Mart 13, 2021

Futa’s Wild Passion 11: Futa’s Incestuous Fashion Show

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Futa’s Wild Passion

Chapter Eleven: Futa’s Incestuous Fashion Show

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Note: Thanks to FallenAngelX00 for beta reading this!

We were caught by Adele, the salesgirl at Girls, Inc. She stared at my mother and I wrapped up in a passionate, incestuous embrace. My futa-cock pumped the last spurt of cum into my mom’s writhing pussy, the pleasure rippling through my mind turning into fear.

We were busted.

“What the fuck!” Adele hissed. “You can’t do that here! And I thought she was your mother!”

I didn’t know what to do. I trembled, my futa-cock buried in my mother’s pussy. I broke away from her, ripping my massive clit-dick out of my mom’s snatch. A flare of pleasure slid down my shaft, sensitive from my orgasm. I hit the opposite wall of the narrow changing room, my naked breasts rising and falling.

“Get dressed and get out of here, perverts!” Adele continued, her short, pink hair swaying about her face flushed red with embarrassed anger. Her blue eyes swam with shock. Light glinted off her silver nose ring.

“This… I…” I struggled to form words.

“Now before I call security and have you arrested!” Adele continued. “What is wrong with you both?”

My mom, her large tits heaving, snagged Adele and pulled her into the changing room. The salesgirl, in her early twenties, gasped out in shock. She stumbled into my mother’s naked body, the salesgirl’s face almost planting into my mom’s tits.

“What the fuck!” Adele gasped.

My mom, to my utter surprise, was calm. Even composed. We just had sex and she wasn’t freaking out now? Her blonde hair fell around her flushed and mature face. We had been overcome by our hormones, by our wanton need for each other. We both wanted the other, but my mom had been ashamed of it. Once I let her know it was okay to act on her desires—I thought she was talking about her lesbian relationship with her dominating boss which went against her Christian beliefs on homosexuality—she sprang on me.

Now she was being bold again as she said, “What do you want, Adele?”

The salesgirl shifted and blurted out, “Huh? What are you doing?”

“What do you want?” my mom said. There was this strength in her I knew she possessed, but I had rarely seen. Her daughter was in trouble, and she was going into this mama-bear protection mode. I bit my lip as my mom turned Adele around and had her staring at my naked girl. “There’s a futa here.”

“Mom!” I gasped. This was how she was protecting me? By offering me to Adele as a bribe?

“I heard you talking,” my mom continued. “How you were addressing my daughter. The way you kept glancing at her crotch. She turned you on. You were all but drooling over her.”

“No, I wasn’t,” gasped Adele. “I was just giving customer service.

“Liar,” purred my mom. She had a husky quality to her voice. “She’s right there. Naked. Don’t tell me you don’t want to do things with her.”

“Mom!” I gasped in shock. “You’re pimping me out?”

My mother gave me a penetrating look. “Honey, you were on me too fast. You’ve been having sex, haven’t you?”

“Yeah,” I said.

“And I saw you check out Adele, too.” She flashed me this understanding “mom” smile. “I was a girl your age, too. I checked out the boys all the time.”

My cheeks burned at hearing that. I’d just made passionate love with my mother, but hearing her talk about flirting and checking out boys was embarrassing. Up until Sunday, a mere two days ago, she’d been a sexless being to me. My mother. Nothing more. Now she was a woman. A hot MILF that made me hard while simultaneously being the woman who’d birthed me.

“So, Adele, what would you like,” my mother purred. “This is your chance to enjoy my futa-daughter. You don’t have to be jealous that she wanted her sexy mommy. She wants you, too. Her doctor told me she’d have an increased libido. That there was no helping it.”

I flushed a little more; she made it sound like the fact I turned into a sex-crazed girl was a disease and not because girls were so hot with their breasts and tight asses and yummy pussies and…

Okay, maybe I was sex-crazed now. But, still, it didn’t feel like a disease. It felt right. I wasn’t going to be ashamed of being a futanari. I was going to embrace my clit-dick and have as much fun with it I could.

“Come on, Adele,” my mother purred. “Don’t hold back.”

“I like anal,” Adele said.

That made my mother’s sultry look of seduction slip from her face. She blinked, clearly shocked by such an admission. I was, too.

“I love having my asshole stuffed with cocks and toys,” Adele continued, her eyes flicking to my dick covered in my mother’s incestuous cream. “The bigger, the better. Nothing like having my butthole stretched and stretched until I just can’t take it.”

“Well, uh, I mean, I’m sure my daughter would like to try anal and…” Mom’s words trailed off as she stared at me. “You’ve already had anal sex?”

“Well, I mean, there are some girls with some cute asses at my college. And Wendy wanted to try it…” I blushed.

