Haziran 9, 2020

Hot Mother in Their Grasp

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Hot Mother in Their Grasp
The high school boys, all 18 years or over, had certainly got the gorgeous, blonde, mature mother under their control now, and there was just nothing she could do about it. By threatening her on just one occasion, they had led her into a scenario of situations where they had been able to enjoy the wonderful fruits of her body endlessly, and on each occasion the sexy wife and mother had eventually given in until she was literally crying out for more.

And it was easily understandable why the young men wanted to go on and on enjoying the wonderfully mature body. D was in her late 30s, married and a mother to at least 2 c***dren. Only just touching 5 feet tall, the shape of her stunning figure was awesome, and it was no surprise that she attracted men of all ages, but particularly young men, college students, teenagers and those that had fantasies of fucking a gorgeous blonde bombshell!!

She had a pretty face with blonde hair down to her neck, her breasts were huge DDs, firm and hard, and jutting out from her shapely body, her waist was hard and slim from her weekly workouts in the gym, her ass was tight and her thighs and calves looked stunningly sexy, especially if she wore high heels to accentuate the way she walked and strutted.

D’s son, Mark, was part of the baseball team and D often went to watch the Sunday games. This had been where all the trouble (or fun!) had started. Other guys on the team had often commented on how sexy D looked, and this had snowballed until Mark had introduced a couple of the guys, Tommy and Ted, to his mother after one of the games. To cut a long story short, in a private conversation, Tommy and Ted told D that her son had been seen cheating in an exam, and they would have no qualms about telling the exam board unless D became ‘a little more friendly’ with the boys whenever the opportunity arose.

D had no choice!! Did she want to take the chance that her son would be thrown out of college, or banned from taking any more exams? Did she want shame on the family, or the word to get around that her son Mark was a cheat? The boys promised not to ‘snitch’ on Mark as long as the sexy wife and mother agreed to their demands. There seemed no option for D.

The first Demand for D came in a phone call from Ted when he told the sexy blonde mother to meet him down at the lake in the evening…oh, and she had to be wearing something sexy!! She trembled and became nervous about this first demand. It could be the start of the slippery slope where there would be no turning back for the blonde wife, but what else could she do? D’s husband was away working, so she was able to make excuses to her c***dren and slipped out for the short drive to the city lake. In the car at the lake, waiting, were Ted, Tommy and another young man named Lenny, a big, muscular guy of Afro-American descent.

D did indeed look hot, and had worn a short, tight skirt, a little vest that clung to every contour of her body, and some high heeled sandals. She hadn’t disappointed!!

She was invited…no, commanded, to get into the boys’ car in the back seat, and very soon, D’s body was being explored by numerous hands which were all over her skin, including sliding under her skirt to ease her legs apart and get into her hot cunt. Her vest was taken off, her bra unclipped, and her huge breasts were devoured, sucked, squeezed and generally mauled by all three young men. They were all well-built athletes, muscular and manly, and they took every opportunity to enjoy a shapely mature woman who was definitely a MILF.

There was no doubt that D enjoyed the experience herself, although she would never admit it. She was moaning, sighing, and easing her thighs further apart, even though she tried to say that this was not the right thing to do with her son’s college mates.

It didn’t stop the boys taking full advantage of the situation although, on this occasion, they stopped short of actually fucking the blonde wife and mother. That could wait for another occasion!!

Eventually, D persuaded the boys that she had to get back home, but by this time, there was no doubt that the boys were completely in charge of this gorgeous, sexy wife. They would call on her whenever they wanted and she would have to come running…or else! Their language made it completely clear to D.

‘You’re certainly a hot MILF, Mrs Johnson,’ grinned Tommy, ‘and we want to see more of you. Your tight body is fucking hot, so whenever we call you up to come and meet us, we want you to be wearing clothes that really make your body look really fuckable. Understand slut?’

‘Well, I don’t know about…’ D tried to reply, but Tommy put her down again.

‘Listen, bitch, we only have to whisper in a few ears and you’re in deep trouble …and so is your son!! So you make sure you look fuckin’ hot whenever we see you…short skirts, little tops that show off your big tits…just look hot, you dirty, sexy bitch. Now, off you go. Oh, by the way, there’s a fancy dress party at Lenny’s house next Saturday…be there at 8 and don’t be late…and to make it even more exciting, your son Mark will be with us!!’

