Ocak 29, 2021

Fresh Start Ch. 04: One of Us Now

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Welcome to chapter 4 of Nell and Emma, and Liz. I’m having so much fun with these ladies. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

Please comment, favorite, rate and of course send me some feedback.


I stretched as I woke, my eyes landing on the redhead whose bed I was in. A smile spread across my face as the events of the night before flooded my memory. I was trying to figure out how I had gotten here. 6 months ago, I was married. To a man. Now I was laying in another women’s bed. And I couldn’t be any happier than I currently was.

She was on her stomach, one arm along her side, the other laying above her head. I wanted to just stay and watch her sleep, or even better explore her more, but I hadn’t told Liz I wasn’t coming home last night. It wasn’t an issue, but I still felt the need to touch base. Carefully, I got out of the bed, found my shirt and panties and threw them on. My phone was in the living-room, I hoped. I made my way downstairs and searched around for it, found it on the floor in front of the couch. I knew without even looking there would be a few from Liz. I wasn’t disappointed.

Liz- well well well out long after curfew young lady

Liz- doing allllll the stuff

Liz- I guess I shall be the adult and be responsible for your offspring while you are off galavanting with your girlfriend

Liz- seriously. I hope the night is perfect. I’ll talk to you in the morning. Love you

Liz- damn girl. Are you ever waking up?

Liz- are you that tired out? You are going to have to give me details. All of them. I mean it. Wait. No. No details.

Liz- the minions are awake. Is it too early for wine?

Liz- apparently I have to feed them? Is this an everyday occurrence? I can’t even with them

Liz- Don’t rush home. I’m taking them over state lines where we can find decent food. don’t call the FBI

Liz- seriously don’t rush. I’m not bringing them home until they are properly spoiled and you are mad at me.

Liz- I’m happy for you

I was laughing as I read. She never disappoints me.

Me- good morning. Thank you. Don’t ruin my kids. I love you too

I sat on the couch and waited to see if she was going to reply but nothing. Then I sat and wondered what I should do. Stay down here, in only a shirt and panties, or go crawl back next to her. I smiled at the thought of being next to her again. She made me feel ways I had never felt before. I was still trying to figure out how she did it. Mainly so I could replicate it for her. Based on her reactions, I wasn’t as incompetent as I feared I would be. But more practice would be needed on my part. Often.

I was still contemplating what to do when the air shifted, then arms wrap around me from behind. I turned into her as she leaned down and kissed me. “Good morning.”

“Morning.” She let go and came and sat next to me. “How’s Liz?” Her eyes pointing to the phone still in my hands.

I smiled. “Good. She’s taking the kids shopping. They need nothing. She will buy them everything. We will fight. It will be a whole thing.”

Nell just laughed. She was getting used to who Liz and I were together. She had a great laugh. I couldn’t help myself and I moved to kiss her. We sat that way, together on the couch, making out like teenagers until hunger for food won out. Even then, I was fine with being hungry. I would be fine just staying here all day, practicing.

“How about we go out for breakfast?” I hadn’t stopped reaching for more kisses. “Emma.”

I looked at her with my best innocent face, “what?” Then I kissed her again. I was trying to understand why I hadn’t been kissing her soft lips my whole life. She put her arms out to keep me from kissing her again. I pouted.

“You are incorrigible Emma.” I managed to free myself and she wasn’t exactly resisting me.

“You are so soft. Why did we wait so long?” I was muttering between kisses. She laughed.

“I’m glad we did. It was worth it.” She had pulled me off her again. I didn’t like it. “Emma, food.”

I looked at her. “I don’t need food.” I didn’t. I just needed to keep kissing her. I tried to get to her lips again, but she slipped around and was off the couch. Now I really pouted. She just laughed.

She reached down and took my hands. I tried to pull her back down to me, but she wasn’t budging. Instead, she pulled me up, kissed me again then walked me upstairs. “Shower then food. Brunch I’m gonna guess.” I couldn’t hear anything after shower. I was just standing there in the middle of her bedroom. She went into her closet and came out with clothes. “One of these should more or less fit you.” She handed me a pile of shirts.

I put the pile on the bed, found my jeans on the floor and put them inside right, then looked for my bra. I really wasn’t interested in having to get dressed. Nell was walking into the bathroom and I was still standing there at the edge of the bed. “Emma.”

I looked up. “Yeah?”

“Are you coming?”

Shit. Yes. Yes, I was.


We casino şirketleri were sitting together at a local restaurant. One Liz would approve of. It was lunch, not even brunch, by the time we had left Nell’s house. One more round of practice had shifted the timeline.

