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How It Began

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It began in a basement room of the huge building that housed the Summit County Home, an aging, red brick fortress of a building that consisted of three floors over a full basement that was now used only to store miscellaneous items. The upper two floors of the building were used as housing for males and females who had been abandoned by their parents, often by parents who could no longer feed and clothe their offspring through no fault of their own. The bottom floor consisted of offices, the cafeteria and a small gymnasium with access to a large field in the back of the building. Although it was named the Summit County Home, some of the residents remained there until they reached the age of twenty-one.

Richie had approached Gene while he was wandering around the field looking for some of the friends he had made since arriving at the home a year earlier and asked, “Wanna see something, Gene?”

Gene looked at the older male with curiosity, as he had never spoken to him before, although they both lived in the same dorm of over thirty young men. Hesitantly, he asked, “Wh-what? Whacha got, Richie?” He was sure the older man must have coped a magazine or something like that with some ‘dirty’ pictures like he had seen some of the older ones in the dorm with. Just that prospect made Gene curious with anticipation of being included in the select few who were able to look at the forbidden mags.

Richie immediately read the anticipatory expression on Gene’s face and dismissed it with a wave of his hand. “Naw, it’s not what you’re thinking, Gene. Better than that.”

“Well, what is it then? Some girl?” Like most of the males Gene was always eager to sneak over to the girl’s wing with the hope of seeing one naked in the shower.

“Nope. Not a girl. It’s a secret place. My hideout.”

“Your hideout? How do you have a hideout?” Right away Gene figured that Richie must have constructed a little fort or something back in the woods that surrounded the home. That wasn’t too farfetched as Gene himself had managed to get one girl to sneak back in the woods with him where he was able to get a kiss and even feel some tits before his victim had got scared and ran off.

Ignoring the younger boy’s questions, Richie demanded, “You wanna see it or not?”

“Sure,” Gene quickly replied, not wanting to anger the older male and miss out on seeing something. “Sure, I want to see it. Where’s it at?”

“C’mon, follow me. But make sure you aren’t seen. We gotta keep it a secret.”

Gene was surprised when Richie led the way back towards the building, certain that the ‘hideout’ must have been in the woods. Richie led the way around the end of the building that was opposite the driveway that was used to access the Home, ducking below some shrubbery that surrounded the brick walls so they wouldn’t be seen by anyone who might be at a window above by chance. After rounding the building and proceeding about fifty feet along the front that faced Arlington Street across a wide expanse of lawn, Richie ducked behind the shrubs and beckoned for Gene. Grinning at the younger boy, Richie deftly gripped the basement window by the sash and pushed it up. Without explaining, the youth slid feet first through the opening and lowered himself to the floor.

Gene knelt on his haunches and looked in the room, unsure if he should follow his newfound friend. All he could see were stacks of mattresses and a couple of desks with a closed door on the opposite side of the room. He began to mentally question if they should be where they were, let alone go inside the room when the impatient Richie interrupted his thoughts. “Well? You coming in or not?”

Richie’s tone of voice awoke Gene from his questioning and he quickly did as the older boy had, submissively sliding feet first into the room, relieved when his feet touched the floor more easily than he had thought. By the light that was filtering through the ground level windows, Gene could see that his first assessment of the room was correct. It was obviously just a storeroom for unused furniture and he couldn’t see any sign of a ‘hideout’ like Richie had claimed. It wasn’t until he followed Richie around a high stack of mattresses that he did see what turned out to be the his supposed hideout. Someone had stacked a couple of mattresses across two desks, forming a small passage that opened up to a wider space between the two desks and the stacks of mattresses in the front of the room. There was room for two mattresses lying side by side in the created space and Richie had quickly crawled through the opening and sprawled on one of the mattresses, beckoning Gene to follow.

Despite the simplicity of the older male’s ‘hideout’, Gene had to admire what he had created. With all of the other children in the Home, it was virtually impossible to find a place where a person could just be alone. Alone with their thoughts, their dreams, even their private activities. As he settled on the other mattress, Gene was surprised to see that Richie bahis firmaları had taken his cock out and was openly stroking it. The act didn’t surprise him so much as Gene had masturbated whenever he was able to without anyone seeing the ‘forbidden’ act-usually under the covers at night after lights out. So the act didn’t surprise him but the fact that the older boy was doing it in front of him certainly was a surprise. Gene was mesmerized by not only the baseness of his companion, but also by the size of the older man’s equipment. Richie had his entire hand wrapped around the shaft and Gene could see at least another two inches or so of hardened shaft with a purple head above his hand. He watched hypnotically as Richie worked his hand up and down and could even see in the dim light the glistening dewdrop forming on the slitted top.

