Mart 30, 2021

Fun in Flipflops

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Big Dicks

She had never met up with a guy she met online – but damn – the chemistry was insane and the texts…they showed her a sexual experience that she had often fantasised about but rarely experienced. He arrived and he was as gorgeous as she imagined, tall at six-one and well-built. She liked a big man and even clothed, at the hotel door, she could see the beautiful naked body she had lusted over. He was wearing his flipflops and he had a bag, indicating that it was going to be a fun night.

He was charismatic and interesting – she hadn’t expected an intellectual connection and found this development to be a surprise. He hadn’t shown his face in the pictures online and he was even cuter than she imagined: boyish grin, dark eyes and messed up hair. Immediately she knew they would have the hot sex that they had discussed via text. He had seen all of her before but he commented that she was even prettier in the flesh and as she handed him a flute of champagne, his fingers brushed her skin softly. Their eyes met and he pressed forward, leaning in for a hard passionate kiss. She had been moist and excited for weeks now, so the actuality of it, made her pussy gush. She didn’t think she had ever been this wet, she could feel the skimpy panties, a thong with beads in the ass, soaking through. She had bought these panties with him in mind; he was so deliciously naughty and she knew he’d think the beads were like candy in her ass; he would want to eat her so badly. The kiss was better than she’d ever had: firm with his tongue in her mouth, insistently tangling with hers. He touched her face and her hair, then his hands grabbed her large breasts and she moaned through the kiss. His hands massaged her, pinched her nipples.

The kiss ended and they stared at each other, tense with desire. He stood, pulling her to her feet and away from the windows with the gorgeous bay and rainforest views. The sun was setting, the sky streaked with magenta and cobalt. Oblivious to everything but each other, they melted into an embrace. She sighed as his hands ran all over her body, squeezing her round ass.

He leaned down, placing his hot mouth on hers and kissed her backwards onto the king bed. Her legs fell wide-open, begging and he came in, pushing against her demanding hot pussy as he intensified the kiss. Through her dress and his khaki shorts, she felt his thick huge cock; the one she had pleasured herself to so many times, crushing hard against her inner thigh. She opened her legs wider, pushing her hot cunt into the hardness and ecstasy shot through her, like an orgasm.

His kiss was travelling down her throat and she begged him to put his fingers into her panties, for his fingers to touch her urgent pulsating pussy. She was his, whimpering and writhing against him – and his smile told her that he liked how badly she wanted this. He ran his hand down her curves, then up her dress, his fingers light on her bare thighs. She was breathing hard, anticipation pounding and then he ran a finger along her pantyline.

“I loved your pictures of your wet pussy,” he said into her ear. “Now I get to touch.”

“Please,” she begged him and she moaned loudly as she felt two thick fingers enter her panties, running over her swollen clit.

“I’m so close,” she whispered and he smirked down at her, kissing her face as his skilled fingers slowly circled her clit. She moaned as she pushed her cunt into them, thinking of much she had masturbated to him and his dirty texts – and now he was here, his fingers manipulating her swelled clit to a hard – and mind-blowing – orgasm that tore through her. She cried out and he looked into her eyes, enjoying her pleasure and continuing to tease her pussy.

Tingling all over, he moaned and sighed, pressing her cunt hard against that hand, wanting even more. His mouth was now on her neck, she could feel his breathing, feel his arousal.

“Please fuck me,” she said breathlessly and he flipped her skirt up, revealing her shapely thighs and exposing her istanbul rus escort soaked panties.

He smiled appreciatively. “You sent me a picture of these…” and pulled the white lacy front to the side, lowering his handsome face and feasting upon her pussy. He ate her good; his large mouth licking and sucking each little fold of her and his tongue moving between fucking her cunthole and pressing firmly into her protruding clit.

“Your pussy tastes so good,” he said as he ate her hairless soaking wet cunt, rubbing her streaming juices over across his cheeks, his chin. She couldn’t control herself, grinding on his eager mouth and moaning loudly – and when she came, she bucked against that persistent tongue. Her hands went for his messy dark hair and she gripped handfuls of it, screaming as she came violently. It was the best oral she had ever received – this man in his flipflops was incredible.

But he wasn’t anywhere near done with her, he jumped up, pulling down his khaki shorts and revealing that huge thick cock. She asked to taste; she wanted to swallow it – but he tore off her panties, opening her wide and plunging his thick rod straight into her throbbing hot pussy, balls-deep in the one hard thrust. She squealed in delight, she was so amazingly wet and his huge cock filled her tightly.

