Şubat 14, 2021

Growing Up Ch. 03

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Monday was finally here and it was back to the routine. I hadn’t seen Martin since Saturday and my grandfather had left for work earlier than usual this morning. It was the irrigation season on the farm.

Now for some farming knowledge.

During the first month of summer, the middle of May thru the middle of June, the rain is sporadic. When you are growing crops that will be harvested in late September through November you have to make sure that they get plenty of water.

So there is an irrigation period when you have to go to each individual field of crops and manually set the irrigation tubes to water the crops.

I keep coming back to this point but again it was 1976.

Fancy irrigation systems hadn’t been invented yet. It’s not like today where you see these huge sprinkler systems on wheels rolling along. Operated with a mini computer that you basically just set and the thing just rolls.

No sir this was the panhandle of Texas and you had to go out every eight hours and set these irrigation tubes into each individual row of crops.

Then you would come back and start over with another set. It was a tedious thing but it had to be done.

This meant that someone had to get up in the middle of the night and make the night run. Then the next guy had to get up a little earlier and do the next run. By the afternoon both Martin and my grandfather would do the afternoon run.

I had just finished working on my friends’ farm. The man that my grandfather and Martin worked for offered me a couple of odd jobs. I gladly took him up on them.

This would put money in my pocket that I could save up. I would attend the same university as Janie in September so I could use the extra cash. But the main thing is, it would keep me around Martin.

It was Monday and the boss man told me to start the next day. Having a free day I figured I might as well start my new routine.

I quickly set my stuff up and got started. Janie said that once I had my daily routine down everything would get easier.

First thing I had to do was shave. I had just done it the day before with Janie’s help but now I was on my own.

I went into the shower and got my shaving cream lathering up my starting point. Janie said to do sections at a time because this would save on supplies plus it would keep me from missing spots.

Starting down at my ankles then working my way up past my knees. Then my thighs making sure I got the back and inner part of my thighs. Janie said, “A man doesn’t want to feel stubble when he has your legs wrapped around him.”

I remember telling Janie that I understood that but the back of my thighs? “Well,” she would say, “At some point you will be bent over and again a man doesn’t want to feel stubble when he’s rubbing against your legs.” I never thought about that but yeah ok I got it.

Then the last part and this was important but something that Janie really didn’t need to deal with. But I did have to deal with it. I had to shave my ass.

Don’t laugh. It was made clear to me that body hair below my waist was not going to be tolerated. The area around my crotch didn’t matter because I was told that that part of my body would not be touched.

But my ass had to me smooth because as I had been told on Saturday, my ass was nicer than a lot of girls. Oh yeah did I forget to mention that?

That first time shaving must’ve taken an hour or more. But I did it and with very minimal nicks. Cuts and nicks were to be expected even if Janie had picked out a very nice razor designed to shave your legs.

I was done and now I could finish my shower. The next part before I could step out of the bathroom was just a little gross. But if I was going to let Martin put that big cock of his in my ass I had to be sure my hole was clean.

Janie explained to me that she was taught to douche with warm water only. Of course there were specialty items available for women. But not for men.

I’ll skip the gory details but basically I had to give myself a warm water enema. That’s right laugh all you want but no way was I going to have shit up my butt for Martin to smear all over that cock.

He casino şirketleri had scared the hell out of me on Saturday and he made it clear. I was to be beyond clean in that area and prepared for when he wanted me.

After I finished I have to admit it wasn’t so bad. Plus it felt really good knowing that I was clean inside and out.

Next soft skin, ugh, how do women do this shit every day I thought to myself. Baby oil, thats right, baby oil was next.

I had to put a thin coat of baby oil over the shaved area. Not a lot because then I’d be greasy and uncomfortable all day. But just enough to sooth the razor burn and seal your skin. That was the major part of the process.

So why am I telling you this? I’m telling you this because it was a lot of work. Plus that’s how much Martin meant to me.

These were the daily things that I was to do if I was to go and visit him in the evenings. Again, don’t judge, I loved it.

Knowing that I was doing this for him was such a turn on. Getting ready for him knowing that every little detail was designed to make him happy just made me nuts.

I had finished in time to get dressed and cook the evening meal for my grandfather.

I had applied lotion to my arms, neck, hands and any other spot that Martin might touch. I even changed the way I combed my hair. Brushing it straight back.

Making sure that everything was perfect I waited for my grandfather to go to bed. After I heard that he was asleep I headed out to workers living quarters.

Wearing my t-shirt, jeans and flip flops I knocked on Martins door. Without having to wait I heard him call out for me to come in.