“And while your futa-daughter is fucking me up the ass,” Adele said, her confidence swelling, “I want to lick her cum out of your pussy. Creampies are my second favorite thing in the world.”

“Oh, my, that’s very naughty,” purred my mother. “Mmm, well, I mean, I guess I can’t say no to that. I’ve, uh… enjoyed having my pussy eaten.”

I smiled. So Ms. Petrov, my mom’s dominating boss, at least returned the favor. I’d heard my mom eating out her boss before getting fucked by a strap-on not an hour ago. On our way the mall, my mom had been called in for an “emergency computer problem” and had to go service her boss’s motherboard. I just didn’t think that involved so much licking.

“Then we have a deal,” Adele said. “God, you two really are mother and daughter and you’re fucking. That’s hot.”

“I carried her for nine months,” my mom purred.

“Sorry for freaking out, I was just pissed you were fucking in the store and leaving me out and probably getting me in trouble.” Adele fell to her knees before my mother. She thrust her ass out at me as she leaned her head in towards my mother’s face.

“Won’t you still get in trouble for this?” I asked.

“But I’ll get to fuck a futa and lick her cum out of her mother’s pussy? That’s like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Can’t pass this up over a dumb job.”

Adele pressed her face into my mother’s golden bush. The salesgirl’s dyed-pink hair brushed my mother’s thighs. Mom gasped, a look of pleasure crossing her face as the naughty clerk licked and lapped up the incestuous mix of my cum and Mom’s pussy cream.

The lust shot down my cock to my cunt. I whimpered and then fell to my knees. I flipped up Adele’s black, flirty skirt and smiled at the sight of her black thong buried between her butt-cheeks. The cloth molded to her pussy lips. I saw little impressions like rings.

“Are your pussy lips pierced?” I gasped ripping her thong to the side and exposing her shaved folds. My virgin cunt clenched at the sight of the gold rings piercing her pussy lips. “Oh, my god, they are! That’s so hot!”

I wanted to fuck her pussy, but we made a deal. I yanked her thong out of her crack, dragging the stretching material over her pale rump. I pulled her left butt-cheek to the side, exposing her asshole, and smiled. I brought my pussy-soaked dick to her sphincter.

“Mmm, fuck her up the ass, Jenny,” purred my mother. She had this wicked gleam in her blue eyes. Her large breasts had a plump jiggle about them. They swayed back and forth. “Give the naughty salesgirl what she craves.”

“Yes,” Adele moaned. “Oh, god, Mrs. Riter, your pussy tastes amazing full of your futa-daughter’s cum. This is hot.”

“Yes, it is!” I groaned, savoring my first threesome with my mother.

I pressed my cock against that tight asshole. The velvety, puckered flesh caressed my throbbing tip. Mom moaned, her breasts jiggling as she squirmed her hips from side to side. Her eyes fluttered as Adele feasted on her. I pushed on the girl’s sphincter, feeling her asshole widening.

That brown ring widened to swallow the pink tip of my cock. The rough delight of velvety ass embarrassed my cock. It was such a wonderful thing to experience. Just an absolute thrill. It had me trembling in delight. This wonderful heat that would melt through my body. I groaned, my cunt clenching at the bliss flowing down my cock.

“Adele!” I whimpered, sinking more and more of my futa-dick into her tight bowels. “Oh, wow, you feel amazing.”

“I’m glad you love it!” she moaned, her asshole squeezing around me.

Mom gasped. “Adele! You naughty girl. This isn’t the first pussy you’ve licked clean.”

“But the first one belonging to a hot MILF with her daughter’s cum filling her.” Adele clenched her bowels around my dick. “Fuck me, your daughter’s hung. That’s a huge cock she’s got. Damn, I love it!”

“Yes, she’s wonderful,” Mom said, glancing at me and smiling.

I smiled back at her, reveling in this wonderful passion. The heat swelled through my body. I groaned as my cock vanished fully into the salesgirl’s bowels. My fiery bush rubbed against her butt-cheeks. She wiggled her hips and stirred her hips around, polishing my cock.

I groaned, loving every moment of being in her. It was incredible. The pleasure flowed through my body. This hot and wicked heat that would have me fucking Adele’s bowels hard and fast. I drew back my hips, her flesh clinging to me.

I moaned in delight.

My virgin pussy clenched, drinking in the heat.

My round breasts quivered.

“Oh, yes, Jenny!” my mom moaned, staring at me. “You love being in her asshole!”

“It’s so hot, Mom!” I panted. “You’re going to love it when I fuck your ass!”

“I bet I will, honey!” she moaned, her hips undulating. She smeared her hot cunt and blonde bush on Adele’s hungry face.

