Şubat 22, 2021

Her Magnificent Toes , Mouth

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I was sitting on the bench near the lake taking my lunch break. I enjoyed coming to the lake this time of the year. The day was beautiful. Early spring with a slight breeze blowing, just enough to keep me cool and yet still enjoy the warm feel of the sun upon my skin. The break from the office was nice and more importantly I enjoyed the scenery in the form of beautiful ladies. This time of the year especially so, in that they wore skirts and shorts. I am a foot and legman and took full advantage of viewing what was made available to me thanks to the warm weather Mother Nature has to offer. Needless to say spring and summer are my favorite seasons. However, what I was really looking forward to seeing was one young woman in particular. Like clockwork she spent this time of the day jogging along the track circling the lake. Her legs were magnificent! Long shapely and well toned.

During the cooler days she wore tight spandex covering her legs completely yet the shape of her calves and thighs were still noticeable. As she approached on this day I was glad to see she had decided to wear shorts. As she made her way toward my direction I could see the magnificent muscle tone in her long legs as her thigh muscles jostled with the impact of her feet striking the ground. She was in marvelous shape. As she moved closer I noticed a slight sheen of sweat glistening off her alabaster skin. Her black hair against her white shoulders added a shocking contrast. I could not help but stare at this vision of beauty.

As she came within several feet of me she noticed my stare of obvious longing and smiled at me giving me a wink. I almost fell of the bench when she did this and watched as she passed by in front of me. I looked down at the back of her legs admiring the powerful muscle tone in her calves. I looked back up and saw her watching me over her shoulder smiling back at me. She giggled lightly as she continued on with her run not breaking stride. The alarm on my watch went off letting me know my break was over. I threw the remainder of my lunch in the trashcan beside the bench and got up to head back to the office hoping the obvious hard-on in my pants would go down before I got to the building.

I could not help but think about her. What was going through her mind? Does she think I am some kind of pervert? For almost a year now I have been taking my lunch break on that same bench watching her run by me. She has smiled at me before but this time it seemed oddly different, and never before has she looked back towards me. Obviously she had caught me staring at her legs. The look on my face must have been comical as it caused her to laugh.

The next day I found myself back on the bench, waiting for her to come by again. I watched as she rounded the edge of the lake, approaching from the right. She was wearing black spandex shorts and halter-top to match. As she got closer, to my surprise she began to slow her pace down. I felt my heart race as I began to panic in the idea that she was going to confront me. Perhaps upset at the fact that my ogling her was making her nervous and that she would ask me to please stop. Suddenly she stopped directly in front of me. My blood began to race as I pulled a bologna sandwich from my bag and stuffed almost half of it into my mouth. I turned my gaze from her and looked out onto the lake, the sunlight reflecting off the water blinding me causing me to squint my eyes into tight slits. She took a seat next to me on the bench, hunched over, her elbows on her knees and breathing hard. From my peripheral vision I could tell her head was turned in my direction. I must have looked ridiculous to her as I squinted out into the lake with half a bologna sandwich stuffed into my mouth. I could feel the mustard running out the edge of my mouth as I began to chew my food. Finally she said, “I notice you come here often.”

I gulped and attempted to chew my food quickly but without success as I felt the bread dough stick to the roof of my mouth. Not to lose this moment I tried to speak but wound up mumbling incoherently.

She noticed my dilemma and laughed, “I’m sorry what was that you said.”

I swallowed hard getting most of my food down, the doughy ball hung up slightly in my throat and then passed,” Yes I enjoy the view, it really is quite beautiful here this time of the year.”

I turned to look at her as she said, “I know what you mean.” She held out her hand, “My name is Linds.” I shook her hand feeling the heat and sweat. “Glad to meet you. I am Ron.”

I could not help but stare at her. She was even more beautiful up close. Her eyes were doe-like and I found myself becoming lost in them. Breaking the uncomfortable moment of silence She smiled shyly and pointed to the outer edge of her lips, “you got some….uhm…”

Realizing what she meant by this and slightly embarrassed I laughed and wiped the mustard away from my lip. “I find that making a slob of myself while eating a bologna sandwich is a great way to impress a beautiful woman you have casino şirketleri just met for the first time.” I then proceeded to brush the breadcrumbs from my lap.

