Mart 31, 2021

Home For Christmas Again!

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When the Christmas break came around, I was fortunate to get some extra time off work so I could go home for the duration. I waited till the next morning to take the train home and Emma was there to pick me up at the station. She wanted to drive me to her house for a while but I insisted we go straight home as Mother would be expecting me for lunch. I did promise her I would see her the next afternoon for a couple of hours as it was Christmas Eve.

The table was set for lunch and Mother invited Emma to join us for the meal. Mother and my Aunt surprised me in a way, usually I would be put to work after the meal to clear the table, but this time we just sat and chatted. Emma looked different I thought, more feminine than I was used to seeing her at home, and I could tell from her shape that she must have on one of her corsets under her dress. But it was the make-up and heels she was wearing that surprised me.

I couldn’t help wondering what Mother or my Aunt thought of her dressing like that, whether this was something new or had she started dressing that way since we had started our relationship. She had obviously dressed in more erotic garments than they were used to seeing her wear, as she was hoping to have an encounter with me at her house before driving me home. Knowing her tastes in more exotic styles of dress, now when she came down to Glasgow, I could only imagine what she had on underneath her dress.

There was still a couple of days away till Christmas, I wanted to get some last minute shopping done, and leaving the ladies to chat went into town for the afternoon. That Evening I decided to go to a dance, Mother no longer tried to stop me from going as she was finally accepting I was now an adult, and was starting to loosen the strings on my life.

I dropped into a pub that I knew was popular with others my age, where I ran into a some people I knew from my High School days, I knew I surprised them the way they looked me up and down and greeted me. I felt good, attractive and liked the attention I was being shown by the males there, some as I said I’d known from before. They had been used to seeing me in the non decrypt clothes, socks and shoes Mother had made me wear when going to school. Now here, many of them seeing me as a young woman, (an attractive young woman I thought) for the first time had a very different attitude towards me.

It was the same in the dance hall as I was kept busy dancing with different men, some as I said who knew me from before, and now thanks to my time in Glasgow I could do all the popular modern dances, including jiving. I loved the attention I was being given from my old classmates, as well as others asking me to dance. Some of the men were quite daring pressing their torso’s into me as we danced the slow waltzes and foxtrots. I didn’t take offense at that, after all we were in a public place and I felt quite daring myself, and flirted back with some.

I loved the comments a lot of them made as they tried to monopolize my time, wanting me to just dance with them but I managed to find excuses to not get attached to any one man at first. The dance hall got quite crowded after the pubs closed, so the slow dances were more of a shuffle round the room, dancing cheek-to-cheek, whispering compliments in my ear, hands moving down onto my hip as they tried to press a leg between mine as they crushed their body against me.

This felt different from Glasgow, this was my home town, a lot of my dance partners knew me from my school days and I felt quite daring responding to their advances. As the evening wore on, I began to feel quite titillated myself from the attention I was getting, I wanted to get laid and felt a surge of adrenaline knowing I could finally do it with whoever I chose.

Alan was quite a handsome man, the same age as me we had been in the same class together, and he was also home from University for the holidays. Although he was at a different institution from me, we did have much in common. Also he was one of the quieter men I knew from school, and I felt not so likely to go shooting his mouth off after.

After bursa escort one dance we stood chatting and I didn’t walk away as I had with others, and when the band struck up the next tune, we automatically started dancing again. We spent the best part of the last hour together, and when the hall was to close for the night and Alan offered to walk me home, and I was delighted to accept.

We walked slowly arm in arm, it was not too cold, at least there was no wind and soon he gently edged me into a shop doorway where we could kiss. He was gently kissing me, my ear and neck then round to find my lips, not too forceful yet firm so that I opened mine to feel his tongue slip between mine. I loved his French kissing and was soon responding by sucking on his tongue and slipping my tongue into his mouth.

He undid the buttons of my coat and opening it put his hand under it to fondle my breasts, I recall regretting not wearing a more accessible dress or blouse, with one hand on my back his other found the contour of each one as he caressed me. My body was responding as I held his face returning his kisses, I felt his manhood through his clothes as he pressed it against me, and gently I pushed back to let him know I liked the feeling.

Now his hands moved down to fondle my bum to pull my body against his, caressing my hips and feeling my pussy and thighs through the material of my dress at first, then felt my dress being lifted so he could access me under it. I was wet and ready to receive him, so there was no resistance from me as I felt him tugging at my knickers to get them down over my hips, and bring a hand round to feel my wetness.

