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HIS P.E.T. 8

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HIS P.E.T. 8


I felt like a little girl, again. As the driver pulled the hired car into the executive airport and the KININGH Group hangar came into view, my excitement was so thick and sweet around me it seemed like a multi-hued veil coloring everything I saw. When the car pulled through the gate and around the building, the aircraft awaited like a gleaming white apparition intended to deliver me to a new and mystical experience.

For a girl who had seen little of even the Southwest of the USA where I was born and raised, traveled little outside it until I came to Miami, and certainly never left the country, this was truly ‘new’. Hein had helped develop the sense of mystical, too. The first image I had of the Dutch seemed to be tulips and windmills. But, I was also aware of the magnificent engineering involved in protecting the country’s lowlands with their sophisticated levies and their influence in modern Europe. Of course, there was always the infamous reputation of Amsterdam, even if only a small part of the city and its tourist business. Hein showed me pictures of the old-world charm of the city and surrounding area including the canal areas of the city where the old-world charm was rich but also intermixed with avant-garde conversions.

It hadn’t taken Hein but a few days to dump his life into my hands just as he had told me he would. His comments to me standing in the driveway that night were not manipulating or placating. In two days after my meltdown, I had two new electronic devices that became a part of me whenever I was away from home with him on business. He created quite a fuss at the Headquarters building in Miami on my first official visit with him, being introduced as his Personal Advisor. There was little explanation except that he expected all his scheduling, meetings, and commitments to be validated through me. His days of being committed at two meetings and locations at the same time were over.

When the car stopped at the stairs to the plane, I stood with Sharon and Raul at the side of the vehicle as the bags were removed from the oversized trunk of the vehicle. Chris was overseeing the driver while Hein moved to Bob and Steve, the pilots. Sharon had made the trip once before; Raul, like me, had not. Sharon’s trip was to identify with Hein modifications to the house he purchased. I noticed she was holding Raul’s hand. Their relationship was now solidified in our group and I wondered if the new house would still have them in separate living spaces or if they would be now sharing. There had been no hints and I left those matters for them to share when they were ready.

She bumped me with her shoulder, then did the same to Raul. Her face was lit with excitement, too. “You two are going to love it, I guarantee it.” I smiled at her and hugged her from the side.

Then, my attention was drawn to a second vehicle that had somehow been separated from us by traffic. It was a van. I walked over to it as it pulled in behind the car. I walked to the side sliding door and put a hand on the window as the driver moved around the front of the vehicle. With the familiar hand pressed to the window, two huge heads appeared, their snouts pressed against the glass. As the driver hesitantly put his hand on the door handle, I moved into position. With the door cracked, I had the dogs sit. Their tails wagged furiously and their bodies shivered with excitement, but they remained where they were. I reached in, my hands touching each head as I slid them to take the leashes attached to their collars. They jumped from the van and stood to shake their huge bodies as if relieving themselves of the confines of the van. If that was confining, what was the airplane going to be like?

I put both leashes into my right hand and returned to the back of the car. I was wondering how I was going to juggle them and my carry-on bags, but Bob came up to me and took the leashes. Apparently, despite my first time at international travel, this was not their first time and they trotted up the stairs and into the plane with Bob left to follow.

Steve and Chris loaded our cases into the luggage hold and we took up our individual carry-on. I had two. Hein had replaced my old backpack with a new, black leather one. In it were my personal items including my Kindle, which contained my personal stash of reading, some of it being erotica romance that never failed to provide something that peaked my curiosity. The other bag was also black leather and was a shoulder bag containing my electronics that managed Hein’s life and business issues. A smartphone that was synced to his, a tablet for quick reference and easy handling, a black leather covered folio for taking notes, and the laptop, which I still preferred over the tablet for its larger keyboard and substantial hard drive.

I was wearing a sundress with a full skirt, white thigh-high stockings, and matching heels. Around my neck was a white choker identical to my others, except it was of the public style that did not have the PET medallion hanging from it. I also wore a double loop of pearls and matching earrings.

I followed Sharon and Raul to the stairs with Hein behind me. He slipped the shoulder case from my hand, carrying it with his briefcase behind me. I was nearly to the top of the stairs when I was brought to a stop with a touch to my thigh. It wasn’t a simple touch, either, as it slipped up my leg to the top of my stockings and up to my bare hip. I looked behind me, not caring if anyone on the ground might also be observing, to find a smiling Hein.