She laughed covering her mouth with her hand, “Thank you.”

I stopped what I was doing, “Thanks, for what?”

She stopped laughing and with a serious deep look into my eyes, “For saying that.”

I had not even realized I had said it but then understood what she was referring to, “Oh…uh well my God! It’s true. I have watched you run by me so often…you are amazingly attractive.”

Again there was that awkward moment of silence as she stared at me tilted her head just slightly not quite knowing what to say, ” Well uhh, I don’t mean to interrupt your lunch I just wanted to stop and say hi. After all it just did not seem right not to. I see you almost every day.”

“Please, its not an interruption, I enjoy the company.” I handed her my other sandwich, “Hungry?”

She laughed again. Her laughter was music to my ears. “No thanks Ron I have to get back to my run.” With that she stood up from the bench and began to stretch out in front of me. I watched as she grabbed her foot behind her stretching out her thigh. She then placed her heel on top of the bench next to me and bent forward stretching out he calves. I watched as she went through various stretches all of them dealing with her legs. Throughout her stretches she glanced over to me and smiled, not speaking a word. I felt my cock growing hard. Her legs were incredibly long. The muscle tone in her legs was magnificently hard. After several minutes of watching her stretch out, the erection in my pants was very evident. She looked down into my lap and noticed it as well. Suddenly the alarm on my watch went off. “Damn!”

She stopped her stretching, “Well, I guess I better finish my run now.”

I stood up in front of her, surprised to see that she was almost as tall as I was which was six foot, “Uh, yea…unfortunately I have to get back.”

She ran her slender fingers through her hair, “Would you like to have dinner tonight?”

I could not help it almost choking, “Sure, uh definitely, lets do that…um say around six?”

She asked, “You have a pen?”

I fumbled through my suit coat and handed her my pen along with my business card. She wrote down her number, handed me back my pen and card and as she took off running said, “Call me.”

With an extra spring in my step and diminishing hard on between my legs I made my way back to the office.

Later that evening I found myself in waiting. After speaking with Linds on the phone we agreed to eat Italian. I chose a table for two in the corner of the restaurant. Sitting there and waiting for Linds to arrive I began to think about how long it had been since I last dated. The feeling of expectation tickled my stomach, something I had not felt for quite some time. After several more minutes I saw her enter the restaurant. The waiter was standing next to her and I could see him point in my direction. As Linds made her way across the restaurant I was stunned at the site of her. I noticed several male heads turn as she passed by their tables. As she approached closer I got a better look at her and understood why almost all activity in the restaurant was put on hold. Linds was dressed in a tight fitting black dress that crossed diagonally from her left shoulder to underneath her right arm showing just the right amount of cleavage. The dress was covered throughout with silver sequins that reflected the soft light of the restaurant. It tightly hugged every curve of her shapely body fitting snuggly around her torso and tightly around her hips. The hem of the dress stopped two to three inches above her knees. Lind’s black hair was pulled tightly from her face and neatly put up. I scanned down the length of her body and was excited to see that her legs were bare and she wore black three-inch high heels. My God her legs were amazing! As she strode closer to me her long legs leading out front I felt that giddy queasy feeling stir in my lower abdomen. I rose from my chair as she finally made it to our table. I smiled as she reached out to hug me and whispered into my ear, “Ron, I am so nervous.” I could see over her shoulder that most of the men in the room were still gawking at her in awe.

“Don’t be Linds, you just stole the show with that entrance. Your in control right now.”

She pulled away and sat down across from me covering her mouth with her hand, ” Everyone is staring at me. Do I look alright.”?

I could not help but think of the words in Eric Clapton’s song “Wonderful tonight”. I leaned forward across the table and touched her hand, “You look wonderful tonight.” I wanted to tell her that every guy in here right now has a raging hard-on for her including myself, but decided against telling her that. She smiled, “Thank you Ron, and so do you.”

