Nisan 23, 2021

Hands of Clay Ch. 15

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Hi friends!

So I decided that one day (If I ever make money with my writing,) I’m going to buy a desk and a chair. This writing on my bed is for the birds! LOL

Anyway, I was working all week on my newest Ice Era Chronicle so I couldn’t spend as much time on this book as I wanted. But… in the back of my mind, I knew Brice and Clay hadn’t come yet, so I felt compelled to get them to a finish.

For those of you who are waiting for my next Alien Love story, I also spent some time on that outline! So I’m typing my fingers to the bone and loving it.

Anyway, thank you so much for reading and commenting and clicking a heart on the bottom of my story… To all of you with me, you people are so awesome! It lifts my spirits when I log in and see your support.

Be Well, my friends,


~M. From C.M. Moore


*Chapter 14*


What the hell was Ponce doing at his door? It wasn’t late, it was only a couple of hours after dinner chow, but still, Brice didn’t expect the trainer. He didn’t expect anyone.

Knotting his towel, Brice strode to the entrance of his apartment. He realized what a fucked-up plan it was to have sex with a recruit, but stubbornly, he ignored the voice saying he should be the model head trainer. He’d done all the right things for years, and all he had to show for his dedication was one foot, an empty bed, and a lonely life. He was keeping Claymore Wicks… at least until the recruit graduated.

As he passed the weapons, he remembered that the ammunition specialist from the armorment unit was supposed to pick up the crate before dinner chow. He never showed. Wiping the lube off his hand, Brice scowled. He needed to hang a do not disturbed sign on his door. If he was going to disregard the rules and jeopardize his job, at least he could do it in peace.

“What?” Brice swung the door wide enough to dip his head into the hall. “Talk fast.”

The words were so abrupt and forceful that Ponce took a hasty step back.

“Nancy said she told you that I was sleeping with a recruit.” Ponce took a deep breath. “And first I want to say…” Ponce cleared his throat.

“Stop right there.” Brice shook his head. “I’m pretending that I have no idea who you and Nancy and the Deans are doing.” Brice jerked his head toward the elevators. “About face and march, Ponce.”

“Really?” Ponce’s expression scrunched into confusion. “You don’t want to talk to me? No lecture? No telling me that I’m throwing away my career?”

“No. Take your career and leave.” Brice jerked his head again and then spotted Ammunition Specialist Copeland getting off the elevator. For Pete-sakes. Can’t a guy catch a break?

“Brice,” Copeland called as he jogged toward Brice and Ponce. “I’m here.”

“Of course, you are. I mean, why wouldn’t you be here right now?” Brice stepped out into the hall and closed his door. “Now isn’t a good time.”

“That’s ah quite the outfit to be sorting weapons and—” Ponce’s eyes scanned him wearing nothing but a towel.

“Shut your face hole.” Brice glared at the trainer.

“I know I’m late, but I can explain.” Copeland was a short chubby young man. He was huffing and puffing by the time he reached Brice’s side. “I thought Essie had the key to the new weapon’s cage where I have to put those rifles you’re keeping.” Copeland nodded at Ponce for a greeting. He didn’t seem to note Brice’s attire. “And then he didn’t have the key. Someone in the motor pool supposedly had it. So, I didn’t come and see you. Instead, I found Nancy. She said New-Dean signed it out, but he was in a meeting.” The specialist waved his H.S.P.C. jacket exposing his pit-stains on his gray shirt.

“You lost the key?” Ponce asked.

“I didn’t have it to start with. It’s a fucking shit show.”

Brice bit his tongue from cursing. This situation was what living in headquarters was like all the time. The last of his hardon deflated. He supposed that if he ever needed a boner killer it would be someone in HQ telling him why they couldn’t find a person, a key, or whatever excuse on why they couldn’t get the job done.

“Are you with someone?” A slow grin spread across Ponce’s lips. “Are you on a date? Hanna from Custodial Services?”

“That’s none of your business.” Brice crossed his arms over his chest.

“And then I found New-Dean after the meeting. Now he said he didn’t have the key because—”

“Copeland,” Brice bit out. “We will remove the weapons tomorrow. I’ll schedule it, and I’ll get the key myself. Go-the-fuck-away.”

“But…” Copeland began.

“You are on a date.” Ponce grinned.

“Whoever is still standing at my door in the next ten seconds will be sweeping out storage containers for two weeks.” Brice prayed Clay wasn’t going to leave because of this interruption. What if he was getting dressed right now? On the one hand, the man should get out of Brice’s place, but on the other hand, Brice was desperate for Wicks. At this point, he might even beg for sex.

“I know nothing.” Ponce started trotting toward bahis firmaları the elevators.

