Mart 31, 2021


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Mmmm let’s see.

I walk into your kitchen. You’re leaning over the table reading something. My eyes travel from the nice red 4 inch heels you are wearing, up your calf to your thighs, to the short little dress that only just covers that cute little butt of yours. I move in behind you and place my hands on your hips.

You lean back against me as I nuzzle your neck, slowly kissing that little spot just beneath your ear.

My hands, never idle, have moved across your stomach and have come to rest cupping your full breasts.

I run a thumb over each nipple until they stand erect you sigh and melt against me.

My left hand tweaks your nipples. I kiss your neck while my right hand moves down your side and onto your hip, slowly travelling down your thigh and under your oh so short skirt.

Your bare thigh feels so soft as I gently rub your ass, god it feels so good. I move my hand from your ass, across your hip and reach around tracing circles on your skin.

You grind your ass against my hardness making me groan.

I can see the little smile on your face.

You think you have me now.

I place my hand on your white cotton panties, oh they’re so wet you naughty girl…

I gently run a finger under the leg of your panties. Oh, clean shaven and smooth just how I like it.

You move your hips trying to guide my fingers to kartal escort your wetness.

I whisper, “Not yet naughty girl, I am exploring.”

You groan in response…

I move my hand to the buttons on your shirt, undoing them one handed, working my way from top to bottom. My hand slides over your stomach and I cup your breast.

I tweak a nipple and you groan, I twist it and you grip the edge of the table harder. By this time I have found your clit, you are grinding against my fingers, you gasp as you near orgasm.

I remove my hands and you squeal in frustration.

I bend you over the table, your breasts pressed against the table, your nipples rubbing against the material rubbing your nipples.

I instruct you to grip the other side if the table and not let go or I will punish you.

I stand back and admire the soft curve of your ass.

I flip your little skirt up to expose your white cotton panties. I kneel behind you and hook my fingers under your knickers.

You won’t be needing these, I slide them down your legs.

I spread your legs exposing your pussy, oh my your juices are running down your inner thighs.

I run my hands up the inside of your legs, I feel you shudder as I get closer.

I place a hand on each soft cheek of your ass. I spread you open and slowly lean in.

I maltepe escort bayan can smell your arousal and the heat radiating from your pussy. I poke out my tongue and run it along your labia you groan and thrust your pussy against me.

I move in closer and run the flat of my tongue over your clit, you squeal in delight. With both hands holding you open I attack your sweet smooth pussy trying to get as much as I can in my mouth.

I start at your clit and run my tongue across your pussy then smile as I run my tongue over your little rose bud. I work on your little butt driving you wild.

I insert a finger into your tight little pussy and finger fuck you. As I attack your ass you are moaning and thrashing around.

I stop and stand up. You beg, “Please don’t stop, I’m so close.”

I look at you all hot and bothered you hear me undo my zipper and drop my jeans.

“Yes,” you say, “fuck, please!”

I step forward, my hard cock in my hand. You go to twist around to look at my cock but I use a hand to restrain you.

“No looking baby just feel it.”

I step up to you and you feel the head of my cock scrape across your wet slick pussy.

I place it at your entrance and push just the head inside.

You gasp at my thickness.

“Yes,” you say, “do it… Fuck me.”

I grab your hips and whisper, escort pendik “Are you ready baby?”

Before you have a chance to say anything I bury my length in your tight little pussy. I stand there buried to the hilt my balls slapping your clit.

I slowly pull out and start to fuck you with long slow deliberate strokes.

You start groaning and thrashing around as I fuck you.

You let go of the table and start to arch your back.

“Naughty girl, I said don’t let go.”

I grab your hands roughly and pull them down by your sides and use them as leverage as I start to fuck you harder. You feel so good sweat glistening on your skin as I fuck you. You tell me you’re going to cum, I tell you, “I’m close so hurry.”

My hands holding your arm stop you as you try to grind back against me.

“Oh god you bastard, fuck me,” you say. I double my efforts and you fall over the brink as you start to come on my cock, telling me how much you love it.

I’m so close but I have plans for you. Just before I come I pull out, drag you off the table and push you to your knees at my feet.

I hold your hair and tilt your head up as I stroke myself. I feel my heart pounding as my cum shoots out directed at your tits and neck. You have a look of pure lust on your face as you lean forward and open your mouth you poke out your tongue. I place the head of my cock on your tongue and shoot the last of my cum in your mouth.

You lean forward and engulf my cock in your sweet hot mouth.

As I collapse back against the table I see you have three fingers buried in your pussy.

You’re such a bad girl.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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