I could hear the pink-haired girl licking and lapping at my mother’s cunt, cleaning out all my futa-cum. izmir escort bayan It sent such a wild lust through me. I thrust hard and fast. I pumped away with my girl-dick, slamming to the hilt in her again and again.

I reveled in this thrill. In the wonderful delight of buggering the salesgirl as she feasted on my mother’s taste. I stared at my mom’s big tits as they bounced and swayed. She trembled, building towards her own orgasm.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she groaned. “Oh, Adele, get that tongue deep in my pussy. Lick out all my daughter’s cum.”

“Yes!” I gasped, pumping away hard and fast. “Do that! Lick my mom clean!”

My orgasm built at the tip of my girl-dick plundering Adele’s tight asshole. Her velvety flesh squeezed around me. She gripped me with her hot bowels. It was incredible. I moaned, thrusting hard and fast. I reveled in the delicious grip of her asshole. She massaged me. She brought me closer and closer to exploding.

My ovaries drank in the heat coming from my clit-dick. My eyes were locked on my mother’s bountiful breasts. They heaved as she shuddered. Then she threw back her head and moaned in orgasmic delight. Her face twisted in rapture.

“You made my mother cum!” I howled, hammering Adele’s asshole.

“I did!” the naughty girl moaned, her bowels clenching around my plunging futa-dick.

I plowed hard into her asshole. My fiery bush rubbed against her butt-cheeks over and over. My pussy grew hotter. My virgin cunt drank in the velvety heat flowing down my girl-cock. I whimpered, my breast heaving.

“Such good pussy!” moaned the girl. “Oh, yes, I love it! And your cock, Jenny! I love your futa-cock!”

Her asshole convulsed around my cock.

“She’s cumming, Mom!” I moaned, slamming hard into Adele’s writhing bowels.

“Then explode in her, Jenny!” whimpered my mother, her body bucking through her pleasure.

That moment of release built fast. Adele’s asshole massaged my hard cock. She gripped me tight as I rammed to the hilt in her anal depths. The velvety friction caressed my sensitive crown. My pussy drank in the heat.

My ovaries boiled.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I howled as I fired hot cum from my girl-dick.

The jizz spurted with powerful blasts from my girl-cock. My pussy convulsed, waves of rapture mixing with the jolts of ecstasy. I loved it. Stars burst across my vision. I added my moans to theirs. Adele’s velvety asshole spasmed around my girl-dick.

“God, your daughter’s cumming in me!” whimpered Adele. “What a treat!”

“I bet it is!” my mother moaned. “Mmm, just flood her to the hilt, Jenny!”

“Yes, Mom!” I howled, my pussy convulsing. My cock spurted rapture through my body.

I hit that wonderful plateau. My breasts heaved and my red hair kissed my naked shoulders. I hit that amazing peak of bliss. Adele’s bowels drained my ovaries. I sucked in deep breaths, my eyes fluttering.

Then I pulled out of her. I slid my cock out of those tight bowels and stumbled back. I shook my head and then sank down hard on the small bench. The white-painted wood felt cool against my naked ass.

“Oh, my god, that was the best!” groaned Adele, her thong clinging to swell of her right butt-cheek. Cum bubbled out of her asshole. “Mmm, but let’s not do that in here. If you two want to get wild, I know better places.”

My mother laughed. “It was a sort of… impromptu thing. We just lost control of ourselves.”

“Pure, carnal lust,” I said, smiling at my mom. It was wonderful to fuck her. I buzzed from the orgasms.

We all dressed, and I gathered my new clothes. My skirts and panties would give me an amazing collection of outfits. I couldn’t wait to wear them to my college this week. They would be a delight for my girlfriend and sex friends to find out.

“I’ll give you my employee discount,” Adele said. “Only reason to work here.”

“Thanks,” I said then smiled when she held up her phone. We exchanged numbers “in case I needed another discount.”

Soon, I was stowing my purchases in the trunk of Mom’s car and heading home. I still buzzed from the wild threesome. I shifted in my chair and leaned back. My head gazed out the window as we drove. The sun had set. The streetlamps were on. My stomach was rumbling.

“Why don’t we order some pizza,” Mom said. “I know you girls just had it the other night, but it’s too late to cook.”

“Sure,” I said. I was nineteen; I never said no to pizza.

We were about halfway home when her phone rang. She snagged it up and put it to her ear.

“You shouldn’t talk and drive on the phone,” I said.

She gave me a look as she said, “Hello, Ms. Petrov.”

Hearing her talk to her boss reminded me of what I had been trying to figure out earlier. How to make her overcome her guilt she was feeling with having sex with her female boss. Getting that squared with her Christian belief.

Only, it was her guilt that she was feeling for me, wasn’t it?

