Mayıs 15, 2021

Getting Even with Evie Ch. 02

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It probably helps to have read chapter 1, but the fucking starts reasonably quickly, so it’s not essential. Sorry it has taken (literally) years to get this out, enjoy! — AC


Finding Marcus

It had been a strange morning for Evie. She drove nervously across town in a skirt that only just covered her ass, which for the first time in her life was stretched wide with a purple butt plug. Her hangover had been pushed to the back of her mind while she tried to make sense of the crazy, impossible changes her mind and body had undergone over the last few hours.

I woke up. Yep, that’s normal. Hangover. Also normal. Not ideal, but by no means sinister. I received a mind altering butt plug anonymously, and then proceeded to fuck myself senseless in a frenzy of anal lust. Definitely not normal. I left the house looking like a whore, and drove half way to my ex’s lab at the Uni without even realizing I have a massive silicon sex toy in my ass. Also not normal. Marcus better have some answers.

Evie’s thoughts were silenced by the unimaginable wave of lust that washed over her, receding slowly, and bringing a gasp to her lips. These hot flushes were becoming progressively closer together since she last fingered herself in the shower. It was about an hour before her libido stirred at all, but now they were less than 10 minutes apart. Every wave sent tingles straight to pussy, which had already soaked through her panties and skirt, and was now wetting her seat. Her ability to think straight was tested by these rushes of animistic desire. Each time a new wave broke over her the hazy fog that had first made her slide the sex toy deep into her asshole intensified, like a tide coming in, forcing each new wave to push her higher and higher into carnal lust.

Already her body was becoming more sensitive to vibration and texture. Her nipples had shot to attention, and strained against the fabric of her blouse in a way that cut her breath short. Each bump of the road, and there were many of them, made her feel lightheaded as it jostled the plug in her ass. Crazy though it was, that butt plug seemed to anchor her to reality. Just having it in there slowed the creeping fog that turned her into a sex freak on autopilot.

Arriving at the university Evie slid into a parking space and practically ran to her ex-boyfriend’s lab. By now the waves of insane desire were short minutes apart, and it was becoming hard to focus on anything but her sloshing pussy and electric clit. As her foot landed on each step of the fire escape she was climbing the butt plug shifted in her ass, sending unbearably exquisite pleasure across her abdomen.

One flight short from the floor her ex worked on Evie paused, leaning against the wall to catch her breath. She was approaching the same frenzy she had experienced in the shower, and knew she only had minutes before she would be totally unable to resist the urge to fuck herself with whatever, or whoever, was at hand. In a desperate attempt to reduce the friction on her clit, which by now was engorged to be even larger and more sensitive than this morning, she removed her panties, amazed at how wet they were. Without even realizing it she held them up to her face and breathed in deeply, intoxicated by arousal.

She staggered down the hall way, desperately hoping no one would walk down past her. It took all her control to keep her hands off her wet slit. She wedged her right hand into her mouth, and clutched her panties tightly with her left: anything to stop getting herself off in public.

Finally she reached the blank white door of Marcus’s lab, and leaned in, jerking the handle down. But the door was locked. Uncertain, a little scared, hornier than she’d ever been in her life, and quickly losing her self-control, Evie slammed her fist on the heavy door and let out a sob. This was crazy, she thought. I can’t handle thi-

Her thoughts were cut short as the door swung inward. Marcus, a head taller than her and just as disheveled as the day she left him, stood facing her. “Ah, perfect. Hi Evie,” he said excitedly. “Quick, come in.

She gaped at him, so stunned it cut through the stormy chaos of desire for a few moments. He had been expecting her. She stood for a moment longer before he grabbed her wrist and pulled her through the doorway, closing and locking the door behind her.

As she was led through the lab Evie saw all the same sorts of preserved specimens, scientific instruments and flashing computer screens she remembered from when they were dating. The space had small pockets of pristine cleanliness, Evie could smell the chemicals used to clean experimental chambers to perfect sterilization. But most of the lab was a total mess, with haphazardly stacked papers, samples, machines and, new to the lab, what looked like sex toys. There were dozens of colored dildos, butt plugs, rings, beads, long wands with bulbous endings, and small bullets in a range of sizes. It was obscene, but to Evie, who had started to recover from her shock tuzla escort and was being reclaimed by terrifying desire to be fucked, the sight made her pussy so wet it began to run down her leg.

