Şubat 17, 2021

Hide and Seek Ch. 02

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So here it goes…round number 2 😉 Thanks for the comments on the first part… really encouraged me!! I’m really sorry it took me so long..

And about the setting…you’ll get to know it soon. Partly in this part, which makes this chapter quite a bit longer..so hang on 😉 I promise the next part to get hotter again…


Jake was joking around with his friends, talking about football, flirting with the cheerleaders who have more in their bras than in their brains. And how should I say it…their tits aren’t big to begin with, but still he was all over them. A low growl escaped my throat. He was acting like his usual self. Shit.

“Hello?! Earth to Nathan.”

I groaned and shortly glared at Amy before refocusing my eyes on Jake. She giggled.

“God damn it..what is it?”

Amy grinned at me. I couldn’t see it, but I knew her well enough to feel it. With a sigh I turned around completely.

“Sorry Amy. What’s up, hun?”

Amy was…well… a typical beauty I’d say: she has gorgeous chocolate brown curls, soft, full lips and gentle brown eyes that come with extra long dark lashes. It’s quite unbelievable that she chose to talk to me when I started school here. At first I assumed it was something about having a gay best friend or something and so I was royally pissed off when she clung to me. It took some time to figure Amy wasn’t playing around. So she ended up being my best friend. Yeah I know. Sounds like a cliché. The beauty and the beast. Ha-ha.

But it wasn’t quite like that: this nice girl also figured a lot about me all by herself and so she got to know that I’m actually bi even though I’m always called fag by the endearing school jocks. At first, that fact made her a little uneasy (she naturally thought that I’d fall for her), but as soon as she learned I wasn’t interested in having a relationship with either men or women, she was fine.

“You’ve been staring at him all day. AND you’ve been in a lousy mood. It’s become worse. And I thought you were over him already.”

“No I haven’t.”

Even I didn’t believe the crap that I was saying. Angrily, I took a bite of my sandwich. I hated being obvious.

“Yeah of course. But never mind. Are you working today?”

Yup. She knew where I’m working and what I was doing. Amy also knew what I was usually looking like. In school I wear a brown wig, which covers up my blond hair. While my natural hair is quite short and spiky, I chose the hair of my wig to be almost shoulder long and sleek. Besides always putting on clothes that cover my actually nice and toned body, I also wear colored contact lenses, although it seems a little paranoid. But I really have blue eyes that are something to remember. AND they’re recognizable. To top off, I also have nerdy glasses. For me, it’s important not to mix my work and private life with my school life. Teachers and students wouldn’t appreciate me having sex with several men and women, as part of my job, which I shouldn’t be doing in the first place. Easy to guess. It comes in quite handy for the situation with Jake, too. Oh, he would so freak out if he knew that I was the one who sucked his dick. I chuckled at the thought of his troubled and angry face. Suddenly I remembered Amy waiting for my answer and just kept a smile on my face.

“Well…I think I am. Boss said something about Chris calling in ill.”

“Too bad. I really wanted to go shopping with you…”

I rolled my eyes and laughed. Her sulking act was quite cute.

“Can’t help it. How about tomorrow?”

“Sure. If you’re still able to walk after tonight.”

She grinned, hugged me and left before güvenilir bahis I could even respond to that. Amy definitely knew too much. I shook my head and smiled to myself. Finally I could go back to watching my gorgeous Jock. Unfortunately, he was gone. This day was already sucking. I grumbled, grabbed my stuff and got up to get to my next lesson. At least I had P.E. so I could work some of my anger out of me.

In the changing room almost all of the guys stayed as far away from me as possible. I snorted. Ignorant jerks. I knew some of them were at least bi, but they didn’t go public which made me the only official ‘fag’. Hurraaaaay. After most of them had left I quickly changed. Don’t misunderstand, I have no problems with my body but the straight guys always seem to get distracted or uneasy. So I’m just being the nice guy.

Finally, I got into the gym and stood slightly beside the gathering group of students and started to warm up my muscles. Normally I really loved sports because they put my mind at ease, which was just what I needed right then.

