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History 231 Ch. 02

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Sitting in this class was torture. Watching my newly aquired lover pacing the front of the room administering his lecture on the Vietnam War or something, all I could think about was that today was the last day of this class. My mind wandered over the past two and a half weeks. Every day that I came to class, I tried to have a new trick ready for him, and most times he had one or two for me as well.

I was amazed at his sexual versatility. One day our love-making might be slow and tender, the next it might be wild and animalistic. He always seemed to be attuned to my sexual mood even if I wasn’t. Like today. It might be our last time together and something special was called for, though my mind was blank as to what that might be.

I didn’t know if he might want to take it slow so that we might apreciate each other’s embrace, or if we might want to go out with a bang. So to speak.

My thoughts strayed further as I recalled our meeting from the day before. I had been on all fours and he had fucked me from behind. I loved it when we did it that way. I could get as much of him as possible inside me that way. Plus he could bang faster and harder that way too. I also loved it when I mounted him. I loved pleasuring him so that he could totally let go and relax. But I think my favorite position was when he lay atop me because I felt so close to him. I loved the warm pressure of his body as we lay joined in the most intimate way possible.

I snapped out of my dream-like state to discover that my hand had slid between my thighs to massage my already wet pussy. I looked up at Adam and knew that he had seen as he was trying not to look at me since he had not quite finished his lecture. I looked around me. None of the other students had noticed. I couldn’t blame them. Adam was very riveting with his red hair, and his blue shirt that barely concealed his muscular arms and tight stomach, and his confident voice, and his huge… but no. I was the only one in this room who knew about that. My stomach tightened with anticipation as the room began to empty. There were more questions than usual since the exam was the next day. When everyone had finally left, I stood facing him across his desk.

“So.” I said after a moment to break the silence.

“So.” he repeated with a grin. “I thought that since you found a way to begin it all, I would find the way to finish it. I thought that maybe I would give you casino şirketleri a little something to remember me by, and then you might return the favor. If your up to it by the time I’m done with you.” He said the last with a wry grin pointedly aiming the challenge.

I chuckled deep in my throat as I rounded the desk to stand before him. “Well, why don’t you do what you considder to be memorable and then I’ll decide if it’s worth my time to reciprocate.”

He grinned as his hand slipped behind my head to pull me into a long, deep, passionate kiss. As the kiss continued, our hands roamed over each other’s body; periodically removing articles of clothing. Without warning he lifted me in his arms and sat me onto the desk. I opened my legs to his caress as his other hand and mouth went to work on my breasts. I loved it when he did this, and this time was no exception, in fact, I was so turned on by the combination of his thumb on my clit and fingers stroking and occasionally entering that I came almost immediately. The convulsions and moans from my orgasm didn’t slow him however and the hypersensitivity of my clit made me straighten my back and bite my lip hard as I griped his hair furiously in my clenched fists.

It was at this time that he laid me down on my back with my legs to either side of him. He ran his hands over my tight belly and I giggled for I am very ticklish. I stretched my hands over my head and displayed my full body to him. I slithered my spine temptingly. He smiled and bent to kiss my belly button. I giggled again as he planted a line of sucking kisses down my belly to my cunt where he proceded to eat me out. I moaned and writhed as he ate my pussy with more vigor and attention than he ever had before. It wasn’t long before I came again, this time with a shriek that could probably be heard on the next floor.

He stood and said, “Don’t pass out just yet. I’m not done with you.” He grinned as he rubbed the head of his throbbing cock up and down the swollen lips of my cunt. A whining moan escaped my throat as I assured him of the excellence of his abilities.

Finally he placed his penis at the opening of my pussy and paused as he smiled and said, “Ready or not, here I come.” And he thrust. Every time he entered me, I was consumed by the feeling of total fullness and completion. This time I lost myself in it as he continued to thrust with long , deliberate strokes of his mature member. casino firmaları

I laughed as I remembered my friend’s teasing over my attraction to older men. Any man that she would have been with must have tripped over himself in the dark trying to find his infantile prick and then wonder what to do with it. No, this was the way to go!! I found a man who pleased me so thoroughly that it drove me almost mad with the desire to return the favor.

