Ocak 30, 2021

Florida Submission

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Like most online encounters, it started with flirtation and creative writing, at a basic level. Over the weeks, though, it became something more. I felt like my new online domme, Ms. Sabrina, was one of the few who really knew me and the other hidden side of my mind and my life. We began to talk of real life, my recent divorce, the professional career I spent all my time on, her career as a business owner in Florida, and then her home and her invitation. A simple weekend trip, she said, some sunshine and the ocean, a break from the cold weather, and a new chance to explore these ideas.

It took a while, but the idea grew, and on one very cold and slushy night up north I accepted. As I told her, I was very interested in an ongoing online relationship, or perhaps long term role play scenes. I was a long time submissive with fairly wide experience, and a few limits in real time. I told her I could deal with pain but that was not my main interest; what excited me more were the ideas of humiliation, BDSM, restraint, costumes, service, and hard use. I am not much of a romantic sunset walk on the beach sort of person in this life, and I was not a bratty sub- what was the point of that? I had a few photos, mostly ones I got my ex to take a long time ago, but trading pictures was not my goal here either. I loved the thrill of new ideas, back then, and the extra humiliation of having to admit to a younger domme that under my vanilla exterior is an inner slut.

The next day, my email contained an e-ticket, Jet Blue for next Saturday morning, and an early arrival in Florida. My mind was full of nothing else, as I spent the week catching up on work, planning a sudden short weekend vacation, and trying to imagine what to wear, what to bring, and where this would lead me. I was sitting on the plane, dressed as I thought she might like-a crisp gabardine pencil skirt, a stylish blouse, stockings and heels, a contrasting jacket. It was a special effort, not the usual casual clothes I wore for longer flights. As she instructed, for the first time in my adult life I wore no panties and no bra, which made me feel very exposed and conscious of the feel and weight of my breasts with every move.


When the door of the plane opened, I stepped into the steamy humidity of the access bridge with my roller bag, striding quickly through the airport, carrying my new sunglasses. It was new and exciting, and my work week was forgotten. She had said she would arrange a pickup, not to bring much luggage, and just look for my name on a card.

Walking out into late afternoon sunshine, I was finding my sunglasses and blinking. Looking around, at the crowds of meeting families, I saw the sign I was looking for,’Gold2′. The person with sign was a young woman, a lot younger than my 38 years, and pretty too. She was dressed like an employee, wearing a white polo shirt with a small logo, a short navy wrap skirt, sandals, and big sunglasses with her Florida tan.

I handed her my roller bag, as she said “Jennifer, right? Just follow me”. She was off through the crowd, headed for the parking, so I had to trot in my tall heels to keep up. Watching her skirt swing, with her strong tan legs exposed, I realized as she turned that she had no bra under her shirt, either. I had dressed for my flight as I had been told, wearing my best skirted suit and an open neck blouse with no bra and no panties.

The car was a dark sedan, not a limo, but with gunmetal gray leather seats, and dark metallic paint, parked in a corner of the garage, with locks that opened with a ‘thunk’. I was left waiting a moment, as she put my bag into the trunk. She came around to open a rear door for me, and took my purse, the designer style I had thought would be very impressive. “Jennifer, remove your skirt and give it to me, now. Ms. Sabrina has requested that.”

I was surprised and looked up sharply. What was she asking? Here? “Ahh, I’m sorry miss, what did you say?” I replied, talking down to her in my best executive voice. I looked around and saw we were alone here next to the car.

“Jennifer, I am not asking you again. You will be in trouble with Ms. Sabrina if you cannot listen better than this. She has a rule, for new submissives. Remove your skirt now and get your ass in the car, we will be late.”

My face went red, but I couldn’t see her eyes in the sunglasses. I realized that she already had my purse and my bag, and it was too late to change the planned week ahead of me now. I slowly unzipped my gabardine skirt and slide it down, over my thigh-high dark stockings and tan heels. As she folded it, I was standing next to the car with bare ass, in jacket and heels. I slid in, with the unusual feeling of my bare skin on the leather seat chilled by the air conditioning. She nudged me over to sit at the center of seat, and pointed at me to spread my legs wide. Before she closed the door, she slipped a steel handcuff on my left wrist and locked it to the handle above the door inside the car.

