Mart 13, 2021

Fun with Dianne

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Fun with Diane

Diane was 5’1″ tall and only weighed 102 pounds. Her tits were shaped
like someone had cut a medium sized navel orange in half and put the
two halves on her chest. She had large dark nipples that showed very
sexily in the clothes that she wore and got hard as soon as she started
to get turned on. Her skin was the color of milk chocolate and she kept her
black hair straight and shoulder lenght. She could easily pass for a high
school girl rather than the 22 that she was and she was almost always carded
when she went to a bar, if they did not know her. Dianna was one cute little lady
with a wicked smile that almost told a guy that she wanted to be fucked.

Diane didn’t like guys her own age. She much preferred men in their 30’s,
40’s and even 50’s. They were more mature, experienced, enjoyed more
playing rather than just a quick fuck to get their own pleasure, and usually had
more income to treat her to some fun times. And she also did not like just one
at a time. These older men were usually so happy that a young girl wanted to be
with them that they made every effort to make sure that she enjoyed their encounter.
She was not a prostitute. She just liked sex – lots of sex. One of Diane’s favorite
ways to get picked up was to go to the bars near the convention center when a
convention was in town and all the businessmen were in town away from their
wives and sweethearts. She would pick out a table or booth with three or four guys
at it and walk up and ask, “Hi Guys, would you like to buy a little girl a drink?” She
was hardly ever turned down.

Diane had two types of outfits that she liked to wear when she went out
for an evening of fun and both of them worked very well for her. The
first one played on her young looks. It would consist of a mid-thigh
pleated plaid skirt and a white button front blouse with saddle shoes and
white socks. Yes, the schoolgirl look. The other was the slut look.
She had tight skirts that came just below her ass cheeks and lacey see
through blouses with very open necklines, mesh stockings and spike healed
shoes. Of course, with these outfits she did not wear any underwear and
wore heavy, dark red lipstick. The way her tits were shaped she sure did
not need a bra. They did not sag at all and the nipples pointed straight
forward. Like I said, both outfits worked, but she could tell the difference in
how the men treated her depending on which outfit she was wearing that

It was a warm spring night in L.A. and Diane decided that she would go
out in her schoolgirl outfit that night. There was a convention at the
Long Beach Convention Center that week. It was Friday night and the guys
had been in town for about three days now so Diane knew that there would
be a lot of horny guys in the local bars that night. As she stood in front
of her mirror putting on her outfit, she could not help but admire how
tight her body was. Her firm tits and her flat stomach were something to
be admired and she wanted to find some men to admire her that night. Diane
could not help but let her hand rub her tits and pinch her nipples and then
it went down across her stomach to her pussy, which she kept neatly trimmed
for when she wore a bikini. As she spread her legs and her finger slipped
between her pussy lips she could feel that she was already wet from
anticipation. She let her finger slip up into her cunt and she finger
fucked herself for just a minute izmir escort bayan then took her finger out and rolled her
large clit between her thumb and forefinger. Shortly she felt herself
approaching an orgasm but she wanted to save that for later that evening
when she was in the company of horny men to do it for her. She reached a
tissue from the box on the dresser and wiped the pussy juice that she had
released because of getting herself turned on and thinking about what was
about to happen, and she knew that she could make it happen. She put on
her red silk panties and the rest of her schoolgirl outfit, brushed her
hair, turned her bedroom light out and headed out the door to her car.

As she entered Danny’s – an upscale restaurant and bar overlooking the
marina – at about 10 o’clock, she looked over the crowd that was there
that night. She did not know the bouncer who was on duty that night so,
as she expected, he asked her for her ID. Especially in that outfit, she
could not have expected him to have any idea that she was of legal age.
There were several couples and several single men and other groups of
men about her age. She saw a couple groups of men that might be of
interest. After looking each of them over for a minute she picked the
group that seemed to be just what she was looking for. They were three
white men sitting in a booth at the window overlooking the marina. The
two on one side looked to be in their mid to late 30’s. The other appeared
to be in his early 50’s with graying hair. They were all fairly attractive and
all dressed in dark gray suits with white shirts and bright ties, although
the ties were loosened. They all had mixed drinks. For some reason
Dianna found that she had a better time with men who drank mixed drinks
when she has wearing her schoolgirl outfits and more fun with men who were
drinking beer when she wore her slut outfits.

She walked over to the booth and with a shy little look she said, “HI Guys,
would you like to buy a little girl a drink?” As she expected the older
man said “sure thing little lady” and the other two nodded their heads yes.
Diane slid in next to the older man and said “I’ll have a bloody mary but my
name is not Mary.” The older man said that his name was Paul and that the
others were Dave and Rick. “I’m Diane. I haven’t seen you in here before.”
“No, said Paul, we are in town for the convention.” Paul started to look a little
worried and asked Diane how old she was. She replied that she was 22 and
had been carded when she came in but she would prove it if he wanted. “Oh no,
that’s ok” Paul said and relaxed. They talked small talk for a little while about
the weather and California and had a couple drinks at which point Diane said,
“Do you have someplace a little more private where we can continue this
conversation?” and she reached down and gave Paul’s cock and balls a gentle
squeeze. “You bet I do. Let’s get out of here.” Diane slid out of the booth and
Paul quickly followed her. Dave and Rick sat there till Diane said, “You guys
are coming too aren’t you ?” Their eyes brightened and they looked at Paul
who nodded his head yes. It was hard to believe how fast they got out of the

They were staying at the hotel just about a two-minute walk from Danny’s so they
walked. Dave and Rick had a room that they shared on the forth floor and because
Paul was the boss he had a room on the tenth floor overlooking the water. As they buca escort
walked into the room Paul put his hand on Diane’s ass and she giggled. The room
was large and plush with a king sized bed. Diane turned and looked at the men and
said “I bet you have guessed it already but I want the three of you to fuck me tonight.”
There was no question about who was expecting to be first but Dave and Rick started
to confer about who would be second. Then Diane said “No, no guys, I want you all to
fuck me at the same time and we are going to do it the way I have planned. Now, the
three of you handsome hunks take your clothes off.” She was being nice because
they were not all that handsome.