I believe I was whimpering by now, feeling him slip his fingers between the folds of flesh at the opening and rubbing my clit.

He took a moment to undo his zipper and brought my hand round to feel the stiffness of his shaft, it felt magnificent, yet with a warm velvety feeling.

I caressed it for a few minutes as he fingered my pussy, and then push my knickers down past my knees to let them drop to my ankles so I could open my knees to bring his manhood to meet his lover. He wasn’t too pushy, letting me rubbed the head of it against my nether lips before bringing it to the entrance. Slowly, a little at a time he slid it into my cavity till I eventually felt him right at the back of my vagina, my muscles gripping him there as I brought my knees closer together loving the feeling.

Slowly he began to strobe me, I relaxed to enjoy the ride as my body responded to the warmth and feeling of his cock inside me, his shagging got quicker and I matched his movements feeling the adrenaline surging through my body as she matched his strokes. It was like approaching the crest of a mountain; only just before I got there I felt him suddenly pull out and knew he was Cumming.

I groaned from the disappointment, if only he had held on for a few more strokes I could have matched his orgasm with my own, now it was too late. I suppose I should have been grateful he pulled out rather than cum inside me, but all I could think of was the intensity of the feelings surging through me, and how I felt let down.

After a few minutes he fastened his fly as I pulled my knickers back up, and rebuttoning my coat we continued on till within a block of my house, after making a date for the following Wednesday, we kissed goodnight and I hurried inside.

There was a light left on, and to be honest I was expecting to find mother up waiting till I came home, and was relieved to find she had gone to bed. I went to my room and quickly undressed and got between the sheets and thought about my evening, in particular Alan. For some reason I had expected more from him, he had been patient and gentle but in the end he still couldn’t hold it till I was ready. Thinking about it brought my emotions back to the surface again, so I gave myself a rub to get the release my body needed before turning over and going to sleep.

In the morning I felt down, mother was going on at me about coming home late and that didn’t help.

I thought of Emma, bursa escort bayan I was angry at her for dressing the way she had at mothers, although to be fair to her she assumed we would go straight to her house after she picked me up from the station. Still I worried about others, particularly Mother or my Aunt suspecting there was something going on between us. To dress a little erotically in Glasgow was one thing, but here in our hometown where she was well known was something else.

After lunch I did the dishes and tidied up, then told Mother I was going shopping again. I took a quick bath to freshen up then got dressed to visit Emma, on impulse I left my knickers off and getting my bike out rode over to her house. On the way I kept thinking about what was going to happen, I was sure I wouldn’t be disappointed like it had been with Alan.

When I arrived at her house I tried the door to find it was locked, it was unusual for her to lock her door if she was home, and most people didn’t when they were home in those days. Her car was in the garage so I rang the doorbell and within a couple of minutes she answered the door in a housecoat. Stepping inside I removed my coat and scarf for her to hang up and she discarded her housecoat.

She was wearing a bright red Basque trimmed with black, the straps holding up a pair of fishnet stockings over which she had on a pair of matching silk bloomers. The waist and leg openings had black silk bows sown into them rather than the usual elastic.

“Sorry Miss” she said, “I was getting dressed for you and worry about being disturbed.” In the living room she had the drapes drawn in preparation for my visit, so the room was in partial darkness except for the light given off by the fire. There was slow sensual music playing on her record player, it was one of the more modern ones with the automatic record changer. Our ‘Robbie’s were out on the table along with some cooking oil, (for lubrication) and she went into the kitchen to pour us both a glass of wine.

I felt comfortable now I was in her company; she was mine to do with as I pleased, to make her do whatever I wanted. I didn’t feel rushed at all and was glad to sip the wine as I looked at her in the firelight. The Basque was tight on her making her tits seem bigger; they hung over the edge of it. I loved to toy with them, kissing and suckling those always brought squeals of pleasure from her they were so sensuous.

The room was warm from the logs burning in the fireplace, and I began to feel a different kind of warmth inside me. While in public she gave me some anxious or slightly embarrassing moments, in private I was beginning to enjoy her kinkiness. Was it obvious to others or was it just my imagination, or did it really matter? Perhaps I was being too much of a prude; my upbringing had made me this way.

I thought of Alan and other men I’d had relations with, while I’d enjoyed the sex with them, particularly the penetration it usually left me incomplete, once they had their orgasm they wanted to end it, whereas with Emma she always ensured I had not just one, but two or three orgasms. She got a great deal of pleasure from seeing me satisfied, and I her I must admit.