The terrible thing about D’s life was that she wasn’t getting the physical satisfaction at home that she thought she deserved. Yes, she had sex with her husband, but she wanted rough, hard sex, she wanted controlling and perhaps abusing. She worked hard to keep her body in shape and the least she hoped for was to be taken 3 or 4 times a week by her husband and completely satisfied. It wasn’t happening, for whatever reason, and D always felt dissatisfied and perhaps a little bit cheated.

So to be admired by a bunch of young guys was something that gave D a fillip. They gave her confidence, they made her feel good and they had excited her. She knew it was wrong and she knew it was very dangerous, but what could she do about it. God, her mind was in turmoil. And what about the fancy dress party, and the fact that her own son would be there?

At the party, D had disguised herself as much as possible. She went as a Turkish belly dancer, with a black wig, a mask, a bikini top, and long black, see-through trousers which showed off her legs and hot ass, but still looking sexy as hell. Would anybody recognise her? She whispered in Tommy’s ear, just to let him know that she was present, and shivered like hell when she saw her son come through the door with a friend. She made it quite clear to Tommy that if Mark, her son, recognised her, she would leave the party immediately.

Tommy immediately took control of her, danced with her and began to feel her glorious body all over. Slowly but surely, D was taken to a quiet bedroom where the other guys slowly joined in, and then even more male guests found the bedroom where a sexy, hot, belly dancing woman was being caressed on the bed.

Over the next couple of hours, D was subjected to all sorts of sexual excitement (or was it degradation?). Numerous cocks fucked her mouth, cumming over her face and sending their spunk down her throat. Fingers played with her cunt and ass, her tits were sucked and mauled and then she was gang-banged endlessly. She was turned onto her knees and fucked from behind, she was fucked in the ass, and…oh God, her son Mark came into the room. He had no idea that it was his mother on the bed, but D knew it was her son!!

The other boys egged Mark on, telling him to enjoy the sexy MILF, and his mother just had no way of avoiding what was coming. Mark eventually took his turn at fucking his mother’s mouth, sliding his cock between her lips, and then he went up behind her to grab her hips and plunge his cock into the waiting orifice which was already dripping from previous fucks.

It had finally happened and D was churning inside. How could she live with the fact that her son had fucked her and she had even given him a blow job, his teenage cock sliding in and out of his mother’s mouth? She just had to live with it because it had happened and whatever she thought, the facts could never be reversed.

She managed to get home before Mark came back, and she was in the shower, trying to clean up, when he came in. D had a job to look her son in the face, but eventually they tentatively conversed and got on with their lives. Mark continued to enjoy life with his mates, especially when they discussed how sexy his mother was, illegal bahis even though he was completely unaware that he had spent an afternoon taking part in a prolonged gangbang of his Mom! In the mean-time, D had to get used to the fact that the young guys were in control of her, and she was to answer to their every whim. What else could she do without putting her marriage and relationship with her family under threat? Time would tell!

(this has been a précis of the stories about D which were previously published. Her adventures from now on are completely fresh!!)

D was now under control because of two separate threats from the admiring young men. They would say that her son Mark cheated in the exams but, even worse, they could also let slip to Mark that he had fucked his own mother at the fancy dress party! Christ…D was living on egg-shells from now on and just had to conform to her young Masters in how she acted and behaved.

The following morning, she went to the gym for a hard work-out, trying to sweat out all the evil that she had endured the previous afternoon. She felt better about herself but it was always there in the back of her mind…would she get another call, would the young guys drop her secrets into the wrong hands? She just had to try and get on with her life!!

It was while D was at her office desk a few days later that she got the call. Her cell phone ‘trinnnged’ and she initially thought nothing of it, but then her heart thumped at twice its speed when she heard the voice. It was Ted, one of the college guys who seemed to be ‘in charge’ of D’s life.

‘Hi, Mrs Johnson. Good to speak to you again. Tommy wants to know which is your afternoon off. He wants us to meet up again.’

D was dumbstruck for a moment, and her nerves started jangling. She could lie and say she didn’t get any time off, but the guys would only keep on until she Had to agree to meet them.

