Şubat 16, 2021

Fun in the Sun

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I have always enjoyed being naked. I love the freedom of it but also the vulnerability. Once I get home from work I often strip off and just go about my evening routine.

Sometimes I also like to wear women’s underwear like stockings, crotchless panties or one of my favourite things, an all in one lace body suit with attached lace stockings, it feels so nice on my skin and I love the fact my cock and bum are fully exposed.

I live on the first floor of a converted house, my living room is actually at the rear of the house and has a small balcony with access to a fire escape. From there I can see into my neighbours kitchen on the ground floor, both of our gardens and the trees beyond. Thankfully I have one of the few flats that has no onlooking houses adjacent. Due to this, when I’m on my balcony I can’t be seen by anyone, except my neighbour.

My neighbour, John, is a very friendly guy who, like me, lives alone. He is a fair bit older than me, in his early 60s. I speak to him often and sometimes even go round his house to help him move things like heavy furniture. I’ve even helped him build some ikea wardrobes before. I don’t mind at all and I always get treated to some stories of his travels when he was younger or about some of the many and varied jobs he has had over the years, which include being a high school teacher and a fireman.

He is fairly good looking, certainly young looking and I remember being visibly shocked when he told me his age a few years ago.

I have always been curious about male on male sexual experiences but have never acted on those thoughts. When I get dressed up I often fantasise about being very feminine for some strapping young man, being taken in his strong arms and having my body explored by his roaming hands.

Well, in the last few weeks my lack of bisexual experiences has taken a turn for the better, and I have John to thank for that.

Walking around my flat and generally being naked is a regular occurrence as I’ve mentioned, but I always keep the curtains closed. As you can imagine it gets quite gloomy during the day, but as it’s been so nice out recently I have decided to start leaving the curtains for the balcony open, it was nice to get some daylight into my flat for a change.

It was a hot summer morning about two weeks ago. I had been up just long enough to have breakfast and think briefly about the day ahead. As I entered my living room still naked from the night before, I walked over to the balcony door and opened it. I was greeted with the most intense smell of freshly cut grass being carried by the gentle summer breeze. I didn’t see John in his garden so I stepped out onto the balcony and stayed there for a while, leaning against the railing and taking in the view of all the lush greenery that surrounded me.

John is a very keen gardener and is out there a lot of the time tending to his plants, doing the weeding and what not. I stood there admiring his handy work; there were lots of wonderful flowers of varying colours everywhere. I became aware of my morning hard on twitching away, tapping against one of the upright railings. Without thinking I reached down and gave it a few strokes. I loved having my naked skin bathed in the hot sunlight and was really just turned on by life at that moment.

It was then I glanced down to John’s kitchen window, that’s when I saw him standing there staring back up at me. When he saw me looking he just stood there and gave me the biggest smile, it was a gift of his that smile. It could make you feel warm and at ease in an instant and was another reason I didn’t mind helping him out. It was then I realised I was still slowly stroking myself, I was squeezing harder as well, a drop of pre-cum forming a bead at my tip. I just stood there and smiled back, feeling a little nervous but not wanting to move.

He was only there for a few seconds after we met eyes but it felt much longer, he then walked out of the kitchen into some other part of his house and out of my view. My heart was beating pretty hard at this point and the thrill of what had just happened casino şirketleri was making my balls ache for the sweet release of orgasm. I let go knowing that I would cum there and then if I didn’t. I often do this to myself, get my cock rock hard, stroke it to within seconds of erupting then take my hand away, let it twitch and beg for release in the air, then watch it go soft and limp knowing it wasn’t going to get what it wanted. It can be a difficult thing to do but after a week or so of doing it you will have the most amazing orgasm, especially if you give yourself some prostate stimulation at the same time.

I sat on my bed then lay back, my body warmed through as the hot summer rays shone on my naked flesh. My excitement for the morning was over, I did wonder what John had thought about what he saw and whether it turned him on or not. Although I wasn’t worried he might have been disgusted by it because of his lovely smile. Anyway, I had stuff to do that day so got on with various chores around the flat and spent some time on the laptop, momentarily forgetting about what had just taken place. Around mid-afternoon I could hear some noises coming from the garden, I took a quick look from my desk and saw John was out there repotting some plants at his table.

As soon as I saw him the memory of that morning came flooding back and I knew I wanted him to see me again, to feel his eyes on me.

I decided I would quite like to talk to him while I was naked. He always had time to chat to me and we would often talk to each other like this, me being on the balcony and him in his garden, except never while one of us was naked.

