Şubat 18, 2021

Gail’s Adventure

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My friend Gail came home from work one day, entering the backyard through the gate as she usually did when she heard people in the pool. She expected to see her daughter. Dena, and some friends lounging or swimming. That is basically what she saw, but there was also something she never expected. Paul was standing between two lounge chairs where Dena and her friend Lana sat laughing and staring. Gail immediately saw what they were staring at. Paul’s bathing trunks bulged out obscenely, showing a prominent and quite large erection straining his trunks.

Gail stopped in her tracks, totally stunned and unable to move. When the gate slammed closed behind her, the sound sent Paul spinning around, trying to hide his erection even before he looked to see what caused the sound. Dena and Lana spun around to look. Joey was sitting in another chair already facing the gate. All four kids turned pale, but no worse than Gail did.

“”Hi, kids,” Gail managed, along with a feeble wave. Somehow her mind was still trying to comprehend what her eyes had just seen. She didn’t have any idea what to say, and instead walked quickly to the back door and slipped inside. She wondered what the hell had been going on? And what the hell would have happened if she had come home later?

Gail’s mind was racing. She and Dena had always had a very open relationship, including – especially – when it came to sex. Dena had made it to 18 and all through high school without losing her virginity. Certainly she had experimented a bit. She told her mom the first time she had seen a penis. She even got some pointers on giving blow jobs. How many Moms did that for their daughters? But this kind of thing was different.

“How was it different?” Gail thought to herself. She finally decided that it was different because it was in a group situation. That, and the fact that she had actually seen it for herself. She told herself to calm down. Nothing really bad had happened. They were laughing at Paul’s erection, that’s all. Not making fun of it, that’s for sure. She had seen the large bulge, and was very impressed. Probably the girls had been teasing the guys and saw Paul’s erection, and that’s all there was to it. Heavens, Gail knew her daughter had done much more. She had just overreacted. She calmed herself down, and by the time the kids came into the house she made them feel relaxed and normal.

“Time to eat,” she said. Nothing made things calmer and more normal than food, especially to teenagers.

Gail put a plate of sloppy joes in the center of the table and passed a bag of chips around. The kids seemed fine, all the nervous tension gone. They talked loudly and brashly, including some off color language and comments. Gail put up with that, so it was perfectly normal. In fact she liked it. Often she joined in. Secretly, it made her feel like a teenager again. She sometimes worried if she was being too liberal with Dena, but she thought she had turned out very, very well.

“Mrs. Ray, you look very sexy in that outfit,” said Joey. It was a normal comment – one any of them could have made, and often had. All the kids agreed, and Gail felt good. She was only 36, ate carefully, and went to the gym regularly. She was proud of her body, and glad to have these young people give her some feedback.

The other kids mumbled their agreement, with Paul being the loudest. That brought a couple more comments about him being attracted to her, as well as most any female, it seemed. Everyone got very quite after someone made the comment, “Be careful Paul will get a big erection again.”

Normally that comment would cause nothing but a little giggle, but suddenly everyone in the room thought back at the display Gail had walked in on. They had all ignored it as if it hadn’t happened, but now they were all thinking about it again, wondering what would happen.

Gail finally broke the tension. “It’s okay, Paul. I saw it, and it’s okay.”

Everyone breathed a little easier, feeling the tension released. Then Gail leaned over, gave Paul a little kiss on the head, and said, “In fact, it looked mighty impressive to me!”

It took just a couple of seconds for everyone to be sure they understood what was said, then they all erupted in laughter. Gail smiled and turned back to the kitchen while the kids enjoyed the moment. Unfortunately, it would lead to many other comments and more in the future.

*** Gail’s husband was a plastic surgeon. That is, her ex-husband. She had married at 18, he was a little older, and she became pregnant right away. He made a lot of money. He was evidently very good at his job. Also at seducing women, as at least two of his patients became his mistresses. After his third affair she divorced him, keeping this gorgeous house and the large in-ground pool. That had been great, because it caused her daughter and various friends to hang out there a lot. It was good to get to know her friends, and to keep an eye on what they were doing. Not that Gail was very strict with what they casino şirketleri did. That was another reason they hung out there a lot. But she did keep up with what went on, so she had to ask.

“Just what was going on when I walked in?” Gail asked Dena after everyone else had gone.