Our waiter brought the drinks we ordered over. My phone went off. Liz. She had finally messaged me back. Was absolutely ruining my kids.

“Everything okay?” She sat across from me, so at least I could look at her. I’d rather she was next to me so I could feel her though. I was addicted to her and I knew it.

“Yeah. Liz just being Liz. It’s going to take me a week to undo the spoiling going on.” My phone went off again.

Liz- take-out and movie. Your house. 7pm. Bring the chick

Nell looked at me. I showed her the message. She chuckled.

“Well at least I know she’s going to bring them home at some point today.” I was shaking my head. “You don’t have to come.”

“I think I do.” She started to really laugh then stopped, got a look on her face. “If you want me to.”

I smiled, big. “Of course, I do, but you don’t have to subject yourself to Liz.”

“Again, I think I do. Plus, I want to. I enjoy your family Emma.” The look on her face was genuine.

Our food arrived as she said that. It smelled amazing. One bite in and my stomach came to life. I was much hungrier than I had realized. Half the plate was gone when I noticed she was looking at me again. I grabbed my napkin, wondering if I was wearing my food on my face. She was still eyeing me.

“What?” The look on her face should have told me what.

“I kinda wish we had just ordered in.”

I grinned. “I can eat quickly. We have hours before we’ve been ordered to appear at my house.” I raised my eyebrows just a little as I finished speaking.

The grin I got back made my stomach flip, and warmth spread between my legs. We finished eating, declined dessert and were back at her place in near record time. We weren’t even fully inside when my mouth was on hers.

The door closed and I backed her up against it, my hands were holding her wrists as my knee moved to open her legs a little. She moaned into my mouth.

“You sure you’ve never done this until last night Emma?” I was enjoying her neck now. Her skin tasted so good.

I giggled. Had I known before last night what being with someone who understood the female body that well would be like, I likely would have tried it long before I did. “I’ve had a very good professor.” The noise she made when I said that sent shivers down my spine and I made the mistake of letting go of her wrists and she flipped us, I was pushed up against the door now. Her hand was cupping my breast as her tongue glided along my collarbone.

“Where have you been my whole life Emma?”

“Wasting time with an asshole.” I had found her nipple and was slowly drawing circles as she continued to drive me crazy with her tongue. She put her lips to mine, her tongue exploring my mouth now. I could barely breathe when she stopped kissing me.

“Upstairs. Now!” Oh. I liked bossy Nell. I liked her a lot.

She didn’t have to tell me twice. I beat her to the bedroom. Her bedding was still a mangled mess from our evening, and early morning. I glanced at the bathroom remembering wasting hot water earlier. She pushed me down, it didn’t take much effort on her part. I was her willing student for the afternoon. Practice makes perfect.

I was laying blissed out in her arms a few hours later. Her hand was tracing over the scar from my C-section. My body clenched just a little. She looked at me.

“Extremely ticklish.”

“Ohhhh.” Her hand wandered away from the scar and moved to my face. Stopping a few places along the way. I had a small scar on my neck, and one under my jaw courtesy of my brothers. A longer one by my left ear, that on she lingered on. I shuddered a little remembering the car wreck that one had come from. I almost lost Liz that day. “Seriously Emma. Where have you been?” Her hand was on my cheek. My eyes closed as I nuzzled into it. It didn’t matter where I had been before, I was here now.

“Emma. Emma.” I rolled over and peaked open one eye. Nell was next to me still, but she had clothes on. I made a face. “We don’t wanna anger Liz right? We should get going soon.”

“Eh. I’ve angered her many times. She doesn’t scare me.” I reached for her, brought her lips to mine.

“Well she does scare me so…” and she unceremoniously tugged me up to sit next to her. I pouted. I didn’t want anything to do with leaving her bed. My hand was behind her head and I gave her a reason to rethink leaving. It didn’t work.

“I’m very disappointed you are so easily scared by such a small human. I may have to rethink this whole thing.” I finally forced myself to get up and find my clothes. Well, her clothes. Oh, Liz was going to love this.

The words had barely left my mouth when she came up behind me, kissed my neck and wrapped her arms around me. “No rethinking anything Emma.” I melted. casino firmaları Bossy Nell again. I approved. I for certain coo’ed. That got me another kiss on the neck. I turned hoping for more, but she was quicker and was feet away from me now. “Emma, get dressed. Please.”

I relented and got dressed. It was 6:40. I found my phone and checked if we had any more orders from Liz.

Liz- Emma. Your children are heathens.

