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Houston II Ch. 12

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Author’s Note: The only thanks we get are your comments and e-mails. Please let us know how you like these stories. What’s good, and what’s not so good. Thank you.

Chapter 12

A Night at the Club

“What are you going to wear to the . . . err, party tonight, Argie?”

“I’m glad you asked. I spent most of the day shopping, and I think I’ll wow them with what I wound up with.”

“You do know that you’ll be naked for the most part, don’t you?”

“Of course I do, darling. But first impressions count for a lot. And I want to impress the women there. Are they all couples? I mean husbands and wives?”

“For the most part, yes, I believe they left room for . . . um, stag members. At least Doctor Coughlin inferred as much.”

“Men, I suppose,” Argie said from the bedroom.

“Probably, but why exclude additional women?”

“Right,” she called out, “It is a men’s club, after all.”

“Get ready, I’m coming out,” Argie called from the interior of their bedroom.

John felt himself stir, and cautioned himself to go easy, for he would be having a long and perhaps difficult night ahead of him.

Argie strode into the living room and John had to look twice to make sure it was her. She wore black. Five inch pumps covered her feet, which were encased in sheer black stockings that ended before her short skirt began. Argie’s 24 inch waist was surrounded by a two inch wide black belt. Her belly button and part of her flat tummy were visible below the black lace bustier she wore. The top of the bustier struggled to hold Argie’s chest in place. Her breasts were pushed together, forming a cleavage that would attract both men and women like bees to honey. Over the bustier she wore a small unbuttoned jacket that matched the skirt. To complete the outfit she wore black gloves that reached her elbows, and carried a small black handbag.

“Sensational,” he said, and meant it.

His erection was all the comment Argie really needed, for she was aglow with desire, and couldn’t wait for the evening to begin.

“What’s in the purse?” he asked.

“Lipstick and condoms,” she replied haughtily, and then giggled.

“Oh, John, I’m so excited. I keep thinking about having three or more men in me at once,” she shivered with the anticipation of it, and they both laughed.

“Oh, let me show you why I bought this outfit over another,” Argie said, and held the jacket open, revealing her bust in all its glory. Her large brown nipples were visible through the sheer lace bustier, and the sides of her breasts could be seen when she twisted her torso to one side.

He also noted that she wore a bit more make-up than usual, especially eye shadow and blush.

“If we weren’t pressed for time, I’d take you on the dining room table.

“Maybe later this evening, if we’re not totally exhausted,” she said with a nervous laugh.

“There’s always tomorrow,” he said, caressing her left breast.

“No touchee-feelie,” Argie said, for she was already highly aroused and knew they were only seconds from hopping on the dining room table.

He backed away from her, sensing her lust matched his own. Two minutes later they were in their car and headed to the club.


Argie and John arrived at the appointed time, and were greeted at the door by Doctor Coughlin himself, wearing a black tuxedo.

“I hope we’re not late,” John said, just to say something and hide his nervousness.

“Not at all,” Coughlin told him, “Come in, come in. You two are the guests of honor. We wanted to have everyone here when you arrived in order to greet you both properly.”

As they stepped into the sumptuous living room, John’s eyes went wide in surprise. There must have been twenty men standing in a semi-circle. All were nude. All had erections, and all the erections were on sizable cocks. John glanced at Argie, and saw that she had been taken aback as well, but a smile began to form on her face as she realized that all the men standing there wanted to ravish her, and perhaps all of them would, if not that night, then another night in the near future.

“I should tell you this,” Coughlin went on to say. “The concept within the Club is simple, everyone in the club is clean of STD’s, and everyone in the club restricts sexual activity to club members only. Yes, to answer your question in advance, you can and should meet privately whenever your work schedule permits. This way there is much less chance of contracting a disease.”

He raised his voice, as if admonishing the other club members as well. “This works only if everyone abides by the rules. No sex outside the club, or you put everybody at risk. But absolutely no sex with prostitutes, ever! You will also have at least quarterly check ups to monitor for STD’s. John and Argie, for the present you will undergo checkups on a monthly basis for a time. I will advise you when you can start quarterly checkups. Do you understand?”

The couple nodded and casino şirketleri in low voices affirmed that they did.