After five minutes had passed, our teacher walked over towards us declaring that the teacher for the other sports class was ill and that those people would join us. Urgh. More idiots standing in my way. I can understand people disliking school sports, but do they actually have to stand around and gossip?? I couldn’t quite believe that my mood could get even worse, but hearing those wonderful news, it did. So I ended up not paying any attention to the other group of guys now joining us. Normally P.E. was a nice chance to look at the bodies of the others and I used it well, but today they could have run around naked and I wouldn’t have cared. Probably.

“Okay guys!! Come here.”

Our teacher clapped his hands in an quite unsuccessful attempt to get us to listen to him. Finally his sharp whistle made everyone shut up.

“I’ll pair you up now..we can only do some basketball for today. So you’ll be training individual techniques for one on one.”

I didn’t quite listen at first but straightened when I heard the voice of a certain someone complaining. Okay, now THIS was going to be interesting.

“Can’t we just skip? This playing around isn’t useful at all!”

“Stop complaining Robinson. It will be good for your foot work. Nathan’s your partner.”

I couldn’t quite believe my ears. Coincidence is really a bitch. Well at least for little Jake. Maybe I was able to give him his first hints.

Damnit. I was really smitten. Hints?! He didn’t even appear to be eager to find me anymore. And his visit to my club was only two days ago. Two days. Stupid horny jerk! How could I ever think that I could get him to be interested in me? No hints. None. EVER.

A grumble beside me pulled me out of my thoughts. I turned to look into those mesmerizing green eyes. The disgusted look in them would have hurt me if I weren’t that used to it. Yeah, that’s reality guys. I’m not that weak so I can take it. Still, if I wasn’t interested in having a good education, I wouldn’t be here. This isn’t my world. If it were, I would wear my disguise at my work and not the other way round. But the fact that HIS way of thinking didn’t change one bit yet, got to me… how lucky that I have a poker face and can even put on a smile at much worse situations. This guy will be begging on his knees for me!

I caught the basketball Jake was throwing at me skillfully and dribbled it. Jake got into position, and I easily tricked him the first few times. Naturally, he had not believed me to be any competition to a jock like him. I started smirking. My black haired beauty only gave me an angry look. I passed the ball türkçe bahis to him with a chuckle. Ladies and Gentlemen, here he comes.

I was surprised he had quite a good technique, which made him almost successful in his attempts. Lucky for me, I wasn’t bad either, which made him sweat. It was fun to watch him playing and I could easily take a good look at his glistening body. Oh yeah, that was a nice body. I could clearly see his abs and pecs through the tight shirt that clung to his torso. Sex. On. Legs. One moment I wasn’t pay attention (he got me distracted enough as you can guess) and he hit me with his body.

I struggled. Oh my god. I had to control myself not to pull him into my arms. The second he touched my body, I felt his heat through both of our clothes. But not only that..my heart beat wildly when I heard his low pants while running. Instantly, I remembered our hot make out session and my dick twitched in my pants. I groaned. And his alluring scent…

Unfortunately my growing horniness had turned me into a klutz. I tripped because of his force that hit me and fell to the ground. I hissed as a sudden pain shot through my foot. For a short second my sight blackened. For real?! When I could see again, I slowly tried to get up. Again my ankle ached. How uncool. That phrase seems to become a regular thought when I’m being with Jake.

Our teacher only glanced at us. He was busy trying to make the others at least able to THROW a ball.

“Jake. Help Nathan get up and get him a ice pack.”

Yeah Jake. Help me god damnit. The whole time he snottily watched me from above. After eyeing me a few more moments he grunted and reached out his hand. I sighed with relief. I told you. He isn’t THAT bad.

Jake helped me to get up and even put an arm around my thigh to get me to the side of the gym. Still, he barely touched me and looked around nervously. Ahh. So he was afraid of actually being seen with a gay guy. Maybe he isn’t that scared of ‘fags’…

Shit. That fall to the ground must have been harder than I thought. He isn’t scared of gays, but of the thought to be gay himself or at least afraid of appreciating the ‘service’ of a man. I knew that well enough.

As soon as we reached the side of the gym Jake let go of me, which made me stumble again. He glared at me and grabbed my arm until I found my balance.

“Stop being so clumsy damn fag.”

So much for the hope of him being a good guy. I smiled sweetly at him.

“So honey. Tell me. Who tackled me in the first place?

