Şubat 21, 2021

His Touch Ch. 01

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I love it when different things happen to me. The sweet torture of knowing what I know, seeing what I see. I know what the look in his eyes mean. The spring in his step as he walks closer to me. The way his hands reach out for something he can’t have. Will he let me touch or allow himself to touch? Can I make a move or drop a hint and not fear him at the same time? I fear his temper but long to tame it. To tame him what a challenge. I see the desire hidden in his eyes every time he looks at me. Can he tell that I want him so bad I get weak in the knees when he comes near me. Even though we don’t talk, we know each others body language. Pure lust and hunger.

That challenge turned to fear one summer morning. I got out early one morning from work. Still very dark and cloudy. I know someone is behind me. I’m not worried because they could have gotten out early too. As the steps got louder and closer I sped up my own pace. My car is in sight. I push my remote start and unlocked the doors. Just as I got to my car he grabbed me. As he pushed me up against my car I saw his reflection in the window and smiled. Of all people it has to be him. My worse night mare yet my greatest dream was about to come true. I was wearing my usual summer outfit, baggy shorts and a wife-beater shirt. I just stood there half scared, half excited. I noticed how wet I was getting and I think he could smell it. I know I could. The look in his eyes told me so. As he pressed his body against mine he whispered all the things he was going to do to me. My body betrayed me as it pressed back against him.

His hands started to roam in places they don’t belong, he told me what he was going to do, it almost sounded like he was asking for permission. If I didn’t give him the response he wanted, he would only push, pull, or pinch harder. The harder he played the more response he got back. Its like he knows all my secret spots that only a lover would know.

As if he was reading my mind he whispers, “He told me how you like it. Start off tender just a tease then get rough. Slowing down and speeding up. You don’t like it fast just hard. He told me about the spot under your ear, on the neck, how to make your nipples rock hard and very sensitive. How to make you cum before I even fuck you. I want what you won’t give him. He told me everything he knows about you.”

Now casino şirketleri I’m scared and don’t know what to do. My mind is racing to nowhere. I never noticed where his hand went before it was too late. I was so wet by this time that he plunged two fingers up my pussy. I yelped and he pushed my head against the window and told me to shut up and take it. He pulled my hips against him. I can feel his cock pushing and grinding against my ass. I start to fight but that only causes more pressure and I started to cum. I pushed harder and was grinding against his fingers and cock. Once I calmed down he told me I could do better than that. I know what he wants. My prize but nobody got that except my girlfriend, wife, lover all three in one. She was the only one who knew how to make me cum like that.

Not satisfied he put a blindfold over my eyes, turned me around, I put my hands up to defend myself just in case. My hands meet a hairy, but firm chest, all I could do was run my fingers through it. I roamed over his chest, I brushed over his nipples, he growled, and down to his belly. I ran my finger tips just inside the band of his pants. I felt a small thrust and brought my hands back to his chest. He put his hands on my shoulders and pushes me to my knees. I can hear him growling at me softly as I shake my head NO. I vowed long ago I would never put another cock in my mouth no matter how much I wanted it. Like right now. Man how I would like to run my tongue over the head of his massive cock. Just the taste of him will make me cum. I can smell his raw powerful need to cum. I will give it to him but not like this. One rape in one’s lifetime is enough. But this was different, this was about lust not power.

I felt the head of his cock rubbing against my lips. Pushing harder hoping to get in but couldn’t. He pulled me up by my hair. I squealed and he slapped me across the face, telling me to shut up. He told me one way or another his cock would be in my mouth, maybe not tonight but in the near future and you will beg me for more. After saying that he was gone.

