ragged, shattered to pieces and conquered…

I lay there on my bed in pain, sore, but also relaxed and totally satisfied.

The smell of my own pussy juices cum filled the bedroom.
He kept fucking me over and over for several hours.
I lost count of how many orgasms he made me shout in desperation.
As Jamal was having a rest and licking my hard nipples; my phone rang.
It was my beloved husband, asking if everything was going fine at home.
I tried to muffle a moan and told Victor everything was fine here: but then Jamal grabbed the phone; he grunted and laughed, saying my hubby he was a lucky bastard, having married such a fine slut…
Victor told him some four letter words, warning Jamal to leave right now because his business trip had been suspended and my loving husband now was coming back home from the airport.
Jamal laughed again and told Victor to relax; he replied that he had still an entire hour to spend in our marital bed and then my loving hubby would find the very tight asshole of is sweet slutty wife full of fresh semen…
My Black Master hung up the phone and he made me get on all fours…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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