At first Jake was perplex, than he growled angrily. Now if that isn’t cute. Suggestively I raised an eyebrow. Unfortunately, he wasn’t in the mood for teasing and left to get me something to cool my ankle. Within minutes I was sitting there alone, while he went back to playing. What a great day. Ice on my hurting foot, heat in my pants.


After I got through the rest of the day with my slightly sprained ankle, I walked to my car. I would have loved to see more of Jake, but today he was in total super-ass-mode. Maybe I had left an impression. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to be a good one. Jake was definitely pissed that I was better in basketball. Me, a nerd and gay on top of that.

I hobbled towards my car when I heard someone approaching me from behind. Oh yeah. This would make my day. I tested putting more weight on my hurt foot. It only ached slightly. Good. I started humming when I put my bag down near my car and turned around. As I had suspected, my dear friends were right there.

Around six football jocks were standing not far away from me with evil grins on their faces. I examined the group more closely. Just güvenilir bahis siteleri the usual suspects. I growled when I sighted Jake behind them. Moron. If you want to get in a gay’s pants, you shouldn’t beat up one of his ‘colleagues’. Although he was looking around nervously, acting as if he were not part of this, he was with these dumbasses.

“Oh helloooo Nathan. What a coincidence to meet you here on this wonderful day.”

The others laughed at this mocking greeting of their leader. Uh-huh, they really do think they’re capable of sarcasm. So they were looking for trouble. Oh you guys. You chose the wrong time to anger me. I was still pissed enough by Jake’s behavior and also still not in the mood to behave like the nerd that I looked like. Time to mess around.

When the first of them approached me, I shoved the sleeves of my sweater up…

I’ll cut the next scenes because of the show of violence.

…Just kidding. But to say it short, I took them on, one after another. Like I said…I’m quite good at sports. If they’d attacked me all together I would have been in trouble. Luckily most of them have the intelligence of a brick, so it worked out. The only thing I’m saying about this is that I only defend myself and don’t attack anyone who hasn’t tried to hurt me. Sounds fair to me.

“Holy SHIT!”

One of the jocks gasped and rubbed a cut on his upper lip. He had just received my final punch. Sucker punch. I grinned at the thought.

“You’ll pay for that you damn son of a bitch!!”

Almost right. I straightened so they finally realized that I was actually taller than them. Well, that’s the reason I normally just let them hit me until they get bored. If I did it otherwise, like today, they’ll want revenge. With a sigh I touched the few scratches I had earned from the fight and watched as they all left. Except for Jake. He was still staring at me like I was from Mars. My foot now again hurt like a bitch and I just wanted to get home. I sighed.

“What’s up Jake?”

“Y-You…didn’t hit me.”

“100 points for you, Sherlock.”

He bit on his lip. Does he even know how sexy he can look? I had a har time focusing on his reactions rather than on the thought of his mouth doing something

Finally my black haired beauty smiled slightly. This guy seems to actually fear me a bit now. Not quite my plan…I guess I really am a moron.

“Thanks. But would you tell me why you didn’t kick my ass? I’m one of them you know..”

What was this shit about? Don’t tell me he just remembered that he has balls. As if he’d heard me, Jake looked shocked for a moment.

“It’s not that you like me, is it?”

Okay, he remembered. And the fact that I’m gay.

Oh yes that’s true and I would love to kiss you right now and take you home with me so I can fuck you until morning. Instead of creeping him away with the truth, I laughed.

“It’s simple. You didn’t hit me, so I didn’t hit you.”

Jake looked surprised at first but then nodded slightly. He seemed to be lost in his thoughts for a moment. I used that occasion to take a step towards him. I felt the urge to get him to accept me and to submit. When he looked up again through his ridicul I hit him once.

Angrily he hissed and glared at me.

“And what was that for now?!”

I chuckled. Even though I liked this guy, I didn’t always like his behavior.

“That is for being an asshole in P.E. “

I winked at him and got an appreciative laugh in return. Strike. Way better than him being afraid of me. Who would have thought you have to hit the person you like?

“See ya.”

“Okay Nathan. Take care of your foot.”

I smiled and felt warmth flow through me. Those were the first friendly words in a long long time that I heard from him. And the very first time he said my name so gently. My dick ached as I got inside my car. I was rock hard.

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