Gene was unaware that the older boy had been watching him stroke his adult-size meat until his transfixion was interrupted, “Want to touch it?” When Gene didn’t answer, his eyes still locked on the scene before him, Richie repeated, “Do you? Go on, Gene, touch it.” When Gene still didn’t move or make an attempt to comply, Richie reached over and gripped his hand, pulling it towards his cock, now standing up straight. Gene didn’t resist, his submissive side letting the older boy take control. When he felt the erect softness touch his fingers, Gene instinctively opened his hand and gripped the stiff meat in his fist and then began to move it up and down. He marveled at the raw power of the older man’s cock, the heat from it transferring to the palm of his hand and miraculously traveling through his body to his own loins.

Richie lay still for a few minutes, content to let the younger, naïve boy take over the task of stroking his cock before asking, “You like it, Gene? Like touching it?”

Without hesitating, Gene nodded enthusiastically, his eyes glued to the increasing puddle of clear liquid dripping out of the slit in the purplish head resting atop his small, girl-like fist. After another moment of silence, Richie queried, “Would you like me to touch yours’? How about it?”

Gene paused his stroking while he pondered the Richie’s offer, then answered with some embarrassment, “But, but mine isn’t like yours’, Richie. Mine is smaller.”

Richie turned on his side, the action pulling his cock out of Gene’s precum-slickened hand. “Don’t matter. It’ll still feel good. Wanna try it?” Not waiting for an answer, Richie reached over and began undoing Gene’s pants. When he had the zipper pulled down, Richie rose up on his knees and with both hands pulled the younger man’s pants down to his ankles. He snickered at the tidy-whities Gene wore and then announced, “Gotta take those things off,” and then he proceeded to pull the cotton garment down Gene’s shapely legs, exposing his three-inch peter, which was just beginning to rise from the almost-hairless crotch.

Taking the small penis between a thumb and forefinger, Richie began to stroke it, the uncircumcised skin alternately hiding and then revealing the pale head. Grinning at the nervous youth, Richie asked, “You like that? Feels good, doesn’t it?”

Putting his hands behind his head so he could watch the Richie’s manipulation of his organ, Gene admitted, “Uh-huh. It does. Better than when I do it.”

“See? Told you?” Richie stroked the stiffening peter a couple of minutes more and then asked cunningly, “Wanna try something that feels even better?”

Shrugging, Gene answered, unsure of what could feel better than having someone else masturbate his awakening prick. “Wh-what would feel better? I like this.”

“Fucking, that’s what,” Richie sneered. “Don’t you know nothing about sex?”

The derision of the older man embarrassed Gene, afraid his ignorance of sex would cause Richie to not like him and end up making fun of him. The only thing he could think of rather than confess that he was sexually ignorant was to ask, “Isn’t, isn’t that between a man and a woman, Richie? I mean, how can we do that?”

“Easy,” Richie grinned, pleased with how easy it was going to be to seduce the younger male. “You wanna try it or not?”

“If, if you want, Richie. But I don’t know what to do.”

“That’s okay, buddy. Just do what I tell you,” Richie replied as he reached down and took off one of Gene’s shoes and quickly repeated the act on the other shoe before gripping the boy’s pants and underwear and pulling them off and throwing them aside as he explained, “Gotta get you naked first, though.” The anticipation of what he was going to be able to do was making his cock ache with desire, a desire he had felt ever since seeing the nude Gene taking a shower and marveling at how the he looked so much like a girl from the back, his shapely legs topped by a bubble-like hairless ass that he longed to touch, certain that the his skin had to be as soft as silk to the touch.

“How about my shirt?” Gene innocently asked. “Want me to take it off?”

“Naw, you can leave it kaçak iddaa on. Just turn over on your belly.”

“On my belly? How we going to f-fuck with me on my belly?”

“Don’t be silly, Gene. You’re going to be the girl and I’m the guy. We gotta do it from the back. That’s where your pussy is.”