They reached the small kitchenette area at the back of the lab. There was the same old leather lounge that Marcus would occasionally sleep in when he had important research going on, but now it looked like it had been his full time bed for a while. He sat Evie down and returned to the lounge with a glass of water for her.

“It looks like you’re reaching the apex of an episode. How long since you last came?” The blunt question should have shocked her, but Evie couldn’t think clear enough to form the words. Her mouth opened in a wide ‘o’ trying to speak, but all she could do was moan. Her body was taking over, and the fog in her mind was so deep she only had one thought: get filled.

She lunged into action, so quickly Marcus flinched in fright. Pushing him roughly so that he was laying with his back on the arm of the lounge she raised her hips up, and planting one foot on the cushioned back of the sofa thrust her sopping pussy into his shocked face. In less than a second he recovered from the surprise and placed his hands on her hips to help control how she was grinding her wetness onto his mouth. All Marcus could smell was the musky dew of her arousal as it dripped from her cunt and over his lips and face.

Evie’s moans went from ragged and short to long and constant, and turned into a high pitched squeal when Marcus locked his mouth around her swollen clit. Burying his face into his ex-girlfriend’s pussy had never felt so good for him. She had never shown much interest in getting licked out back when they were dating, and he was thrilled with the results of his manipulations so far. Marcus was convinced his experiment with Evie could not have gone better, until his roving fingers found the butt plug in her ass.

The firm little plug was wedged deep into the girl’s asshole, stretching the ring into a perfect circle. If only Evie could have seen his eyes go wide with wonder and amazement as his fingers circled around the edge of the butt plug, she might have had some idea about his long term plans. But she was out of this world, sent into an orbit of ecstasy as Marcus swirled his tongue around her swollen clit.

He had expected her to be horny, even breathless with desperation, and he had a fair idea his concoction would increase the pleasure she felt from anal stimulation, making it more likely she would yield to his desire to finally fuck his ex’s sweet little ass. But this frantic, wanton and absolute need for sex, and her willing use of the butt plug he’d sent her, was, well, miraculous.

Naturally his cock had grown rock hard while Evie slammed his face with her quivering pussy. Removing one hand from her hips, he began to reach down for his belt buckle. Ravenous, and now better able to push herself down harder onto Marcus’ magic tongue, Evie pushed even harder against the man’s face. This extra pressure and friction, as well as the slurping and sucking of his desperate attempts to breath, began to send Evie along the rumbling path to a major orgasm.

The hot, slick feeling of her ex’s lips and tongue lashing her juicy cunt sent jolts to all the sensitive parts of her body. Her asshole began to clench around the butt plug she still wore; her nipples, standing out against her shirt like buttons, felt like they were melting through the fabric. But the fire deep in her belly was just starting to boil. She kept whimpering obscenities as she rocked back and forth, each sway taking her closer and closer to the edge. All Evie could think of was the pleasure rolling forward out of her pussy and clit, spilling down Marcus’ face and dripping off his chin onto his lab coat.

Evie reached down with one hand and lifting her cunt just an inch off Marcus’ face she slid three fingers deep into her pussy. She came immediately. Just like when she finger-fucked herself in the shower earlier that day girl-cum erupted from her sloppy hole, and all over unsuspecting Marcus. Evie had never squirted for him before, and the jet after jet of sweet, sex nectar that flowed from her pussy now could only have been from his experiments on her.

The girl began to tremble as she rode out the shattering orgasm, never stopping the furious assault on her own pussy with her hand. She came in a non-stop gush for almost a minute, only stopping when Marcus pushed her off, and was finally able to take his belt off. Evie was still caught up in the bliss of her orgasm, but her new libido was unstoppable, and she wasn’t finished just yet. As if she was outside her own body Evie knew she only had a few moments before the hazy lust that over took her would reassert its grip over her sensitive body. She turned to face Marcus.

“What the fuck just happened? What have you done to me? What the fuck?!” She demanded, not knowing exactly what questions to ask. Marcus seemed to ignore her, and after grabbing a nearby tuzla escort bayan notepad began to scribble down some observations.