“I do love the dresses you have chosen.” The full skirt no doubt had provided him a view most of the way, if not all the way, to my butt cheeks from below.

I smiled back to him before continuing to the top, “As you already know, and can see, I enjoy pleasing you.”

I took the few additional steps into the plane when I heard, “Ma’am?” Sharon and Raul were organizing their own carry-on and turned to look. I recognized the voice and smiled inwardly at the term. His reference to me had steadily progressed from “Ms. Cariston” to “Laura” to “Ma’am” as my position in the group had evolved. I knew what he was suggesting from the last trip. Instead, I heard Hein’s voice.

“That’s okay, Bob, I’ll do the honors.” I put my case on a seat, pulled my hair out of the way and smiled back at him. He lowered bahis şirketleri the zipper at the back of dress until it reached the bottom just below my waist. He slipped the straps from my shoulders and lowered the dress for me to step out of. He handed it to Bob who hung it in the closet by the door.

I acted as flight attendant once we were in the air. Hein had indicated seats that allowed us to be side by side. He raised a table in front of us and we reviewed his schedule over the remaining days of the work week upon our arrival. His first day in Amsterdam was light and would be spent catching up from the house. He assured me it was natural to be very out of sorts after flying such a distance east, but we would adjust completely after a few days. And, the weekend was in a few days.

The plane was kept warm for me. I had adjusted to the principle of being the only one naked among them. I adjusted, but it was still erotic. I could almost count on someone reminding me of my nakedness if I became too comfortable simply with a casual touch as they or I moved by. In this case, as Hein and I reviewed his upcoming schedule on the tablet setup on the table in front of us, his hand was on the inside of my closest thigh. Despite my legs being crossed, his fingers played teasingly at the junction of my thighs. He more forcefully pushed his middle finger between my legs and I slapped his hand, playfully, of course.

Sharon happened to walk up behind us, just then and saw the whole thing. She whispered in my ear that she wanted to talk to me privately when it was convenient. I turned to her.

“I think we can talk now. He isn’t paying much attention to the calendar, anymore.” He put a hurt expression on his face, but that just made Sharon laugh.

“Like any of us are going to believe that look …” He laughed and looked to Chris as maybe the only one who might side with him.

I followed her further back into the plane. There was a spot where the club chairs would be turned to face each other. We sat across from each other and I noticed that the empty chair next to her had Raul’s stuff on it, but he was sitting on the other side now. She touched my hand on the armrest, which drew my attention from Raul back to her. She smiled.

“There is something I just have to ask you … woman to woman.”

I nodded, “Of course.”

“I’m not sure how to start this …”

“Then blurt it out.”

She took a deep breath. “Okay … that night … with the dogs …” I nodded. Yes, I remembered. Being fucked by both dogs in front of them. Yes, I remember. “It looked like you were orgasming … like, a lot.” I nodded, again. “What I want to ask is … well, do you … do you always? Orgasm, I mean.”

I smiled at her. “Yes. Almost every time.” She looked surprised. Then, I thought I should qualify that answer, just to be clear. “I mean, I do if I am stimulated. Obviously, if I am just sucking a guy … or dog … I will make them climax, but I am not going to. There is no physical stimulation there for me.” I couldn’t believe I was having this conversation with Sharon. She then got a concerned look on her face and was chewing her lower lip. I leaned forward, “What? There is more, what is it?”

She started and stopped a couple times, looking around us nervously. “I don’t. Laura, I don’t. But, I want to.” She seemed to be opening up and it was like a flow had started. “Believe me, Laura, Raul … you know, right? Well … I mean … Raul is good, loving, tender. I love being with him, but … sometimes when he has climaxed … I fake it … I fake an orgasm.” She glanced his way, then returned her eyes to mine. “Sometimes, he asks. I think he might suspect.” She bit her lower lip more, then, “Is there something wrong with me?”

“Can I ask you some very personal questions?” She nodded eagerly. “When you make love, what happens? How do you do it? If you can, give me some detail.”