As she slid into casino şirketleri the driver’s seat, I saw myself in the mirror, my arm lifted up with one breast exposed as the jacket gapped, my bare skin and pussy visible with my legs spread, and my pale skin displayed on the gray leather. She handed me a cool bottle of water, for my free hand, and smiled to see me exposed like that. I realized I had not really objected, and I did not know her name, or what to expect in my five days with Ms Sabrina. The car moved off, going quickly from the shady garage back into the Florida sun.


We drove for half an hour and I had to twist around to check the watch on my handcuffed wrist held high. I kept my legs wide, as instructed, and I saw the driver checking me in the mirror. My exposed thighs and pussy became chilled by the air conditioner she had turned up high, and my nipples were hard, rubbing my blouse with no bra. We drove through nameless Florida suburbs, and then pulled into a small shopping area, driving behind the low buildings in late afternoon sun.

I was surprised when the car stopped there, and the driver came to open my door. “Jennifer, Ms. Sabrina has asked me to get you some things you will need here. All you have to do is obey. If you don’t, I will leave you here on the street, just as you are- half naked, no purse or ID, no way to get back home up North. Do as I say.”

There did not seem to be a choice at that point, so when she unlocked the handcuff and held it I slid out of the car, my ass sticking to the leather seat. She walked me to a metal door, the rear door of a store, and I was in heels and stockings, bottomless, and with nowhere to go. She knocked, and the door opened; we were in the back room of a hardware store, and the gray haired owner was smiling past me at the driver, as his eyes took in my naked pussy. “Another one, so soon?”

She smiled, said nothing, and pushed me forward to his grimy workbench. He was still smiling, and went off to the shelves, coming back with a roll of flat metal chain, made of gray steel. “Ok, hold still, let’s get this right.”

He reached around my body, bringing a loop of chain to rest on my hips, holding it not too tight while he measured off more and cut it with a tool. His fingers were on my skin, as he fastened the end with a rivet tool, which I realized could now only be cut off, not unfastened. I had cold chain lying flat on my skin, resting on my ass and hips, below my belly, with a free length of chain hanging down between my legs. He adjusted the chain, and then reached for a metal tag and a fitting. He shows me the dull brass tag, with a smile and a wave of bad breath: “Five”. I realized it was like a pet tag, with an owner’s phone number on the back. It hung between my legs, clinking with the chain against my thighs. He adjusted it and slid his hand between my legs, to take a free feel of my pussy.

The young woman driver was watching arms crossed over her chest, checking her watch. She smiled when he took out a camera, ‘flash, clickkkkk’ to photograph me half naked in the chain belt.” You want to see the others?” He laughed as he showed me the camera screen- four other similar shots, blonde and brunette women, all naked from the waist down, standing in this same dusty workshop wearing different Florida vacation outfits, each looking surprised with a chain and a tag. I had gone in an hour from a visiting business professional off to see her new Mistress to just another slut in a slave chain.

The driver led me outside, but instead of opening the car she held my arm and pulled me past two more stores, to knock on another door. The hanging chain brushed my thighs as I walked in my high heels, the metal tag clinking. I was becoming used to the humiliating exposure, when we were let into the second store. We were in the back room of a women’s store, with boxes and racks and shelves of cheap clothing and lingerie in too-bright colors, a long way from the higher-end stores I usually visit. The Cuban woman at the door laughed out loud to see me this way.

“Deborah, you got a nice one this time. You have her things?”

The driver handed her my suit skirt, which she had been carrying, then went back for my suitcase. The woman pulled my jacket and blouse off, over the handcuff I was still wearing, leaving me naked in my chain belt. She looked into my eyes, laughed again, and used the tape measure she carried to check my sizes. Pulling the tape around my breasts, waist, and hips, her fingers touched the chain I wore now and she felt the curve of my breast and laughed. She clicked my handcuff to a metal rack, then turned away to open my bag. The driver watched as she held up and looked over the skirt and jacket I had worn, and pulled my newly purchased vacation clothing and fancy lingerie out of the bag- the things I thought would make me attractive to Ms. Sabrina, and the expensive dark red bikini I had expected to wear poolside. The shop owner emptied the bag, tossing the clothes casino firmaları onto a table, and handed a few dollars to the driver.