John took a moment to assess the men as competitors. Two of them had to be in their fifties, or beyond. They were at least twenty-five pounds overweight, with the flab showing for the most part in their bellies. He had to concede, however, that they sported two of the larger cocks in the room, perhaps nine or ten inches, and he knew that they were among the most influential and powerful men in the club from their body language.

“Marcia,” Doctor Coughlin called out, and a striking brunette sauntered into the room. Unlike the men, she was dressed in a silver gown that clung to her every curve.

“Would you please fetch the kneeling pillow, and tell the ladies they may come in with you.”

Marcia nodded and left the room, only to return a moment later carrying a large fluffy pillow, which she set ceremoniously in the center of the room. The other women followed Marcia into the room. John silently counted them. There were twenty-six, very attractively attired women, of all races and body shapes. Although none could be considered obese, there were several chubby women; still, John found them all highly desirable.

“Argie,” Doctor Coughlin said in a somber tone, “As you and John are our guests, we want you to begin the evening festivities. Please kneel on the pillow.”

Argie immediately approached the pillow, adjusted her skirt by raising it up to almost hip level. Her crotchless panties could be seen by some, but not all of the men and women in the room. Argie, free of the skirt’s constraints, knelt down.

Coughlin continued speaking. “The men will tender themselves to you one at a time. You are to suck them in turn. You will have thirty seconds with each before someone calls ‘Time,’ and they move on and the next one offers himself to you. Do you understand?”

“I think so. Do I have to make them all come?”

Coughlin laughed approvingly, and pointed at Argie. “Ladies and gentlemen, you can see why I selected Argie to join our club. To answer your question, Argie, no, you do not have to make them all come. You must make one of them come, and that person will be your partner for the remainder of the evening. You will go with him and do whatever he commands you to do.

“Is that understood?”

“Yes, of course,” Argie replied.

“John,” Coughlin said, “After Argie finishes her initiation, you will start your own. It will be similar to Argie’s except that you will perform cunnilingus on the women you see here, again, until one of them comes from your mouth and tongue. Then you will belong to her for the remainder of the evening. Understood?”

John’s throat had gone dry. He started to speak and found he couldn’t.

“A nod will suffice, John. I recall my own initiation. Words failed me at the time. However, as you can plainly see, I’m here, and talking, perhaps too much. And so, without further adieu, I’ll turn the evening over to Argie.

“Mrs. Argie Franck . . . they’re all yours. Suck away.”

Argie guessed that the first man to step in front of her was of Scandinavian ancestry, for he had natural blonde hair and a pair of the bluest eyes she had ever seen. All of this was taken in in under a second, for his penis loomed in front of her face, and immediately diverted her attention from everything else.

“Casting her eyes upward as she took hold of him, Argie gave him a coquettish smile, and coyly whispered, “Mmmmmm, I think I’ll eat you all up!”

Her tongue flicked out and laved over his uncut cockhead. He gave a little snort of pleasure as Argie’s hot breath puffed out against his throbbing cock. Then she commenced sucking in earnest, pumping him with her right hand as she sucked happily away.

“Time,” a voice called out and the blonde reluctantly took several steps to the side, as the next man took his place.

The second man was one of the older gentlemen, and possessed of a nine-inch prick that bobbed in front of her face until she reached out and grabbed it, bringing it under control.

“Oh, my,” she said, and wiggled lustily on the pillow, as she guided his luscious looking, long dong to her lips. “I’m going to suck and lick you so good that you’ll cum later on just thinking about me.”

A second later she was deep-throating him, while fondling his gonads with one hand as the other fed him into her throat.

“Yeah!” the fiftyish man groaned. “Suck it, baby!”

He jammed his hot prick against her moist lips, and groaned loudly, “Yeah, come on . . . suck it!”

Argie remembering the time limitations worked feverishly on him, for she felt him pulsing and knew he was almost ready to spew his load. Her limber hot tongue brushed over the tip of his bloated knob, and he yelped again. It felt like she was touching his cock with a live wire. A shock of current seemed to travel from her tongue to his cock and all through his trembling body.

Five casino firmaları or six more seconds and he would have ejaculated into her mouth, but again, from the far side of the room that voice called out, ‘Time,’ and cursing his luck the older man stepped away from her.