She looked at me puzzled, then shrugged her shoulders. Then, it was as if she resolved internally to give up her modesty. “I can’t believe I am sitting across from a naked woman 20-some years younger than me and talking to her about sex.” She breathed deep and considered her next words. “Okay … we’re very tender. We kiss some, hold each other, usually, he is on top … maybe he is all the time. I know I am very intentional to please him. I want him to … well, to climax … with me. I want it to be good for him.” She looked at me questioningly.

“Is that the kind of loving you had with your late husband?” She nodded.

“I didn’t orgasm a lot with him, either.”

I nodded. I smiled broadly and leaned back in the chair. I stood up, I needed to consider how I was going to approach this diplomatically. “I need some water. I’ll bring you one, too.” She looked confused but nodded.

I actually got five and distributed them to everyone. One of the things Hein stressed about these long-distance trips across time zones was to drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol.

I sat down, again. I looked her in the eyes and reassured her immediately. “There is nothing wrong with you, Sharon. If anything, I am the odd one.” She blew out air that had been held in her lungs. I smiled. “It might be why I am so much into sex. I have known it for a long time. But, I also know I am the unusual one, not you.” She cocked her head to the side and crinkled her brow, looking at me with doubt. “Okay, let me approach this clinically. You know my first degree was in Sociology, but I started with Physiology before that. But, I always maintained an interest in the more physical side of social behavior. There was a series of lectures by a visiting professor on the study of sexuality. Needless to say, in college, it was very well attended.” She smiled. Good. She’s relaxing, so I might get the point across. “I think I have these numbers right, but they are close, anyway. What would you guess is the percentage of heterosexual women who always or usually orgasm during vaginal sex? Obviously, I am one of them.” She shrugged and guessed maybe 60%. “Wrong … way wrong. Only 35% of the heterosexual women said they did. Not only that, but 44% said they rarely or never did.”

She thought about that, then, “So, most women don’t orgasm that much.” I nodded.

“But … this is important … but, of lesbians, the responses were VERY different. When just looking at lesbians, 91% always or usually orgasmed.” She looked puzzled and I smiled. “Yes, illegal bahis I think you have it. The lesbians are not relying on vaginal sex, are they? No. Sure, there is strap-on sex, the use of dildos, and vibrators in their play, but … the important point here … but, for the most part, their sexual encounters are a combination of genital stimulation and deep kissing. Now, when those characteristics are used with heterosexual women … genital stimulation, deep kissing, and oral sex … 80% of the heterosexual women are now orgasming.”


I smiled, “Seriously, yes. Now, more studies focused on other variables. The one that seemed the most beneficial was relaxed play; being able to laugh at awkward moments, talking, sharing what feels good, using words to express yourself … fuck, pussy, cock, pound me, bite me, squeeze my nipples, whatever.”


“No. Not just foreplay. Thinking of it as foreplay puts the emphasis back on what? Vaginal penetration. No, instead, it is all part of the play. Deep kissing, cuddling, talking and sharing, touching intimately, oral sex, fucking, changing positions, maybe back to oral sex, teasing nipples, nibbling on each other, laughing when you are tickled. All of it. Some of it. Whatever is working at the moment. Asking to change it if it isn’t working.”

I leaned forward, scooting forward so our knees touched. I slid my hands onto her knees and up her legs. My eyes were focused on hers and she was on mine. My hands move up, back to her knees, then up under her skirt. She sucked in air, gasped as my hands came to the top. Still looking into her eyes, I moved my fingers to the inside of her legs and they parted. Her skirt was bunched high on her legs. My fingers were inches from her panties. I knew without looking. I touched her panty covered pussy. I felt the hair underneath. I saw her eyes close. I saw her holding her breath. I felt the wetness of her panties.

I kissed her on the lips. Her eyes opened. “See what I mean?”

I stood and moved to Raul. Sharon watched me, perhaps disappointed at my abrupt leaving. I leaned over Raul, my ass pointing at her, the jeweled butt plug staring at her like a one-eyed flirt. I whispered to Raul, “Sharon needs you. I think she has something to discuss with you.” I patted his shoulder and returned to Hein. I was wet now, too. Maybe next time, we could comfortably just fuck in this close space.

