Mart 31, 2021

Hot Teacher, Sexy Student

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Big Tits

Lois and Mae

Hi, my name is Mae. I am 21, a freshmen in college and most people say I have a rockin’ little body. I’m 5’4, slim but my butt is big and round. The boys like it when I wear small short shorts around campus. I love my breasts the most, though. They are perfect. They are exactly a handful, high and pert. They are lighter than the rest of my dark, tanned skin and their nipples are a beautiful brown. I love it when they are sucked and even bit a little. Ohhh, just thinking about it makes me want some hot sexy man to touch them and bite them. Now, I’m going to tell you a story. It’s all about this man I know. He is at least ten years old than me, but his body is tight and his package is huge. I mean seriously, the man should be in porn or something. But he’s not. He’s my teacher. Professor Louis. Here’s the story.

It was about a month into the first semester of school. Professor Louis teaches America History, a subject I love dearly. As a History major myself, I love to him speak about days long gone. Professor Louis’ class is the last class of my day on Friday nights. I get out at ten, so if I want to do anything I have to leave right from there. On this particular Friday, I had a date with the boy in the house across from mine. I decided to wear my best black dress. It was cut in a low V revealing my perfect breasts. The dress was tight and hugged every inch of me, like the way lovers touch one another. The dress ended bursa escort at my thighs. It was so short, my ass was barely covered! I topped this off with stiletto white pumps and white earrings. I looked so hot, I wanted to sleep with myself! When I walked into class, early as usual, Professor Louis turned from the Smart Board and his mouth feel open when he saw me. He dropped the marker he had been using and his face got beet red as I sauntered over to it. I bent down and then popped my butt a little when I got up. I handed him the pen and he seemed to be gasping for air.

“Professor? Are you allright?” I asked. Professor Louis took a shaky step back.

“Yes, I am all right. I have never seen you in this type of wear. Why have you chosen to dress like this?” Professor Louis was 6’2, dark Spanish features and the sexiest accent I had ever heard before! I looked down at Professors pants. There was definitely a big bulge! He was having an erection because of me! I could do one of two things. 1) I could apologize and go to my seat. Or 2) I leaned into Professor Louis and wrapped my arms around him.

“You like the way I’m dressed, I can tell. I can feel it!” I cupped him through his pants. Professor Louis gasped but grabbed the back of my head and kissed me deeply. His muscled body was hard and lean and as he hurriedly unzipped his pants, I could feel his muscles tighten.

“Oh, Professor! You must take me right here, bursa escort bayan right now!” Professor Louis looked up at the clock, judging whether he had time to slack his lust with this hot little bitch in front of him. His hard cock sprang to attention at the thought. He pushed me to my knees and thrust his cock forward, demanding attention.

“Suck me.” He said. I gladly took his member in my hands and kissed it and then put it in my mouth. It was so big, I had trouble getting even half way down it. It was so thick and veiny! Even now, as I am retelling this story, I am thinking about him and how hot his cock was. I sucked it for what must have been five minutes, using my tongue to candy cane up and down his shaft. He groaned and instinctively thrust himself forward. I choked a little, but recovered enough to make him groan again. He pulled me back to my feet.

“Professor! I must have that hard cock inside me! You must fuck me now!” I pulled my lacy black panties down to my ankles and shimmied my dress up. I bent over his desk and thrust my pussy closer to him, begging him to take me. He didn’t even hesitate. He thrust himself deeply into me, and I screamed in pleasure. If anyone had been nearby, they would have heard the whole thing. Professor held me to the desk with his thick muscular thighs and thrust his cock deeply into me. He pulled himself out and pulled my dress down, revealing my hard nipples. He sucked them and escort bursa bit them so well, I almost came right there. Then he fell to his knees while he began to lick my pussy. I moaned as my pussy got sloppy wet from my desire. Suddenly I felt a wave splash over me and I came harder than I ever remember coming before! As I was still trying to recover from such an amazing orgasm, Professor Louis puts his rock hard cock back inside me. He is riding me and I wrap my legs around him. My ass is all over his papers and he stops again. He pulls out and sits in a wooden chair that is next to his desk.

“I want to watch that ass bounce on my cock.” He says. My heat pounds as I watch him walk over to the chair and sit down. I am instantly at his side, positioning myself over him. Slowly, as to tease him, I slip my pussy over the head of his cock. I hold it there for a moment and tease just the head. He moans in agony and pleasure. Without warning, I sit fully on his cock, causing both of us to moan out loud. I began to ride him and I can see his hands clenching the chair as if he might break it. I can feel his cock swelling. It won’t be but a minute now. I could feel the wave overtaking me again and as I screamed out my orgasm, so did he. WE sat there for a moment, trying to catch our breathes. I got up quickly and fixed myself up to look like I hadn’t just fucked my teacher in the front of a classroom before class. Slowly, Professor Louis got up. His limp dick was bare!

“You didn’t use protection?!”I cried out in alarm.

“No,” Professor Louis smiled. “I gave you something to remember me by.” Well that’s my story of this one time with my professor. Stay tuned for more!

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