I realized I was further reduced-naked, chained, cuffed, and now my expensive things had been sold to a second hand store. The woman went off into the store, leaving the driver checking her watch and me cuffed to the rack. When she returned, she handed me a small plastic grocery bag. “Here were the things you will need with Ms. Sabrina-some thongs, some really small bras, a very small bikini, a few thin wrap skirts, a halter dress, and of course your maid’s uniform too.”

She handed a credit card that I recognized as my gold card back to the driver. “It came to $415.56; I put it on this slut’s credit card, thanks Deborah.”

I was blinking back tears as the driver led me outside again, naked, except for my high heels, and back to the car, with my new chain clinking. It was still cold in the car, as she pushed me to the center of the seat and cuffed my wrist again. Now I was fully naked, seeing myself in the rear view mirror, fingering the cold chain I could not remove. I wondered again now how different this week with Ms. Sabrina would be.


The sun was setting as the car finally stopped not a big Florida sunset just low clouds and twilight. I was shivering, naked except for my high heels, and my chain. I looked out, and saw a medium large house, not a mansion, set alone on a street apart from other houses, on the edge of a town. It seemed to be surrounded by undeveloped land, maybe a park or a palm grove. The house was aging white stucco, with heavy walls and arched windows with metal grilles, and a heavy timber door with small window. The lights were on, the windows glowing but curtained. The lawn was bounded by untrimmed tropical plantings, blowing in a light wind.

I saw Deborah, the driver, on her cell phone, but couldn’t tell what was happening from her words. She left the car running, as she opened my door and unlocked my cuff, and I slid out the door. She had parked well down the curved drive, and walked me across the wet lawn, with no sign of anyone around. At the front door, she tugged my arm and locked my handcuff again to an iron ring next to the door. Without smiling, she reached out to cup my right breast, feeling its weight, rubbing her thumb over the nipple which had now hardened in the cool dawn air. She flicked it sharply, painfully with her nail, and smiled. “Ms. Sabrina may enjoy you.”

She turned and left, getting back into the car and driving away. I was left standing next to the door, as it went darker, naked except for heels and chain belt, handcuffed and totally exposed. She had left the bag of cheap clothing nearby, but out of my reach. I was assuming this was Ms Sabrina’s home, and she would open the door, but I realized it could be anywhere, and I had no way of knowing if this was my destination or some humiliating next stage. I wondered if a woman or a man would came to the door, or who might see me here, if they drove up.

It was dusk now and beginning to get a bit chilly. I panicked when a sheriff’s car drove by and suddenly stopped in front of the house. I was chained next to the front door, and I tapped it urgently as I watch the sheriff leave his car running and walk toward the front door Before he got to me, the door opened and a tall brunette woman asked “Are you Jennifer?” When I answered “yes”, she released me from the cuff with a small key and ordered me to come in. I heard her tell the deputy that she knew who this was, that I belong to her and not to worry about it, thanking him for his service. He said very little and seemed to be unable to take his eyes off of this surprisingly naked woman. She had to assure him that there was no problem before he turned and walked back to his cruiser. Taking my hand, she guided me over to the living room sofa where I sat shaking, still naked, and introduced myself for the first time in person to Ms. Sabrina.


Sitting on the sofa later, my heart was still pounding, as it had been from the moment the police car spotlight pinned me by the door, nearly naked and cuffed. I was trying to think what to say, how to explain all this, when the door opened and I was pulled into the house. I watched the tall, heavy officer in the Sheriff’s car looked me over, his eyes taking in my trimmed pussy and hard nipples, plus the chain and tag I wore with heels. I was very relieved when he went away, he clearly wanted me and his hard eyes made it seem that if he used me it would not be pleasant at all.

I was in shock, seeing Ms. Sabrina for the first time as she pulled me inside. Just as in her online photo, she was slender and beautiful and elegantly sexy. I was sitting on the sofa, humiliated in my nakedness which seemed more out of place in this well-furnished room, sitting across from a woman in expensive and casual clothing, looking me over. With no point in trying to hide anything now, I sat with my legs slightly parted, clearly a güvenilir casino slut on display here, and not knowing what might be next.

I looked up, at her offer of a drink. “Ahh, Ms. Sabrina, may I have a glass of wine, white wine please?”

