Şubat 13, 2021

Hall Of Fame

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Somebody figured out a clever sort of business builder and they called it the Hall of Fame. The idea was that you would get this tee shirt with 100 different beers listed on the front. Each time you would order one of the beers in your friendly participating bar, the bartender would stamp a little fill-in box next to the beer. When you got all 100 fill-in boxes stamped, you were in the Hall of Fame.

Most of the places and most of the beers were, in a word EXPENSIVE! A guy could easily spend $500 getting in the imaginary Hall of Fame. Since we were all just 18-years-old and out of high school, $500 was a lot of cash.

Most of the guys I know went for Hall of Fame like they go for Monday night football. Most of the girls I know did not go for the Hall of Fame. Times were a little tough and the girls wanted the $500 spent quite a bit differently. The difference of opinion led to quite a few knockdown, drag-out, yelling, screaming fights between guys and girls.

However, the lure of fame was just too much for the guys and the Hall of Fame race was on.

I could not see myself in any Hall of Fame for drinking beer. However, I thought the Hall of Fame idea had merit. I wanted in a Hall of Fame, only not for drinking beer.

I went over to see Amy, one of the most militant of the girls. Amy told ol’ Alvin that he could have all the beer he wanted. No pussy but all the beer he wanted.

Now I figured that Amy was probably a little short on hard cock what with Alvin working so hard on the Hall of Fame thing.

Amy and I talked, mainly about Amy and Alvin not being seen together any more. Amy told me that Alvin would rather be famous and horny, rather than dating Amy. I told Amy that I thought Alvin was stupid. I had no desire to be famous for sitting at a bar drinking. Now, if it were for lying in bed doing something worthwhile, that was my kind of Hall of Fame.

Amy laughed and pointed out that there was no tee shirt involved with my Hall of Fame. I replied that I didn’t want to be in a Hall of Fame for strangers, just one for people I cared about.

Amy looked kind of thoughtful. She finally said that it would take a big man to be in my kind of Hall of Fame. I told Amy that I thought that nine and a half inches was big enough. Amy told me that was bullshit. I asked if she wanted to measure?

Amy got this sort of devilish grin on her face and she went and called her girlfriend Bea. Amy explained the idea of my kind of Hall of Fame. Apparently Bea, who was also mad as hell at her boyfriend had the same initial response as Amy. However, after quite a bit of conversation Bea and Amy were willing to experiment. I suspect that the severe local shortage of hard cock may have been an important bahis firmaları factor here. And, of course, the revenge factor would definitely have to be figured in.

Anyhow, Bea came over and she and Amy developed a plan. If I measured up, they would start a Hall of Fame of their own. It would not be a boy’s Hall of Fame, but a girls Hall of Fame. A girl did not have to go drink beer to get into the Hall of Fame; she had to experience nine and a half inches. There wouldn’t be any name on the Hall of Fame tee shirt, just a message for the boys to read.

Amy and Bea then removed their blouses and bras and my cock sprang to attention. Both girls measured my throbbing rod and I didn’t just have nine and a half inches, no it was nine and five eights inches!

We adjourned to Amy’s bedroom and a slightly drunk Amy was the first inductee into my Hall of Fame. Amy insisted upon getting on top and also insisted upon having a witness. I mean, how much of a Hall of Fame can it be if there is no witness?

Amy mounted up, including my big ‘saddle horn’ inside her and she showed how cowgirls like to ride. Amy rocked back and forth with a sort of little hop in the middle of each trip back and forth. The pace of the back and forth increased as Amy rode, as did the tempo of Amy’s breathing. I suspected that Amy was getting a bit tired toward the end and I could feel her clamp down with her internal muscles. I could feel Amy’s excitement and we reached the finish line together as I shot my cum inside Amy as she finished with a big YEEHAAAA!

Amy sort of collapsed on me afterward and Bea sort of helped Amy off me. Bea told me that she wasn’t going to do a cowgirl ride. What Bea wanted was to lie on her back and receive hot meat injections. I was willing to accommodate, but I told Bea I was going to need some recovery time. Bea did not really answer because she had been taught not to talk with her mouth full.

When my rod was at full extension again, Bea crawled up on the bed beside me and I entered her. I took my time on the first stroke and found that Bea could not take all of me. However, we were just starting out and each stroke seemed to get a little further in. Bea was wet and apparently very horny due to her punishment of her beer Hall of Fame boy friend. Bea was not one of your ladies lib girls. No, Bea was one of those girls who wants to have a bigger, stronger boy ravish her until she is his little slave girl. I would have to say that Bea was a damn good slave girl. She wanted to take all of me and seemed to open herself a tiny fraction with each stroke. At first I was afraid of hurting her, but Bea kept telling me to shove it in deeper. When I finally got my whole cock in we both climaxed and I kaçak iddaa shot my cum in a second girl the same night! This was a first for me but was not to be the last. Another first for me was to fuck a girl with another girl watching.

