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Great Loop Ch. 13

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This set of stories are meant to be read as chapters in a book. If you haven’t read the previous chapters of the Great Loop, I recommend you do to better understand the characters.

All characters are fictional. Obviously, many of the place locations are real.


Dawn found me waking to Jill tickling my balls and watching my face as she did. She had a beautiful smile and her green eyes were sparkling.

“Good morning lover. Does that feel good? Your cock thinks so. How about I return last nights pleasure this morning?”

With that she rolled over on top of me and sank down on my cock and pressed her boobs to my face. I started suckling as she started riding. It wasn’t long before she sat up straight and started rubbing her clit as I massaged her nipples. A few minutes of that and we both came together with quiet groans of pleasure. I pulled her to me and gave her a hard kiss and held her close for a few minutes. She responded by snuggling into me and we just laid together.

Finally I said, “Thank you. That’s a great way to start the day and it looks like it’s going to be a great day. How do you feel about going to both North and South Manitou Islands and doing a little hiking?”

“Your welcome. I enjoyed it as much as you did. I’d love to hike the islands. I’ve never done it before. We should probably get going then.”

We scrambled out of bed, dressed, ate some breakfast, pulled our lines and made ready to leave. All together it took us about an hour to get under way. It didn’t take long to get to North Manitou Island. After securing the boat, we picked up a map at the Ranger Station and figured out what trail we could walk and be back at the boat around noon. It was a pleasant day with warm temperatures. Jill wore a pair of tight shorts and I admired her ass as I walked behind her. She must have sensed I was looking because she seemed to exaggerate her wiggle. A couple of times she looked over her shoulder to make sure I was watching.

The trail took us past the village campground, the Paul Maleski Place, down a ridge then to the Bennon’s Place, thru an apple orchard and back to the village. We met other hikers and some back packers as well as day tourist like ourselves. When we got back to the village we were both sweating and sucked down a lot of water.

Next we moved to South Manitou Island which is 3 miles south. Even though South Manitou Island is smaller than the northern island, it does have a paved road. We hiked to the light house and then to a grove of Old Growth Cedar trees. On the way, we passed a couple of boat wrecks near the shore. Once again, I was reminded of the Mariners Church in Detroit and the power of the Great Lakes.

We got back to Second Chance just at dusk and decided to spend the night in the harbor. While I was getting the anchor set, Jill called Edith and told her about our day. I fixed us a drink and we talked about the day. It got dark quickly and soon the stars were coming out. Jill said, “Lets lay on the deck and I can show you constellations and tell you about stars and how early mariners used them for navigation.”

“I read an article about celestial navigation once and thought I would like to take a class, but never did. Maybe I will over the winter if I can find one.”

“Come here, lay down and let me put my head on your stomach.”

Jill then proceeded to spend the next two hours showing me constellations, the Milky Way, and explained the movement of the stars relative to earth. She seemed to be very knowledgable about the stars. I asked, “How old were you when you started going to the planetarium?”

“I was either 4 or 5 the first time my dad took me. They were having a show for kids showing how Santa went around the world in one night. My dad and I would go about once a month. I still go, but not as frequently, just when they are having a presentation that I haven’t seen before.”

At this point both of us were sleepy. Jill said, “Get us a couple of blankets and we can sleep under the stars!”

We crawled under the blankets and with pillows under our heads, she curled up tight to me, rubbed my cock thru my pants and said, “We’ll deal with those desires tomorrow morning.” and stifled a yawn. Some time during the night, we got cold and moved inside to my bed.

The morning found me teasing her nipples. As she woke up, a smile came across her face and then a MMMMMMMMMM as she pulled the blankets up to her chin. My hand moved down her body and in a short while, she had a small orgasm. “I like the way you start my day!”

“I could use a cup of coffee. How bout you?”

“In bed please!”

I also served her breakfast in bed, but warned her that it was going to cost her.

“I don’t have any money kind Sir, maybe I can pay you another way tonight?”

I just broke up laughing.