I caught my breath as I felt my self close to climax again. I had never come three times in a row before, but his careful thrusting and his thumb on my clit worked like a charm.

“Oh, I’m coming again Adam!” I cried.

“Me too baby!” he heaved in reply.

We came at nearly the same time as he collapsed onto his hands, leaning on the desk for support. I could feel his cum oozing out from around his cock as it mingled with my own excessive wetness.

“Well, I certainly hope it was as good for you.” He managed between heavy breaths.

“Oh I can assure you it was better. Just in case the three orgasms didn’t give it away.” I crossed my arms behind my head as I smiled up at him.

He pulled out and reached in his bag for a towel that he had begun to bring daily.

“Wait.” I said as I grabbed his arm. “You won’t be needing that today.” I planted my hand firmly in the middle of his sweaty chest and walked him backward to a chair. “Now it’s your turn to sit back and relax.” I went to my knees before him and began to lick his cum and my juices off his now-flaccid cock.

I started on his testicles. First taking one into my mouth and gently sucking as my tongue sought out every last drop of cum. I then moved onto the other one and repeated my treatment of the first. Holding his member in one hand, I ran my tongue up the bottom of it until I reached the tip where I swirled my tongue around the head, then kissing my way down one side and up the other; making sure to suck all the sweet juices off of it on my way.

“Oh Diane, you’re so fucking good!” he mumbled as his eyes rolled shut and his head lolled back. I smiled as his penis was now hard enough again for me to take him into my mouth and went to work like a fat girl in an ice cream shop. I put my everything into this blowjob. I pulled out all the stops. I prided my self on my ability to give head, but this one took the cake.

When I could feel his pulse pounding on güvenilir casino the inside of my mouth, I pulled back and asked, “Do you want my pussy again?”

“Oh fuck yes!” he cried. “I can’t get enough of your tight little pussy!” I needed no further urging. I crawled into his lap and knelt there as he went for my tits. I lowered myself onto him with a knee on either side of his lap. I held my arms above my head as I began to rock my pelvis up and down his shaft. I constricted my vaginal muscles and released them. Contracted and released. Contracted and released.

“Oh, Adam. Adam. Adam!” I began to cry his name aloud over and over. The raw lust that gnawed at my insides had to be satisfied.

“Ah fuck yes.” he growled into my flesh as he nibbled on the side of my neck. We sat there, joined and moving as one like waves in the ocean until his head flung back and he cried “Shit, baby I’m gonna come!!”

“Come!” I commanded, “Come Adam. Come hard. Harder than you ever have in your life!!” I shrieked the last with my head flung back and my back arched to the max. I doubled my efforts until his prick convulsed and shot load after load of his hot cum deep inside me.

I collapsed onto his chest as his arms encircled me and he buried his face in my neck. We stayed there, unmoving but for our heaving breath and his still-twitching cock.

“If this is to be our end, then it is such an end as to be worthy of rememberence.” I giggled into his collar bone.

“Only you would be dork enough to quote Lord of The Rings at a moment like this.” I admonished. “Well then only you would be dork enough to recognize it.” He retorted.

“Next time” I suggested “we will have to do a bit of wench-on-warrior roll playing.” I stopped smiling and pulled back to look him in the eyes; serious for once. “Unless you were right about this being our end.”

He drew his eyebrows together and rubbed my arm. “I do have to admit that I don’t know what’s going to happen, but we can’t risk being seen together in any compromising way. Anyone who saw us would turn this beautiful thing into something ugly. Not to mention that I would lose my job.”

“Oh you know that’s the last thing that I want.” I said as I pulled his head close and rested my forehead against his. “We’ll just have to do what we need to do and see what happens.”

“There’s not much else we can do.” He replied.

“Well then,” I said as I sat up straight. “let’s not agonize over this.”

He smiled. “All right.” We dressed in a contented silence. When we were ready to go, we kissed and left each other for the last time. Or was it?

To be continued…

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