Dena laughed. “Nothing really, Mom. We were just, you know, making a few dirty comments about breasts, and – well – do you know what tit-fucking is?”

Now it was Gail’s turn to laugh. “Yes, dear, I know what it is. Do you? I mean have you ever?”

“NO!” Dena answered, a little shocked. “No,” she said again, more calmly. “I think I would have mentioned that to you! Do guys really like that?”

“Well, yes,” Gail said. “Some of them, anyway. Of course, some guys will like anything you can think of – and a lot that you can’t think of. Just remember, whatever people do should be enjoyable for them both.”

“I know, Mom. And I think Paul must like tit-fucking, or at least thinks he does, because – well you saw how he reacted when we mentioned it.”

Gail smiled, and Dena continued. “Then when we saw his, ah, reaction, we made him stand there and give us a good look. That’s when you came in.”

“What if I hadn’t come home just then?”

“What do you mean? Nothing else was going to happen. We were just enjoying the sight. He seemed pretty big, didn’t he?”

She really was asking. Gail said, “From what I saw he is very large. One of the largest I have seen, though I couldn’t tell exactly how big.”

She saw that Dena was thinking deeply about something. “How many penises have you seen?” she asked her daughter.

“Just the two boys you know about – Danny and Trevor. Oh, and Bobby, when he stripped and ran through Beth’s party.”

Gail knew Danny was Dena’s blowjob, and Trevor was just some petting and stroking. “And how did they compare to Paul’s?”

Dena’s eyes got large as she said. “Wow,Paul seemed sooo much bigger. I think… I’d really like to see it for real.”

Gail didn’t like hearing that from her daughter, but she understood. She already had pictured what his dick might look like several times in her own mind. Of course Dena would be curious as well.

“Oh, you would, would you? Just stare at it?”

“MOM!” Dena was a little embarrassed. “Well, yes, sort of. But I think he likes me. We’ve been good friends, but I think he’s going to ask me out.”

“And how do you feel about him?”

“Oh, he’s really nice. And funny. I like him. I really want him to ask me out.”

“Not just because of his penis?” Gail teased.



It wasn’t long before Paul did ask Dena out. They had been out a couple times when one evening they came home from a date and were sitting in her living room. Dena knew her mom was in her room, and she knew that Gail wouldn’t interrupt her. She had often brought dates to her home, and her mom always gave her privacy. It was nice that she had a safe place to go, safe from strangers as well as a date who might get too carried away, instead of some parked car or something. And her dates never knew that they had another person just a few feet away.

Gail was relaxing in her room, listening to her ipod as she usually did in case her daughter brought a date home for a while. She didn’t know they were there until she heard a noise, then got up to check. Opening her bedroom door slightly gave a perfect view into the living room. She saw her daughter and Paul on the couch, but just as she went to turn around she saw Dena slide off the couch onto the floor.

Dena had been blocking Gail’s view. Now she could plainly see Paul’s dick, sticking straight up out of his lap, his pants around his ankles. Dena had slid onto the floor and kneeled right in front of him. Her blouse was unbuttoned, and her bra was unfastened and pulled free of her breasts. She reached into Paul’s lap and wrapped her hand around his erection.

His dick looked as big as Gail had thought it might be. Perhaps bigger. She knew she shouldn’t keep looking, but Paul’s dick had her attention. Not only was it possibly the largest one she had seen, it was definitely the best looking. She would actually describe it as pretty, and Gail did not think dicks looked very nice in general. She liked them. She loved them. But she didn’t think they looked especially nice. Paul’s, however, was pretty.

She loved looking at it sticking up, pulsing when the hand squeezed it, pulsing again when the hand stroked slowly up the smooth, hard shaft. The head was beginning to turn darker, especially when the hand squeezed tightly near the tip.

Gail was startled when she realized she was having these thoughts about her daughter’s hand squeezing Paul’s dick. She had been so enthralled with his dick that she forgot it was her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend that she was spying on. But she couldn’t stop herself. She was turned on by this scene, so much that she couldn’t tear herself away. It was like she was observing a casino firmaları play or a movie, and the kids were actors, not someone she knew. Especially her own daughter.