“Yes, I got that done, Ms. Petrov,” Mom said, her voice neutral. Not much passion considering she was talking to her lover. “Uh-huh. Okay. I’ll be in early tomorrow. Yes, yes. Okay, by, Ms. Petrov.”

Mom hung up and let out a long sigh.

“So, she needs another, uh, servicing?” I asked, my cheeks warming.

“So you did hear us,” she said, color spotting her cheeks. “I thought I saw cum staining her door.”

“I tried to clean it up,” I muttered. “You knew I masturbated and didn’t say anything?”

“Well, it was hot,” she said, squirming. She smiled. “Knowing you were jerking off to listening to me. But how could I bring that up with you before.”

“Fair enough,” I said. “But you don’t sound too happy about having to see her in the morning.”

“I don’t have to be happy. I’m making money. And that’s all you need to worry about.”

I blinked. “She sounds terrible.”

“Yeah, she’s a bitch,” Mom said. “But it’s why I can afford those new panties for you.”

I squirmed. “Now you’re making me feel bad if you have to put up with your boss and do things for her.”

Mom sighed. “I don’t mean it like that. Don’t worry about it, okay?”

I bit my lip. “What was it she wanted you to do that you were afraid of? I thought it was having sex with her, but then it seemed like it was me. I mean, having sex with me. When I told you it was okay, that I wouldn’t judge you, you pounced on me.”

Mom drove in silence for what felt like an eternity but was probably only ten or so seconds. “When I told her on Sunday that you were a futa after we’d, uh, had sex, she wanted me to seduce you.”

I blinked at that. “Your boss told you to have sex with me? Your own daughter?”

“Yeah,” she said, squirming. I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it. Then when I came home and found you in bed with your sister Allie… Sparks burst inside of me. You were so cute together, both naked, obviously having fallen asleep after making love.”

“You figured it out?” I said, biting my lip. I thought we’d gotten away with it.

“Well, you two have had a complete one-eighty in your behavior towards each other. Even if I hadn’t found you two in bed, I would have wondered.” She glanced at me. “I masturbated in my bedroom after that. Despite all the orgasms Ms. Petrov gave me, I needed more.”

“And the next day you wore thigh-highs and short skirts, offering to take me to college, all that to attract my notice.”

She nodded.

“Wow, Mom, you’re kinky,” I said.

“You thought your mother was an old maid,” she said. “The things your father and I used to do…” She trailed off, looking sad.

I wanted to distract her. “Well, did you know that when you walked in on us we were awake, my dick was in your daughter’s cunt, and I was cumming in her?”

“I had no idea.” She shuddered. “That’s hot.”

“Right?” I said, my dick throbbing in my panties. “So, your boss wanted you to seduce me. What are you going to tell her?”

“The truth.”

There was still something there with my mother and her boss. Something about their relationship didn’t make sense. Before I could figure out how to ask, Mom pulled the car into our driveway and was parking it. She climbed out.

Then Allie was there by my door wrenching it open. “Oh, my god, you guys were gone so long! I’m hungry and I wanted to see your cute clothing and I was all alone.”

“You’re eighteen,” our mother said. “You can handle being alone, Allie. Even feeding yourself.”

“Still,” she said, opening my door, her strawberry-blonde pigtails swaying about her petulant and cute and kissable face. “I want to see some sexy clothes.”

“Why don’t we have your sister put on a little show for us,” said Mom, “while we wait for the pizza to come.”

“Yes!” Allie squealed and then darted back into the house, her short skirt dancing about her lithe thighs. She scampered up the porch stairs and vanished inside.

“That girl must wear you out,” Mom said like we were two friends talking about a relationship and not a mother discussing the incestuous relationship I had with her other daughter.

“She’s fun,” I said, studying her. “Are we…?”

“Probably,” Mom said, a smile on her lips. “I’ll order the pizza, slip on a robe, and then we’ll get started.”

Allie was already waiting on the living room couch. She bounced in place, begging for us to begin. Mom asked where the twins were. “Library! Studying!” was Allie’s answer. “Now let’s go. I want to see some cute panties!”

“I also bought skirts,” I said as Mom spoke on the phone ordering us dinner.

I went into the sitting room and peeled off my skirt and tight panties. It was a relief to get out of them. My futa-dick throbbed and ached as it sprang out, thrusting from the fiery bush of my crotch. I stroked it a few times, shuddering in delight.

“It’ll be an hour for pizza,” Mom said as she headed upstairs.

“Plenty of time to see how cute Jenny is!” Alicia cried. Then, in a lower voice. “And how sexy.”

I smiled. This would be fun.

I ***********ed for my first pair of panties the pink ones buca escort with the narrow waistband. I had also bought this style in light-blue and purple, but I went with the cutest. I slid them up, trembling as I donned my first pair of panties designed to cup a girl-dick. I worked them higher and higher until I pulled them up and over my cock.