All three took off their cloths and Diane told them to stand side by side. She sat on
the side of the bed and told them to stroke their cocks while she got undressed. She
turned on the radio and danced a sexy strip tease as she got out of her clothes. While
she was dancing she was looking at the men. Paul was about 6′ with a little bit of a
middle-aged belly. His cock was about 6 1/2″ and pretty big around. Rick was about
6′ 2″ and nice and slim. His cock was probably a little over 7″ and very thin. Dave
was about 5’10” and chubby. His cock was less than 6″ but the thickest of the bunch.
When she had finished taking off the last of her clothes she stood in front of the three
very happy white men and just wiggled her perfect milk chocolate body about for them to
enjoy looking at and then she went up to them and got down on her knees with their now
hard cocks pointing right at her mouth. “Ok guys, hands to your sides” and she started
sucking them in rotation.

Diane was proud of the fact that she was an expert cocksucker. When she was 14,
her 18-year-old brother had come into her room and forced her to suck his cock. His
cock was, as she learned after seeing many more, big at over 8″ and so big around that
she could not get her hand all the way around it. Every time he held her head and
pushed in and touched the back of her mouth she started to gag and when he shot into
her mouth she did not know how to shallow it and she coughed and gagged and spit
most of out of her mouth and all over her face. But before he was done with her she found
that she was enjoying the thrill and feeling of it. When he came to her again the next night
she was a willing participant and within a couple weeks of sucking him almost every night
she had learned to deep throat his black monster and swallow every drop. It was a couple
weeks later that she was the one who approached her younger 12-year-old brother and
took him to her room. She was surprised that he turned out to be only about 5″ and thin
with no pubic hair but she enjoyed sucking him anyway. When he started to come he
jerked his cock out of her mouth and she saw him shoot a large load of thin cum almost
two feet. She thought that was neat and quickly learned to aim it so his cum landed on his
own face. But then she would lick his face clean. Diane would not let her brothers fuck her,
but she enjoyed sucking them any chance she got.

Just after her 15th birthday her father, who had only lived with them off and on for as long
as she could remember, caught her and her older brother and grabbed her by the wrist
and dragged her to his room swearing at her for being a slut that needed to be punished.
He sat on his bed and pulled her shorts and panties down and pulled her over his lap and
started spanking her izmir escort and continuing to swear at her. Her ass got bright red and almost
numb. Soon he got sexually excited and it turned into a rape. He shoved into her taking
her cherry and filling her pussy with cum for the first time. He had left the door open and
she could see both of her brothers watching her get raped. He moved out again the next

After that she found herself fucking and sucking both of her brothers and just about
every guy that showed any interest. She did it with men as old as 60 and sucked boys as
young as 10. The first time she was fucked in the ass was when she was on top of her
older brother fucking with him and her 35 year old uncle who was visiting heard the noise
they were making and came into the room. He quickly stripped off his clothes and got on
the bed behind her. He spit on his cock and on her ass and shoved his 7″ into her ass hole.
It hurt like hell and she screamed and tried to get away without any luck. By his second
shove he was fully buried in her rectum and pumping his cock into her bowels. Gradually
the pain went away and she realized that she would be adding ass fucking to her fun in the
future. The two men came at about the same time. Her uncle grabbed her by the hair and
forced her to suck them both clean. She did not like the taste of his shit covered cock but
knew that this would not be the last time a man would want her to do this.

Now Diane concentrated on the three cocks in front of her. She told Paul to get on the bed
on his back and she got on and first startled his face and had him lick her wet pussy. Then
she moved over his hips and lowered her pussy onto his shaft. Next she reached into her
purse and gave Rick a small tube of KY Jelly. He got on the bed and rubbed a liberal amount
onto his cock and pushed it into her. By now she knew how to relax her often used back hole
and he went in with ease and no pain. They both started pushing into her and pleasuring
her holes. She motioned to Dave to come to her and told him that she wanted him to fuck
her throat. Dave got on the bed on his knees in front of her, put his hands behind her head
and slammed his cock deep into her throat with one push. She was ready for it and took it
with no trouble. All three men fucked her fast and hard and deep. Paul came first after about
two or three minutes and filled her pussy with his cum. Dave lasted a little longer. Diane
could tell when he was about ready and she stopped him with his only his cock head in her
mouth because she enjoyed having her mouth filled with cum rather than having the guy
shoot down her throat. Rick, he was like the energizer bunny. He just kept going and going
and going. He must have fucked her ass for twenty minutes. She had two orgasms of her
own while he did. Paul and Dave watched for a while till they were both ready for more and
came back to come in her mouth again. Finally Rick sprayed her bowels with his cum and
they all lay on the bed worn out.

Diane got up and started to dress. Paul looked at her and asked, “That was fantastic Honey.
How much do we owe you?” “Nothing. I’m not a prostitute. You guys were great. Thanks.”
Paul said “I have some big customers that I am sure would like to spend some time with you
and me. I have a yacht chartered for tomorrow to entertain them and a chef hired to cook us
a feast. Would you like to join us?” “Sounds great to me. What time and what slip ?” asked
Diane. Paul told her and she kissed each of them goodnight and headed home to rest and
get ready for the next night.


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