“Your pussy is tiny,” he said, bringing up her barefoot and licking along the bottom arch. She sighed and tried to move her pelvis against him, wanting more thrusts and he smirked down at her.

“You want to get fucked, do you?” he asked, toying with her.

“Yes!” she cried and then he thrust hard again, his pubic bone grinding against her clit hard as he filled her. He was fucking her slowly, hard and now, he was sucking on her red-painted little toes. He pulled off his polo shirt, grabbed both her legs and pulled them up. She moaned, moving against him and then, his dark eyes pinning her down, he methodically started to pound into her hard and fast, with her feet over his shoulders.

She cried out, abandoning her sense of self to this pleasure, pressing her drenched wet pussy against him. He filled her beyond what she had imagined and stimulated her G-spot, tantalized her cervical zone. She announced each of his thrusts with a moan and her hands grabbed his strong arms. When he made her come, with his thick drilling cock, she screamed, her fingernails digging into the skin of his broad shoulders.

She thought about his wife wondering about the scratches and imagined his pretty curvy little wife watching them fuck and this pushed her over the edge again. He was fucking her hard in nothing but his flipflops and then he came, gasping.

“That was intense,” she said and he kissed her hard, fucking his cum deeper. She was still so horny and moved against him, her hot swollen cunt wanting more. He pulled his slick cock out of her and put two fingers into her cunt, bringing some of his creamy seed up to her mouth on his hand. Gazing into his face, she gobbled it greedily, her tongue stroking his amazing fingers. She begged for more and he pushed his cock into her mouth, making her taste the union between him and her – the taste of her pussy and his come – and he face-fucked her, as she laid there, gazing up at him. He grabbed handfuls of her platinum blonde hair, forcing his girth down her throat and she moaned around his hard cock.

He changed positions, turning around to a 69, his balls against her forehead as he started eating her cum-filled pussy and slurping at it, relishing in it. She was moaning around the thrusting cock, her hands stroking his broad back and her senses on fire. She could smell his balls and the musk of his ass. The very thought of him devouring her cum-filled pussy made her come hard, on his beautiful licking mouth.

Gagged by the thick cock, her moans and cries were muffled but then he moved off her, his hand on her cheek.

“You have beautiful eyes,” he said, his fingers kadıköy escort circling her swollen throbbing clit and she couldn’t answer, she gazed up at him, stunned by orgasms and overcame by lust. “I think it is time to do your little asshole.”

“Oh my God,” she breathed as he took off her dress, undoing her lace balconette bra and his mouth was on her bare tits for the first time. She sighed, stroking his hair. His thick arms pulled her legs up, his pussy-wet fingers spreading her asscheeks and exposing her asshole. Then, his big tongue probed into the tight little rosebud, fucking it. She was moaning so loudly, the sensation of his wet hot mouth on her sensitive little asshole was mindblowing.

His fingers found her swollen clit again and she cried out, pushing against those wonderful fingers with her cunt, loving every second as her ass was thoroughly licked and her clit stimulated. She came again, hard again – and her pussy spasmed hard. Pleased, he stopped eating her ass and lined his thick uncut cock with her budded asshole. He rubbed her little ass – “I’ve wanted to fuck this ass since you sent me those asshole pics” – and she moaned, writhing and expectant.

The big bulging head of his delicious cock pushed through her tightness and she squealed, his cock was even bigger here and he was really struggling to force more cock inside her. “I’m going to fuck your ass whether it likes it or not,” he told her, his searing black eyes above her face. She was pleased he was fucking her ass like this – she wanted to see every pleasurable expression on his face as he did her.

He pushed further in, she was moaning as pain and pleasure overcame her. His full girth and length was pushed in and then he started to pound her ass hard. She was loudly moaning as his cock fucked her –she almost lost her mind, she felt her sense of self melting around this amazing cock. His fingers found her slick wet cunt and she begged him to rub her clit as he pounded into her.

His skilled fingers touched her swollen cunt firmly and rubbed – she screamed with pleasure, crying out his real name and then, she came hard, her pussy spasming. He moved three fingers into her pussy, feeling his cock through the thin membrane and she moaned, filled so completely – and then she almost immediately orgasmed again. With a shout, he came and after cleaning his cock with nearby tissues, he sucked his cum from her loosened asshole. She writhed against him, amazed such a dirty and sexy man existed.