“Remarkable. It seems that the fog phases are cyclical, resetting after climax, and culminating in total sexual aggression.” He mumbled, and then wiped some of her juices off his chin with back of her hand. “The vaginal discharge was certainly unexpected, perhaps a function of the heightened pelvic muscle activity combined with the deliberate increases to lubrication flow.”

As he spoke the full extent of his interference with her body dawned on the poor, horny girl. Evie gave out a single, heavy sob, drawing Marcus’ attention back to her.

“You… you changed me? Into some depraved sex maniac who needs to fuck all the time to stay sane?” Her voice choked toward the end of the sentence. Then, gasping, Evie felt the force of her desires begin to return to her, and knew that this time having her pussy licked out would not be enough. Immediately Evie understood the only thing that could possibly bring her back to herself, and let her question Marcus with a clear head, was to be fucked in all her holes until she came.

Marcus knew she was moving into the second stage of her ‘sexual aggression’, and removed his pants, letting his hard cock spring out. He was an average length and width, but knew that Evie was capable of handling much larger artillery in her current state. With a quick movement he pulled a flesh colored circle of silicon out of his pocket and began to roll it down his cock like a condom. As soon as he reached the bottom of his shaft he hissed through his teeth. Evie, who was trying desperately to fight the overflowing lust rising up through her, watched as he out on the condom, but her eyes grew wide as she saw what happened next.

Marcus’ cock almost doubled in girth, and grew at least 3 inches longer. He now had a weapon that would intimidate any girl, rampaging nymphomaniac or not. Smiling at his work, he answered Evie’s unspoken question.

“This condom is made of a bioplastic, similar to the one that butt plug-“, he pointed to her ass, “is made of. However, mine doesn’t change libido exactly, it rewires the pathways between my cock and the pleasure centers of my brain. I can consciously control the size and shape of my dick, keep it hard for as long as I want, and cum as many times as I want with no recovery period.” He smiled at this last part, acknowledging that as past lovers the sex between them often lasted far longer that Evie wanted anyway.

“It also has an interesting relationship with the new chemicals in your body. Did you feel your mind clear a little when you first put that butt plug in?” He asked her. Evie nodded dumbly, not taking her eyes off the huge cock hanging in front of her. “Whenever it makes contact with a semi-permeable membrane, like your pussy, your ass or your mouth, it slows the build-up of your next episode of peak sexual aggression. If you’re already experiencing your peak, like you are now, its touch will shoot straight to the hormone centers of your body, and you’ll produce even more of the new chemical I gave you, locking you even more rigidly into these little cycles.”

Evie heard all his words but couldn’t connect anything in her mind except her own holes and this terrifying cock.

“Fuck me. Fuck me fuck me fuck me!” She whispered frantically, her eyes damp with frustration, hopelessness, desperation and absolute longing.

Knowing that there would be plenty more time for clever explanations later, Marcus took off his shirt and moved in on his prize.

“Stand up, and put your hands on the lounge, ass in the air.” He demanded. Evie, so foggy with lust she could only repeat ‘fuck me’ again and again, did what he asked without hesitation. Standing with her ass high in the air exposed to him she continued pleading to be filled, to be fucked and made to cum again and again with his unbelievable tool.

Marcus massaged her swollen pussy from below with his left hand, and gently grasped the butt plug with his right. He manipulated it gently, twisting and turning the toy, watching her little ring expand and contract as he played with her. Evie was in ecstasy. The toy’s movement against the new sensitivity of her asshole was the most intense thing she’d experienced so far, and with all the new sensations dazzling her body this was a big deal.

He pulled the butt plug out just enough so that her asshole was stretched to its widest and paused.

“How long has this been in your ass for?” he quietly asked, holding perfectly still.

Evie was breathing short and shallow, but still managed a reply.

“Since… ughh… since this morning. About… ohhhh… about 2 hours.” She finally managed to get out.

“In that case, this you might react badly to this next bit.” He yanked the butt plug the rest of the way, and as soon as Evie’s cute little asshole broke contact with the toy, her body began to buzz like a swarm of bees. Suddenly the full force of the sex escort tuzla fog that was clouding her mind and judgment was revealed. The butt plug had held back the worst of it, leaving her devastatingly horny but still herself. All that was gone now. Without the calming chemical agents embedded in that silicone sex toy Evie devolved to pure, animal, sex.