My hardon still didn’t quite fit. Not when I was erect, but they were roomier in the front while still being dainty and feminine. Just because I had a big clit-dick didn’t mean I couldn’t wear the sexiest and cutest lingerie.

I grabbed the skirt with the diagonal cut to the hem. It started high on my left hip, exposing a tantalizing amount of thigh, then slashed down to past the midpoint to my knee on my right side. It was so striking.

“Hurry up!” Allie shouted.

“Mom’s getting comfortable,” I answered. “I’ll come out when she’s here. She gets to watch, too.”

“Fine,” pouted my little sister.

The stairs creaked. Our mother came downstairs. A flutter of delight washed through me. It was time to show off my naughty skirt and panties. I felt so sexy. My round breasts jiggled in my bra. I bit my lips, staring at my blouse. Should I take it off? Go topless.

No, no, that was too much to start out with.

“Okay, Jenny,” Mom said. “We’re ready for you. Let’s see your new clothes.”

I took a deep breath and sauntered out, a strut to my hips, my skirt bulging with my hardon. I tried to adopt a runway model look, sexy and sultry and aloof all at the same time. I entered the living and found my mother in a pink robe, her large breasts pressing against the silk. Her nipples were hard. She had a hungry look in her blue eyes.

Allie’s matching blue eyes had a wicked gleam in them. Then she said, “You’re wearing the same top.”

I glared at her. “I only bought skirts and panties.” I turned, letting them see the full effect of the skirt. “Isn’t it nice?”

“Ooh, I like it,” Allie said, which made me smile. I wanted her approval a lot. “Turn around, let’s see your butt.”

“Oh, interested in your sister’s butt?” our mother asked.

Allie spluttered, a look of panic crossing her face. “Of course not. Eww, she’s Jenny. I’m just having fun.”

“Well,” Mom said as I turned and bent over slightly, “it does make her rump look nice. Look at it cupping her rear. I bet all the girls will like that at your college.”

“Yeah,” Allie said, her voice tight, muted. “It, uh, it does, Jenny.”

“You think so?” I asked, bending over more. “It’s not too much?”

“No,” Allie said. “I mean, I’m sure your girlfriend will like it.”

“Oh, good, I want the girl I love to enjoy me in this,” I said, looking at her as I bent over. I winked at her.

She shuddered and her face twisted with passion. She wanted to burst out so many things and couldn’t because our mother sat beside her. I couldn’t help doing a little wiggle, shaking my rump at my sister.

Then I straightened up. “Now you should see the panties I got,” I said and unzipped the skirt at my right hip. I paused, holding up the material before it fell off of me. “You do want to see my panties, right? They’re so cute.”

“Well, I mean, I guess,” Allie said, trying to act indifferent.

Mom smiled. She had her hand discreetly on her lap as she watched me, her eyes smoky. Her nipples were so fat against the material. It had been so much fun sucking on her nubs. My futa-dick throbbed and ached.

“If you only guess,” I said, “it doesn’t sound like you want to see them. I just want them to be perfect for the girl I love. I need your opinions.”

“Oh, yeah, then show us,” Allie said. “I’m sure that special girl will love them.”

She squirmed as I dropped my skirt. She bit her lower lip at the sight of the pink panties cupping my cock. The tip peeked out the top because I was hard, twitching and throbbing, beading with my precum.

“It has extra material, but when I get hard, I guess even these can’t contain me,” I said.

“They do look cute on you,” Mom said. “Right, Allie?”

“Yeah,” Allie croaked. “They’re so sexy, Jenny. I mean, I bet your special girl will love them.”

“And look what they do to my butt,” I said, turning around and bending over. The material hugged my rump like a pair of hands.

“What a peachy rump you have, honey,” Mom said. “Mmm, I bet your special girl will love them. Right, Allie.”

“Yeah,” croaked my sister.

“Well, I’ll get the next pair of panties and skirt,” I said and sauntered out of the room.

Our mother winked at me. I stepped into the sitting room and ripped off my panties. The sweet musk of my pussy filled my nose. I shuddered, my dick so hard against my belly. Allie was so focused on me she had no idea that Mom was lusting at me, too.

I went with the cheekies this time. They were cut high in the back, leaving the lower slopes of my ass exposed but cupping along the top and sides. It was like halfway between a thong and a normal pair of panties. I went with the red one I bought. Then I grabbed a black, pleated skirt that swirled about my thighs.

I skipped out into the living room time, my fiery hair dancing, my skirt flaring. I stopped before them and wiggled my hips back and forth. I grinned as Allie licked her lips. My mother had her hand inside her robe now, casually masturbating.