‘I only get Wednesday afternoons off, but I’m usually pretty busy and I don’t…’ Ted interrupted her in mid-sentence.

‘Ok, Mrs Johnson. Go to Starbucks at 1pm next Wednesday and we’ll buy you a coffee. Oh, and don’t make any arrangements for the rest of the afternoon. That’s an order from Tommy, Mrs Johnson. Understand? We’ll drop you back to your car by 4.30. And Tommy also said that you’ve got to wear something hot…you know, something that shows off that magnificent MILF body of yours. Don’t be late, Mrs J. See you on Wednesday.’ and the phone went dead.

D stared at her phone for a few seconds, thinking it was all a dream…but it wasn’t! It was Thursday afternoon, so she had nearly a week to come to terms with the order, even though it was just a coffee at Starbucks…wasn’t it? But she had also been told not to make any arrangements for the rest of the afternoon. Oh God, what was going to happen now?

The guys played baseball on Sunday, down at the diamond, and Mark was amongst his friends for the afternoon. Over a few beers after the game, the subject of Mark’s mother came up again. Ted asked,

‘Didn’t see that hot Mom of yours at the game today, Mark. Is she getting shy?’ which brought a round of laughs from the group.

‘I think she had to do a few errands with Dad,’ replied Mark, who was also a little disappointed that his Mom had not been there.

‘A pity,’ said Tommy. ‘She always looks fuckin’ hot when she walks round the diamond, doesn’t she? I bet you’re real proud of how your Mom looks, aren’t you, Mark? Not many guys have a Mom who looks as hot and sexy as Mrs Johnson does.’

‘You bet’, added Ted. ‘She’s the hottest MILF I know around here. That body sure does things to me…you’ve got to agree, Mark, that your Mom really turns the guys on…she’s something else! Doesn’t she get your blood boiling, Mark, you know, when you see the way her curves go in and out in all the right places?’

Mark blushed a little but he had to admit,

‘Well, she is pretty good for a woman who’s nearly 40, I have to say, but she’s still my Mom.’

‘Of course she is,’ laughed Tommy. ‘But she’s still a sexy bitch, a hot MILF. Have you got any photographs of her, Mark…you know, ones of her looking sexy in a hot outfit?’

‘I think she must keep any photos like that hidden away, because I’ve never seen any,’ replied D’s son.

‘We’d all like to see some pictures of her,’ went on Tommy. ‘Perhaps you can see if you can find any, Mark…we’d all get the ‘hots’ over seeing some pictures of your Mom, Mark…even you would, too, wouldn’t you, Mark?’

Mark knew deep inside that he’d love to see some sexy pictures of his Mom, but he wasn’t going to go delving into her private draws at home just to see if there were any. Oh God, his imagination was now working overtime. The guys wouldn’t stop…were they just teasing him, or did they really want to see pictures of his Mom??

D went about her business over the next few days, thinking about the order to be at Starbucks on Wednesday…and, hell, what was she going to wear. She knew the order to wear a sexy outfit, but what could she find in her wardrobe.

When Wednesday arrived, she was full of butterflies all morning and then she rushed home at mid-day to get changed. She just managed to pull into the car-park at Starbucks at 5 minutes before 1pm, and looked through the window into the coffee house. She could see Ted, Tommy and Lenny all looking her way and smiling as they sat at a table by the window.

They watched her as she walked across the car-park into the coffee house, admiring the way she looked. Her ass strutted beautifully in the high heels, and her legs looked stunning in the little white flowery skirt she wore, which only came down to mid-thigh. The vest was dark red with no sleeves and a deep cleavage, and underneath were the tell-tale signs of a miniscule black bra. D’s face was made up with eye-liner and mascara and she did look fuckin’ hot!

‘Hi, Mrs Johnson,’ greeted Tommy. ‘Glad you could make it. Why don’t you sit next to the window, next to Lenny.’ There was only one seat left anyway…by the window next to Lenny, so she was opposite Tommy with Ted sitting next to him.

‘What’s happening then,’ asked a nervous D. ‘Are we staying here all afternoon?’

