Şubat 19, 2021

Hated Housemate’s Used Panties

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I had moved to a neighboring country to attend university, but because I was unable to get into one of the very busy hostels, I was forced to rent a place elsewhere. I was thinking of renting a room on my own, but disliked the idea of staying with a whole house full of strangers, and I couldn’t afford to rent an entire house on my own, so frankly, I was at my wit’s end. Enter Kalvin, a secondary school friend of mine who was going to the same university. We hooked up and decided to rent a place together. His one condition was that this girl he was chasing, let’s call her Jane, would be living with us.

Jane would take the master bedroom while Kalvin and I would each take one of the other rooms. Well, as I was short on cash, I had no choice but to accept. Kalvin arranged, over dinner, for Jane and I to meet before we began living together and let me tell you, I disliked her from the first time we met. She was just this horribly stuck-up arrogant bitch! Apparently her studying dentistry led her to feel that she was much smarter than the rest of us. Before I proceed with the details, allow me to describe her. As much as I hated her, she never failed to provide me with a hard on, not only the first time we met but also the whole time we were living together.

Jane had shoulder length black hair with a sharp, pointed face and a perpetually snotty look. She had tiny breasts though; I would later find out that her bra size was 30A. Jane was slim and had a nice ass, which she acquired mainly from spending hours playing squash. We did end up being roommates, but I still hated her.

We each lived in separate rooms, she got the master bedroom casino şirketleri with an attached bathroom, while Kalvin and myself got the other two rooms and shared a common bathroom. We all had individual keys to our rooms and the doors were to be locked whenever we were out so that we couldn’t accuse each other of stealing anything. Unbeknownst to the other two, I was the one who had gotten the keys from the landlord, and I had already taken it upon myself to duplicate and keep Jane’s bedroom door key. I only had to wait for a chance when both of them were out to strike.

Jane always wore knee-length dresses made out of really thin material, and her panty lines were extremely visible. I even detected the hint of a thong sometimes. Up until now, I had never gotten a glimpse of her underwear, be it her panties or bras, as she hung them privately in her own bathroom instead of the common laundry area.

I didn’t get a chance to go into her room for at least a month, as Jane and Kalvin were always at home. But finally, after almost a month of waiting, I got my first chance. Kalvin had gone back to our home country on a long weekend, and Jane was out at a ball with her boyfriend.

Locking the front door, I finally took out her bedroom key from its hiding place and fitted it into the lock. I knew that I had to have this bitch’s panties. I turned on her light and, without even having to search for it, found her hamper in a corner of the room. It was full of dirty clothing, as it was a Friday, and Jane only did her laundry once a week on Sundays.

I approached the hamper slowly and carefully started taking out articles casino firmaları of clothing, taking care to remember the arrangement. The first pair I found was a light blue silk thong, very lightly stained. I lifted it to my nose and was disappointed at the lack of much of a scent. She must have only worn it for a little while. I continued digging through her laundry, and found the next pair tucked inside a pair of jeans, a baby-blue pair of cotton briefs that was heavily stained with her cunt juices. I would later come to know that this bitch was a heavy leaker; all her panties would normally be heavily soaked with her juices.

I carefully extracted the blue briefs and placed them aside for my jerking enjoyment. I continued searching and next came to a pair of black cotton briefs, also heavily stained. I could smell her scent even before I brought them up to my nose. The imprint of her pussy lips could be seen in the crotch. This I also placed aside for jerking. I continued digging with my heart pounding, and finally I found the last pair in there, some pink cotton bikinis. Rolled up and seemingly stuffed into the bottom on purpose, this pair was stained with cunt juices and male cum in the crotch. This was the prize of my hunt. The pussy juice and cum were both still wet which told me the horny bitch had just fucked her boyfriend before they left for the dinner!

I took all the panties and lay on her queen-sized bed. I started off by alternately sniffing both the blue and black briefs while jerking my hard cock. I practically sniffed every single scent out of those panties. Then I transferred both of those panties to güvenilir casino my cock and starting rubbing it with them. Those smooth cottons slid nicely up and down my cock, giving it a nice feeling. I then turned my attention to my star find, the cum-soaked panties.

Gingerly bringing them up to my nose, they smelled wonderful. The bitch must have been really wet when her boyfriend had fucked her and, after he shot in her pussy, she had obviously worn this pair of panties for a while before bathing and going for dinner. I couldn’t resist anymore. My pre cum was leaking into the two pairs of briefs and I had only just started sniffing the pair of bikinis. I didn’t hesitate in I plunging my tongue into the mixture of cum and pussy juice and lapped it up while sniffing it.

It was AWESOME!! That bitch really tasted great, but I had to lick carefully to ensure that I didn’t get too much saliva on the panties. I could feel the pressure building up in my balls as I licked and sniffed her bitchy pussy discharge. Just as I was about to cum, I placed her panties right over my cock with the crotch over my piss slit. I finally came, shooting like a rocket right into the same panty crotch where I licked her juices and her boyfriend’s cum from. I hoped she would think my cum was her boyfriend’s. After all, sperm is sperm; she wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. I quickly cleaned everything up and placed the laundry back in the hamper the way I had found them. I had spent close to one and a half hours in her room. It was HOT!

I would get to sniff her panties for close to a year before our lease expired and we had to move out. She decided to move in with her boyfriend, so we all went our separate ways. I haven’t seen her since then, but sometimes, after so many years, I still think about that bitch’s pussy and I figure, “Maybe it’s time to make a visit to the dentist soon…”

-The end-

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