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The intensity of the rain began to increase making Sarah wish that her friend had listened to her when Sarah had suggested that they should have given up their shopping day and just headed to the pub. But Helen had been determined that they should visit this ‘very special’ place. Sarah just wondered why, if it was so special, they had not ventured to this place at the start of the day rather than slowly work their way across the City and be arriving at this late hour.

Sarah was even more of this belief now that they found themselves in a heavy rain storm. Sarah’s raven hair was drenched and she could now feel the rain running down over the end of her nose and her feet were now beginning to feel very damp indeed. Helen continued to scurry along the open walkway with Sarah following a few wet paces behind. She looked down at the designer bags in her hands hoping that the paper handles would not surrender to the elements before Helen got them to their destination, which was hopefully warm and dry, and soon.

Sarah’s fringe was matted across her brow and her light jacket was proving no protection as the rain now began to breach her inner clothing layers and onto her skin. She was about to call out to Helen when she suddenly noticed her motion towards a shop entrance before disappearing within. Keen to get out of the rain herself, Sarah hurried after her and gratefully pushed hard against the shop’s door and made her way into the dry.

In her rush to get in from the rain Sarah had not checked the frontage of the shop and was surprised to be suddenly surrounded by a vast array of lingerie. As Sarah closed the door behind her she scanned the shop for Helen and noticed that she was stood by the counter beyond several racks of garments. Sarah noticed that Helen was having a friendly and animated conversation with an older woman, slightly shorter than Helen, and who was dressed in a smart lilac business suit.

Sarah walked towards the two women, their voices becoming more audible as she did so.

“Oh my dear,” said the older woman, “you are drenched through. You were lucky that Helen knew her way here so quickly.” Sarah offered a faint smile which became even fainter as she made direct eye to eye contact with the older woman. Sarah suddenly felt very uneasy and uncertain and quickly averted her eyes.

“So you know each other?” Sarah asked of Helen, hearing a wobble in her voice as she spoke.

“Oh yes. You will too before long.” Sarah did not question the statement made by Helen, but was puzzled by her word use. “Miriam, this is Sarah.”

“Ah, Sarah. Yes. I’ve been looking forward to this one. Hello my dear,” said the older woman as she moved toward Sarah, “My name is Miriam.” Sarah felt herself being scrutinized like a bug under a microscope. Sarah did her best to meet the other woman’s gaze with a review of her own.

She placed Miriam as being in her late forties which made her about twenty years older than either her or Helen, yet her attire was hardly matronly. The high hemline of her skirt exposed stunning legs encased in nylon and her full breasts were perfectly presented within the confines of her white silk blouse. Sarah’s uneasiness returned as she realised that she was checking out this older woman, and she felt both a thrill and revoltion at what she was doing.

As Miriam approached Sarah became very aware of Miriam’s perfume which did nothing to help with Sarah’s feeling of uncertainty. Her head began to feel heavy and her mind was beginning to lose reason. Sarah began to panic and started to gain her senses by looking around for the door to the high street.

“I’ll just close up the shop. I doubt we’ll get many more customers in this weather anyhow.” Sarah watched as Miriam sashayed past her. Part of her wanted to follow but Sarah’s mind was muddled and she merely shuffled her feet a few paces in no certain direction.

Sarah looked to Helen. “I want to leave.”

“Hush now. It’s raining. We’ll have a warming drink and you’ll forget any of your worries.” Sarah looked at Helen, her friend. They had become firm friends since Helen had joined Sarah’s place of work six months previously and yet Sarah now felt as if she was with not one, but two strangers.

“But I want to go.” Sarah could hear her voice sounding almost like a whine.

“Isn’t that rude? Miriam is offering us some comfort from the rain. Just give it a chance and you will see things much more differently in a while.”

“This was always a planned visit, “Sarah said, a firmness returning to her voice. “You had wanted to come here from the start. And now you won’t let me leave. It’s almost as if you’re kidnapping me.” Sarah could feel tears of fear welling in her eyes.

Helen laughed at Sarah’s comment which made Sarah even more estranged from her one time friend. “I’m not kidnapping you. We were in the area and the weather presented a wonderful opportunity to make your introduction. I’ve told Miriam all about you and she was very keen to meet you.”

“Why? bahis firmaları What’s so special about me?”

Helen smiled. “Nothing right now, but Miriam has a way of making women feel very special.”