The house … I thought the one in Miami was private. Very close to Amsterdam, yet in a beautiful and remote location, the villa itself presents a subdued impression while you realize this house is spectacular in every way. It is fit perfectly into the hilly and wooded landscape of Bosch en Duin, a very pleasant villa village on the Utrecht Heuvelrug, near Zeist. It sits on 8 acres at the edge of the nature preserve.

The first experience to the property for me was like approaching a wooded cottage stuck far into the forest. The access road was a narrow, roughly paved single width drive through dense woods and forest into the hilly terrain. To the sides into the woods could be seen rough paths disappearing into the foliage and trees. Hein indicated that these were walking trails on the property, several of which hooked into other trails outside the property into the preserve. There were areas of expanses of grass around the proximity of the house, but not much. Other areas were opened up for light, but the grass was left natural intended to be maintained rather than mowed and trimmed.

The house itself was almost impossible to take in from any one position. It had an unimaginable 23,000 + square feet of interior space. The structure was broken up into levels and section so much that you could only see a portion of it, never getting a view of overall size and expanse. It was divided across seven levels, not floors really, but levels going off into different directions with a half dozen steps to create a new, isolated space. And amazingly, this crazy layout seemed to be purposely intended to provide views of the natural beauty outside from every space, taking in the beautiful sight lines and iconic trees of the area.

The playful format, with half and whole level differences between the various areas, interconnected with one another by transparent high halls and mezzanines with glass banisters, largely determine the special atmosphere in the house. At the back, there is the beautiful music room with a semi-circular glass front which looks out on a lawn surrounded by rhododendrons. However, the attention is drawn to the monumental red beech. The adjacent living room provides a peaceful view of the forest pond on the front side of the villa. In the semi-circular ‘tower’, which breaks through the tight design of the villa, there is a spacious television, entertainment room; and, on the floor above it, ‘the oval office’ with an adjacent archive space. The master suite, the luxurious bathroom, and elegant dressing room – with maple wooden cabinets with leather fronts – comprise a large part of the first floor. But the other bedrooms, all with their own bathroom, all have style and allure as well.

In the basement, was a complete wellness center with eight-person whirlpool, sauna, steam bath, rain shower, a fitness center and a swimming pool hall, of which the Brazilian blue marble floor was sawn from one block. For optimal well-being, the swimming pool and the bathrooms do not just feature floor heating, but also wall heating.

Clearly, this was going to require more staff to maintain than our little group. We had talked about the difference, but I wasn’t able to comprehend the significance. Hein was reluctant to give up my nudity around the estate, but especially around the house. Sharon and Raul were establishing functional schedules of outside staff in order to create private blocks of space and time. They both believed that establishing a routine for movement of the outside staff could provide entire sections of the house where I could freely move within schedules. It was recognized that outside posed a greater risk for being seen and inside at certain locations. But, if Hein was okay with my being seen from a distance, I could adjust. That the house had a naked woman in it would reflect on him more than me in retrospect.

It took Sharon, Raul, and me about a week after moving in before we all came to the same illegal bahis siteleri conclusion. I was in the upstairs oval office that looked out over the back pond when they both came in. Hein had created a similar desk arrangement but rotated the massive glass desk surface so neither of us had our backs to the door or to the view outside. In this new office setting, it still didn’t quite satisfy him. He indicated he was still working out a desk arrangement for us that might be better.

They were both essentially managers of the house and property now, overseeing and coordinating the work, but they were too simple to fully embrace those roles and still maintained personal involvement in the daily work. Sharon still enjoyed the cooking but enjoyed that not all the other cleaning fell to her, especially considering the effort involved with 23,000 square feet of living space. They plopped themselves into chairs in the sitting area, placing a cup of coffee next to me and waited as I finished up typing a thought and saving the document. I rotated my chair and stood, then did what I always did when getting up from the desk or moving past any of the many windows; I looked out into the magnificent natural setting of the house. And, we were still close to the city proper.

Between the two of them, Sharon almost always verbalized what was on their minds if they were together. “Do you get the feeling this is where Hein is intending to live?”

I had had the same thought. “Yes. Perhaps we should talk to him about that.” We talked about it, first. It was a curiosity thing more than a concern. As we had all acknowledged to each other, we were a group of ‘orphans’ with no family ties anywhere.