The waiter took our order and brought us some wine and breadsticks. We talked and got to know each other more. I casino firmaları was shocked to discover that she was attending college and just started her sophomore year majoring in music and that she sang Opera. She had just turned 20 and transferred to this area almost a year ago in pursuit of furthering her education and career. Upon hearing all this I was surprised that she even remotely showed interest in me. I told her that I had assumed her to be older and already settled into a career. She laughed asking how old I thought she was. I told her honestly late 20’s early 30’s.

She leaned back in her chair with a look of mock anger on her face, “Oh really, so you think I look that old?”

I immediately clarified my statement tripping over my tongue, “No, no, not like that I mean you act older, more self assured and confidant.”

Lind’s seeing my obvious discomfort laughed, “That’s okay I get that all the time, I know what you mean.”

I grabbed my wine and quickly downed the rest of it and proceeded to fill my glass again. Holding the bottle out to her, “More wine?” She smiled and nodded, “Please.” As I filled her glass she touched my shaking hand, staring at me, “Ron, relax. I wouldn’t be here right now if I didn’t want to be.”

After filling her glass I set the bottle down, “Damn, I am making an Ass out of myself.” She looked at me and smiled, “Not at all you just need to settle down is all.”

I took a deep breath and said, “Can we start over.” Linds smiled, “The night has just begun.”

I told her that I was 38 years old and that I was truly surprised she even remotely showed an interest in me. She looked shock and never would have guessed my age to be 38 rather she would have guessed late 20’s. It was my turn to laugh saying, “Your much too kind.” She raised her hand swearing, “Honestly, you look much younger.”

I told her I was losing my hair and I am nowhere near the shape she was in. I have the beginnings of a beer gut and forced to trim the hair on my ears twice a month.

Linds laughed, “I love it, that is so cute.”

Surprised at her response, “Why are you not seeing someone more your age?”

She stopped laughing and gave me a serious look, “Because I am here with you now.”

The waiter brought us our food. We ate and the conversation was good as we talked about where we were from and what interested us in life. As I got to know her better I understood the level of her maturity and intelligence. Linds was a self-motivator and hungry for life. She was self sufficient at an early age and not afraid to take risks and worked as a massage therapist earning money for school.

We finished our meal and ordered dessert. Halfway through our second bottle of wine I was feeling considerably more relaxed as was Linds. The waiter returned with our dessert and Linds commented on how her eyes were bigger than her stomach.

Linds groaned and reached down under the table, “I have to take these shoes off, my feet are killing me.”

I watched as she pulled her heels up and placed them in the chair next to her. I squirmed in my seat a bit nervously feeling the excitement stir in my stomach and groin. Linds noticed the reaction in me and looked at her shoes and then back at me smiling a bit wickedly. She then leaned forward pushing her dessert to the side and placed her elbows on the table resting her chin in her hands. I noticed how little makeup she used in preparing for this night. Her skin was flawlessly smooth showing a creamy complexion.

Staring intently at me she asked, “So far what do you like the best about me?”

I pressed my lips together and looked away in concentration, “Hmmmm, I like your strength and self reliance toward life.”

Obviously that was NOT what she wanted to hear as she wrinkled her brow and said, “No, no, no. I mean what do you like best about me physically?”

I squirmed again and stuttered, “Uhmmm…. isn’t this a bit personal?” I had never revealed my fetish to anyone before and began to feel extremely uncomfortable.

She continued to stare at me throughout a moment of silence.

Linds sighed as she leaned back and I felt her feet slide up my legs as she rested them in my lap, “My feet really ache would you mind rubbing them for me?”

Feeling her feet press against my cock I felt my stomach begin to turn with excitement as my member began to grow instantaneously.

I looked at her as she smiled, “Pleeeaase.”

I agreed without hesitation and began to rub her feet. She turned her ankles and wiggled her toes. I looked down into my lap and was amazed at the size of them. She must have read my mind saying, “They are size 10 ½ if you are curious.”

I gasped, “They are beautiful.”

As I watched her feet I noticed her toes where long and soft to the touch and her nails where painted a glossy bright red. Lind’s arches were high and felt extremely strong. I continued to rub her feet as she slowly turned them against my swollen member, her güvenilir casino heels pressing against the shaft and head.

I groaned and ran my fingers between her toes flexing her toes back.

“Mmmmmmm, that feels so good.”