‘No rush, no rush, you sexy slut,’ laughed Tommy. ‘We’ve got all afternoon, haven’t we? I must say you look really hot, doesn’t she guys?’ D blushed and tried to keep herself looking decent even though her skirt was up round the top of her legs and the deep plunge in the red vest gave a wonderful view of her stunning breasts as they fought to escape from the miniscule bra. Tommy carried on.

‘I thought we’d enjoy a coffee first and perhaps share a maxi cup of ice-cream. It’s a nice day, isn’t it, and there’s nothing better than a tub of chocolate ice-cream on a hot day.’

The waiter arrived and the first thing he did was ogle D’s vest and the enormous DD tits straining at the tiny bra. He soon brought the order and Tommy took charge of the huge tub of chocolate ice-cream, each of the guys spooning out mouthfuls of the delicious stuff as they enjoyed that and the coffees…but no spoon for D!!

‘Here, let me help you,’ grinned Tommy. He spooned a lump of chocolate onto the spoon and then pointed it at D’s mouth. She had to lean forward and take the spoon into her mouth to suck off the ice-cream. It was a wonderful sight but the 3 guys wanted more. Tommy put more ice-cream onto his spoon and pointed it again at D’s mouth…only this time the spoon was lower and not so close to the blonde vixen.

‘Come on you sexy bitch,’ laughed Tommy. ‘Suck the ice-cream like a good girl.’ D had to stand up from her seat, put her hands on the table for support, and lean down lower and lower to get her lips onto the spoon. All the guys (and other diners in the café) watched as her vest hung right over, her breasts spilling out almost completely, and the sight was magnificent. Her tongue poked out as Tommy toyed with the mother slut, and D had to move down lower and lower to get down to the spoon, showing almost all of her magnificent body.

To make it worse, as she leaned over, Lenny was able to caress the backs of her thighs under the little skirt, going almost up to her panties as D concentrated on finally getting the ice-cream into her mouth.

When the coffees and ice-cream had been consumed, Tommy said that they were all going in Ted’s car for a few hours, but they would canlı casino have D back to her own car by 4.30.

‘Where are we going, then?’ D enquired.

‘Oh, no need to worry your pretty little head, baby,’ said Tommy. ‘We’re just going for a ride to enjoy the hot afternoon sun. Just relax bitch, ‘cos you’ll be perfectly safe…as long as you just do as you’re told.’

They led D to Ted’s car, they all climbed in and the car set off down the highway for a few miles. Then the car turned off the main road and went down a few lanes, turning here and there, down more lanes and then they were right in the middle of the countryside, trees, woods and bushes in every direction. After a few more minutes, the car arrived in a clearing in the woods, completely desolate, with trees, bushes and blue skies all around. Not another soul to be seen, and totally peaceful. Complete privacy!!

During the journey, Tommy had sat in the back with D, and he had wasted no time in admiring the fabulous, mature body that was next to him.

‘You know Mrs Johnson, we’re really glad that you could join us this afternoon, and to see you looking so fuckin’ hot is just beautiful,’ and his arm went across the seat behind D to caress her hair and rub her shoulders.

‘Never mind about that, where are we going, and what do you think is going to happen. I shouldn’t be here with you guys, should I?’ said D.

‘Just keep calm, Mrs J. Keep calm. We’re just going for a ride in the country, to enjoy the sun, and have a relaxing afternoon. So don’t you worry about a thing. As I said, you just do as you’re told, and everything will be fine,’ and his other hand slid onto D’s thigh and began to creep up and up. Her little flowery skirt went up to her waist and Tommy soon began to explore the little pink panties underneath.

‘The little bitch is wet already, guys. She’s going to be good…very good…aren’t you Mrs Johnson?’ Ted in the front looked round, a large grin on his face, and he could already see D’s thighs begin to open and Tommy’s hand slide inside the panties.

‘Oh God, you guys are terrible,’ she moaned, but already a wave of erotic excitement was taking a grip on her. ‘Where are we going…you know I have to be back home for the family later.’

By this time they were already in the woods, driving down the leafy lanes in the afternoon sun.

‘Well,’ continued Tommy, his fingers now exploring the wet cunt, ‘Mark says he doesn’t have any sexy pictures of his Mom, and neither do we, Mrs Johnson. It would be a great pity not to have any pictures to remember these wonderful moments by, so that’s why we’ve come out into the country where we can be totally private. We have a couple of hours before we have to get you back, so we’ve chosen a spot right in the quiet countryside where we can take some lovely, private photographs of you to remember these special moments.’ D was horrified.
‘No pictures…Jesus Christ, you can’t take pictures of me…I don’t know where they might end up!!’