Liz- and needy

Liz- apparently I have to feed them again? Seriously, how do you do this every day?

Liz- I’m taking your silence as a good sign. I hope you are enjoying your day

Liz- does the boy ever stop talking?

Liz- like seriously he never shuts up.

Liz- I’m really happy for you

Liz- do NOT be late

I shook my head. Nell was behind me. She squeezed me as she read with me. “Yeah, we really better not be late Emma.”

I laughed. “Okay, I guess I’m ready.” But I wasn’t, and it was 6:45 before we were in the running vehicle ready to leave.

At precisely 6:59 we pulled into my driveway. Liz was waiting on the porch. I groaned. Nell chuckled. We walked up hand in hand and Liz smiled. “Hello lovebirds, oh Emma I don’t believe that is your shirt. Oh, Tsk tsk tsk.” I smacked her. Nell laughed again.

“Hello Liz. How was your day?”

“Oh, look at that, your girlfriend has more manners than you Emma.”

Nell was still laughing. I hadn’t let go of her hand. I liked hearing ‘girlfriend’.

“Shove it Elizabeth.” I placed a big wet kiss on her cheek and gave her a hug. “Thank you for taking care of the heathens.”

“Geez Emma.” She was wiping off my kiss.

“Oh, I’m offended Liz, you don’t like my kiss, she doesn’t complain.” I opened the front door before she could smack me back.

“Gather heathens your wayward mother has returned for sustenance and libations.” She was so loud that any neighbors with their windows opened certainly heard her.

The kids came down from upstairs. “Hey mom, hey Nell.” I was still holding her hand. I had no intentions of letting go even though she loosened her grip when the kids came downstairs. I squeezed her hand. My way of saying ‘nope. Not happening’ and maybe a little ‘you’re mine’.

The kids filled me in on their ridiculously extravagant day as Liz mixed up drinks. I noticed my liquor cabinet had been restocked while I was gone. Liz had also apparently ordered everything off the menu at our favorite Chinese food place. We filled plates and stayed in the kitchen eating. The kids were excused to the living-room to eat.

“Don’t make a mess out there, it’s family movie night and we will be in soon.” Liz yelled to them, neither replied quick enough though. “Heathens!”

“Geez Liz, we aren’t deaf.” Jack yelled back. “We also know how to eat without making messes we aren’t 3.”

“This. This is what I’ve put up with for the last day while you two worked up a hella appetite I see.” She was scoffing at me, not Nell. Just me.

I swallowed the mouthful I had just taken. “Okay enough Liz. Please.” I needed her to stop, it was becoming awkward and I didn’t want Nell to feel that way.

She kissed my cheek,” Of course love.”

Nell was still just watching us. I smiled at her. Liz started to say something “Nope. Elizabeth, I meant it, enough.” Liz went back to her own food. She looked, down. I didn’t like it. I shouldn’t have scolded her so harshly.

“Thank you Liz, for dinner, drinks. The kids.” I gave her a hug. “You are the best.”

She looked up at me through her eyelashes, “Yes. Yes I am.”

She was something else. We all laughed. “So, what are we watching?”

“Meet the Parents.”

I about spit out my drink. Nell and Liz were dying. I looked at them both and just smiled. “Okay then.” Leave it to Liz to pick that movie for Nell to watch with us. The odds of Nell ever having to meet my family were slim. Or at least, having to have them in her life. They still had barely spoken to me since I kicked Dean out. The sent the twins a card for Christmas, didn’t even see them. They were never going to win any parenting awards.

We finished eating and Liz called the kids in to help her clean up. “Emma, you and Nell should get sweats on, you’ll be much more comfortable.”

“Um..” I started to tell her Nell didn’t have clothes here and there was no way anything I owned would be long enough for her. She had legs that didn’t stop. I did not.

“Emma, are you new?” She shot a ridiculous look at me, one that made me question my intelligence for a split second. I just stared at her. “Emma, take her upstairs and it will all make sense.” She pushed us out of the kitchen as the kids came in to help her.

We walked up the stairs and into my room. I looked at my bed, then her and pouted. She saw my face and kissed me. “No pouting.” It was then I noticed the bag on the floor by my dresser.

“Liz.” I walked over and looked inside. I pulled out the sweatpants that were on top. Held them up, too long for me, perfect for Nell. There was 3 more pairs güvenilir casino plus a few T-shirts’ and 2 crew necks in the bag also. All Nell’s size, and perfect colors for her complexion and hair. She thought of everything.

Nell was next to me, “it feels like this might be her seal of approval.” She was smiling.