This was Christmas Eve, and I wanted to make it special for her and myself. She refilled my wine glass and my funk from the morning had evaporated by now, I began to feel a glow inside me and held out my hand in an invitation to dance.

With me in my heels and her in her stocking feet made me slightly taller than her, we danced cheek-to-cheek for a few moments; I felt her breath and could smell the wine, her breasts pressing against mine through my blouse and bra. I loved the feeling of the silk material covering her arse, with the ribbon at her waist I couldn’t slip my hands under the waistband the way you can with elastic, and was content on feeling her through the silk.

I knew how she loved this, and dancing I led her backwards till her back was against the wall and now my hand found her crotch, she was wet, so wet and as I rubbed her she began to moan and kiss my ear. She lifted escort bursa one let to let me feel her pussy as I pressed the silk material between the folds of flesh. She was now whispering in my ear how much she loved me, how she loved what I could do to her, how I could make her feel. She would whimper and grip me tight for a moment as I felt her climax, her juices flowing freely now soaking her crotch.

My own pussy was wet and ready for her attentions, there was no resistance from me as she undid my blouse and threw it off followed by my bra. Now my tits were exposed for her pleasure as her fingers teased me and her lips found my nipples to suck them. I swear she could get my whole tit in her mouth, the way she could tease the nipple with her tongue sent ripples of pleasure down to my loins.

I got rougher with her, she liked that and the rougher I got the more she responded with sounds and actions. My hand found the button of my skirt and zipper and let it fall to my feet, I was glad I’d left my knickers off as her fingers explored the depths of my cunt. But I wanted this to be special for her too, pulling back I took her hand and led her back to her sofa and remained standing. I picked up my ‘Robbie’ from the table and strapped it on as she watched; it was a good fit, the bulb at the end fitting snugly against my clit. I lubricated it well with the cooking oil then undid the ribbon at the waist of her bloomers letting them fall down.

I patted the back of the sofa indicating for her to get up on it on her knees, with her back to me I slipped my hand between her legs to feel her cunt, she was already so wet no lubricant was really needed there, I brought my Robbie to meet her pussy lips. She reached back and teased herself with it until I slipped it deep inside her. She had to hold her head up to stop it hitting the wall from my thrusts.

Her back was arched as a result, I reached round and gripped her tits hard for a moment as I fucked her, and she liked that. Moaning out loud calling me “Miss”, yes Miss give it to me Miss” as she started to rock backwards to my thrusts. I gripped the cheeks of her arse as the dildo slid in and out of her pussy so beautifully, on impulse I slapped it. There was no response other than her groans of pleasure; I slapped it hard again, harder and harder as she in turn responded with harder and harder thrusts to the dildo fucking her cunt.

Finally my orgasm burst over me with such force I had to stop my thrusts, holding on to her hips breathing heavy as the pleasure surged through my body. I flopped on the sofa beside her and Emma got on the floor at my feet, undoing the waist strap she pulled my strap-on off me to lick my cunt. I couldn’t have stopped her if I’d wanted to, I was out of breath and it just felt so good.

I placed my hand on her head to stop her, “my turn” I whispered, she knew what I meant as she got up and strapped on her own Robbie. She adjusted it around her body and bringing it to me, the dong in her hand looked both frightening and exciting as I lifted my legs by my knees to receive it.

It slid into me with no trouble, I was so wet I was almost dripping from the pleasure and closed my eyes to concentrate on the pleasure of feeling it fill my cunt. My muscles gripped it as her thrusts began my climb to the peak of my orgasm. I thought if Alan and other men and wondered why they couldn’t sustain and hold their erections so we could both enjoy the act. Not only that, but why after they would ejaculate they seemed to lose interest in furthering their sex play, at least in the short term till they could achieve another hard-on.

It was getting late in the afternoon and I had to be getting home, after all it was Christmas Eve and was to spent it and Christmas day with my family. Emma was going away to spend Christmas with her relatives, and wouldn’t be back home till the day before New Years, and would be joining us for a small gathering at mothers house to ‘bring in the New Year’ on New Year’s Eve.

One other thing, I did find the courage to bring up the business of how she dressed at Mothers, told her my fears as Mother was not used to seeing her dressed like that. I saw the disappointment in her eyes, bur she assured me she would be more discreet in future. I was also to be given some startling news by Mother!

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