He came up to her mouth, giving her some cum in a hot kiss and she pulled him on top of her again, her hands going down to his cock and stroking it hard. He looked into her face, breathing hard; his gorgeous countenance encouraging her as she went down and licked his balls, his cock – she could not get enough of him. He shuffled down, his face alongside hers, his mouth kissing hers hard and passionately. His hand found her clit – his fingers entered, fucking her – and she succumbed, opening herself to these sensations. His ring and pinky finger found her well-fucked asshole and she cried out as he entered there – even though his huge thick cock had stretched her little asshole moments ago. He was determined to make her tiny puckered asshole into a *canyon* – he had said he wanted to tunnel her out like this and she recalled how he told her that he made his ex-girlfriend GAPE…how she shit herself without knowing – and arousal flooded her all over again,

She begged him – FUCK MY ASS, STRETCH IT BIG – and she moaned as he lubed his bulging cock and spread her ass. He flipped her on her front, face in the pillows, she cried out as he plunged in, even deeper. She felt his balls press into her fleshy ass cheeks and then he kept pounding into her, the force making her cry and moan. Her tight little ass was giving it up to this massive cock and she moaned into the pillow, ass in the air, as he pounded into it.

Her fingers went down to her dripping pussy and kartal escort rubbed, then she wailed when she came – his bulging cock rubbed all the right spots. He came a moment later and then they lay together, face to face, enjoying their synergy until lust took over again and she pushed him onto his back, at first running her tongue hungrily over his balls and then, she started in on his asshole, nibbling, tonguing and licking. His moans urged her on and she continued, her hands stroking his balls and still lubed hardening cock. He was the horniest man she had ever fucked: men usually ‘had enough’ well and truly before she was satisfied but this gorgeous man; he was begging for more fucking, he wanted more of her – and she was happy to oblige.

She poured more lube on his cock, stroking his length firmly and tongued his purple helmet lightly. He sighed in pleasure, watching her as she straddled his hips, guiding his gleaming cock into her pussy.

They both sighed and she started riding him slowly, her huge natural breasts bouncing. He ran his hands up and down her bare back, his hands then capturing her jiggling tits and squeezing, massaging.

She drove her swollen clit onto him hard as she rode his cock, moaning and tossing her long blonde hair around. She was about to come: looking down at this gorgeous man and fucking, she was so close – and then he overthrew her, on to her back, her legs splaying out. Grabbing her ankles and forcing her wide as possible, he plunged his slick bulging cock into her eager pussy, stabbing into her relentlessly. She screamed when she came and lay next to him, twitching and within the orgasmic afterglow. He pulled her into his huge chest in an embrace and they lay quietly, stroking each other for a bit. She was happily exhausted and she could feel he was too.

“I want you to help me become Leah.”

New wetness flooded her pussy as she sat up, getting his bag and also, some items of her own that she had bought especially for this occasion. Gold sandals, a tight red dress and an auburn wavy wig – she was so eager for his feminine self. She knew special make-up to cover his broad masculine brow and shape his lovely bone structure into soft femininity. As she smoothed the make-up on his face, her hot crotch hovering over his delicious body, she wanted to sit on his lap again, to ride his cock but she refrained, knowing better was to come.

Painting his mouth with lipstick, with a lip brush, was especially erotic and she could feel her cunt dripping onto his bare thigh as she straddled his leg. His breathing quickened – he was aware of her arousal and now, he dressed quickly. Transformed and now feminine, now as Leah, he grabbed her and kissed her on the mouth and her bisexual wants were satiated – a beautiful man that became a beautiful woman – and she sighed as his hands moved along her breasts, down to her burning hot cunt.

She gazed into Leah’s smoldering black eyes, feeling her tongue tease between her pouty lips. She sighed as she kissed her – her pussy welled with a new hot-wet – women were just so special – and she ran her hands up and down Leah’s body. Leah whimpered as fingers started to explore – and pull up her dress.

“What is this, no panties? What a naughty little whore you are, Leah.”

Leah moaned as the blonde spread her legs, spread her ass and then Leah felt a tongue caress her asshole.

“A girl with no panties is begging for a fucking,” the blonde said and started to eat out her ass. Leah moaned and moaned, feeling a tongue penetrate her hard. Her big clit – aka her cock – protruded, bulging and begging for attention. Then the tongue stroked the big clit – just as fingers started to lube Leah’s asshole and a prostrate massager squeezed in. Leah sighed, submitting to the massager and the insistent tongue. They had talked about doing this online and it was even better than Leah expected.

Crying out, Leah started to thrash and writhe, then she *came* like a woman – legs spread, moaning, with eyes rolling. The blonde swallowed every drop of the cum that exploded and licked her big clit until the orgasm subsided. The blonde removed the prostate massager, stroking Leah’s used asshole.

“You’re incredible,” she whispered and Leah kissed her on the mouth. The fun here was only getting started…

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