John, watching with Doctor Coughlin, couldn’t believe how hot his wife was. The fact that she was talking to the men, trying to hurry them along was also a stunning surprise to him. Yes, she made sounds when they made love, but never had she tried to entice him into coming. He found it difficult to believe.

Argie was blowing her third man, a bald-headed man, perhaps in his mid-thirties. He had a nice build, and John could tell that he worked out regularly at a gym.

Argie recognized this too, and after taking his average sized cock between her lips, reached around him to grab, and then squeeze his ass.

“Suck it!” the bald-headed man groaned, then shoved his pelvis forward in an almost violent action.

Taking him from her mouth, Argie gasped, “In a hurry, huh, big man? Well, so am I,” and she absorbed his full length, taking him to a hot, wet, wild place that was even more delicious than he had imagined it would be.

“Oh, Christ,” he gasped, and began to pump his hips furiously, only to hear that voice call out once more, ‘Time!”


John took a moment to glance at several of the women who stood in the background one of whom, a thirtyish redhead, had her hand inside the slit in her gown and was obviously fingering herself.


Before Argie started on the fourth man, she stood up and lowered the top of her gown. Then she reached in front of her and unclasped her bra. The two halves fell away from her ample breasts. Argie’s large, voluptuous breasts sagged slightly under their own weight. Her nipples were large, brown, and her areoles covered most of the tips of her breasts. She turned slowly around as she regained her composure. She was beginning to feel more in control.

“Like what you see, boys and girls?” she said defiantly. With that, she gave her full breasts a shimmy. A cheer went up from the group.

Acknowledging the faint praise, Argie hiked her skirt up before kneeling again. And without seeming to care who noticed, she began to stab her well-lubricated pussy with her middle finger.

She grasped the fourth man’s above average cock in her left hand and, as she jerked on it, said in a sluttishly low, husky voice, “You took so long, I had to start without you.”

And then number four felt his cock hurtle in between her soft, searing lips, and seconds later he was enclosed in a sheath of burning wonder, for by this time Argie’s mouth wasn’t just wet and warm, it was an inferno-hot membrane, seeking but one thing, to make him come. This one had a new taste, Argie thought. Not unpleasant at least. She stopped for a moment to take a closer look at the strange cock. It already loomed larger. It seemed to curve upward and to the right. It glistened with Argie’s saliva. Her revelry was interrupted by the man’s grip on her hair and the forcing of his cock back into her mouth. Argie almost choked in surprise. But as before, number four felt his cock jerk in acute excitement, just as the word ‘Time’ was called once more.

Next was the other older gentleman, whose prick poked out at her and when she took it in her tiny hand, found it as stiff as a fence-post. Despite his age, Argie’s mouth was watering in delight at the sight of his lengthy prick and set to licking up and down its pulsing length, making it sing with an electric tingling that had him on the verge of coming earlier than those preceding him.

But once again, Argie found herself defeated by the now insufferable voice, as it chimed out, “Time, please, everyone, time.”

The sixth man was a handsome redhead, with a cut-cock that curved like a banana. Thinking ahead, Argie reached out and began to jerk off the man standing alongside the redhead, even as she swallowed his cock and deep-throated him. Her free hand was brought into play to masturbate the redhead as she blew him.

Argie groaned sucking so hard it seemed his cock would surely gag her. She felt the all too familiar pulse, and knew he was ready, but then the hated voice called out ‘Time’ once more.

She had, however, gained a small advantage by jerking on the next in line’s cock. She knew that all the men in the circle had looked on as she fellated those before them, and that at least some of them were affected by her performance and likely to cum in her mouth before ‘Time’ was called. ‘Why shouldn’t this one be that person?’ she asked herself as she gobbled his cock into her mouth, covering it with her saliva, squeezing and twisting it as she combined a hand-job with a blowjob in her attempt to beat the bell.

Swirling the tip of her talented tongue into the tiny hole at the head of his glans, she heard him groan, and that caused her to drill the tip of her tongue into güvenilir casino the small hole as if digging for oil.

Precum! She tasted it, luxuriated in the tasty sensation as he shuddered under her spell.