Gail watched as Dena leaned closer toward Paul’s dick. She then started licking the head. Light, tender licks, followed by longer, harder ones just around the fleshy tip. Then she began licking the shaft, up and down, and back to the head again. Gail’s mind reflected on how well Dena was following the instructions Gail had given her a few months before, then was disgusted with herself as she realized again that she was spying on her daughter giving head. But still she was unable to pull away from the scene.

Gail continued to watch as Dena parted her lips and took the tip of Paul’s dick into her mouth. She could even tell that Dena was swirling her tongue around the head, and working just a little more inside her mouth. “How can she fit that big dick much further in?” Gail thought to herself. Her mind had pretty much given up the thought of who she was watching by know. Her hand had reached in between her legs and was now stroking her pussy.

Dena was working hard to keep Paul’s dick in her mouth. She tried to work more of the shaft inside, but it was a slow process. His dick seemed even bigger inside her mouth than it looked. Her hands gripped his shaft, pumping the six or so inches that was not in her mouth. Paul had his head back on the couch, loving what was being done to him. When he looked down at Dena, they smiled. Mostly Dena’s eyes smiled, because her mouth was stretched about as far as it could go. Still, she kept working at licking the head and whatever shaft was inside her mouth, and pumping the shaft as well.

As she was pumping, Paul’s dick seemed to grow even more, and get harder. He was getting close to exploding. Gail’s hand was reaching inside her panties, finding the wetness there and spreading it onto her clit as she rubbed it. She hadn’t seen many porn films, but this was better than they had been.

Paul reached around Dena’s head, holding onto the back of it with both hands. He looked as if he was in pain, but good pain. Getting ready to cum, he was nearly out of his mind it felt so good. He bent forward a little, and pulled his hands and arms tighter, forcing Dena’s head further onto his cock. Dena’s eyes bulged out as she felt his cock pushing further into her mouth. There wasn’t room for much more. She tried to fight back, pulling her head away, but Paul’s strong hands wouldn’t allow it. Dena was now just trying to breath as his cock filled her mouth completely, forcing its way in. Paul pulled her head harder and harder into his lap as he felt his orgasm coming closer. Dena’s hands now were off his cock, pushing on his legs in an attempt to keep herself away from him, to keep herself from being impaled on his cock.

They were both moaning, Paul wishing his orgasm would finally explode, Dena because his cock was forcing its way to the back of her throat. Finally with a loud groan, Paul exploded. His cum roared out of his cock and into his girlfriend’s throat. Dena’s eyes bugged out even further as she felt her throat fill with his cum. Now she couldn’t breath at all. Nor could she swallow. She felt like she was going to run out of breath and die while impaled on this hard cock in her mouth, but the moment passed as Paul’s grip lightened on her head after the first couple spurts, and she was able to pull her head back. Another spurt and she was able to pull her mouth entirely off his cock.

Dena was gasping for air. Deep breaths brought blessed air into her lungs. She also swallowed Paul’s cum as she tried to clear her throat and gasp for more air. One of Paul’s remaining spurts shot cum onto her face, but she didn’t seem to notice. As she was able to breath again, she again was drawn to the cock in front of her. It was still oozing cum and looking angry, though it was much softer now than it had been moments before when it nearly suffocated her.

Dena reached up with one hand to enircle the dick. Paul moaned as her hand stroked it, helping to coax more cum out of the tip. After a few strokes he opened his eyes to look down at her again. They smiled. She reached her head towards his dick, and flicked her tongue out to lick the cum hanging off the head. He groaned again at that, but was too weak for anything else. She felt his dick spasm a few times as she licked the shaft a little more and finished him off. He was drained.

Dena then wiped her hand across her face, just noticing the cum on her. She had one big glob on her cheek, dripping down, and some leaking out of her mouth that she hadn’t been able to swallow. That was the last Gail saw as she backed away from the door before she could be discovered.

Fleetingly, the thought of it being her own daughter crossed her mind again – kneeling on the floor with that big cock in her mouth, seeing her with cum dripping from her face – but she drove the pictures away as she sunk into her chair. Pulling güvenilir casino her panties aside, she attacked her clit with one hand while her other hand went to her pussy. She put a finger deep inside her vagina, then two fingers, until she felt hot tingles all over, especially in her pussy, and could hardly keep still as her orgasm erupted. Slumping in the chair and biting her lip, she came in waves, one of the longer ones she could remember.