This was so hot. My pussy soaked these panties.

“Look at how playful this skirt is,” I said. “Ooh, I love how it dances as I swivel my hips.” I grabbed the front and flipped it up. “And these panties.”

“Red!” groaned Allie, leaning forward. Her body trembled. Her thighs fidgeted together. She rocked now, her hands pressed in her lap. “That’s so… I mean… Your special girl’s going to find those hot.”

“Mmm,” our mother moaned, clearly rubbing up and down her pussy folds. “Let’s see the backside, Jenny.”

“Yes!” squealed Allie.

I turned around, still shaking my hips. I rocked the skirt from side to side, the pleats dancing over my rump. Then I flipped it up and showed off my ass. Allie let out a groan. Mom a deep moan. They were both watching me, staring at me.

“I’ve never seen panties like these before,” moaned Allie.

“Neither have I,” groaned our mother. “Oh, Allie, don’t they just make your sister’s ass look so hot.”

“Yes,” Allie groaned, squirming. “Makes me want to… to…”

“I know! Ooh, let’s see the next pair!” Mom hissed. “No skirt. Just the panties.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Allie moaned, this feverish lust in her. Then she glanced over at mom. “Holy shit, you’re masturbating.”

“She’s just so sexy, honey!” Mom groaned.

“Oh, my god, you’ve fallen for her, too!” gasped Allie as I sauntered out of the room. “She turned you on while you were clothes shopping. No wonder you guys were gone forever. You fucked her!”

“Yes!” Mom moaned, her voice throaty. “We’ve both enjoyed her cock, haven’t we?”

“Oh, my god, incest is the best!” squealed my little sister.

I ripped off my top the moment I was out of sight. Then I undid my bra, my round breasts spilling out. The pleated skirt came off and I snagged the deep-blue pair of panties cut like they were a bikini. Two triangles connected by a thin strip of cloth and string ties. I pulled it on and knotted both at my hips.

Then I headed out in just those, my futa-cock tenting the front of my panties, the tip thrust out the top.

Allie was on the edge of the seat now, her eyes wild as she stared at me strutting out topless in my bikini-style panties. My cock twitched and throbbed in it as I sauntered up. My breasts jiggled. Then Allie glanced at Mom who had opened her robe, exposing her lush and mature body, her fingers rubbing through her blonde bush to caress her twat.

“You and Mom, really?” Allie gasped in awe. “Oh, my god, that’s so hot.”

“Isn’t it?” I said. “I don’t have to hide from Mom how much I love you, Allie. You’re my kinky, incestuous soulmate.”

“Yes,” Allie moaned. “Oh, Mom, she took my cherry and we fell in love and it was so hot and I love incest and don’t her new panties look so sexy?”

“I think I got most of that,” Mom said. “Mmm, but she does look sexy, Allie, honey! Oh, yes, yes, look at that cock peeking out of her panties. And those round breasts.”

“I know, Mom! She’s got super cute titties and I love sucking on her cock and have you done that?”

“She ate me out,” Mom said, “but I haven’t had the pleasure of nursing on her cock. It’s a little dirty.”

“She fucked you in the ass?”

“Not Mom’s ass,” I said. “We had a threesome with the salesgirl.”

Allie shot me this accusatory look, her blue eyes almost hurt. “Your first threesome with Mom didn’t include me?”

“We, uh, got caught,” Mom said. “In the changing room.”

“Mom pimped me out to keep us from getting kicked out,” I added.

“Holy shi….” Allie trailed off. “I mean, wow, you are kinky, Mom.”

“Mmm, and I think she needs to learn to suck my big futa-cock,” I purred, grabbing the ties of my panties. I tugged on both knots together. The cloth in the front fell away, my cock flopping out before me. It bobbed a few times. I threw the panties to the side, my breasts quivering and bouncing.

“Yes, yes, yes!” gasped Allie.

She threw herself off the couch, strawberry-blonde pigtails flying behind her. She landed on the floor beside me and then she grabbed my cock. She licked up the side of it, dragging it closer and closer to the tip of my dick. My little sister had me shivering. She felt so incredible, as her tongue reached the pinnacle.

She swirled around my tip, her blue eyes smoldering bright as they stared up at me. She wiggled her hips, clearly so excited. I groaned, my futa-dick throbbing and aching in her naughty grip. Her tongue caressed around my spongy crown while the pleasure flowed down my shaft to my pussy.

“See, see, Mom!” Allie moaned in excitement. “You got to love her cock and lick her everywhere after it’s been a girl’s butt. Ooh, it tastes so good, too. You have to try it.”

“Sure,” izmir escort our mother purred.

