Haziran 12, 2020

great body

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great body
Fiction or truth you decide.

My Story.

This happened in the late 70s. I was working on the ferries, every other Saturday night we had a layover of 6 hours. We would go & have a drink in different cabins. This night I was with Max we went into a cabin with lots of stewards & ABs & two stewardess they had been drinking for at least an hour before we got there. No seats left so we sat on the floor facing one of the girls Lucy. She seemed a bit tipsy, her skirt had ridden up showing her stockings tops. Lucy is a good looking girl about 28 years old, 5’ 2” tall & quite slim but with a great pair of tits. She wore a lacy bra under her white blouse.
As we sat trying to see up her skirt Max said she’s got nice hairy fanny. I laughed but he said I’ve seen it, I’ve even played with it. Bullshit I said!
He then said he helped her back to her cabin a few weeks ago. She was very pissed he tried to go in with her he said to chat with her but she stopped him saying noo! that she needed to sleep.He left but returned 10 minutes or so later. He opened the door a little & could she her asleep on the bunk. He went in & closed the door, her uniform was on the spare bed she had a sheet over herself. Slowly he pulled the sheet off her top revealing her bra & tits. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri He pulled the sheet lower down to her waist showing her suspender belt he tried touching her boobs but she pulled the sheet up over her. In doing so she uncovered her legs & her backside. He took advantage of this & started gently rubbing her knickers between her legs till she responded he slipped his finger inside her pants finding her wet fanny. As he fingered her she started moving her hips, he put two then three fingers in, she was really moving & groaning she was shaking as she came. Once she had come she pushed his hand away, he tried again but she said no & pulled the sheet over her. He did the same thing two weeks later.He found it easier this time & fingered her a lot longer.He then said I will show you if you’re brave enough.

It wasn’t long before she finished her drink & said she was turning in. We waited 15 minutes then went to find her.
When we got to the cabin door I said I can’t go in what if she’s awake, don’t worry just watch. He slowly opened the door, the light was on & she was in bed facing the door. We went in & shut the door. Max went over to her to make sure she was asleep. Her uniform & blouse were laying güvenilir bahis şirketleri on the spare bed. Max moved the sheet from her front revealing her bra & boobs. Max looked at me & grinned, he touched her bra she didn’t move so he squeezed her tits & slipped his hand inside her bra. Max pulled her tit out & played with her nipple, she seemed to like that. Max noticed she was wearing a front fastening bra he looked at me & smiled as he undid her bra her large boobs falling out. WOW I said. I moved closer to get a better look. Max slid the sheet off her legs I couldn’t believe how great she looked.
She had matching bra & knickers with suspender & stockings. Max motioned me to touch her tits because he was going to play with her fanny, so I took over & played with them, then sucked on her nipples. Max was now rubbing her fanny his hand down the front of her knickers, she was groaning & moving as she did her legs open. Max started pulling her knickers down I whispered to him not to she might wake up but he took them right off her legs.
He was right she had a lovely hairy fanny, I watched as he fingered her. Her hips moving up & down with his fingers going in & out. She was spread eagle with me sucking & playing with her boobs while canlı bahis şirketleri Max was seeing how many fingers he could get in her.
Max suddenly looked at me & said I’m going to fuck her, no I said but he stood up to take his trousers off, I took this moment to touch her fanny it was so wet ,I put three fingers in her, max was still taking his trousers & shoes off so I went down on her ,as I licking her she moved even more I felt her hand on my head holding me onto her pussy.
Max pulled me out of the way as he moved between her leg his cock was hard not very big but big enough. I played with her tits as Max knelt between her legs & slipped his cock into her. She took a big breath, I thought she was going to wake, but instead she lifted her hips & moved about on him. I got my cock out , took her hand & put it on my hard cock & moved her hand to toss me she started doing it herself as Max fucked her. Max groaned & lifted up as he came inside her, she was still moving on him, Max said come on your turn as he got up. I stood up & looked at her naked body her hips still moving as if she needed more.I used the sheet to wipe some of the come off her fanny then got between her legs,as I rubbed my cock over her hole she lifted trying to take it in. I pulled her legs around me & shoved my cock into her. Her legs gripped my waist & gyrated on me with a lot of forced, she was coming I thust into her hard & came at the same time as she did. That was great.
We got dressed put her knickers back on her did her bra up. Covered her with the sheet then left.!!!!!!!!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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