Mart 16, 2021

First Time Cuming From Anal

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“I’d love to fuck you from your behind” He smiled when he came to sit on the hotel bed with me that night after our date. The mood was on, we were going to do great mind-blowing things that night. Being with him was so amazing, he was caring, hot and we always fucked in the most amazing. But cuming from anal? No, we’d never had one before. My eyes widened in surprise.

 “Oh, I like the sound of that” I replied excitedly. This was going to be our best night yet!

He winked and smiled then came closer to kiss me. I could feel the current of the blood flowing through my body increase, and my clitoris harden in excitement. He was a really good kisser. He laid me down on the bed beneath him and continued kissing me all over.

“You’re a lovely girl, I’ll treat you nicely”. In a split second he took off my bra and stared at my breasts.  

“I’m so damn aroused! “ I heard him say, as he grabbed my breasts, breathing heavily.

“Mhmm…yeah” he moaned as he massaged my breasts in a circular motion, before pinching my nipples and shaking them vigorously. 

“Oh, God” I cried. The feeling was getting too pleasurable and I could feel in-between my laps dampen. Then he went down with his lips to my pussy.

I twitched my toes in excitement as I felt his hot breath on my pussy. Then he went in with his lips, eating me out as passionately as ever, brushing my pussy with his tongue.

“YESSSS, YESSS, don’t stop. Take all of me” I cried holding his head steady into my pussy. He güvenilir bahis was killing me with pleasure and I loved it. When he lifted his face, his chin and lips had caught so much juice. He pulled my legs apart the more so he could get in-between before greeting my already hardened clit with his dick.

“Damn, this is so wet” he brushed my pussy with his dick making me moan under him. 

“Turn over” he insisted, giving space for me to assume the anal position.

My ass came to face him, up in the air, with the other half of my body touching the bed. He grabbed my ass and gave a satisfying groan. 

“Oh baby. I’m having all of you tonight”. I also moaned lightly and handed him the bottle of lubricant that was beside me.

I felt the warm drops fall on my ass, and then he rubbed it in massaging my ass the more..

“Mhmm” I reacted to the pleasure. He rubbed a lot of it on his dick as well. The next thing I felt was a strong grasp, pulling my butt cheeks apart. A sharp penetration followed

“Aww, baby” I whimpered in pain as he thrust his long meat into my anus.

He then bent over to reach for my nipples which hung low from my breasts because of the position I had assumed.

“Oh, God” I moaned as he grabbed it and twisted it hard.

“Yes baby, I want to make you scream” he whispered obnoxiously.

He didn’t stop playing with my nipple while his dick was still in my butthole. His hands slowly let go and rubbed other parts of my body, my back before he came to türkçe bahis my laps.

With both palms he romanced gently, and bent once again to put his fingers in my pussy, making his dick thrust deeper.

“Fuckk” I moaned when he touched my clitoris again, before his fingers advanced to dance passionately inside my vagina.

“Hit me baby” I let out, making him to pull my waist toward his pelvis for a bang.

“Yes, don’t stop” I kept moaning. 

“I won’t stop. You’re so delightful that I can’t stop,” my ass hit his pelvis hard with each thrusts. Lubrication made it easy. He continued banging faster trickling oil at intervals to reduce the friction. 

“You’re a good bitch. Come on, give me more” he smacked my ass as he said. Then he pulled out and held my butt cheeks apart again. This time he went in with his face, to locate my pussy hole. 

I could feel my pussy pour juice like running water when he started to lick me. 

“ohhh baby please” I cried, like a servant to her master. He became intense with every lick, brushing my pussy up and down with his tongue and sucking the juice that came out from it. My knees ached from the pleasure and I fell flat on the bed.

“We can’t be done so soon babe” he said thrusting his dick into my anus once again as he pulled up the sheets for covering, his hands balanced on mine, above my head on the bed as he went in and out. 

“Uh yes. Some more, fuck, yes” he moaned in pleasure. I held on to the sheets tightly and buried my face in güvenilir bahis siteleri the pillow to muffle the sound of my moaning, but I could still be heard for it was so mind-blowing.

He bent further massaging my back as his dick stroke me relentlessly, his hands got under me to cull my breasts.  I raised myself up again to let him gain access.

“Oh yes, I feel you baby, I feel you” I moaned loudly as I extended my hands to grab his balls.

“Oh shit!” I heard him scream in further excitement. This made him fuck my ass faster. I couldn’t carry on with what I was doing. The hard thrusts made me whimper in pain

“Shhhh, be a good girl baby, don’t cry” he kept on hitting my ass with his dick and slapping it. I touched my pussy with one hand while he was at it, amplifying the pleasure I was feeling. My finger rubbed my clit in sync with his dick movement in my ass. Faster and faster as the time grew.

“Ahh yes baby, I’m going to cum” I couldn’t hold the orgasm any longer. He kept slapping my ass and talking nice, dirty things.

“Cum on good girl, cum HARD!” He released his dick from my anus and came under me with his face beneath my hole. Sucking me again, he extended his hands to my nipple and teased it. 

“OHH FUCKKKKK babe, yes!” Just then like he was milking a cow I released my juice into his mouth and fell on the bed chuckling in excitement.

“Not bad for a first time right?” he asked as he sat up by my side.

“That was amazing” I replied.

“I know, amazing is what you are” he kissed my forehead and hugged me tightly.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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