After breakfast, we weighed anchor and started moving south. I would need to get fuel, fresh water and pump our my waste water tanks. We ended up staying near Manistee, Michigan where I was able to do it all. We spent bahis firmaları the night there and found a nice little restaurant where we had dinner. That night, after Jill called Edith, was an active night. After undressing each other, we tried every position we could think of or imagine. I ate her pussy, she sucked my cock, missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, legs over shoulders, on all fours, leaning against the wall, bent over the bed, laying on our sides and standing with her leg on my shoulder. She came multiple times and when I finally exploded in her we were both on the verge of passing out.

As we lay on the bed, she spooned back into me, pulled my arm around her and placed it on her boob, wiggled her ass against my cock and said, “I like sleeping like this!” and wiggled again.

The next morning after we got under way, Jill was sitting with me on the bridge and I asked her, “Whose BJ?”

“Oh, that’s my girl friend and room mate. She moved in with me to help with the house payment after my boy friend left. We each have our own room, but we share the bathroom. She is an accountant and sometimes works from home, so she has a small area on the main floor to use as an office. It works for us. That reminds me, I’ve got to take a picture of you and send it to her. She wants to see this hot stud that I’ve been telling her about.”

With that, she told me to smile and snapped a picture with her phone and immediately texted it off to BJ. A text came back with a smiley face saying, “I can’t wait to meet him!! When will you be back in Chicago?”

Jill texted back, “Not sure, in a few days. Will let you know when we make that our next Port-of-Call.”

We spent the night near Ludington and then continued south. There were a lot of fishing boats working near river mouths all day. Near the mouth of the Pere Marquette river, it was particularly crowded, as was the mouth of the Muskegon and Grand rivers. When we got to Grand Haven, the weather got bad again and we were tied to the dock for three days. We wandered around town the first day, checking out bars and restaurants and seeing what was there. The second day we met and talked to a couple of captains of charter boats and learned about the fishing. By the third day, we were ready to move on. Guess we were getting cabin fever. The next night, we stayed in Saugatuck before moving on to South Haven.

In South Haven, we rented a room, took a long hot shower together and enjoyed soaping each others body, washing backs and fronts, which led to a nice evening of sex. This was just a nice slow enjoy the touch type of sex. Each time we had made love, it was different. I was enjoying that. While in South Haven, we did laundry, Jill got her hair trimmed and I got a hair cut.

The next day saw us moving south again to the Bridgman area. I pumped out the waste water tanks, topped off water tanks, and got fuel. Our next stop was Chicago. I think Jill was excited about getting home, seeing BJ and other friends. She spent the whole day on the bridge with me looking at the horizon with a pair of binoculars. When the Chicago skyline came into sight she let out a hell of a whoop and got on her phone. We motored past Navy Pier, found our marina and slip, and tied up. As I was shutting down the boat a young woman was running down the dock. Jill stepped off the boat and they hugged and kissed.

“Jim, this is BJ. BJ, this is Jim.”

I put out my hand to shake hers but she pushed it aside and gave me a hot kiss. “After all Jill has told me about you, I had to at least give you a kiss.”

“Er, nice to meet you finally. Jill has told me a lot about you.”

“Jill, do you want some help with your bags. I have to go to the office to make arrangements for the winter, so I’ll spend the night on the boat and perhaps we can get together tomorrow for lunch or dinner, with BJ of course.”

“No, we’ll wait for you. You’re spending the night at the house and every night after that until you have to fly out.”

“OK, great, thank you.”

At the office, I made final arrangements for storage and maintenance. They were going to pull the boat, drain the water and waste tanks, anti-freeze in the toilet, stabilizer in the fuel tank, basically winterize it and then in the spring a list of maintenance items that I gave the yard manager. They wanted all my personal items off the boat in the next two days so they could pull it and block it.

Back at the boat, I pulled together some clothes and things and we headed for the car. BJ and Jill were still talking almost non-stop so I kinda tuned them out and watched the scenery as BJ drove us to the house. I didn’t miss the highways, traffic, noise and pace of a big city and I was going to be living with it for 5 or 6 months. I really wasn’t looking forward to it.

At the house, I was shown where I would be sleeping, with Jill, and then got a general tour of the place. Jill asked BJ, “What’s for dinner.”

“I ordered Chicago Pizza. Do you like Chicago Pizza Jim?”

“Never had it, but pizza sounds good. Is there kaçak iddaa a liquor store nearby so I can get some bourbon.”

“Not a problem. Jill told me you drank bourbon, so we have a couple of bottles. Makers Mark, Buffalo Trace, and Eagle Rare. Are those ok?”

