Mart 13, 2021

High School Stipper

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I was 21 at the time. I was bored and decided to go to this strip club in Detriot called La Chambre’s Lounge. It was a small little joint that had some sexy ladies in it. Like I said I was bored and decided to go and see what was going on tonight. I walked into the door and payed the usual five dollar cover charge and went and took a seat in the corner at the west end of the stage, since that is where I always sat when I came her. The waitress, Jamie, came up and asked what I was having to drink today, and I asked for my usual, a bud light bucket. So as I sat and watched these beautiful women take off there clothes I began to get the usual hard on that I got when I came here, and being a fairly wealthy man, I was usual able to pay which ever dancer I chose to sleep with me. So I started looking at which girl that I wanted to fuck tonight. Just then the DJ announced the next girl to come up on stage.
“ Introducing the lovely Annabelle.”
When I looked up what meet my eyes was something that I had trouble believing. It was a girl that I went to high school with. I knew her as Crystal. She looked so much sexier than I remembered. This might have had to do with the fact that she was standing on stage in her black and pink bra and thong. All I know is that the moment izmir escort bayan I seen her, I almost shot my load right in my pants. She was working the other end of the stage right now. I moved up to the seats right at the stage before she moved down to this song. And when she say me, she immediately recognized me, and she smiled a dazzlingly bright smile and damn near humped my face right there on stage as I shoved a 5 into the string of her thong., then letter her work the stage for the rest of the song, make sure as she walked off that I signaled her to come to me.
When she sat the down I immediately signaled the waitress.
“ what can I get for you” she said.
“ what are you having” I asked crystal.
“ A Johnny Vegas” she replied.
So I sat there and talked to her while the waitress got her drink, and then further while she drank, talking bout what we had both done since we had left school. She asked me if I liked her outfit,
and I immediately “ you look so good that I want to eat you”. She laughed and replied “That could be arranged.”
With that she stood up and took my hand and guided me to the private room. As we entered she closed the curtain and immediately removed her bra. I looked a her gorgeous B-cups, wanting to take the nipples in my mouth and buca escort suck on it like a baby drinking its mothers milk.
As if she read my mind, she bent and stuck her left nipple right to my lips, which I took as invitation, and greedily sucked it into my mouth.
As I sucked on her nipple, she reached down and started to unbutton my shirt. After switching to her other nipple, I made her stand up and reached for her thong, slipped it down her legs and off her feet. With her panties off I grabbed her by the hips and lifted her so that her mound was on my lips. I then took the tiny nub that was her clit and sucked it with wild abandon. She moaned with pleasure.
As I ate this sexy strippers super wet pussy, she said “ I want you in my mouth”
So letting her hips go, she slipped down to her knees. She reached over and unzipped my jeans, undid the button and slid them down a little. She brought her mouth to my head, and licked the pre-cum that had leaked out of the tip of my dick. She then opened her mouth, and took the whole of my 9″ cock into her wet mouth. She forced my cock down her throat, gagging on it slightly. She then greedily sucked it, making me come close to cumming.
“Ok, Tim, time to shove that fat cock in my tight little cunt” Crystal said.
She had me izmir escort stand up, and I got behind her as she grabbed my cock and guided my cock to her super soaked pussy. As my head slid past her pussy lips, I knew that I wouldn’t last long in her tight little pussy. I started to pound her pussy hard and fast, making her moan loudly, and fly into a furious orgasm. As her pussy spasmned with her orgasm, I pulled my cock out of her pussy and slammed the full length of it into her ass. She yelped and the sudden combination of pain and pleasure sent her spiraling into a second orgasm before her first had even finished. As her shit hole clenched around my dick I felt my cum start to rush to the surface. I pulled out and flipped her over and shot one of the largest loads of my 22 years all over her sexy chest. She looked at me and told me she wanted to leave with me tonight. I said you are more than welcome to come home with me.

This is the first story and will be a series about the girls at the strip club and especially crystal (a.k.a. Annabelle). I plan to make this story go thru at least 12 parts. If you like this store, leave a comment. If you didn’t then you can get the fuck out of here and find some other story to trash, cause I don’t care what people that don’t want to be constructive have to say. And on a side note, i hope that everybody has liked my earlier stories. Hope you enjoy what i have to come

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