I heard myself and it seemed ridiculous, to be sitting naked like this having cocktail party chat. I remembered how much I had come down, in the last two hours, from my professional self to being this almost naked woman who was now a voluntary prisoner of sorts, maybe a servant too. I saw the crumpled plastic bag, with my garish new clothing, in a heap by the door. When I looked back I saw her hard eyes and firm looked, and I realize it would be a long week full of surprises- if in fact it ended then. I realized I had no purse, phone, ticket, or way to let anyone know where I was.

A half hour later, I was finishing the bottle of wine she had opened for me. She had been drinking vodka martinis, several of them. I no longer seemed to mind my nakedness, the steady flow of wine having removed most of the inhibitions I might have experienced. She took my hand and led me upstairs to her bedroom, saying “For tonight, it is just you and I. You are to make yourself totally naked and then I want you to remove all of my clothing, very slowly, one piece at a time, and then we will lie in bed together. You had a long day, my slut and you deserve a good night’s sleep, but first I want you to pleasure me, to show me the full extent of your sexual experience with a woman.” She lay down and rolled over onto her side looking into my eyes as I lay on my back next to her, the side of my warm naked body pressing against her soft, tender skin, waiting for my next move.

Lying naked on the bed, I looked at her lying beside me. The wine made me a bit hazy, but she was so beautiful and I was excited. I began with my hands, lightly touching her skin and stroking around her breasts, finding the hard nipples and lightly stroking and pulling them. My other hand caressed her side, sliding down to her firm thigh, then between her legs to cup her lightly.

I moved to my hands and knees, with my chain and tag hanging down, and brought my mouth to her nipples, licking then sucking them in turn. My tongue lapped her sweet breasts, then traced down her belly. I moved between her legs, on hands and knees, kissing the mound then using my tongue to trace the labia. With my breasts hanging and swaying, my face went to her pussy and my tongue slid in, finding it wet and slick. I was more excited; tongue thrusting and sweeping, finding the ridge of her clit and sucking it. I was breathing harder and faster, licking and lapping her center, tongue stroking her hard clit and swirling in her. I nibbled and sucked on her lips with my tongue in deep. As her hips rocked and her back arched, my tongue worked hard licking and tasting her juices.

Kneeling, I used my hands to open her wider, tongue going in deep, eating and sucking her pussy. One hand went to work her hard nipples, tugging them as I ate her. I kept licking harder, as I felt her begin to convulse. I kept licking, swallowing the juices and kissing and nibbling. As she shook, I kissed her, and then withdraw, to cuddle naked next to her side. I had forgotten about my chain, and my day of humiliations, in the heat of loving her. I curled next to her on the bed, happy that she was able to release.


My eyes opened, with the warm sun streaming into her bedroom through the tall windows. I was lying on her bed, on top of the duvet, covered only by an old piece of worn blanket. I had to think about where I was, and why, and remembered the wine, and loving her beautiful body, and then I recalled my humiliations. My hand slid under the blanket, over my skin, sliding up my leg to confirm the cold chain and the pet tag between my legs. It made me gasp suddenly, to understand what I had become so quickly.

I saw the covers thrown back, and her side of the bed empty. Looking around, I saw that she was dressed now in a lacy robe and sitting at the small table with two chairs next to the window, sipping fresh coffee and finishing a breakfast of eggs and fruit and croissants. When I went off the bed, and walked naked to the table, with a nervous smile, she looked at me sternly. Before I could sit at the table, she pointed silently to the floor next to it.

As I came closer, the smell of coffee and food was inviting. She pointed down, and I saw a metal dog bowl on the floor next to her, labeled “slut”. My face went red with embarrassment as I knelt by the bowl, which I saw now was empty. She blotted her lips with the linen napkin, and then as I watched she leaned over, the robe gapping to show her full breasts, holding her plate. She tipped the leftovers of her omelets and vegetables into my bowl, then added the scraps of fruit and bread and a splash of her coffee, using a silver spoon to mash the food together.

I looked up to see her waiting expectantly, and with a deep sigh I understood. I blinked back a tear as I knelt and bent my face down to the bowl, to eat with no hands the leftover slop she had offered me. I ate hungrily, rising on my knees with food on my face and chin, dripping onto my naked breasts, as she reached down to lightly ruffle my hair.

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