So, at dinner that night, we talked about it. He admitted that it looked like our perception was correct. He was anticipating a more even split between the two residences, but the call of business and his solidified role as CEO was making increasing demands to be here. He asked if that changed anything for anyone. We all assured him it did not, the questioning was more in our ability to anticipate and adjust. We reminded him that he had purposefully or accidently hired those close to him who did not have any surviving family. He further admitted it was partially purposeful. He offered that he liked the Miami residence, but especially the yacht, which hadn’t been used sufficiently. He might keep the residence and use it for visiting VIP and company executives, allowing for times when we could use it privately. With that, he glanced in my direction, something everyone around the table caught and laughed at.

I had dressed for dinner in a semi-sheer, black baby doll with red lace trim on the edges. It came down to just cover my ass cheeks but was open gapped in front, closing at the bodice, effectively exposing my pussy. I wore black, sheer stocking with red lace flowers in the elastic tops. The high heels were black soles with a red strap around the ankle. I chose a red choker with a PET medallion. I was standing in front of the living room window looking out over the night lit forest pond sipping an after-dinner drink. I hadn’t heard him approaching me, but I was gently wrapped in his arms from behind. I tilted my head to the side, touching his face as his lips nuzzled my neck through my long hair.

“Are you okay with living here as the primary residence? Is that going to be a negative?”

I lay my free arm along his and squeezed, pressing his arms firmly under my breasts. “It’s kind of exciting, actually. I had hardly been outside of Arizona before meeting you. Now, I am living in The Netherlands? With Germany, Belgium, and France within easy driving distances? How could I not be excited?” I turned in his arm and moved my free arm to around his neck. His hands dropped to my ass cheeks as I pressed my groin into his, giving him a smile followed by a kiss. “But …” another kiss and more pressure against his hardening cock, “… but the most exciting is doing it all with you.” I took him into a very passionate kiss, wrapping my right knee around his left leg. I broke the kiss and gasped into his ear, “Oh god … I … I thought my body wanted sex before … but, now … OH GOD! … Hein, now … now it seems I crave even more. I can’t believe … what all this … is doing to me.”

He took my drink from my hand and placed it on the floor and pressed his lips to my exposed mound. I gasped, my hands going to his head. Apparently, my legs opened to him as I felt his lips and tongue now on my pussy and clit. I heard from below, “Are you serious? You desire more sex and excitement than you ever imagined? You want … no, need more stimulation and release?”

“Oh god, yes! Yes, yes and yes!” He left my pussy and moved up my body, squeezing my breast through the lace bodice, until he captured my mouth with his, pressing my body against the glass wall to the outside. He broke the kiss and looked into my eyes. I looked back at him with eyes that were hazy with lust and need. “Yes, Hein. Whatever you can think of. Try me, challenge me, dare me … I’ll show you what I can be with your encouragement.”

His hands left me and fumbled between us. The next thing I felt was his hard cock pressing into my groin, my body pressed harder against the glass. I wrapped my leg higher around him, around his hip, and he entered me, his cock sliding into my wet and open pussy. We were pressed against each other in the living room, against the glass wall to the outside, and he was fucking me. I had never been fucked standing up, much less in a room where anyone in the house might suddenly walk in. I didn’t care, except for the excitement it created in me.

“Ohhhhhh … yessssssss … fuck me … sooooooo gooooooooddddddd.” I gasped it into his ear with each thrust of his cock. “I … trust you … Hein. Anything … you want … just … try me. I trust … I can stop … reject … anything … I trust that … but … Oooooooo … ooooohhhhhh, yessssss … but … I know … I won’t … reject … anything you … think of.” I clutched to him. My breathing was ragged and gasping. My eyes were tightly shut, all my senses finely focused on his cock driving inside, his pelvis slamming into my clit, my nipples rubbing against the lace bodice as his body drove into me. I was ready to scream my release at any moment when my eyes opened to slits and I saw Raul and Sharon standing just inside the entry to the room. Sharon was in front of him, his hands fondling her substantial breast through her dress, her hands behind her, pulling his hips into hers. That was when I screamed my orgasm.

* * CHAPTER 9: ORCHESTRAS & BALLS will follow * * Thanks for reading.

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