“Tomorrow then.” Copeland held up his hands. “But if I get my ass chewed for this, then I’m blaming you.”

“Carry on.” Brice made a sweeping hand gestured. He didn’t give a flying fuck if someone chewed out him or Copeland. Sex with Clay would be worth the disciplinary action.

As soon as both men were on the elevator, Brice opened his door and ducked back into his apartment.

Clay sat naked at the end of his bed. His clothes were next to him. Not dressed. That was a good sign. The bed was partly made, and the pillows were back in place. That was a bad sign.

“Do you want me to leave?” Clay picked up his uniform.

“Do you want to leave?” Brice glanced at Clay’s semi-hard cock.

“Fuck that noise.”

“Then get back in my bed so we can continue the mission. You moved from the spot I left you. D minus, Recruit Wicks.”

“Charlie-mike, Instructor Brice.” Clay laughed as he tossed his clothes to the floor. He scrambled back to the center of Brice’s bed. “And I’ll get my A grade back.”

“Let’s see you do it.”

Even though Brice knew this was wrong, the interruption didn’t dissuade him. Seeing Clay in his bed, naked and waiting, had his heart beating out of control.

“I thought that maybe you’d have one of those I’m-the-head-instructor-bullshit-moments and say you shouldn’t be with a recruit.”

When Brice climbed onto the mattress, Clay grabbed around his shoulders and hugged Brice like back in the hut. Both their erections were returning at a lightning-fast rate.

“I should say that.” Brice trailed his fingers over Clay’s ribs. “In fact, what happened now is a prime example of what it’s like at HQ. Living here is boring and ordinary, and Headquarters never sleeps or stops. It’s a machine, and I’m part of it. I should let you go now. Soon, when you’re an agent, you’ll be free of this.”

“I never want to be free of this.” Clay unknotted Brice’s towel. “I think you’re trying to scare me away, and you suck at it. Total fail.” Wicks tossed the terrycloth to the floor and eyed Brice’s hardon. “I don’t care if you have a hundred men stopping by to get your advice or ask you about the key to the new weapon’s cage.”

Brice grinned. Clay would make a good spy.

“I think you’d care if a hundred men stopped by and you never got to come.” Brice licked at the spot under Clay’s ear that made him shiver.

“True,” Clay hissed. “Can we forget everything outside this room for a few hours and just…?”


“I was going to say fuck, but sure, come too.”

Brice laughed, and then their mouths crashed together. He couldn’t breathe as every kiss was like wine, and Brice was getting drunker and drunker. It was so easy to do with Wicks. With zero effort, Brice forgot about everything outside of this room. Everything outside this bed. A lightness to his heart took over. When he pulled back, they shared a look that was a silent question. Would he fuck Wicks now? Clay’s eyebrows rose. Finally, now? Brice was only too happy to answer that.

Kissing again, with every inhale, sparks of lust returned and multiplied. The yearning built until a scorching and roaring need was out of control. This desire for this man Brice could no longer deny.

“Let’s get back to our mission.” Quickly, Brice shoved blankets and pillows aside before he gathered Clay’s large frame to him. Soon his fingers raked Clay’s scarred skin and lean sinew. His touches tracked over the other man’s toned chest and abs. The pads of his thumbs brushed rough marks from the war with The Originals. The sweet taste of every bite had Brice filled with bliss. Clay’s mouth was just as hot and just as alluring as it was seconds before. Clay’s tongue flicked against his nipples and forced a moan from Brice’s throat. The moment was already too much, and Brice hadn’t even had sex yet.

Rolling Brice onto his back, Wicks flattened him to the mattress. As Clay sat astride Brice, Clay’s thick muscled thighs flanked his legs. Hoping to leave a mark, Brice dug his fingers into the other man’s ass. He wanted to brand Clay as his.

Sipping from Clay’s lips, Brice stared up at Wicks. The man was sexy and smart and too good to be true. Clay leaned until their chest and abs were fused. Their bodies lit up everywhere that skin met. Brice’s heart thundered as he tasted Clay’s searching lips. His erection returned with a vengeance. The craving to be inside of Wicks was out of control like a wildfire.

Hurrying and not having a plan to execute wasn’t Brice’s usual way of handling situations. He was always careful and considered all aspects of the mission. Also, Brice made it a point to be clear in what he wanted to see done. But this? With his shepherd, Brice was running low on self-discipline. It was almost as if the interruption had short-circuited his brain. The heat in his chest kept rising. The current was a river rapid surging toward a waterfall.

The rush matched his pulse. The ache in his chest and groin was kaçak iddaa a hungry rhythm that made him crush Clay’s body to him. He mated their hips until every slight shift had Clay’s cock brushing against his swollen and ready shaft. The sensation was a stroking calling that begged for more.