Sarah was mustering the effort to move when she felt a steadying hand on her shoulder. She turned and looked directly into Miriam’s face. Once again she felt her willpower ebb slightly. Sarah was instantly aware of Miriam’s perfume which once again invaded her senses and clouded her reasoning. “OK, well that’s done. Helen, would you show Sarah where the changing areas are. You poor girls must be catching a chill. I’ll be along shortly with some robes. Whilst you’re in there I’ll put the kettle on.”

Helen began to head towards a far corner of the shop but Sarah remained rooted to the spot.

Sarah felt a shiver before she felt the hand on her shoulder. She came face to face with Miriam. “Follow here dear, there’s a good girl.” Sarah made to protest but no wards came from her mouth. She then found herself following Helen through the lingerie and yet she did not know exactly why. Once again, Sarah’s mind seemed unusually foggy.

It was not long before Sarah and Helen were in front of curtained changing areas. “Take this one,” Helen said, seeming almost distant to Sarah. Sarah dutifully passed through the opening that Helen made by holding the curtain back. The changing area was opulent with pastel coloured walls and expensive looking decor, including an ornate chez lounge that Sarah sat down on. She leant forward slightly holding her head in her hands. Suddenly Sarah felt very tired. Her brain felt full and she could feel continuing waves of uncertainty sweeping through her.

For no real reason that Sarah could rationally fathom she began to undress. She took of her jacket, which felt heavy from the additional weight of the rain, and placed it over the arm of the chez. She next removed her top over her head and then unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the ground before stepping out of it. She felt a slight shiver as the temperature of her body and that of the room competed. Sarah placed the skirt and top beside her jacket and then sat back on the chez lounge before starting to remove her shoes. Her movements were sluggish as she disrobed, but she was unaware of this. Sarah just continued to slowly remove the remainder of her clothing as if following a set routine which was being dictated to her.

As Sarah began to remove her bra the curtains parted and Miriam appeared. Sarah instinctively placed her hands across her still covered breasts. Their eyes met as Miriam entered but Sarah averted hers swiftly and felt herself blush. “You should get out of all of your clothes or you will catch a cold. I’ve brought you a warm toweling robe. Not something I would normally have in my shop, but I always make sure that I’m prepared for any special guests.” Sarah felt Miriam place the robe beside her but kept her head lowered. Miriam knelt before her. Once again Sarah was struck by Miriam’s perfume which only thickened the fog within Sarah’s mind.

Miriam placed her hands on Sarah’s knees. “Oh my dear, you’re freezing.” Sarah still kept her eyes lowered as Miriam ran her hands from the top of Sarah’s knees down onto her shins and onto her calves before running them off the end of her feet at her toes. “I’ll soon warm you up.” As Miriam said this Sarah could feel warmth across her skin where Miriam’s hands had been. For no reason she could fathom Sarah slowly raised her head and looked again into Miriam’s eyes. “Now, finish undressing and come and join us.”

Sarah looked on as Miriam exited through the curtain and after a nervous pause she continued to remove the rest of her clothing and covered her naked body in the welcoming dry warmth of the robe. She placed her feet into the pair of flats that had been wrapped within the robe and headed back out into the shop. She could hear laughter coming from an area to her right and headed that way.

“Ah here she is,” said Helen. “We didn’t think that you would come out to play.” The women were sat around an occasional table where cups and cookies had been set out on a tray. Sarah made her way to the spare chair which sat to the left of Miriam. Helen poured some coffee into an empty cup and placed it in front of Sarah.

“So Sarah, have you seen anything that catches your eye?” Miriam asked as she leant back in her chair. Sarah did her best to avoid her gaze as she reached for the cup.

“I’m sorry?” Sarah offered.

“Is there anything in the shop caught your eye that you might like to try?”

“Stop teasing her Miriam. There’ll be time enough for that once we’ve warmed up,” Helen said.

Sarah took a sip of her coffee. It tasted good and she was definitely feeling better for not being drenched through, but her sense of unease was no better. She could feel Miriam’s gaze upon her. Sarah again began to feel tired and drawn. Struggling to remain in control of her senses Sarah asked an idle question kaçak iddaa of her friend in an attempt to divert her own mind from her growing uneasiness.

“So why exactly have you brought me here?” asked Sarah, of Helen.