As soon as I entered closing the door behind me Martin stepped up to me sliding his arms around my waist then kind of leaning back to look me over. He smiled, “Very nice” he would say.

Of course I blushed and casually asked, “What?” He smiled and kissed me. Gently. Then he pulled back and said that he had missed me the day before.

He went on to tell me that he was on his way to come see me when he saw me driving away in the morning. He went on to explain that I had made him worry. Thinking that maybe he had put to many “expectations” on me the day before.

Expectations? I thought to myself.

But not one word about almost choking me and scaring the hell out of me.

I just smiled and walked in as he took me by the hand leading me to sit with him on the couch. “Babe wait,” I blurted out. “Let me go to the bathroom first ok?” “Sure,” he replied. Off I went.

Surprise number one and man was I nervous. One of the “expectations” was that he wanted me in softer clothes when we were alone.

I had no clue what he meant by that but Janie had an idea. I told Janie that I was not going to wear women’s clothes and she laughed and told me to trust her.

Who am I kidding if Martin had told me to wear panties I probably would’ve.

I pulled my pants off and stood there in a pair of soft, sexy shorts that I had on under my pants. Shorts in the 70’s were short. Just look back to old NBA highlights.

These shorts were “pretty” as Janie had put it, plus the color was light. I had no fucking clue what any of that meant but I trusted Janie.

I liked them because they really showed off my curvy ass. I stepped back getting up on the toilet seat so I could see myself in the mirror over the sink.

Turning for a side view my shorts just did cover my butt. I took a deep breath and thought ok, here I go. Walking out of the bathroom I laid my pants down on Martins bed as I headed back out to the couch with Martin.

As I walked passed him he let out a loud drawn out whistle. “I like that babe,” he would say taking my hand and sitting me next to him. I know, I know and yes I started blushing. He leaned back and started talking about his day.

Then without thinking he put his hand on my knee and his voice stopped. He turned and faced me as he ran his hand up my thigh while he leaned down and kissed me.

It was an open mouth kiss this time with all that goes with it. He stopped his hand mid-thigh then slowly ran his hand back down my casino firmaları thigh to my knee. The entire time his mouth and his tongue were partying with mine.

Kissing me and making loud smacking noises he suddenly stopped then pulled back. Slightly sliding down on the couch I would come to learn this as my signal.

But because it was the first time it took me a minute. Then I understood, I was to suck his cock. I undid his pants and gently pulled his cock out. I started stroking it slowly as I continued to kiss him.

With each stroke I could feel his breathing getting deep and his cock getting harder. Then I lowered my head and slipped the head of his cock in my mouth.

Again I wasn’t very tall and he was almost 6ft tall. Martin easily reached over and slid his hand under the waist band of my shorts.

I heard a low grown escape his mouth and I knew that meant that he really liked the fact that I wasn’t wearing any underwear.

“Yes babe, this is much better,” he would say. I Pulled my mouth off his cock just long enough so to ask him if he liked what he found.

Right away he groaned his response that he loved my nice ass. Martin would cup, paw and pull on my tight, very smooth ass.

With that I started doing my thing. I sucked his cock slowly at first getting as much of that cock into my mouth as I could. It wasn’t much but it was more than I had gotten in my mouth on Saturday.

Using my hand to pump his shaft and my mouth and tongue to work the head of his cock it wasn’t long before he blew.

Once again thick strand after strand of cumm was exploding into my mouth. But this time I was ready and I didn’t leak a single drop.

Plus this time I actually paid attention to how his cum tasted and I loved the creamy texture. It would be many years later before I would taste cum as good as his again.

I swallowed it all, gladly. Martin sat there catching his breath as I made sure that there wasn’t a single drop of cum on or in his cock. Then I kissed the head of his cock and let it fall to the side as I sat up.

Martin was beyond happy. He went on to tell me that I had really shown him that I cared about him by doing what he asked. He didn’t ask, I thought to myself but it was all good.

We sat there talking and going on about the day to day events around the job. I would eventually return his cock back to his pants. He played with my ass the entire time I was sitting with him.

Then I looked at the clock. “I have to go babe,” I whispered to him. Martin was already getting the sleepy eye. “Ok babe,” he responded.

I got up to go put my pants on and as I walked in front of him he did something that I was not expecting but would come to get used to in the months to come.


I almost jumped out of my skin. Martin had leaned forward and just slapped my ass. Hard. Very hard.

I looked back at him and it was as if there was a different person sitting there. “So when do I get that pussy” he growled. Pussy?? My brain was going into confusion overdrive.