Tommy licked her ear as his fingers continued inside her panties. ‘Oh Mrs Johnson, that’s a shame. As we see it, you have two choices.’ His two fingers were now deep inside her body, slowly easing in and out while Ted looked on longingly from the front seat. ‘Either you pose quite willingly for some photos…or you’ll have to be restrained while we take the photos anyway!’

By this time, the car had come to a stop in the clearing in the woods, but Tommy’s fingers were still in D’s cunt, she was still moaning and sighing with pleasure and her cunt was dripping.

‘Oh God, you guys. You really are the scum of the earth, but what choice do I have? You really have to promise that any pictures don’t go anywhere…no-where. You’ve got me bowing to your every command as it is, but if pictures got in the wrong hands, it could ruin my marriage, and any of this fun would just stop dead. You know that, don’t you…oh, that feels good, Tommy…ummmm!’

Eventually, all four got out and Ted took two blankets from the trunk of the car. It was beautiful and peaceful in the clearing, blue sky overhead, and all three young men just admired the hot mother in their midst. They all had cell phones that took pictures, but there was no doubt that Tommy had thought about this beforehand.

‘Just stand under that big tree, sexy bitch,’ he ordered. The tree was huge, and the overhanging greenery put D in the shade as she stood and waited. They all took a few pictures as she just stood there, all her clothes intact. She looked fantastic in the afternoon setting, her wonderful breasts jutting proudly against the dark vest and the short skirt and high heels giving off a sexy view of her firm thighs and calves. Then Tommy ordered,

‘Lift the skirt to your waist and hold it there.’ D obeyed and eased the flowery skirt right up to her waist. Click, click, click.

‘Turn around.’ Obedience again. Click, click, click, and more hot pictures were recorded of her wonderful ass and legs in the high heels, with her hands still holding the skirt up at her waist.

‘Lose the skirt and take the vest off…you look really hot, baby,’ laughed Tommy.

‘Jesus, you guys, what if somebody comes here,’ groaned D.

‘Just do it, you little fuck-slut,’ replied Tommy. ‘Nobody will ever find this spot…it’s completely private and right in the middle of huge woods. Now, get your skirt and vest off.’

D nervously cast the skirt and then her red vest off, and put them on the ground. She looked fantastic in just her black bra, pink panties and fuck-me high heels. Click, click, click went the cell phones again.

The two blankets had been spread on the ground close to the trees and bushes, and Tommy ordered the blonde bitch onto the blankets.

‘Just kneel down facing us, my sexy slut,’ he instructed. D did as she was told. Click, click, click. ‘Knees apart, baby.’ Click, click, click!

‘Now lean forward, right forward, and move the bra straps down your arms.’ D leant forward on the blanket and moved the straps down. Her breasts looked magnificent as they fell forward and tried to escape from the bra. Her knees were apart and she was sex on legs.

More and more pictures were taken in different positions until D was wearing just her shoes and the little, pink panties.

‘On your back, bitch, and bend your knees up.’ D lay on her back and bent up her knees. ‘Now, put your hand down your panties…go on, do it.’

‘Christ, you guys, you’re the limit…don’t you think…’

‘Do it, slut…you know you want to!!’

D slowly ran her hand down over her tummy and then it crept inside her tight panties. Click, click, click. Slowly her hand began to caress her wet vagina and she closed her eyes to enjoy the moments.

‘Open your eyes, bitch, and look at us.’ D opened her eyes but still her hand moved gently all around her cunt until she began to sigh.

‘Oh God, you guys are so cruel. This is so wrong…but…but…ohhhhh my God!’

They were all standing over her body now, looking down onto the mature, sexy curves, watching the movement of her hand under the little pink panties. Her other hand moved across her breasts to caress the mountains of flesh and squeeze the hard nipples, while the cell phones clicked endlessly.

D started to forget about the numerous pictures being taken as she was now lost in the excited wonders of her body. Her cunt was soaking, her clit was as hard as a rock and the tell-tale signs were slowly meandering through her body. Tommy and the other boys knew this was the time to go for the kill!!