“Decisions, decisions.” I said with a laugh.

While we waited for the pizza, we talked. Jill said, “I want you to introduce your friends to BJ after dinner. She didn’t believe the text I sent her about you and them.”

“Ok, I know most of Jills background, what do you do?”

“I’m an accountant and work for a small firm that does the books, accounting, and taxes for about 50 small businesses. Many are about the same size as yours.”

“How’d you know about my company?”

“The internet of course. When Jill texted me about you, I went on line to check you out. You have done very well for yourself. I also learned that you had no liens against you, not wanted by the police, never arrested, etc. I sent back a text to Jill saying,”AAA+” so she would know that you were all right to date.”

About that time, the pizza arrived so we focused on eating. I like Chicago pizza!

After dinner, BJ said, “All right. Get your computer so I can met all these friends that Jill says you’ve made since May.”

I opened the computer and started the slide show. BJ sat next to me and Jill leaned against my back and looked over my shoulder. As I told the stories of my ‘friends’ Jill started to rub her boobs around my back and neck. I think I was making her horny. When I finished BJ said, “WOW, that is quite the story and some interesting ‘friends’. Is it really true that you don’t mind two girls together and you don’t get upset if your date or partner is having sex with someone else with you watching?”

“No, if my partner or date is receiving pleasure, then I’m really happy for her. It’s also true that she has to be tolerant of me giving and receiving pleasure while she is being pleasured or watching me.”

“Oh, I hadn’t thought about that. Guess what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”

Jill jumped in and said, “Ok, enough talk, I want some action. Jim, I want to watch you undress and make love to BJ just like you did me the first time on the boat. I will probably join in at some point. Let’s go to my room.”

We all stood up but instead of going to Jills room, I pulled BJ into my arms and planted a tongue sharing kiss on her lips, moved my hand to her neck and started the seduction right in the kitchen. BJ just melted into my arms. Jill turned around and watched us for a second before pulling her shirt off and undoing her bra. Remembering Holly’s lessons, I slowly undressed both BJ and myself. At one point, BJ turned and pulled Jill into a tongue dance and whispered, “Play with my tits.”

As they continued to kiss and play with each others tits, I stepped up to both and started rubbing the cheeks of their asses. My very hard cock was wedged between them. When they separated, BJ said, “Now lets get to your bedroom, I’m fucking horny and want both of you.” In bed, Jill and BJ went straight to a 69 position. As they did, I inserted a couple of fingers in BJ’s pussy. As both Jill and BJ were becoming more and more vocal and their legs started shaking, it was obvious that both were approaching an orgasm. After they came, I rolled Jill off BJ, started kissing BJ and then moved down her body. Now my tongue was on her clit and my fingers found her G-spot. She had another orgasm. While she was still riding that high, I slipped into her with her legs over my shoulders and started stroking her. Jill started sucking on BJ’s nipples. As we worked on getting her on the orgasm express, I watched her eyes. Her mouth was emitting a steady MMMMMMMMMMMM. When she went over the top, I went with her and then she passed out. Jill started to panic, but I got her calmed down and said, “Watch”.

BJ’s eyes started to flutter and then opened, but she still wasn’t really seeing anything. I told Jill to hold her tight because she might not understand what had happened and might panic. As she came back to reality, a huge smile appeared on her face, she hugged Jill tight and began kissing her before turning to me and pulling me into a fierce hug.

“Jill, Jim, never, ever, have I experienced anything even remotely close to what you two just did to me. Fuck, I’m still flying and to think you had him all to yourself for the past 10 days, it’s not fair.”

Jill and I laughed and I said, “Not every time is like this, but it makes for a good introduction!”

“Did you do this to all your ‘friends’ too?”

“No, not all of them. I’ve got other tricks up my sleeve.”

Both Jill and BJ looked at me and almost simultaneously said, “Like what?”

“Oh, you’ll find out when the time is right.”

Together they attacked me and I ended up taking Jill for an orgasmic ride with me. She didn’t pass out though.

The next morning, Jill borrowed BJ’s car and drove me back to the boat. We took all the bedding, books, clothing, charts, and kaçak bahis anything else that was personal. I informed the office that I was done with the boat and it was theirs until next April. I’d call them with a more specific date in March.