I thought it would be a kind of limited Hall of Fame, but Amy and Bea started calling girlfriends and the idea took off.

Cheryl and Dawn were next. Cheryl told me that she had decided that Carl could have as much beer inside him as he wanted as long as she could have as much cock inside her as she wanted. It sounded fair to me!

Cheryl told me she was going to wear her Hall of Fame tee shirt braless. I told her in that case I would also have to work on her tits. With Dawn watching, I licked and sucked Cheryl’s tits until Cheryl was not just hot, but begging to be fucked. I entered a pussy so wet that I could feel juice gush out. Cheryl was not the kind to just lie there and take it; she locked her legs around me and tightened at each thrust. Poor little Cheryl was, however, a bit overconfident. I suppose that the recent cock deprivation had something to do with it, but Cheryl climaxed fairly quickly. Her legs no longer gripped me as tightly but Cheryl climaxed at each thrust. Cheryl kept groaning ‘fuck me!’ at each thrust. I kept at the most erotic experience as long as I could before I finally shot my cum inside Cheryl’s pussy. When I rolled off Cheryl, she was exhausted and I was drained.

Dawn had to half-carry Cheryl into the bathroom. By the time the girls got back I was a little rested, but it was obviously going to take a little time for me to recover.

Nobody had told Dawn about my need for recovery time. Dawn did not use her mouth on me, she shed the coat she had been wearing to reveal a shaved pussy, lace garter belt, fancy lace topped nylons and high stiletto heels.

Dawn strutted back and forth making her tits jiggle a little at each turn. She told me that once she got in the Hall of Fame, she just might take her act on the stage. She told me that she didn’t want me on top of her tearing up her sexy nylons, I could just damn well put her legs over my shoulders and pleasure her that way. She was about to tell me more. Now, you try to be nice to people. However, there comes a time, especially in your own bedroom when you have to establish a little order. I grabbed Dawn and laid her on my bed. I did put her legs over my shoulders and entered her with my once again hard cock. I got my full length into Dawn’s tight pussy on the first stroke. I mean I was going to be in complete control. Well, maybe not. Dawn was working one nipple with her left hand and rubbing around the top of her pussy with the right hand. I brushed her left hand away and showed Dawn kaçak bahis how a girl’s nipples were supposed to be caressed while a big cock worked inside her. Dawn did not whine or complain, she did start using both hands around the top of her pussy.

Now Dawn is not one of the great minds of all time or even of the local high school. She did graduate, but barely. She did not see that she was going to climax quickly and then she would be my complete sex slave for the rest of the fuck. Then again, maybe she did see and that’s what she wanted. In any case I also got Dawn into multiple-climax. Despite her earlier mouth, Dawn did not say another word. Moans and sighs like you would not believe, but no more actual words.

I finished by shooting all my remaining cum in Dawn. It was a fantastic feeling, but I was obviously done for the night.

Cheryl and Dawn did not see it that way. After the emerged from the bathroom, they decided to work my dead cock back into a raging hard on by doing a little girl-girl cunt lapping on my bed. Cheryl got on top and lapped at Dawn’s shaved cunt while Dawn let Cheryl’s juices drip onto her tongue.

I got so damn hard just watching that I leapt forward when Cheryl finally collapsed alongside Dawn. I began to slam my cock into Dawn as Cheryl rolled back and began to lap at Dawn’s tit.

Dawn lost all control and we replayed the result of the first fuck. Dawn had removed the fancy nylons and I was on top of her and fucked her into complete submission. With Cheryl working her tit, Dawn became the total slave girl, receiving pleasure from both of us. Dawn did the best she could with her internal muscles and I managed to shoot my cum inside Dawn for the second time.

We lay there and Cheryl told Dawn that Dawn should have listened when Cheryl wanted to bring someone along to film their induction into the Hall of Fame. Dawn sort of sighed something to the effect ‘no way, the bitch would have wanted to get fucked too,’

I don’t know exactly how she worked it but Cheryl wound up with my cock in her mouth and Dawn’s tongue in her pussy. Cheryl sucked my cock like a madwoman! I did not believe I could get it up again so soon, but I did.

This time it was my cock in Cheryl and Dawn’s mouth on Cheryl’s tit. Cheryl was wet and warm and I took my time and tried to capture every sensation of pleasure before I finally shot yet another load of cum inside Cheryl.

Afterward, the girls pranced around and called the next shift. They remained nude and tried to tease me, but my cock remained under control after the hard use of earlier in the evening.

It seemed that Eve and Fran were to be the next inductees into the Hall of Fame. Apparently they had ‘something unusual’ dreamed up for their induction. I could only wait and wonder. Fortunately, I would not have to wait too long. They were scheduled for Friday night while their ex-boyfriends would be guzzling expensive beer at some bar.

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