‘Lenny,’ said Tommy, ‘go and kneel down and fill her mouth.’ Lenny didn’t need telling twice. He quickly went to D’s side and unzipped his jeans, pulling out his big, hard cock. Kneeling down, he held D’s head at the back, pulling it up a few inches until his cock was almost touching her lips.

‘No, no, oh Jesus…no pictures in my mouth, pleeeeease. I’m still a wife and mother and if…!!’

‘Shut up, you little blonde slut,’ laughed Tommy. ‘Just behave yourself and nothing’s going to happen to you.’

With her fingers still inside her panties, D’s mouth slowly opened and natural instinct and desire made her ease forward to take the young prick into her mouth. Lenny pulled some more on her head and then he was fucking the delicious mouth, back and forth, back and forth.

Of course, the other 2 guys were clicking away in earnest, getting the wonderful pictures kaçak casino of their pal fucking the mature, sexy, willing mouth. Lenny tried to sink his cock as deep into her throat as he could get, his thickness stretching her lips wider and wider. Click, click, click went the phones and D was having a job not to gag on occasions.

‘Look at us,’ instructed Tommy. ‘Look right up into the phones and really suck hard on Lenny’s cock.’ There was a mixture of excitement and fright on her face, but D looked right up into the flashing cell phones as Lenny pulled her head back and forth onto his cock as it rammed up and down deep into her throat.

‘That’s it, baby,’ encouraged Tommy. ‘You’re really very good, you dirty bitch. What if your son, Mark, was here to see his Mom playing with herself while she sucked on a big cock? Fuck her mouth harder, Lenny.’

D couldn’t make a reply as Lenny was really pushing down into the gurgling throat. She was gagging and gurgling and moaning all at the same time, with no sign of respite as the two guys kept pressing the shutters on the cell phones. These were dynamite pictures for the scrapbook!

‘Get down there with Lenny,’ nodded Tommy to Ted, and Ted slipped down onto his knees on the other side of D. His thick cock came out of his jeans and he waved it over her face. The two young men then took turns to fill her mouth, each holding her blonde head as they fucked her glorious mouth. D knew there was no turning back now and her fingers were rampant inside her panties. She sucked and licked on each cock as though her life depended on it, and then it started to happen.

It was Lenny who slipped his cock from her mouth first and held it an inch or two from D’s face. The first rope of his thick cum fired into her face, all over her cheeks and hair, followed by two or three more wads. She couldn’t move her face as either one or the other of the guys held her firmly.

The spunk ran gently down her face, onto her breasts, and then Ted was ready. D’s mouth was free now as Lenny leant back to recover while Ted repeated the action. He held his cock, as well as keeping her face close to him, and then he erupted.

The hot spunk splattered against her eyes and forehead, some even running down onto her lips.

‘Christ, you guys, don’t you dare let anyone see these pictures, least of all Mark…oh Jesus…oh God, you really know how to wind me up to fever pitch, don’t you…just do what you’re going to do, and then take me home!!’ but her fingers were still playing in her panties and her body was flinching with complete lust. Her tongue darted out to lick at the spunk on her lips, (click, click, click), and her eyes closed for a few seconds as her body convulsed with endless energy.

‘We just want a few more’, laughed Tommy, ‘because I can see that you’re still hot and frustrated, Mrs J. We don’t want to disappoint the lady, do we guys?’

Ted and Lenny had spent themselves for the moment, and Tommy himself now moved over to the luscious body. ‘You two guys on the phones now…just keep taking the pictures of the blonde bitch.’ He grabbed D’s free hand and told her,

‘Onto your knees again, slut…and face the front.’ D had no option but to move around on the blankets until she was on her knees again, facing away from the trees and looking at Lenny and Ted, now holding their cell phones again.

She still was wearing only her panties and fuck-me shoes and she was on all-fours, with her magnificent breasts hanging down. Tommy walked over and began to caress the awesome body as he walked around her. His hand ran through the blonde hair, gently rubbed her neck and then ran down her back until he reached the stunning ass.