Gene quickly objected, his so-called masculinity questioned, “I’m not a girl! And I don’t have a pussy, either! That’s a girl’s thing.”

“Easy, easy,” Richie mollified the agitated Gene. “I know you aren’t a girl, crazy. This is just pretend, that’s all. And I gotta be the guy ’cause I got the biggest dick. So that means you have to have a pussy-pretend is all.”

It took a minute to soak in and quiet the disturbed Gene, but he finally whispered, “Okay. Okay, I see. I-I didn’t know it was pretend.”

“That’s alright, Gene. Just turn over and we’ll pretend to fuck.”

Submissively, Gene turned over on his stomach and Richie immediately got in position before the younger man objected again, straddling the thighs and positioning his throbbing cock between the soft globes of flesh before ordering, “Open your legs just a little, Gene, then close them when I tell you.”

As soon as the thighs beneath him opened a couple of inches, Richie quickly slid his slick cock all the way between the yielding cheeks and then almost shouted, “Close your legs tight now, Gene.”

As soon as Gene’s legs closed tightly and squeezed Richie’s cock between his upper thighs and the full cheeks of his ass, Richie began working his hips back and forth, pulling his cock almost completely out of the tight crevice before plunging back down until his belly smacked against the soft buttocks beneath. The voluminous precum from the older man’s cock lubricated the passage and dripped down to cover the hidden hole and youthful nuts below, leaving a large wet spot on the mattress. Neither of the men spoke as Richie pounded the small ass below him, his hands gripping Gene’s shoulders to give himself more leverage as his hips worked like a jack hammer, leaving him nearly breathless. The slick-legging fucking of the naïve Gene didn’t last long before Richie’s cock spewed forth stream after stream of youthful juice, thoroughly coating Gene’s ass crack and the mattress with the pent up contents of Richie’s nuts.

With one final stroke of his deflating cock in the gooey mess, Richie fell forward on Gene’s back and breathlessly whispered, “Man, that was good. You really feel good, Gene.”

Surprisingly, the praise of the older man made Gene feel good, as though he had really accomplished something. He was barely able to respond because of the weight of the older man on his back, but did manage to whisper back, “I, I’m glad it was good for you, Richie.”

“Really? You were glad, Gene?” Richie rose up on his knees and looked down on the man he had just fucked, pleased to see the remnants of his ejaculation coating the crack of his smooth ass.

“Uh-huh. I really am glad. I didn’t know fucking like that was fun.” Feeling the dampness in his ass crack and on his whole crotch, Gene admitted, “A little messy, though. What caused that?”

Richie laughed as he tucked his spent cock back in his pants and lay down beside Gene. “That was my cum, Gene. Didn’t you know that?”

Gene’s face reddened as he turned over, “No, no I didn’t know that. Mine doesn’t make that much of a mess.” He reached over and recovered his underwear and began to use it to wipe up the leavings of Richie’s cock.

“Well, mine usually doesn’t do that much either,” Richie admitted. “Just that it was so hot for us to fuck like that. You felt so damn good.” He studied Gene for a silent moment as he watched the other man wipe his stickiness from his crotch and then asked almost pleadingly, “You, uh, wanna do it again some time? Would you?”

Surprisingly, Gene didn’t have to give the request much thought, pleased with himself that he had made his older friend happy. “Okay, sure. We can do it again.”

Gene’s answer delighted Richie as he slapped the youth on his back. “Great! I’d like to do it every chance we get. Wouldn’t you?”

“Sure, Richie. But I’ll have to be the girl every time, won’t I? I mean-my, my thing isn’t big enough to be the guy. Don’t you think?”

Richie could hardly resist rubbing his hands together in satisfaction. Unbelievable! Here’s this cute kid who is willing to be his ‘girl’ and let him fuck him any time he wants. Richie forced himself to not reveal his delight, but agreed, “Yeh, you’re right, Gene. You have to have a long enough prick to be the guy. You can be the girl every time.”

There were many more times that the two men visited the basement room beginning just two days after their first ‘pretend’ fuck. That time Gene didn’t waste any time in getting undressed and on his belly as he waited for Richie to mount him. After around six times of being slick-legged by Richie, Gene was introduced to real anal sex, complete with the first accompanying pain kaçak bahis as well as the sensation of having something excite the nerve endings in his bowels and resulting in his complete addiction to receiving anal sex.

