Mart 13, 2021

Holy Shit

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Big Tits

While at work, my cell rang. It was my ex boyfriend, (Bill) calling to ask if I was busy after work. I told him no, and he asked if he could pick me up. I told him I was off work at 9, and he could get me then. He said Ok, said good bye, and hung up.
I was really excited to see what was in store for me (I’ll explain those other stories later). So I went back to work. At 9, I looked up, right into the face of my ex. (He’s so hot. He gave me his, “I was to fuck your brains out”, look. He gave me a kiss, and asked if I was ready. I said yeah, and we got into his car. He drove me home to get clothes so I could stay with him over night at the hotel. He rented it just because.
I walk in with him, set down the stuff, and he takes off his jacket. He steps to where I am, and kisses me. He slides his hand up my skirt, and slips into my shaved, wet pussy (He always liked it when I didn’t wear panties). While I fumble with his belt buckle, and zipper, he removes my shirt and bra, exposing my huge tits. He grabs them, forcefully, izmir escort bayan and pulls me by them, closer to him. He breaks the kiss, and goes to my neck. Biting and sucking at the same time. By now I’m so wet, I drop his pants to the floor, and push him on the bed. He looks at me, and I smile. I kneel on the bed, and I grab his cock. I lick the salty cum from the head, and start sucking his dick. He grabs my head softly. Licking down the underside of his shaft, to his balls. Of course he shaved all of the hair off, so it was very smooth. I slowly sucked each nut, licking with my tongue ring sliding over each one, jerking him off while doing so. He moans and grabs my hair tight. I start licking back up his penis, massaging his balls, and I get back to the top of it. I deep throat his cock a few times, then go back to licking and sucking his cock. He starts to get more into it, and starts talking to me. First he asks,”Like the way that cock tastes?”, I moan back, “mm hmm”. He grabs my hair tighter, ” Suck my dick, ya buca escort little slut!”, I moan,” uh hmm” Now he tells me to stop. I ask why, and he says,”Because, I don’t want to cum before I get to fuck that pussy or ass”
He pulls me on the bed, gets up, and gets behing me and slides his cock deep into my wetness. I lose my grip, and my arms drop to the bed. He slams my pussy harder and harder everytime. All the time, asking if I missed that cock in my pussy. I answer in between moans, trying to get out that I want him to fuck me in the ass (He got me into anal sex the first time we had sex!) My pussy wanted more, but I needed to feel his big dick in my ass. He wet my asshole with my cum, and slipped, slowly not to hurt me, into my ass. I lost it… Just having him in there, was a whole other experience. I came 2 times, even before he was fully in or had even started pumping in and out. When he did start to fuck me in the ass, I came again. He smacked my ass, really hard, repeatedly while fucking me. He started with the dirty izmir escort talk again, “You love this cock deep in your ass don’t you, my little whore?”, I clenched my teeth, “Yeah… Harder.” He reached around, and started fingering my clit. I came again… The feeling of his balls slapping against my pussy, his cock in my ass, and now this!? I reach down and grab his balls. He pounds away at my ass, then pulls out and starts fucking my pussy again. I’m so wet it’s ridiculous. I tell him to let me know when he was going to cum. He fucks me so hard, the bed is pounding against the wall. I’m pretty sure that the people in the next room were enjoying the noises coming from us. He keeps fucking my cunt for about 10 more minutes, and then he starts asking, “You wanna drink my cum?” I moan,”Yeah!”, “You ready for it?…. get… down.. there.. NOW!” I pull him out, and straight to my mouth, his juice covered cock goes. I suck and jerk all of the cum out, licking and swallowing every last drop. His body jerked with every last pump. I knew when he was done. I got up, and went into the bathroom. I got into the shower, and then went to sleep next to my ex. He cuddled up to me, and went to sleep

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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