Pussy?? I don’t have a pussy, I kept thinking over and over but not saying a word. Standing there all I could do was give Martin that blank, confused stare.

“I want to fuck you” he growled out. I kept walking and he stayed on the couch. I got to my pants and put them on. Then walked back out to where Martin was and played it off.

“I don’t know babe” was all I could think to say. “C’mon babe that is one really nice ass. I really want to fuck you.” Listening to Martin I didn’t know what to say.

Martin went from nice perfect gentleman Martin to perverted, rapey Martin.

As I got to the door I turned and told him, “lets go slow babe.” As I watched him all of the sudden the other Martin was back.

“Sure babe, that’s cool you let me know.” And with that he got up gave me another great kiss, opened the door and sent me on my way.

If there was ever a time to say “What the fuck!” in the 70’s that was the time. The entire walk home all I could do was think of the look in his eye when he asked me for my, “pussy?”

This was getting weird. I went home just a little güvenilir casino confused.

I got into my room and I wanted to talk to Janie so bad but again, it’s the 70’s! No cell phone and calling her was long distance at about a gazillion dollars a minute.

I stuck to the plan that Janie had laid out for me the day before. I started getting ready for bed and again, don’t judge.

First making sure that I put lotion on my legs and body. Then letting the lotion dry to the point that I could go to bed and not have nasty, oily sheets.

This is just too much fucking work I thought to myself but I still had one more thing to do before falling asleep.

It was clear that if I was going to continue this with Martin at some point he was going to put that monster cock inside me. The last stop Janie and I made yesterday was to an adult novelty shop.

No Amazon or online buying going on then. Janie picked out a 7 inch dildo for me. It was about an inch and half thick. She also got me some lube.

I crawled into bed with my clean towel, lube and new fake cock. I got myself comfortable. Once I was ready I carefully started lubing myself. Next my “toy.” I actually started to get a bit turned on.

I didn’t want to think that I was going to lose my virginity to a plastic penis.

Instead I was thinking that if I didn’t do as Janie said, “loosen yourself up Davy.” Martin was going to rip my asshole open.

Instantly I flashed back to him calling it a pussy.

Placing the tip on my asshole I gently pushed. I felt a sharp pain as the plastic penis cracked the seal on my virgin hole. I stopped right there.

Holding still until the pain had stopped.

Then I slowly pushed it in deeper. Laying on my back with my legs spread wide and knees pulled back. I was working my toy slowly in and out of my, “pussy?”

I guess…Seems that I have a pussy now.

Shaking that thought I just relaxed as I continued to slide the toy in deeper. Then I pulled it out all the way out. It made a slight “pop” sound as I pulled it out giving me a shiver.

Then I pushed it back in. Again I felt the sharp pain as it went in. How was I going to take Martin’s monster cock if this thing was giving me issues?

The week was long but I didn’t go see Martin any more that week. He had scared the fuck out of me.

I kept my routine up and by Friday I had it down.

But the most important part in my mind, was that my toy and I were one. I was having no pain and no problem fucking myself every night.

One more weird thing that happened that week. The entire time that I would play with my newly discovered “pussy.”

Sorry. I just couldn’t get passed that word.

I never got an erection. My cock would remain limp. Oh I was aroused as fuck because the entire time I was fucking myself I would be leaking pre-cum like crazy.

It got to the point that I had to put a small wash cloth over my crotch to keep from messing up my sheets.

As I thought about it when I had gone over to Martins earlier in the week and sucked his cock I was never hard. I was turned on but I wasn’t hard.

By the end of the week I had even found a spot inside of me that if I rubbed the tip of my toy right on it my cock would almost explode. I wouldn’t get hard but I stopped myself from shooting a few times.

So again what I didn’t know then but know now is…I found my prostate by accident and had learned to play with it.

I would always stop myself from cumming when I played with my prostate. Reason being because I just thought that I wasn’t supposed to cumm that way.

Like it was against the rules…

Don’t laugh, don’t judge. I was 18 and so naive.

My skin was smooth and soft. If I passed gas you couldn’t smell it. My ass looked good in all the cool clothes Janie had picked out for me.

Finally, the weekend was here and the next day my grandfather would be gone to stay with his girl.

I know Martin wanted to see me because whenever I would see him in passing during the week he always gave me that look.

That look that said he was going to fuck me. With some of his looks I could tell that I was going to like it when he fucked me.

Then some stares he gave me I could see it in his eyes that he did not give a fuck if I was going to like it or not.

Martin was going to fuck me. Martin wanted my pussy…

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