After that it was Gene who initiated their visit to the basement room-sometimes wanting Richie’s cock in his ass almost every day. One such time Gene visited Richie in his cubicle on a weekend afternoon when the dorm was empty. When he entered the small cubicle, Gene could see that Richie was looking at a magazine that had photos of men embracing on the cover. Richie had his cock in his hand and was slowly stroking it as he browsed through the pages. Seeing his friend, his ‘girl’ enter the area, Richie grinned, “Heya, Gene. Wanna see what I’m looking at?” Without waiting for a reply, Richie turned the magazine around to reveal a full page photo of a man on his knees sucking a huge cock of a man standing in front of him.

“Wow,” was all Gene could muster, shocked by the photo. Sure, he was aware that some men performed oral sex on other men, but he hadn’t ever seen a photo of two men doing something like that. After he gathered his senses, Gene asked, “Where did you get that? Isn’t those guys queers?”

Richie had to chuckle at his young friend’s naiveté, “Well, you could call them that, but that’s not nice. It’s just two guys having sex, is all. Same as us, but with the mouth is all.”

Gene digested Richie’s explanation and realized the older man was completely right, then capitulated, “It’s just, just that I’ve never seen anyone doing that. Not sure if I could do anything like that.”

“How do you know? Might turn out that you like it more than what we do. A lot of guys do it, you know.”

Gene rocked on one foot and then the other, fully aware that he was in unfamiliar territory but he had to acquiesce to the older youth’s viewpoint. “I-I guess. I guess a guy could get used to anything, or like anything.” A thought struck him and he admitted, “I didn’t think I’d like you putting it in my rear at first, either.”

Richie’s face brightened, “Wanna try it?” He stroked his hardening cock with emphasis and added, “It’s right here. You can try it. If you don’t like it, then you’ll know. Won’t know otherwise.” Richie patted the bed beside him, motioning for Gene to sit.

Gene took the proffered seat and watched Richie slowly stroke his meat while he built up the courage to try performing oral sex on his friend. Richie decided to take matters in his own hands, now fully aware that his younger friend was very submissive to others. He reached up and put one hand behind Gene’s head and pulled his face down towards his pulsating cock. He wasn’t surprised that Gene didn’t offer any resistance, but allowed him to push the man’s head down until his lips met his wet, spongy cock head. One final push, and Gene’s mouth opened, accepting his very first cock in his mouth.

Gene immediately tasted the slightly salty, musky precum flowing from the head and found that it wasn’t distasteful. When Richie used his hips to drive the cock further into Gene’s mouth, Gene quickly realized what was expected of him and began to willingly move his mouth up and down the rapidly-slickening shaft, instinctively learning to use his tongue to explore and then excite the veined skin. When he heard Richie moan with pleasure, Gene felt a rush of desire for the task, now wanting to do all he could to please this friend. The more he tasted the ever-flowing precum, the more he wanted to experience the taste of Richie’s cum. He had felt it on him and in his bowels often and had begun to delight in the sticky heated feeling of the older man’s cum and now he felt an overwhelming compulsion to taste every drop he could suck out of the pulsing rod. He was only vaguely aware of the noise his slurping mouth was making as he pistoned his head up and down but he wasn’t concerned, only eager to accomplish his task.

Richie was able to last over ten minutes of Gene sucking his cock but only through exercising extreme will, his entire body awakened by this newest thrill and responding with shortened breath and rising temperature until he finally couldn’t hold back any more and with an uncontrolled moan shoved his hips upward while gripping Gene’s head and erupted spurting stream after stream into the man’s hot mouth. When Gene attempted to pull his head back to avoid choking on the voluminous streams, Richie held his head down on his cock, forcing the hapless man to swallow before he gagged and choked on the extreme load of cum.

When Gene felt the grip on his head relax, he rose up and let the spent cock slip from his lips and glanced at Richie with a questioning look. “Did-did I do what you wanted? Did you like it?”

“Oh, yeh, you sure did, Gene. Man, that was great. Even better than when I put it in your rear.”

“Really? You liked it?” Gene looked at his older friend questioningly. “I-I wasn’t sure. I mean, when you held my head I thought you didn’t like what I was doing.”

“Hah! Just the opposite, sweet lips. I held your head ’cause I wanted you to drink every drop.” Richie looked at Gene silently a moment, then asked, “You like it? Did you like the way it tasted?”

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