She slipped off the couch and out of her robe in a single, languorous movement. She sauntered to me, her bountiful breasts swaying with the same rhythm as her blonde hair. She sank to her knees beside my eager sister and grabbed my cock. She leaned in from the other side.

“I’ve never done this before,” she purred and then licked at the left side of my cock.

Allie went up the right.

I gasped as my mother and sister both licked my dirty clit-dick clean. This wild heat shot down to my virgin pussy. My body trembled. My breasts jiggled. I fixed my fingers as I stared down at two generations of Riter women pleasing my dick. Their tongues reached the tip.

They flicked over it.

Their tongues danced along my spongy tip. I groaned, the pleasure surging through me. They flicked and fluttered against the sensitive crown. They brushed each other’s tongue and lips as they licked up my precum. They teased me. This wonderful heat surged through down my shaft from the incestuous heat that rippled through my body.

I groaned. This was incredible. My hips wiggled from side to side. Pussy juices dribbled down from my cunt. I groaned, my heart pounding in my chest. The pleasure surged through my body as they cleaned my cock.

“Mom! Allie! Yes!” I gasped. “You’re both so amazing.”

“Mmm, her dick tastes good, doesn’t it?” Allie said. “That earthy, naughty flavor of a girl’s ass is hot.”

“Yeah,” Mom groaned. I’d bet she’d licked out Ms. Petrov’s asshole. “Oh, it’s a treat.”

She licked at my cock again, her tongue sliding around the top of it while Allie went below. Their hands shifted where they held me as they licked and sucked my cock clean. My pussy clenched as this wild heat rippled through my body.

It was so incredible to have them both pleasing me. My mom reached the tip of my cock, her blue eyes smoldering. Then the naughty woman swallowed the crown. I gasped as her wet lips engulfed it. She sucked hard.

“Yes, yes, just like that, Mom!” Allie groaned. My little sister shot me a look. “How’s she doing?”

“Great,” I panted.

“Yes, yes,” Allie whimpered. “I’m finally sharing your cock. This is going to be so much fun!”

“Uh-huh,” I panted, the pressure rising in the depths of my cunt. My ovaries quivered, ready to unload a vast explosion of cum into Mom’s hungry mouth.

My little sister licked down my cock. She reached my pussy lips and then flicked her tongue through my folds, brushing across my hymen. I really needed to get that popped, but who was going to fuck me? I shuddered, savoring the feel of Mom’s tongue dancing around my clit-dick.

It was incredible. This wicked, incestuous heat that washed down my girl-cock to the depths of my cunt. I groaned, my breasts jiggling. My hips wiggled from side to side as Allie fluttered her tongue up and down my folds. My cock throbbed in my mom’s hungry, sucking mouth. My breasts rose and fell, intense heat sweeping through my body.



I bit my lower lip and reveled in the pleasure. I wiggled my hips from side to side, their tongues doing such wicked and naughty things to my dick and pussy. They were bringing me closer and closer to that moment of eruption.

“Mom!” I moaned as she bobbed her head now. She worked her lips up and down my shaft. “I’m going to fire so much cum into your mouth.”

“Yes, yes, do it!” my little sister groaned into my snatch. “Just fire all that wonderful cum into her mouth. I love your futa-cum.”

“As much as my pussy?” I moaned.

“Yes!” she purred and sucked on my pussy lips.

Our mother nursed on my girl-dick.

My ovaries quivered. The futa-jizz in them reached their boiling point. They flashed down my clit-dick and into my mother’s sucking mouth. My jizz splashed hard out of me. Her eyes widened. Then she gulped down my seed.

Her daughter’s seed.

I came from her flesh, and now she was drinking my essence. It was incredible. I was nursing my mother with my cock milk. I groaned, my pussy spasming. My cream gushed out into Allie’s sucking mouth.

“Oh, my god, yes, Mom!” I moaned, dizzying stars washing through me. “This is incredible. Oh, I love it!”

Mom’s cheeks hollowed as she worked the last of the cum from my ovaries. I groaned, the jolts of delight slowing from my spurting cock. The waves of pleasure washed out of my cunt and had me swimming in delight. I gasped as Mom sucked out the final blast of futa-jizz.

She popped her mouth off and groaned, “Mmm, Jenny that was delicious.”

“See! See!” Allie said. “I knew you’d love it, Mom!”

To my delight, my sister kissed our mother with hunger. Their lips melted together as they shared my cum and pussy cream. I smiled at the incestuous sight, my futa-dick staying hard as their tongues dueled and danced together.

Allie broke the kiss and whimpered, “I don’t know if I want to lick your pussy while Allie fucks me or have you lick my pussy while Allie fucks you.”

“Oh, honey, Allie’s fucked me already tonight,” Mom said. She pressed my sister down onto her back. “Why don’t you enjoy her girl-dick while I sit on your face? I bet you want to eat me.”