Argie sucked as greedily as she had all night, but was defeated by that loathsome word, yet again.


John, slightly curious now as to what those men already tested by his wife were doing, discovered that they were merely onlookers like himself. All retained their erections, but none played with themselves. Two appeared to have a bet going as to which of them would cum first. It was at that moment that he saw a large black man step into the circle, two men removed from Argie. He had by far, the largest and thickest cock that John had ever laid eyes on.

‘She will scream in horror when he steps in front of her,’ he told himself. He felt his arm gripped by a strong hand, and turned to see Doctor Coughlin nodding in the black man’s direction and smiling.

“What do you think of him?” Coughlin asked.

“He’ll terrify her,” John replied.

“You really think so?”

“I’d bet on it.”

“Save your money, Franck,” Coughlin said, using his surname. “He’s the one she’ll make cum.”

“You’re out of your mind, Doctor,” John said not bothering to disguise his feelings.


The eighth man did a little hop as he put himself in front of Argie. She began sucking hard, and worked up to an almost convulsive pace, as the man’s cock hurtled to the very back of her throat. She fondled his testes, even teased his asshole with her index finger. And when she failed to accomplish getting him off in the prescribed time, she wondered for the first time, if they were cheating her, and shortening the time limits as her men neared ejaculation.

“Are you sure the time limit is the same each time?” she dared to ask.

“Yes, Missus,” the voice without a face replied, nonplussed by her questioning his authority.

John took it upon himself to count the seconds as his wife accepted the ninth cock into her mouth.

This man had a short, but thick member that brought a little giggle from Argie as she fed it into her mouth and began to suck voraciously. She felt his swollen balls jerk lewdly as he tried to exercise some self-control, but Argie had learned quite a few new tricks to go along with her life experiences in sucking cock.

The ninth man reached out and gave her breasts a tweak. He was the first one who actually touched any part of her body other than her face or head. Not that Argie minded. In fact, she didn’t even notice it for her concentration was focused on making him cum.

“Eat me!” he yelled. “Suck it all out, baby! Swallow all that cum!”

Argie sucked greedily. Her throat squeezed and milked his jerking dick. She swallowed eagerly, and her cheeks puffed in and out as she sucked as hard as she could. Her tongue beat a lusty tattoo against the underside of his dick, but the searing, blasting sperm she imagined erupting geyser-like down her throat, never came hurtling out.


“Awwww, shit!” Number nine swore, and stepped to the side, as the hugely hung black man moved in front of her.

Argie noticed the color of his skin just before the incredible size of his cock registered in her brain.

“Oh, my God!” She gasped, tentatively reaching out to feel his giant member.

“I . . . I’ve never . . .” she blurted. “Is it real?”

“Yes, Missus, it is real. Just dark meat, that’s the only difference,” he added, his voice deep and almost as dark as his skin-tone.

“You’re making fun of me,” Argie said, defensively. Unknowingly, she had struck a chord. For fairness was one of the Club’s main foundations.

The hated voice called out. “No, Argie, we’re not poking fun at you. But we did fudge things a little.”

“He’s darker than any fudge I’ve ever seen,” she said, making what she hoped was an acceptable joke.

“Bigger too,” the black man said looming over her.

Several onlookers laughed quietly, giving Argie points for good sportsmanship.

“We thought you might balk on seeing Adonis in the circle,” the voice said. “Others, who shall remain nameless, have and it kind of spoiled the evening’s entertainment. So we introduce our friend, Adonis here, after the initiations have begun, and with you slightly confused while engrossed in trying to make someone cum.”

“It’s not too big, is it?” Adonis asked not unkindly.

“Too big?” Argie said somewhat confused. She had already confronted nine formidable cocks and now this one – this long, wide, jerking black shaft – loomed before her.

“No, it’s big, but it’s definitely not too big.” She giggled, “I feel like Goldilocks and her bowl of porridge. This one is just right for me.”

Argie reached out and trailed her fingers over Adonis’ huge prick. She realized her mouth had slowly filled with saliva as she examined it and, without giving it another thought, she ran her little pink tongue over the shiny head.


Her husband and several other members looked on in awe. ‘Fay Wray and King Kong,’ John thought, as his cock seemed ready to burst.


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