Sarah noticed that her question prompted a strange knowing look between the two women before Helen spoke. “I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Miriam by one of her acquaintances. In fact, almost in similar circumstances to how you and she have met today. I told you that Miriam is very keen for you to be here with her today.”

As Helen spoke Miriam removed her suit jacket, dropping it casually to the floor which caught Sarah’s attention. As Sarah looked on Miriam placed her hands at the small of her back arching it so her silken top was stretched by the contours of her large breasts. The fog once again returned to Sarah’s mind and she now began to feel a pleasant tightness in her abdomen which forced her to self-consciously shift slightly in her seat.

“You see,” Helen continued, “Miriam has a very select, and loyal, clientele. By invitation only, you might say.”

Miriam continued to arch her back encouraging glances from Sarah. “So Sarah,” Miriam said, “are you sure that nothing has particularly caught your eye?” Sarah could feel an intense heat and ache within her cunt the longer she gazed on Miriam. Knowingly, Miriam moved her hands onto her breasts and began kneading them gently all the while maintaining a firm gaze on Sarah. Miriam’s action was rapidly weakening Sarah’s resolve. Her determination to fight back against the fog of her mind was waning as rapidly as her sexual ache intensified. Saliva began to pool at the corners of her mouth as Miriam slowly began to unbutton her blouse and as the first sights of flesh became visible Sarah released an unplanned whimper.

Sarah’s whole body now felt as though it was on fire and she felt as horny as hell. Her fogged mind was awash with sexual imagery. Oh and what imagery. These were images that you did not discuss in polite company and she appeared to have no control over what content her mind was promoting forward. And yet Sarah seemed excited and embarrassed in equal measure that she was thinking such thoughts. Subconsciously Sarah’s hands had moved onto her own breasts and she was mirroring Miriam’s kneading actions.

“So like I said,” Helen continued, but this time Sarah made no effort to divert her attention from Miriam. “Miriam has a very loyal clientele. Are you ready to be loyal Sarah?” Sarah did not respond. “Sarah!” Helen’s voice was firm and it caught Sarah’s attention. She looked towards Helen in a dazed state. “Do you feel her power coursing through your body? Transforming you. The Seamstress has blessed you with her touch and now your loyalty will ensure that you will feel her power forever. Are you ready to be loyal?”

Sarah could stand the heat within her no more, she undid the tie on her robe in a bid to cool herself and was greeted by the sight of her legs and torso clad in shimmering tan hose. As her mind slowly began to comprehend what her eyes were seeing the ache within her cunt grew even stronger. Sarah bent forward slightly as if convulsing, riding a mixture of pain and ecstasy. She felt so horny. She needed some kind of release. She placed her right hand between her legs and felt the heat that she was being produced immediately. She pressed her hand hard against her mound. As if now linked to her senses the material around her gash separated and allowed Sarah’s hand to touch her sensitive flesh. “Oh God!” Sarah said as she realized that her mound was bald, removed by the hose. Immediately Sarah placed two of her fingers into her wetness with little effort and began to fuck herself.

“See how the gift of her touch can bring so many rewards. Now come,” Helen said in a commanding voice, “show your appreciation and loyalty to your Seamstress.” Sarah’s head moved slowly upward. Helen was now stood to the side of Miriam, her hands resting on her hips and through her slightly parted robe Sarah saw that Helen’s lower body was also covered in tan hose. Sarah looked at her friend in disbelief as her aching cunt spoke to her nerves once more. As she stared upon Helen’s toned legs she noticed a pronounced red and gold seam, pulsing gently, which ran vertically from Helen’s belly button through to her snatch. “Come!” Helen said firmly.

Without question Sarah got to her feet. She seemed to have no control over her actions but she was not of much of a mind to protest her actions as she found herself drawn to Miriam. The older woman’s prescience acted like some kind of beacon to Sarah as she moved closer toward her. Once again Sarah’s senses were further dulled by Miriam’s alluring perfume and she found herself embracing the sexual warmth that continued to engulf her own flesh.

Miriam stood and unfastened her skirt, stepping out of it once it fell to the floor. Sarah saw that she too had tan hose covering her lower body and that she too was bald around her cunt, kaçak bahis where a pulsing red seam was visible within the nylon material. Miriam held Sarah’s trance like face as she stood before her. Like all of her conquests, Miriam knew that Sarah was now on the verge and that the final stage, from which there was never any turning back, would seal Sarah’s fate and undying loyalty until the day Miriam no longer had any use for her.