“Yes!” Allie squealed. “Oh, Mom, I love you. Best mother ever!”

“Certainly the naughtiest she said as she straddled her youngest daughter’s face.

I trembled as I watched them. Allie licked her lips moments before Mom’s blonde-furred muff settled down on my sister’s face. My clit-dick throbbed while Mom gasped. Her large breasts jiggled. Cum glistened on the corners of her lips.

Then she grabbed my cock and pulled me toward Allie. I groaned as Mom had this wicked look in her eyes. She pressed my girl-dick right against my sister’s twat. Mom rubbed me up and down Allie’s soft folds.

“Mmm, let me see you slide your cock into her,” Mom moaned. “Unite with your sister. You both came from me. You’re the same flesh! Now come together!”

“Yes!” Allie squealed into Mom’s pussy.

I rammed my cock into my little sister’s cunt.

I groaned as I buried to the hilt in her. Her silky, hot flesh wrapped around me. She felt incredible. Her juicy flesh gripped me. This wave of dizzying delight swept down my body. My pussy clenched. My breasts jiggled. I groaned, staring into Mom’s eyes.

She threw her arms around my shoulders and pulled me to her. I trembled and then kissed my mother, tasting my salty cum on her lips. She groaned into the kiss, Allie licking away with noisy hunger. It was so naughty. So wild.

I drew back my hips. My cock slid through my sister’s tight cunt. Her incestuous flesh squeezed tight about me. She held me. I savored it. I pumped away at her. I fucked my sister while kissing our mother.

What a treat. A delicious experience to have.

Mom’s tongue danced with mine as I pumped away at Allie’s cunt. I rammed over and over into her depths. I reveled in being in her. My clit-dick drank in the friction of her hot flesh wrapped around me. She gripped me tight. She held me in her wonderful embrace.

I came closer and closer to cumming in her pussy. I pounded her hard. I rammed my futa-dick to the hilt in her. I kissed her with passion. Our tongues danced together. Our lips worked. I loved the taste of her mouth on mine.

My tongue fluttered through her mouth. That heat swelled through me. It was incredible. A wild experience. I slammed to the hilt in my little sister’s silky cunt. I buried again and again. Over and over, I thrust into that juicy pussy.

“Oh, Mom, you taste so good,” moaned Allie, her snatch gripping my pistoning cock. “Ooh, ooh, you have to lick her pussy, Jenny!”

I broke the kiss with our mother to gasp, “I have!”

“Right!” gasped Allie, her pussy squeezing around me. “I just forgot. This is so exciting.”

“Oh, yes, it is!” gasped Mom. “Oh, you’re a little minx, Allie, honey. I’m going to explode on that mouth. I’m going to drown you!”

“Yes!” Allie moaned. Then I heard sucking.

Mom’s eyes widened. She let out a throaty groan and then kissed me hard. Her body heaved. I was certain she was cumming on Allie. Mom’s tongue thrust into my mouth, dueling with mine as she drenched my little sister’s lips.

It seemed to send Allie over the edge. Her pussy convulsed around my cock.

I pumped away at my little sister’s convulsing cunt. The spasming of her pussy around my cock sent bliss flowing to my twat and then my ovaries. I whimpered, pounding Allie hard. She moaned and groaned as I thrust into her.

I couldn’t take much more of her cunt writhing around me. She felt incredible. Her incestuous flesh spasmed and rippled. I thrust to the hilt in her while kissing our mother hard. My hands clenched on her shoulders as my pussy boiled over.

I erupted.

“Yes!” Allie hissed into our mother’s twat.

I basted my little sister’s cunt. I fired blast after blast of my spunk into her pussy. Her spasming twat milked me. The pleasure surged through me. Jolts of ecstasy from my cock and waves of ecstasy from my pussy reached my mind. The two delights mixed across my thoughts.

Stars burst across my vision.

They danced around Mom’s head. All three of us were cumming. We’re celebrating our incestuous passion for each other. It was incredible. Delicious. It was a special treat that had us all shuddering and moaning. My futa-cock erupted with powerful blasts. It surged me towards a wonderful pinnacle of rapture.

I loved my mother and little sister. I never wanted this taboo moment to end. It was amazing.

I groaned into my kiss with Mom. Our tongues dueled as I fired the last of my cum into my little sister’s twat. Her tight, hot, incestuous flesh milked me dry. My nineteen-year-old body trembled through the bliss of unloading in her.

In sharing her with our mother.

I savored kissing mom when I heard footsteps crunching to the door. The pizza must be here. I broke the kiss and was about to pull out of Allie when, instead of the doorbell ringing, it opened. The twins were home from studying.

A flash of cold fear washed through me.

To be continued…

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