Back at the house we did laundry and packed stuff in some tubs I had bought.

“Now I need to find a place to store most of this until next spring.”

“Why not just store it here. I’ve lots of room in the basement, the basement is dry and everything will be on shelves.”

“Seriously, you’d do that for me. We’ve only known each other for about 2 weeks.”

“But what a two weeks it’s been. Of course I’m serious.”

“Great, thank you.”

When BJ got home from work, she asked Jill, “Hey one of the guys at work is selling a 3 year old Civic with only 40000 miles on it. You interested?”

“Can I see it first?”

“Sure, you can take me to work and check it out. When do you have to start work at the club?”

“I’ll go in tomorrow after checking out the Civic and get my calendar started, but I’ll probably have to start in a couple of days. Sorry Jim.”

“Not a problem, I’ve got some things to work on from here if I can get the password for your network.”

That night, the girls put on a beautiful display of loving and pleasure that showed me a few things about how to pleasure a woman. Then they turned to me and made sure I’d sleep well that night. They were both gone when I woke up the next morning.

Later that afternoon, both girls came in together. Jill said, “I bought the car.” I said, “How about I take you two out for dinner tonight? You pick the place.” That brought a bunch of excited squeals and chatter about where to go, what to wear, their hair, etc. After showers, all three of us together, we climbed into BJ’s car and were off.

I had to ask, “BJ, how’d you get your name?”

“My name is Betty Joe. I’m named after my aunt and my dad. It wasn’t long before everyone was calling me BJ. As you can imagine, I was the butt of a lot of jokes in school before I realized what it meant. By then, I didn’t care. I’ve heard every joke you can imagine and probably a few that you can’t. People at work are very careful because they know that I’d slap them with a law suit if things got out of line. My boss even had a meeting to remind everyone that erotica and porn are best kept away from the office or there would be appropriate staff reductions. He wants a very professional office. That’s partly why I work there, that and a great salary! However, when we get home to night, I’m going to live up to my name and Jill and I are going to give you a BJ!”

I laughed. Dinner was at a Greek restaurant. The food and wine were outstanding.

Back at the house, we were barely in the door before BJ was trying to open my pants while Jill was unzipping BJ’s dress. Her dress came off easier than my pants, but we managed to get as far as the hall before all of us were naked. BJ dropped to her knees and engulfed my cock. Jill joined her and engulfed my balls. It was exquisite. I just leaned against the wall and enjoyed the experience. After I filled BJ’s mouth with my cum, the two of them went at each other. By this time, we had made it to the bedroom. The two of them proceeded to please each other and when they finished, we all fell asleep.

I had a few days before I had to leave for Long Island so Jill arranged her schedule to spend those days with me. She picked up her car and we went to the lake front. First I checked on the boat and it was out of the water and on jacks. I walked around the hull checking for any damage but didn’t find any. After lunch we went to the Museum of Science and Industry. We went down in a coal mine and saw how they mine coal and then toured a German U-boat. I had to be careful because I was too tall to be a submariner. I bumped my head more than once. We had a great time and stopped to eat on our way back to Jills. When we got to the house, BJ still wasn’t home from work. Jill said that was usual because BJ puts in a lot of hours. Sometimes she didn’t get home to after 10 o’clock. We heard BJ come in, but she went straight to her room. Jill and I slept spooned together.

The next day we toured the Art Institute of Chicago and then Jill took me to the planetarium and gave me a tour. Everyone there seemed to know her and she introduced me to most of the staff. I got to attend an hour long presentation that they were working on so I could see how it worked. It was fascinating.

I had one more day before I flew out so Jill and I spent the day together at her house. We didn’t bother to wear clothes and it seemed that we had non stop sex the entire day. Any where, any time, any way seemed to be the motto of the day. We ordered another Chicago Pizza for dinner and BJ got home about 7 o’clock, stripped and joined us. I pleasured each girl individually and then together. It seemed that each girl wanted to watch as I fucked the other one. I ate pussy, sucked tits, chewed nipples, and as it got later, I bent each one over the table and took them from behind. As they approached their orgasm, I pushed a finger up each ones ass and sent them to the stars. Both asked, “Is that one of those tricks you have up your sleeve?” “Yup, and there are more!”

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