She had not quite recovered when she pushed herself out of the chair and onto the bed, reaching into the drawer of her nightstand and pulling out a dildo. Not even getting it wet first, she plunged it into her sopping pussy with a groan that surprised her. Reminding herself to be quiet, she worked the dildo in and out of her channel, quickly pushing herself to the edge again. It wasn’t her favorite dildo, but it was the one she grabbed first, and it was doing a great job. Very quickly she hit another orgasm, rocking back and forth on the bed, biting her lip to remain quiet, as her body was wracked with spasm after spasm.

She finally calmed down. She found herself sprawled out on the bed, not really remembering just how she ended up like that. The dildo was still deep inside her, so she slowly pulled it out, creating a couple more shudders from inside her pussy. It hit her that she had just had two incredible orgasms caused by watching her daughter, and of course watching that large, beautiful cock that her boyfriend had.

No, there she went again, thinking of his dick, and her daughter working it, as if it wasn’t wrong. The more she calmed down the more ashamed she was, as she thought of how wrong it was to even watch, let alone get so sexually excited by it. How would she ever face Dena? Well, Dena didn’t know that she had been watched, did she? Gail would just pretend she hadn’t heard – or seen – a thing.


The next morning was a Sunday, a slow moving day. Gail hadn’t slept well. She was bothered by spying on her daughter, but in spite of herself she couldn’t stop feeling a little tingle in her pussy when she thought about Paul’s dick. She was sitting on the deck with her second Bloody Mary when Dena came out to join her.

“Good morning,” Dena said, brightly.

“Hi, Honey. How are you?” Gail had to struggle to act normally.

“Good,” Dena replied.

“How was your date?” She couldn’t help herself.

“It was good.” Dena acted as if everything was normal.

After a short silence, Gail just had to continue. “Have you and Paul… done anything yet?”

“You mean have sex?” It seemed so much easier for Dena to talk about sex. Especially this morning, Gail thought, feeling very guilty.

“No,” Dena continued. “I don’t know if we will. Paul is really nice. He’s a sweetheart. But I don’t think I like him in that way.”

“Even with a dick as big as his?” Gail hadn’t meant to say that. It just came blurting out.

“Mom! Is that all you think about when you think of him?”

Oh, if she only knew. More guilty feelings started, then she noticed Dena was starting to smile.

Gail answered carefully, “Of course not, dear. But by that smile it looks like you’ve thought of it a lot.”

“Oh, Mom!” Dena moved closer, as if ready to share a secret. And she was. “Last night I saw it. I had felt it through his pants before, but last night I saw it, naked and up close.”

Gail felt a twinge between her legs, and tried not to act turned on or guilty, two emotions that were struggling inside her at the moment.

“Oh,” Dena continued, sensing something strange in her mother’s reaction. “Am I sharing too much?” She giggled.

Straining to sound normal, Gail assured her it was fine.

Dena kept talking, rapidly. “Well, I wouldn’t give a lot of details, but I do have some questions about it.”

“Shoot.” Gail winced as she said this because it made her picture Paul’s dick erupting. Not something she should share with her daughter.

“Well, we came back to the house last night…”

“Oh?” Gail said, trying to act surprised.

“Yes, we weren’t sure where to go, and I was thinking of getting a little intimate. So we came here and… well, we did get intimate.”

“Go on,” Gail encouraged.

“He was groping me, of course.” They smiled at each other. They both knew that a sexy girl like Dena had gotten felt up on most of her dates. As much as Dena allowed, and she allowed at least some most of the time.

“Anyway, he had me undone on top, and I was feeling him, and we both sort of got his pants off. My God, it seemed big!” Her eyes bugged out like they had last night, though not as much.

Gail thought she was getting moist between her legs. “So it is the biggest you’ve seem?”

“Oh, my, yes. By far. I don’t know how big they get, but I can’t imagine much bigger than his. I could barely…” She paused, then continued on a little less excited. “well, I could barely get my hand around it, and… well, I gave him a blowjob.”

Gail tried maintaining no expression on her face.

“That’s what I wanted to ask about.”

Gail said, “Okay. But we already talked about doing that.”

“I know. But… this was different. I mean, I licked it and stroked it.”

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