Haziran 11, 2020

First Time Gay BBC

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First Time Gay BBC
When I was a teenager, and recently turned 18, I met a friend of the family, named Bill, who worked at a movie theater in the maintenance department. My life would change forever. Until I met him, I had lived a very sheltered life. My mom kept me in church and always reminding me that sex outside of marriage was a sin and I would go to hell for all time. I was so afraid that I rarely masturbated. And afterwards I was so guilt filled that I confessed to God my sin of feeling good.
Bill was a tall heavyset black man with a typical beer belly seen on many mature men from the south. But Bill was really all muscle. He often let me into the movie house without a ticket. My parents loved this because they always knew where I was during the summer. All of us saw him as a uncle adopted into the family. After all Bill was the son of a preacher and well respected in the community as a church member. My mom told me that he would be a excellent role model for me. To please my parents, I started hanging out with him more and more. A man in his mid-fifties I saw him as a kind man. He always found tie to speak with me and give me advice on everything to include sex. One day when I broke down and told him how I felt after I masturbated, he didn’t laugh at me nor condemn my actions, but reach over and hugged me like the kind uncle I pictured him. It was during this hug I felt his soft cock growing and press against my right thigh. I tried to ignore it, but my body tingled. He released me gently and stepped back. As if on auto-drive my eyes shot down and locked casino siteleri on his crotch. His loose-fitting shorts tented with a huge bulge. A few days later as I was waiting for Bill to finish for the day, I waited in large storage room and began to rummage around for something to do. It was then that I discovered a large stack of magazines. I reached up into the stack and pulled one and the stack fell over in accordion fashion onto the floor. There had to be at least thirty gay porn magazines s**ttered at my feet. I thumb through them. Before I realized what I was doing, my right hand was inside my jean playing with my growing dick and my left hand was grabbing a magazine with an amazing front cover shot of a mature black man being sucked by a college aged student.
I walked quickly to the adjoining bathroom and dropped my jeans and underwear to my ankles. I opened the magazine to the centerfold and the same black man now was fully fucking the submissive white ass bent over a chair. I had never seen anything like it.
I had never seen a real cock in my life except for quick glances in gym class. In an uncontrollable heat of lust, I started rubbing my dick and getting rushes of hot flashes in my body. A few moments later, from behind me, I hear a noise and saw Bill. He had caught me playing with myself. I was so embarrassed.
He smiled and told me it was natural for a guy to have a hard on and want to see naked pictures. He then explained to me he had put the gay porn on the shelf for me to find.
Bill closed and locked the door and removed all his clothes casino şirketleri and exposed his long thick black cock. I could not take my eyes off his hard cock.
“Do you want me to suck your cock?” Bill asked jerking off in front of me.
“Yes,” I whispered licking my lips.
He walked up to me and went to his knees and began sucking me. I moaned with delight. His mouth was so warm. He spit on one of his thick long fingers and wiggled it deep into my tight asshole. I was frozen in both fear and excitement. I immediately shoot my load in his mouth. I almost passed out. He caught me and laughed.
He looked up at me and said: “Your turn. Want to taste my man cum, Baby?”
I nodded.
He then stood up and without any hesitation he pushed his hard-big cock into my mouth and began to piston his cock in and out in my mouth. I could only fit about 3 to 4 inches of his thick cock in my mouth. He grabbed the back of my head with his hands and held me there. I wanted to run in panic thinking I was headed for hell. But I sighed and said to myself that if this was sending me to the eternal blazes, then I would enjoy the trip.
His big cock made me gag unable to breathe. Bill took out his cock, spun me around and forced me down into a doggie position. “Do you want to be my little Bitch?”
“Oh God yes… more than anything else, Uncle Bill.”
He reached up into the medicine cabinet and removed a jar of Vaseline. He greased up my virgin asshole, and after finger fucking me with one, then two, then three fingers, all the time jerking off my limp dick. Within no time of being finger canlı casino siteleri fucked and jerked off, I got hard again. I was breathing heavily.
Bill then removed his fingers, pushed my head down to the floor, lifting my ass, and spread my butt cheeks. The stale odor of piss filled my nostrils. I could feel the head of his huge cock up against my tight asshole.
“There is no easy way of doing this,” he said and in one hard push he drove his huge cock balls deep inside me.
“UUUGGGHHHHH It hurtssssss….. take it out…” I screamed.
He covered my mouth with his hands. And immediately began to pump in and out of me with a vengeance. The pain was terrible for the first several minutes and then the pleasure to me over.
“OOOHHH YYYYEEESSSSS!!!! Pleaseeeeeee don’t stoppp… oohhh gggooodddddd I am cummmingggggggggg!” I moaned pushing my ass backwards to meet his angry thrust into my once virgin asshole. “I love your cock inside uncle”
He fucked me for about fifteen minutes. And then he stiffened and grunt as he shot his black sperm into me stretched out ass-pussy for nearly a full minute. I felt his hot sticky cum fill me. I came again as he filled my bowels with is black seed in a final thrust. My cum splattered on the floor beneath me. He reached around my waist and lifted me up off the floor. He remained impaled deep inside me and began to bounce me up and down on his still hard cock. I could not believe he had not gone soft. After a few minutes of this he let me go and sat me down on the toilet. His cum gushed out of me as I began to cry.
He looked at me and simply said. “I know you have been wanting this. So, if you want more come back tomorrow.” He laughed and walked out.
I spent all summer with Bill as often as I could. I even met his older brother who was 65. I learned the meaning of being split roasted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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