Tommy toyed with the pink panties which were drawn tightly across the curves of D’s ass, held the hard cheeks and then drew the panties slowly across her ass and down to the tops of her thighs. He then firmly put a hand in the centre of her back…

‘Arch your back, you sexy bitch…arch it and stick your ass in the air.’ D adjusted her position until, indeed, her back was arched and her beautiful ass jutted up towards the sky. By now, her head was nearly on the ground as she continued to obey and look at Ted and Lenny with the cell phones. Click, click, click!

Tommy moved D’s thighs apart some more and then he began to play between her legs, caressing her vagina and running his fingers between her cheeks, paying special attention to the anus bud which was hard and almost begging.

D was on her knees, her ass sticking up in the air, while facing two guys who took more pictures of her, and the third played with her ass and cunt.

‘God, Tommy, you know I’m really worked up now, don’t you, you shit? Just do it…just have me and put me out of my misery.’

‘Ask me nicely, then, you sexy little slut. What do you want me to do now, bitch? Go on, ask me nicely what you’re craving for.’ He grabbed her blonde hair and pulled it into a pony-tail and held her head in place, looking up at the cell phones. ‘Look up at the cameras and beg for it, baby.’ Tommy was caressing her clit all the time he was teasing D. It was too much for her!

‘Oh my God! Oh, Jesus! Please fuck me, fuck me with that big cock. I’m being a good girl, aren’t I? I’ve done everything you’ve asked me to do…just do it to me.’

Tommy held the pony-tail firmly and guided his cock between the soft lips of D’s wet cunt. He easily slid inside her, his cock pushing right up into her depths. The phones began to ‘Click’ again, the two men moving round to take pictures from all angles.

Little did D know, but one of the cell cameras was in video mode, and it was recording all the movements of the two people. D tried to keep her face looking into the phones, but occasionally her eyes closed as she concentrated on the big cock that was now hammering back and forth inside her.

‘Oh God, ummmm…that feels so good…oh fuck…you nasty bastards. You’re just using me like a little rag doll for your own pleasure…oh, ummmmmm!!’

‘That’s because you’re just a little blonde tart, aren’t you, and you love it,’ laughed Tommy, and he thrashed harder and harder against the cheeks of D’s ass. He pulled harder on her hair, holding her head up so that all the pictures of her face would be clear and concise.

Her mouth was hanging open, there was dry cum on her face but D was lost in the wonderful attack that was happening in her cunt. At that very moment, she couldn’t have cared less if anybody had been watching her, she just wanted that almighty orgasm to arrive.

‘Oh Christ, harder, harder, please, pleeeeease, make me cum, you big bastard,’ she almost screamed.

Tommy wasn’t going to disappoint her, nor himself, and let go of her hair and now firmly held each hip. He heaved at her body as fast as he could, in out, in out, bang, bang, bang! The cameras were clicking, D’s head was lolling all about and only a few seconds remained before both participants reached their pinnacle.

‘Aghhhhhhhhhh, yes, yes, yeeeeeeeeees,’ grunted D as she felt all of the nerves in her body jangle in one big crescendo as the orgasm hit her. It permeated all around her and she dropped her head onto the rug below her. She was well fucked and spent. At the same time, Tommy unleashed his thick cum deep inside her body, seemingly pumping rope after rope into her.

Finally, after more grunts and moans, they both stopped moving, both breathing heavily, and it was over. The other two guys stopped taking pictures and all 4 players had achieved their goal. D had been forcibly brought to this quiet wood, but had finally achieved a wonderful orgasm at the hands of these young men who were now controlling her life, and Tommy, Ted and Lenny had taken some wonderful pictures of the sexy blonde wife which would no doubt be a guarantee to the continuing enjoyment of this mature sex bomb over the coming months.

An exhausted D was allowed to dress and they all climbed back into the car. She was delivered back to her own car in plenty of time and returned home to try and carry on a normal life!!

It was 2 days later, after college, that D’s son, Mark, opened his computer in the privacy of his room, and opened an email from Tommy. There, before his eyes, were 5 or 6 of the pictures taken in the woods!! There was a short note from Tommy.

‘Hope you like these, Mark…if you want to see some more, just let me know!!’

Mark’s hand immediately went to his cock in his shorts. He was both shocked and excited!! This could be just the start of getting to know his Mom even more intimately!!

Only time would tell!

To be continued.

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