“It is. She’s amazing.” I sighed. I was the luckiest person ever. My head leaned into her. “We better change before she comes looking for us.”

Instead she was kissing me again. Deep. Long. Filled with need and desire. I was trying to catch my breath by the time she was done. “I am so glad you walked into my classroom Emma.”

I closed my eyes, “me too.”

We both changed and went downstairs. Liz gave Nell an approving once over when she saw she was in the sweats. The kids were sent upstairs to change, Liz also. We were in the kitchen when everyone was ready, I had to pull myself away from her lips once again. Liz mixed up one more round before we went into the living-room and she plunked herself down at one end of the couch, the kids settled on the chair and the floor. I could tell Nell wasn’t sure where she should sit. This wasn’t the first movie she had watched with us. It was just the first since we had spent a night together. I sat and pulled her to sit next to me. I was between her and Liz. I wasn’t sure if that was the right choice, but it’s what I went with. Liz had turned the lights off before she sat down.

Nell was a little stiff as we sat, and the movie started. I moved myself closer to her, she was sitting, facing forward watching the movie. She hadn’t relaxed yet. I looked at Liz. She gave me a reassuring smile, then pointed her eyes at the afghan behind me. I couldn’t force Nell to be comfy here, but I could help her know she could be. I grabbed the afghan and pulled it over us. A few minutes later she moved, tucked her legs under her, put her arm around me. I snuggled in deep.

I was so comfortable I didn’t even touch my drink. Liz noticed. She didn’t say a word, just kept glancing over at me, us, and smiling. The movie ended and Asher got up to turn the lights on. My eyes were not happy at the change. Liz’s either apparently.

“Oh boy, that’s about my last nerve you just stepped on. Off. Off now.”

Instead Ashe just laughed, told Liz she must be getting old if light hurt and ran up to his room. “Goodnight mom love you! Goodnight Nell!”

More laughter filled the living-room. Jack stood up and came to sit down between Liz and me. She put her head on my shoulder, legs on Liz. I felt Nell tense up again. My hand was on her thigh, had been most of the movie. I gave her a gentle squeeze.

“So, Jack, did you have a good day?” She stretched out and her head ended up in my lap, she was looking up at me, and Nell.

“The best. We had sushi and tried on clothes and bought clothes and yes, it was a great day. How was yours?”

“I had a great day too.”

“And you?” She was looking at Nell.

“I had a good day too. Thanks for asking Jacklyn.”

“Awesome. Well I’m going upstairs. Thanks for everything Liz, love you.” She gave her a hug then me one. “Night mom, goodnight Nell. See ya tomorrow!” And she bounded up the stairs.

The three of us were still just sitting on the couch. My hand hadn’t left Nell’s thigh. The credits for the movie were still going. Liz stood up, stretched. “Well I do believe my babysitting quota has been met and I need a month to recover.” I didn’t want her to leave. I didn’t want her to not leave. I just looked at her.

“Thanks Liz. For everything.” I stood up and wrapped her in a hug.

“Of course. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Bye Nell.”

Nell said goodbye and I walked Liz out to her Charger. “You are glowing like I’ve never seen you glow before Em. I’m stupid happy for you. Don’t fuck it up.”

I punched her. “I’m gonna try not to. Thank again.”

Liz was looking around. “Um Em? You do realize you came in one car right. Your car?”

I grinned. “I do.” Liz just gave me a look. “You think she’s ready to stay here? With the kids here?”

“Sink or swim right? No, if she doesn’t want to stay I’ll drive her home. I’m just hoping she wants to.”

“Tread lightly not so young Jedi.” One last hug and I watched her drive away. I was the luckiest best friend in the world.

I went back inside, and she hadn’t moved from the spot on the couch. I couldn’t help but pause and just stare at her for a minute. I was still contemplating how I had gotten to this point in my life when Jack came downstairs.

“I forgot to ask. Jenna wants me to go over her house tomorrow. We have that project due Tuesday we really need to finish. Is that okay?”

“Of course, it is. What time?” I had planned to get outside tomorrow but would adjust my plans for Jack.

“Not till 11. Her mom can bring me home when we are done.” I shook my head yes. “Is she staying over? I’m totally okay if she does just wonder.” My eyes glanced into the living-room at Nell.

“I don’t know, and I don’t need your permission Jacklyn.”

“I know Mom. I wasn’t giving it. Just letting you know… that we… well.” She stopped. The look on her eyes was adorable. She was trying to give me permission to move on, to have a life. I appreciated her sentiment.

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