Miriam re-seated herself lowering Sarah to a kneeling position by virtue of the gentle force that she applied to her soon to be slave’s shoulders. Once she was properly sat Miriam moved her hands onto the back of Sarah’s head and guided it towards the older woman’s own sex.

Lost in her growing loyalty and obedience Sarah did not notice that Miriam’s hose began to dissolve as hers had done, as Sarah’s face came closer to Miriam’s glistening slit. Sarah was given no chance to pause and consider acceptance as her nose and lips were buried into Miriam’s juices. Lost in the influence and sexual power of her hose Sarah took no time in opening her mouth and dispatching her tongue into Miriam’s slick folds and began to savour the taste of another woman for the first time. Miriam let out a gentle sigh as Sarah began her initiation as another of Miriam’s sapphic slaves.

“Good girl,” Miriam encouraged. Sarah barely heard the praise and was unaware that as her juice filled mouth worked feverishly at Miriam’s fleshy folds the older woman’s hose had meshed across the back of Sarah’s head and had cocooned her against Miriam’s cunt. Miriam looked down upon her new pet and knew that the final transformation had now begun and that once the hose had melded its imprint on Sarah’s mind she would forever crave a need to be loyal to the Seamstress and the need for purely sapphic delights.

As Sarah continued her work Miriam freed her firm breasts from the confines of her blouse and their pendulous mass hung free with each nipple firm and pink. Without any need for direction Helen moved closer and began to nurse upon Miriam’s glorious globes. At first Helen’s tongue flicked at each of the nipples before choosing to work at the right nipple and then to gradually gorge on the fleshy mass leaving Miriam to fondle her left breast occasionally tweaking at its nipple.

As Helen continued to savour Miriam’s breast with undying loyalty she felt her own gash being manipulated roughly as Miriam’s free hand reached out and found its sopping target through the opened gusset. Helen bucked her hips in time with Miriam’s probing as the three women were each lost in their own need for lustful fulfillment.

With both of her pets working on her body Miriam came hard, her juices exploding into Sarah’s already saturated mouth. Miriam let out a sharp carnal cry as she reached her orgasm, her fingers sliding without warning out of Helen, who had dutifully held her orgasm in check, knowing punishment would ensue if she did come without Miriam’s permission.

Miriam rested her head on the back of the chair as she came down from her orgasm, she held her coated fingers in front of Helen who feel to her knees and began to feverishly clean her own juices from Miriam’s fingers.

Her orgasm easing Miriam watched as the cocoon around Sarah’s head began to dissolve. She gently moved her new pet’s head free. Sarah’s face glistened with Miriam’s cum juices. Sarah had an uncertain look on her face, like that of a person who has woken from a long sleep and is unsure as to what is real and not real. Miriam placed her free hand under Sarah’s chin and lifted the woman’s face so that Miriam had a clear sight of her appearance. It was a look that was overly familiar and welcome to Miriam.

“Now, you are mine until I determine otherwise. Your life and your will are mine to do with as I see fit. And you will serve me loyally like all of my pets. Do you understand?”

“I am completely yours.” There was no hesitation in Sarah’s delivery. She delivered the words almost robotically but with a clear intensity which was not reflected in her mental state which was now crushed and malleable to the will of the woman before her. Sarah looked upon Miriam’s face with a mixture of adoration, devotion and lust.

“I know,” said Miriam helping the younger woman to her feet, her right hand now free of Helen’s attentions. Sarah’s firm breasts were visible through her open robe, making Miriam lick her lips in anticipation of future events, as to was the now permanent tan hose than would cover Sarah from hip to toe for the remainder of her life, forming and shaping her sapphic needs as required by her Seamstress.

“We will talk later about how you will serve me.” Reaching for Sarah’s left hand Miriam removed her wedding band and engagement ring. Sarah looked on but made no protest. “And these you will no longer require.” Sarah stood with a look of pure bliss on her face. Miriam began to feel an itch between her legs as she looked upon Sarah’s face. ‘Later,’ she thought.

“Now my pet, Helen will get you changed into some clothing that befits a lingerie seller who is in my service. Follow her.” Helen headed back towards the changing rooms and Sarah followed behind her. Neither woman spoke as they progressed.

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