“Do you still want to ride me?” Brice’s words were a beg. “I need to be inside of you.” Biting the sweat-salted skin of Clay’s throat, Brice fumbled with the lube. Shaking, he managed to splash the liquid over his fingers and then press one of them to Clay’s entrance.

“I need—” A gasp finished Clay’s sentence. The sexy moan shot straight to Brice’s cock, making the blood throb worse than before.

“You need me?” As Brice eased his fingers into Clay’s ass, he remembered that this man was a virgin. For Pete-sakes, he needed to slow down.

“Yes, sure, I don’t have any idea what I was going to say.”

One at a time, Brice added first one finger and then two until the three widened Clay for him. Soon Brice couldn’t stand the ass-play. Some feral thirsty animal part of him declared that Clay was open enough. It was time he fuck him.

Wicks tossed his head back as Brice worked his fingers in and out deeper. The look on his shepherd’s face was pain, but also beautiful lust and want and love. The blaze inside Brice’s chest flamed white-hot as he worked Clay’s entrance. Wicks wiggled on top of him, and his eyes were transfixed on Brice. When his shepherd started to rock back onto his hand, Brice couldn’t withstand the suggestive pull of the man’s body. The man’s nails bit into his pecs. Soon Wicks found Brice’s cock and stroked.

Growling, Brice wrapped a hand around the back of Clay’s neck and pulled him down for a kiss.

“You’re open for me,” Brice whispered. “Please, Clay. Whatever way, but it had to be now. I can’t stand this. I need you.” The words, the truth, the fever, it all threatened to make him go insane. Kissing the other man again, Brice grasped Clay’s straining hardon and fondled.

“I need you to, Brice,” Clay muttered as their eyes met. All the love Brice had craved for years appeared in Clay’s aqua eyes and the way he said Brice’s name. The look had him melting as once more Clay kissed him.

Lifting himself, Clay adjusted over Brice’s waiting shaft. Keeping his eyes on Brice’s face, Clay slowly began to sink on Brice’s erection.

The world narrowed to this man, and this moment. Hot flesh enveloped his crown. The skin drew on him in tightness and softness. Clay stopped.

“Concentrate on my hand while I’m inside of you. Remember to think about pushing me out.” Brice continued to stroke Clay’s length. “Go at your pace.”

Clay gasped but then relaxed. He sank slightly. When Wicks arched his back, Brice’s other hand dug into a pillow. That move was like watching pornography. With a soft, hitching breath, Clay worked his tight hole down Brice’s erection, gradually rocking back and forth.

When he was seated, Clay licked his lips.

Brice’s body was saturated by pure heaven. Tension built in his core, locking his every muscle. Clay leaned forward and dropped his head to Brice’s shoulder. The begging sound he made had Brice feeling hot, filthy, and starving for this man.

“I dreamed of this.” Brice wrapped his free arm around Clay and let the man tremble in his hold. Wicks lifted and then sank on his cock again. His legs quivered against Brice’s hips.

“Please, Brice,” Clay whispered. “You have to take over. Show me or teach me.”

“I’ll teach you.” Brice gripped Clay’s waist, and he couldn’t help the groan that came from his chest. “I’ll make this phenomenal for you.”

Brice held Clay as he added more lube to where their bodies met. When Wicks was dripping, Brice lifted his hips and glided in and then out. The delicious feeling of being inside of Clay was so incredible that stars burst behind his eyelids. Fire sealed them together.

Clay cried out a sharp sound. Wicks scored his shoulders with his nails. With every moment, the hold of Clay’s hole on his cock had Brice laboring to keep still. Brice wanted to take Clay, fuck him, pin him down, and claim him. But Brice held back. He repeated the word virgin in his head.

“I’m going to move again.” Fighting to reign in his passion, Brice kissed Clay’s shoulder and held him struggling not to give in to the rhythm of his heartbeat. Now that he was inside of his shepherd, Brice couldn’t imagine ever entering anyone else.

“Then do it,” Clay murmured.

Brice captured Clay’s face and kissed him. The kiss tore him apart with the sweetness. The enticing way Wicks teased with his tongue had Brice’s hips rocking up again. Clay’s lips were wet and taunting. The gaze he offered Brice had his head spinning. Something like intense hot threads of gold wrapped around his chest. The forceful never-ending warmth began to pour into him from his fingertips to his toes. Where skin met skin began a sensation of one.

“Good, Clay.” Brice freed Clay’s lips. The man dropped his forehead to Brice’s shoulder. “Phenomenal.”