I could feel my heart beating quicker as I gathered the courage to do it, I got up from my chair and walked over to the open balcony door, I have a piece of carpet that I put on the hard metal floor of the balcony so I can go out there without socks on, I grabbed that and put it in position, I stood close to the edge making sure he had a good view of my cock from between the rails.

I took a deep breath, then said, “hi John.”

He looked up at me, the afternoon sun making my skin glow and highlighting my cock, that was slowly engorging itself for him.

“Oh hey Mark, how are you?” He didn’t take his eyes off me for a second, I could see him looking all over my body, from head to toe and back again.

“Just enjoying this hot weather we’ve been blessed with,” I then said, “I hope you don’t mind, but I much prefer being like this when it’s warm, far too hot for clothes don’t you think?”

This was it, his answer to this question would tell me everything I needed to know about the situation and how far I could take it. At this point, in case you’ve not realised, I wanted him. Badly!

“Absolutely,” he smile again, “Wish I could do the same, you’re ok up there hidden away from the world, I’m on display for all to see out here,” we both chuckled.

“I’m not hidden away from everyone,” I said.

“Well, I don’t count,” he replied.

“Why not?” I asked him, wondering what he meant.

“Because I’m enjoying the view.”

“Oh really?” I said.

“If I wasn’t I would have run into the house by now and probably called the police,” he gave out a hearty laugh at that thought, which in turn made me laugh too.

“I guess you would… So this morning,” I said, trying to find the words, “how long were you standing there for?”

He told me he heard me step out onto the balcony and was just admiring the view. He was there the whole time, watching me stroke.

“Why did you go?” I asked.

“It became all too much for me, if you catch my drift?” He winked, “I had to take care of something.”

We both chuckled again, ” Oh right,” I said, winking back at him.

He stood up and walked a bit closer to my balcony, he was now out of view from anyone that could have potential spotted him. He looked up and by this time my cock was standing high and hard for John’s attention. I saw him lick his lips and he said in a very low voice, “You look incredible Mark, you really do.”

Wth casino firmaları my heart pounding as he stood below me watching me closely. My hand gripped my cock and I started to gently stroke it for him.

“There’s a good boy,” he said.

“I’ve not cum all week,” I told him.

“Oh well, you’re certainly due one then aren’t you,” He replied smiling.

“Can I show you something?” I was feeling a little more brave.

“You can show me anything you wish and I’m sure I will love it,” he said softly.

I quickly went to my bedside draw and took out a large butt plug and a tub of lube then went back in the living room and out onto the balcony.

“If I haven’t cum for this long I usually use this to make it feel more intense,” I said, holding up the plug for him to see.

“Oh Mark, you are such a naughty boy,” he feigned outrage, “well, who am I to stand in the way of your enjoyment. Just do me a favour.”

“What?” I replied a little nervously.

“Turn around so I can see you put it in,” There was real lust in his eyes as he looked at me, I can’t remember the last time I was this turned on.

“I’ll only do it if you’re hard for me, John,” I said.

“Oh I’m hard, trust me,”

“Show me,” I begged.

He undid the zip of his shorts and reached into his boxers, then pulled out his rather large slab of meat. It was bouncing in the summer breeze, it looked so kissable, I must have instinctively licked my lips because he then said, “Looks tasty, yes?”

“Oh yes,” I whispered to him so he could just about hear me.

Our garden fence has a gap in it where it almost reaches the building but not quite, if you wanted to you could squeeze through without much problem. And that’s exactly what John did, the next thing I knew he was in my garden almost directly below me, looking up with his large throbbing cock in his hand.

“Are they home?” He pointed to my downstairs neighbours.

“No, they’re away this weekend,” I said.

“Perfect,” he replied, “I can get a better view of you putting that thing in from down here.”

He walked a little further into my garden so he could see me better. I was yearning for his gaze on me as I plugged myself. I wanted him to see it in as much detail as possible, so rather than do it standing up I turned around and got on all fours. I moved my bum back so I could feel the railings on either side on my hole, hard against each cheek. As I pushed back into the railings they had the effect of prising me open and exposing my eager hole for him.

“Oh my god, Mark. That’s an incredible sight,” he said.

He could easily have walked up the fire escape and had his hands all over me within seconds but he just stood there looking at me with such intensity. I was glad he didn’t make a move, as much as I wanted to feel him explore me I was enjoying the voyeuristic nature of our very first sexual encounter.

