Ocak 29, 2021

First Time With Her Flatmate

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Katie looked out of the upstairs window. She looked down to the garden – there was Hayley, lying on the grass in her very skimpy bikini, asleep, soaking up the glorious sunshine. This was nothing new, but today Katie felt something slightly different towards her housemate.

The two girls had been housemates for only about a month. They were both at the local university, and so had both moved into the house at the same time. There was only the two of them living there, so they had the whole house to themselves.

The two girls got on well, and had done since the first day, even though they seemed to be quite different people: Hayley was very outgoing, confident, and, thought Katie, extremely beautiful. She was fairly tall, and had a body toned to perfection through teenage years spent as a gymnast. She had smooth, long legs, and a perfect flat stomach that made Katie jealous. And Hayley loved to show it off. She always wore clothes that drew attention her body: in the summer it was bikinis and hotpants as much as possible, and in the winter she always took care to wear tight clothes that accentuated her shape. Katie on the other hand was far shyer. She was about average height, had long light brown hair and blue eyes. She always covered herself up, even in summer she was reluctant to sunbathe. She preferred to lie down on the bed indoors. She was by anyone’s standards very good-looking, but she always felt overshadowed by Hayley.

Both girls were professedly straight, Hayley had had a string of boyfriends, even in the short time she had been there, and even though Katie tended to keep to herself a lot more, she had her share of admirers. But on this day, something within them took over.

Katie was staring out of the window at Hayley. She had found herself doing this more and more as the time had gone by, always when Hayley was asleep or not looking though. Katie had casino şirketleri felt a little worried at first, she felt that it was wrong to want to admire another woman’s body, but then the feeling had simply taken over. She felt herself becoming aroused, and subconsciously her hand had moved down to her crotch. She realised this, and pulled her hand away in shock. But out of the corner of her eye she could still see Hayley down below, her chest moving up and down gently as she breathed.

“What harm can it do, she’s asleep” thought Katie. She allowed her hand to return once more to its position at her crotch, and she began to move it around. She took one last look out of the window at her sleeping housemate, and then she moved across to lie down on the bed where she could be more comfortable. She placed her hand inside her shorts, and inside her pants. The thoughts and images in her head were turning her on more than any guy had ever been able to do. This was amazing! She was becoming extremely wet, and, as if automatically, a finger slipped inside and began to massage her inside. The feelings she had were so intense, she could feel a climax building already. Images of her housemate flashed before her eyes: her shiny wet skin as she came out of the shower wrapped in a towel, the sight of her sunbathing in that bikini, even images of her teasing guys by rubbing her legs, or even her whole body up against them at the parties they’d been to together. She had worked herself up into a frenzy of sheer pleasure, and she came with a deep moan.

As she came down from the ecstasy of the moment, panting and gasping for breath, she heard a voice at the door.

“I never realised you felt that way about me” said Hayley. “I saw you looking at me in the window, I wasn’t really asleep.”

“I’m so sorry” said Katie, stuttering and still short of breath.

“Don’t be sorry,” Hayley casino firmaları said, moving over to the bed and sitting herself down close to Katie, “I’ve waited a long time to find out if you really did feel that way. I felt it when you and I first met, but I wasn’t sure about you.”

Katie was amazed, this was the girl who could, and usually did, have any guy she wanted. She wanted to speak, but Hayley placed a finger tenderly on her lips.

“Don’t say anything, just let us enjoy what I think we both want to happen.”

She pulled herself right up to Katie, and took her hand. She placed Katie’s hand on the front of her bikini bottom, and began to untie her own top. As soon as she did, she let it fall to the bed. Katie was amazed at the sight of Hayley’s breasts; they weren’t particularly large, but they were perfectly shaped. Katie had seen breasts before, but these were having a completely different effect on her. All her previous reservations about being with another woman seemed to melt away.

Her free hand shot out to hold them, massage them, feel their astonishing firmness, caress the nipples. She remembered about her other hand. She tried to slip it inside Hayley’s bikini bottoms, but her housemate was moving behind her, and Katie was temporarily left clutching at the air. She carefully lifted Katie’s t-shirt off, and her bra followed very quickly. She put her arms round her and gave Katie’s breasts a playful stroke. Katie gave a small moan of pleasure. The two girls could no longer bear the tension of the moment. Katie practically tore off her shorts and pants, and Hayley removed the rest of her bikini. They sat for a moment staring at each other’s naked body, their eyes full of desire, hunger.

It was Katie who broke the pause. She reached out a hand towards Hayley and placed it on her shoulder. With her other hand she pulled herself along the bed, moving güvenilir casino close to Hayley, so close that they could feel each other’s breath on their bare skin. There seemed to be a spark that jumped between them, and they both lunged forward into a passionate kiss. They remained locked for nearly a minute, all the while their tongues were eagerly exploring the other’s mouth, their hands were doing the same for their bodies. The kiss finally broke, and Hayley looked into Katie’s eyes, and slowly began to kiss her, starting at her lips, and moving slowly down to her chin, her neck, stopping for a moment to kiss every inch of her breasts, sucking and teasing the nipples with her tongue, then all down her stomach until she reached what she had been searching for. She put her hands around Katie’s bottom, softly squeezing and massaging. Meanwhile she planted her mouth over her soaking vagina, her tongue exploring her inside as eagerly as it had her mouth. She began to thrust regularly in and out, all the time her lips were active, never letting Katie cease her vibrating with pleasure. Hayley found one of Katie’s hands on her own vagina, a finger inside, giving the same pleasure she usually enjoyed on her own.

Katie could feel herself building up again, but the feeling she was experiencing was just too much, it stopped her from thinking or even seeing clearly. Hayley pulled away for a second, long enough to cry out with pleasure, indicating that she was on the verge of orgasm too. Then she dived back down again and began to work even harder. Katie also increased both the speed of her probing, and the depth. Both girls came almost as one, Katie screamed, and Hayley threw herself back as the force struck her. . They laid down next to each other on the bed, exhausted, but entirely satisfied.

As they came down from the incredible high, they both reflected that this would have to happen much more often in the future. Neither of them had imagined just what pleasure another woman could bring. Hayley turned to Katie,

“Your turn” she whispered softly in her ear.

Katie smiled, and hungrily set about her task…

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