In a way it was lucky that there was a massive cock hard and ready to fuck her back into the real world. But really, luck had nothing to do with it. Her transition into a raging beast was complete, and now there was only one thing left to do: fuck her. Fuck her until she cummed down.

Evie wheeled round from the lounge with the force of a wild thing and pushed Marcus onto the ground. Before he even steady himself she jumped down onto him, and grabbing his massive cock roughly. Gracelessly she placed the giant tool on her still puckered asshole, and shifting her weight began to slide herself down on him.

Sparks shot all through her abdomen. This was pure pleasure. This was the divine, grace, nirvana, ecstasy, the endgame. As Marcus’ unnaturally huge cock pushed into her ass Evie’s brain could hardly keep up with the signals of pleasure coming in from across her body. As soon as she bottomed out she began to raise herself back up, but now there was no stopping her. Marcus may have had an infinite penis, but it was Evie who now had an infinite lust. She rode him hard enough bruises began to welt on his thighs. Her grip on his shoulders was so tight her nails cut into him. All the while her pussy gushed wave after wave of sloppy girl-cum all over his abdomen.

Evie’s head was filled with images of cocks and cum and pussy spasms and assholes gaping and strong hands slamming her hips back onto muscular men. She pried one hand from Marcus’ shoulder and began to slosh her pussy with her fingers, mashing her giant clit with her thumb. Every second with that massive cock buried in her ass and her hand sliding over her cunt brought her closer to her second orgasm of the session, and fifth for the day so far. And it wasn’t even lunchtime.

She bounced up and down on her ex so quickly her sight began to blur. She was getting close. As her little ass ring grew loose with the assault, Evie managed to regain a small space in her mind where she could think.

What the fuck is going on? I don’t want Marcus fucking my ass! Her internal monologue whimpered.

Must fuck. Must milk the cum from his balls with my ass. I need to cum. I need to make him cum. I need to fuck everything and cum and lick sex-juices from his cock and fuck him again.

Evie was shocked she could even think things like that, but every time her ass cheek slapped Marcus’ thighs, his cock at least 9 inches deep into her, she understood that particular side of her was in control.

I fucking hate Marcus, she thought to herself.

Not long, not far, not far, going to cum, ohh fuck! The other half of her mind replied.

The slither of her mind that was still in control had an idea. Evie was a passenger in her own body now, her sex drive had taken over, and it was so close to cumming. She knew if she could focus, the power of her orgasm might give her enough space to make her move.

The friction of the cock in her ass was becoming overwhelming. Any second now Evie was going to gush with an orgasm she couldn’t imagine, and the part of her that remembered who she used to be was ready.

Slamming herself down on his cock one more time Evie began to climax. Seizing the moment, she took control of her body and between the first and second spasm of her orgasm thrust herself forward, landing a knee either side of Marcus’ head, and her crotch right over his mouth. Furiously strumming her clit she rode out her orgasm. By the third spasm her pussy began to dribble out fluid, and by the fourth spasm she was cumming in gush of pussy juice.

Marcus lay pinned down between the thighs of the sex machine he’d created, and Evie was going to try and drown him in her own girl-cum.

It wasn’t a great plan, but when your mind is clouded with alien hormones, and when the man who did it to you has his mouth clamped on your cunt, and when you know you’re about to squirt harder than ever before…

A few seconds into the sloppy, wet orgasm, Marcus began to sense trouble. Evie was far more vigorous than he had expected, and his mouth was filling with her juices. She threw a punch at him just below his ribs, forcing him to gasp and begin to gag on his mouthful. His coughing and spluttering was drowned out by Evie’s non-stop moaning, which continued louder and louder as she rode out the impossibly long orgasm quaking her body.

She lost count of how many streams of creamy girl-cum she had forced down his throat, but it was clear as her orgasm faded that it wasn’t enough to kill him. The intensity of her orgasm helped clear some of the fog in her mind, but she still needed more.

Rolling off Marcus, who was still trying to process the punishment she’d dealt him, Evie wrapped her arms around her legs, simpering weakly. She didn’t want to feel like this. He had done this to her. Totally unaware of her motions she slid one hand down to play with her pussy.

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