Şubat 20, 2021

Her Night!

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At 46 years old, her body easily rivaled and even shamed bodies of women half her age. Her buttocks was taut and round, her breasts soft and perky, her stomach looked as if carved from stone. She was sexy and she knew it.

On that night, she knew exactly what she was doing when she brought the three of them together. It was her idea to watch porn while sitting between them, and she didn’t wait long to get the fun going.

After only a few minutes, she removed her shirt and bra and suggested that the two men get undressed. They did so without hesitation. She was eager to get manhood in each hand and she stroked them with exuberance. She leaned to her right and began kissing the man on that side as the man on the other side began suckling her nipple.

Both men were becoming visibly moved by what was happening. As the penises in her hands grew rigid with excitement, she moaned subtly as she turned to kiss the man on her left. Her desire was uncontrollable. She writhed on the couch as her vagina flooded itself in preparation of what she had planned.

She began kissing the man on her right again as her left hand encouraged the other man to kiss her, not on her mouth. He was more than happy to do her bidding. Her labia was perfect. Soft, sweet, accepting, longing. His lips found her clitoris but he knew better than to actually start there. These men are experienced sexually, as is she.

Once she felt his tongue exploring her genitalia, she lowered her head from the other man’s mouth to his penis. Softly moaning at the pleasure beginning to take hold of her, she slid his penis in her mouth. As it was not yet fully erect, she took the whole thing into her mouth. Now she was giving oral pleasure to one man while another man gave it to her. bahis firmaları She was glowing.

Oral sex being something he takes pride in, the man took his time. He kissed around her vagina tenderly, slowly, teasingly. His tongue, ever so slightly, penetrated her for only a brief moment, and she twitched.

She was not merely holding the other man’s penis in her mouth. No. She had actually sucking it and it had become fully erect from her skillful manipulation. The man told her that she was amazing as he slid into her throat. The moment was getting serious now.

The other man progressed in his efforts and began to use more of his mouth to affect more of her vagina. His tongue was then an artist’s instrument, working in a circular, yet ever-changing, motion. Approvingly, her vagina responded by soaking itself even more. As his tongue then lightly flicked her clitoris, she let out an extended groan of ecstasy while she enthusiastically showed the other man’s penis why men love this.

Even though nothing happening then was remotely undesirable, she knew it was time for something more. She released the penis from her mouth and maneuvered herself onto all-fours, offering her vagina to the penis she just had in her mouth. She encouraged the other man into a position where her mouth could reach his penis. She moved to begin handling his member but had to stop with a gasp as the other man penetrated her. She lets out a squeal of delight as her mouth engulfed the penis in front of her.

Her vagina is tight, his penis is thick. He was careful to be gentle as he began. He slowly thrust to the full depth his penis would reach and her soft, high-pitched yelp caused her to release the other man’s penis from her mouth and drop her face down. kaçak iddaa She quickly regained her composure though and her mouth reacquired the penis.

Watching his friend’s slow thrusting was exciting and his penis was fully erect as well.

She was going to explode! The man behind her was gradually increasing his tempo and this caused her vagina to convulse. Her mouth was synced with his tempo as she was vigorously sucking the other man’s penis. It was time for something different.

She released the man’s penis from her mouth and pulled away from the penis in her vagina. She turned on her back and in a deliberate manner took the penis she just had in her mouth and placed it in her vagina. At the same time, she wrapped the other man’s penis with her lips.

She stopped just long enough to cry out, “fuck me!”. She was in an ecstatic state and is ready for an epic release. Her moans muffled by the penis in her mouth, she felt it coming on. Her body tensed, her vagina pulsated and flooded even more. She couldn’t seem to suck fast enough on the penis in her mouth as the moment took over her body. Shaking, quivering, trying to scream, the orgasm exploded through her whole body She had to stop sucking as she was afraid she’d bite. Screaming loudly, she continued to stimulate the penis with her hand.

After about 2 minutes which felt like an hour, she regained control of herself. She was breathing heavily, sweating profusely. She’s just been to a level she had never known. But she was far from finished. There was another experience she must have while she was there.

She sat up and kissed the man who was inside her for that Earth-shattering moment. She then turned and mounted the other man, sliding down his penis with a vagina that was kaçak bahis literally dripping. She started to ride the him as if she were a rodeo queen. Pausing briefly, she rose off the penis and, using her whole hand, she took some of her luscious lady juice and rubbed it on her anus. As she returned to riding this penis, she turned to the other man and nodded. He knew what the nod meant and moved toward her. She was again moaning with ecstasy as she used this penis to take her breath away. As she felt the other man’s penis make contact with her anus, she slowed her motion, allowing the man to enter her anus. Slowly, he penetrated her lovely butt, and she began to move again. The sharp yet soft squeal that escaped her lips could have been heard as pain or utter ecstasy, even she was not sure.

They manage to all get into a rhythm. One penis in her vagina, one in her ass, they all three moved together as one.

When she felt it welling up inside her, both men sensed it as well. Moaning uncontrollably, she ground the two penises in a way she wasn’t even aware she could.

Suddenly, her body tensed and the scream she voiced could very well have awakened the dead. Once her body is able to move again, she continued her grinding, now screaming with every move. She wasn’t even aware that she had lost control of her bladder and was urinating on the man under her.

The man in her anus was first. As she screamed, he ejaculated in her anus. A strong ejaculation that she was able to feel, and this excited her further.

The other man was not far behind. His ejaculation filled her vagina with forceful bursts that she felt deep inside her.

It was over. She collapsed against the back of the couch, now aware that she had soaked the couch with urine. As she tried to catch her breath, she could feel the semen leaking from her. She couldn’t speak, she could barely open her eyes. She did manage, though, to gently kiss each man on the lips and whispered, “Thank you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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