Caressing kaçak bahis the other man’s cock, Brice thought he would lose himself in the shepherd if he weren’t careful. Because Brice was so caught up in the overwhelming euphoria taking over, he didn’t notice when Clay began to move. His shepherd began a smooth bouncing pace on top of him. The man began to ride him slowly like he planned to drive Brice insane.

When Brice opened his eyes, the look Clay gave sliced into his soul. Clay’s eyes, dark stormy aqua, was consuming and vulnerable at the same time. No one Brice had ever been with looked at him the way Clay did. Brice’s heart trembled. The organ would gladly climb into a rock crushing machine for his man, and though that was terrifying, Brice couldn’t think about the consequences right now. Right now, was Clay on top of him. His focus was on his shepherd sliding up and down Brice’s cock. Now was Brice’s firm hold as he played with Clay’s drooling erection. Now was a shuddering gasp and the brush of lips.

“That’s—” Leaning up with a soft whimper, Clay slipped Brice’s dick partway out and then sank back on him. “That feels—” Clay gasped.

A mesmerizing ripple of tension flowed into Brice’s body. The gripping suckling heat of Clay’s ass tightening around his erection had Brice desperate. A hungry groan passed his lips when Clay lifted and then plunged downward again. Clay took Brice with a willingness and love that had him ripped open and bare. Never once did Clay close his eyes. He held Brice spellbound with those aqua orbs working him until Brice thought he might beg or surrender or fly. He had no idea what he was doing anymore. Brice only knew that he wanted Clay never to let go.

Endless pleasure went on and on. Clay didn’t move fast enough for Brice to reach climax, but Brice was in no hurry for this to be over. He let the man slide him in and out and kiss his neck and shoulders. Lust and need built like a growing storm. With every breath, Brice lost a little air and a bit of his soul. His chest hurt, and he thought he might shatter. This moment was everything he’d ever wanted from a lover. Being with Clay was all Brice would ever want.

Clay’s hips rocked faster with sharper movements and groans. Brice tightened his hold on Clay’s cock. He gave more pressure and more vigorous strokes.

“Are you going to come?” Brice watched Clay’s face transform as his breath became a rapid gust. “Clay?”

“Close,” Wicks whispered.

“Good.” Brice shoved himself upward and wrapped his arms around Clay’s waist.

Before the other man could respond, Brice had Wicks tumbled onto his back. His cock shifted sharply inside of Clay’s body.

Brice resettled his shepherd at the foot of the bed with his legs raised. Clay’s eyes went wide for a moment.

“What? No safety briefing for that move? No Fragmentation Order for the change in mission? Where is Brice, and what did you do to him?” Clay teased, and Brice buried his face into the side of Clay’s neck. He couldn’t stand how perfect Clay was. The man was willingly on his back, trapped under Brice, joking with him. If he wasn’t careful, Claymore Wicks was going to own him one day.

“I’m still within the parameters of the previously established mission.” Brice lifted his head and grinned.

“Are you?”

“I can’t take it anymore, Clay. I have to fuck you.”

“Then do it.”

“I promise to make it phenomenal.” Brice found Clay’s erection squeezed between their bodies. He gripped the head. As he began to rub, Clay thrashed. Clay’s fingers dug into his back as Brice’s hips started to thrust into the eager-to-orgasm body beneath him.

“My shepherd.” Brice choked the words in the back of his throat as he gave into the power enslaving him. He loved Clay pinned under him, the sound of his cries, and the all-encompassing fire that expanded in his chest. Deeper and deeper, Brice plunged as he masturbated Clay’s shaft. “All mine.”

“Yes.” Wildly Clay squirmed under him. “Yours.”

Brice couldn’t stand the tremendous thirst for this man another minute. Every part of him was drawn tight. He was a blend of steel knots and boiling pressure. Slowing his driving hips, Brice worked to ease the pace. But calming the tide was no use. His orgasm struck, and then he was free-falling.

“I’m coming.” Clay started to climax as Brice’s hips moved at a frantic sputtering jerk. He bit down on Clay’s shoulder as he cried out. His orgasm was mind-blowing and bigger than the room. The pleasure was larger than all of the headquarters building, and Brice couldn’t stop the tornado.

Clay thrusted upward under him as warm wetness spilled over Brice’s fingers. Brice caught his name on Clay’s lips as he kissed him one last time. He loved taking his gasp and holding Clay’s shivers.

As his hips ground to a halt, Brice stayed inside Clay and simply enjoyed the man’s hole still clutching around his cock. Something inside of him moved at that moment. The sensation was as if Brice could topple a grand monument with this untamed love for Clay alone. The energy from this connection could cause an avalanche or an earthquake. Brice opened his eyes, thinking this sex might’ve started his room on fire. Surprisingly, they were still just at the foot of his bed.

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