The only thing I could do was crawl into my car and cry. I called into work for the rest of the week trying to calm my nerves before I had to face him again. I don’t think I could look at him ever again. I thought about quitting or transferring but that choice was taken casino firmaları away from me the second night off. There was a knock on the door at about four in the morning. I got up to answer it but it was too late, He was already in the house. I ran for the backdoor. I didn’t make it, he caught me by my hair. Screaming I hit the floor. He was on me in a blink of an eye. With one hand over my mouth and the other holding my wrist above my head, the weight of his body holding me down, I quit fighting. Whats the point? All I could do was close my eyes and let him have his way. But nothing happened. My body was so tense my muscles ached.

All I could think was not again. I expected pain and angry words but there was nothing. I felt his weight shift and opened my eyes. He was just staring at me. That’s when I realized I was almost hyperventilating and just say no, no, no, NOT again. He tried to calm me down but it was too late, I was out. I felt nothing but relief as I fell into the black nothing.

Soothing words and warmth brought me back from nowhere. I began to melt into the warmth of the arms holding me, until reality hit me. I began to panic and fight the arms holding me. Not caring what or where I hit. SMACK, his hand landed upside my head. O.K. that hurt so I quit fighting, but I was angry.

I asked him, “Do you get off hitting girls.”

He said “No, just wanted you to stop hitting me.” Ok that was reasonable.

I asked him what he wanted, he said “you, but I won’t hurt you or force you.”

“But you never talk to me, I catch you watching me sometimes. In the three years that I’ve known you, you don’t talk to me unless you had something to bitch about.”

” That’s the way it will always be to. Nothing will change. You will come to work everyday , you will not transfer to anther job. You are mine.” I started to say something but he said case closed and no arguments.

” I will never fuck you.” I said.

” Just me or any man?”

“Any man.”

“You will beg for me by the time you are ready and ready you will be. Your body will tell me when its time. You can have the rest of the week off but come Monday you better be at work.” Come Monday I’ll be long gone, I thought . “If you run I will hunt you til I find you”. With that said he left.

I waited til midnight before I left. güvenilir casino I slept most of the day so I could drive at night. Making sure nobody was around, I left. I left everything behind, my job, my friends, my life, except my dog, him I took. I didn’t know I was going . All I knew is that I had to leave. I didn’t trust him or myself. I wanted him with every fiber of my being. That scared the hell of out me. I just couldn’t risk getting hurt.

As I put the miles behind me all I could think about was him. Tall, just over six foot, thinning salt and pepper hair, slim but meaty in all the right places. He catches me staring at his chest and all I could do is wonder if hes that hairy everywhere else. I have to clinch my fingers to stop them from reaching up and running my hands over his chest. Everything about him I find sexy. His dry sense of humor, his laugh, even the way he uses body language when he talks. I have never met anyone like him. The way hes quiet and shy around people until he gets to know them. And he always knows what going on around him all the time. All I can do is think of the man I’m running from. Why? I ran because I swore I would never fuck a man again. No matter how bad I want too. The way he looks and touches me scares the living hell out of me thats why. All he had to do was ask me and I would have given him anything but no he had to force it.

Some time later I decided to pull over and stay for the night. With two days of driving between us I thought I was safe. After checking into a hotel and showering I had to get some real food in me. A cheeseburger here and there wasn’t cutting it. I looked out the window to make sure nobody was around. I now that sounds silly but I had to be sure. As I opened the door I screamed and tried to slam it shut. How in the hell did he find me? The door won’t close, his foot was in the way. I tried to kick him so I could close it but he caught me. Man did he look pissed. I didn’t know what to do so I ran for the bathroom. He caught me and threw me on the bed. He jumped on me and pinned me down. All I could do was cry. He stretched his body over mine letting me feel his full weight. Leaning down he whispered in my ear, “I told you not to run.” I can hear the venom dripping in his voice. I was shaking so bad the bed was vibrating from it. “Be still” he hissed. He sat up and straddled me at the waist still holding my wrist so I couldn’t fight. “Why did you run? “he asked.

I didn’t know how to answer so all I could do was say “I’m sorry.”

“Not as sorry as your going to be.” he said.

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