I opened the tub of lube, covered my plug in a generous amount then reached back between the two railings. I lined up the end of the plug to my hole and began to slowly ease it in. The whole time I could hear John giving me quiet words of encouragement.

The plug itself is not very long but it is rather thick, it really opens me up to my limits. After some amount of effort It popped into me, I took my hand away and just let him look at me for a while, I was gyrating my hips between the rails, pushing back hard to open myself up to him as much as my body would allow. Using my bowels to wiggle the plug inside me so he could see the end of it moving around.

I reached back again and took the plug all the way out. I could hear his gasp as the plug left my body and my fully exposed hole was open for him. I wanted him to peer inside me, to see my wet pinkness eagerly waiting for a his cock. I knew from this angle he couldn’t, so keeping my bum firmly against the railings I lifted my body up and got into a squat position. I then quickly and forcefully fucked myself with the plug five or six times, really hard thrusts. Then on the last one, as it came out of me güvenilir casino with an audible pop, I knew he could see deep inside me. The railings held my hole open and I gaped for him. I knew exactly the view he was staring at, I often do this by myself, squatting over a mirror with the view of my raw, gaping hole. I love the stark contrast between my bright pink insides and the darker tones of my golden skin, seeing it throb wider just waiting to be filled by a huge cock. It was clearly a turn on for him too because when I peered back over my shoulders he was furiously pumping at his cock, the noises of his sexy loose foreskin sliding back and forth over his soggy and oozing helmet was loud and clear.

“I can literally see into you Mark,” he said, obviously amazed, “I have never seen anything so beautiful.”

I put the plug back in with ease, I could tell I was quite loose down there now. I stood up and faced him. My prick sticking out between the railings once more.

“Cum on me,” he said, surprising me a little.

“You sure?” The thought of it was slowly but surely sending me over the edge.

“Cover me in your cum from up there, let it rain down on me as I try to catch it all in my mouth.”

This was fast becoming one of the most memorable and exciting sexual encounters I’ve ever had. I was so turned on at that point and my balls knew it. I could feel them begin their familiar stirrings from within.

I opened my legs a bit more and began to pump at my cock faster and grip it tighter. My other hand going to the plug and pushing at it, rubbing the end round and round so it pressed and tapped at my prostate.

The amount of pre-cum flowing from me was more than I think I’ve ever produced, I was churning it up into a froth with each stroke. My self administered prostate massage was adding to the cream, making it thicker with each twist of the plug.

I was ready to cover him. I aimed my cock in his direction and hoped my jet was strong enough to make it to his willing and open mouth.

After a week of not having an orgasm the strength of my ejaculation didn’t disappoint. My bowels sucked the plug in deep and my ring tightened around it and clamped it there. My balls prepared themselves and my prostate began to heat up and throb.

The first load shot past his head to the ground behind him, the second landed on his hand and cock, and halfway down his shorts too. He walked a little closer and the third shot was a direct hit to the face, so was the fourth and as he walked forward and stood directly under my spurting dick, I oozed out a further fifth and sixth shot which dropped straight down into his mouth.

John then walked back to where I could see him and began cumming himself. I watched and wished I was under him to catch it all. His load was plentiful like mine, it seems we are both very heavy cummers.

After his stroking stopped, and his cock had finished it’s secretions. He took his hand, which was now covered in his cum as well as mine, and began to lick it all off. Moaning sounds of satisfaction as he went.

In the afterglow of our tremendous orgasms I got back in my squatted position with the railings once again prying me apart and I took out my plug, fingered my hole for a minute or so. I then turned around and said, “Wow John, that was pretty special.”

“Tell me about it,” he said, slightly out of breath, “so, what time are you coming round later?”

His eyes were sparkling and his smile infectious. I thought about it as I watched him put away his steadily shrinking cock.

“Around eight good for you?” I asked.

“Perfect, see you then, Mark.”

He squeezed back through the fence and into his kitchen, then out of my view. I cleaned up then started to pick out which lace body suit I would wear for him and which selection of toys I would take over with me.

I ended up taking them all.

I walked down the fire escape wearing just my all in one, my cock and arse exposed for the warm summer evening air and carrying a bag full of my toys and a big tub of lube. I squeezed through the garden fence and tapped on his kitchen door. When he answered the first thing he did was to give me a deep and passionate kiss. The second thing he did was to squat down, take my cock in his mouth and give it a few sucks before letting me into his house.

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