I pressed her feet into my lap, “Your feet feel amazingly strong.”

She commented on how she had participated in dance, Pointe specifically, which required a lot of time on her toes.

She then asked again, “So, what do you like the most about me physically?”

I looked down at her feet, “Well, right now it’s your magnificent feet, but initially I was extremely attracted to your incredible legs.”

She nodded her head and smiled, “I knew it. You could not take your eyes off my legs while I ran around the lake.”

She then leaned back and probed her big toes against the head of my cock and smiled; “Unzip your pants so I can feel it against my toes.”

Feeling a bit uncomfortable at her request I looked around the restaurant.

Linds giggled, “C’mon no one will notice. It is dimly lit and we are tucked in the corner. Besides the table cloth extends well past the edge of the table.”

I looked down and saw Linds had flexed her ankles back and spread open her feet so that I could access my zipper. I zipped down my fly and pulled out my hard cock. I watched as Lind’s 10 1/2 size feet wrapped around the shaft and slowly began to stroke its’ length.

The sensation was incredible as I released a long sigh and rolled my eyes back.

Linds leaned forward resting her elbows on the table with her chin propped in her hands smiling widely, “Mmmmmm, now doesn’t that feel nice.” I groaned softly and ran my hands along her strong ankles and up her smooth calves feeling the muscles tighten and relax as her feet worked on my shaft.

Linds continued to watch my face obviously enjoying the expressions I was making, “I can see you are really enjoying this. How does it feel?”

I moaned, “Wonderful.”

She reached for her glass of wine and took a sip, “That’s good. Put it between my toes now, I want to feel it there.”

I reached down and placed the shaft of my cock between the big toe and second toe of her right foot just below the sensitive portion of the head and then did the same with her left toes to the lower part of the shaft. Her toes were long and her big toes were large and beautiful. My seven inches were almost completely swallowed by her toes and feet. The softness of them felt incredible, and the strength of them as I felt them pull on my shaft was amazing. The urge to thrust my hips forward in unison to her pulling toes was incredible. I held back not trying to look obvious in the restaurant.

Lind’s coooed, “Oh that feels so nice, your so hard now.” She gripped her toes tightly and ever so slowly pulled them from the base of my shaft up to the head then back down again. I watched her toes do this over and over again.

I felt my body begin to shake uncontrollably after several pulls from her toes.

She saw this reaction in me, “Take my big toe and rub it against the the tip.”

I reached down and began to slowly rub the side of her big toe underneath the swollen head of my cock while her other toes continued to stroke the shaft in full measure. After several more strokes I began to see a small clear pearl of precum ooze from the opening at the end of my throbbing member. It remained there for a while as I continued to rub the side of her soft big toe against the highly sensitive area just under the head. I kept rubbing it there picking up the pace waiting for the drop of precum to milk out and land on the shiny red nail of her big toe. Finally it released and fell on her nail. I reached my thumb over and rubbed it into the nail and top of her toe.

Linds said, “Mmmmm, I could feel the warmness of your juices on my toe, that is nice.” Several more drops of my precum fell upon her toe and ran across the top of her high arch leaving shiny rivulets behind. Seeing this against the white skin of her foot excited me further and I could feel myself on the verge of explosion.

I did not want to cum right here in the restaurant and told her so.

Linds agreed, “Your right it could be quite messy. Lets go to my place, it is only a few blocks away.” I rubbed my precum into the top of her foot. She then released her toe lock on my cock and put her heels back on. I zipped up releasing a long-winded sigh of frustration. Linds smiled playfully, “Ohhhh poor baby. Don’t worry we will finish what we started once we get back to my place.”

We talked some more while finishing our bottle of wine. This gave me a chance to settle down before we left the restaurant.

Upon entering Lind’s apartment she grabbed my hand and led me over to her huge couch.

We wasted no time. Standing next to her couch, Linds pulled the shirttails out from my pants and began unbuttoning my shirt. While she did this I took off my jacket and threw it on the floor. Linds then knelt down in front of me and unbuckled my pants and boxer shorts pulling them down to the floor. I slipped off my shoes and stepped out of them. I then took off my shirt and threw it aside as well. I had never been stripped of my clothing so quickly.

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