Nisan 28, 2021

First Massage in a New Place

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Having had a killer week at work, I decided to treat myself to a massage which is not something I’ve done in a long time. I booked a place that’s close to my new apartment.

I laid on the warm, cloth-covered table in the center of the room after undressing. Usually, I keep my underwear on but, for some reason, (maybe because I had just gotten sugared and was feeling myself a bit) I kept them off. I still had my towel draped over my ass when he walked in. He greeted me with a smile and got to work opening the massage oil and heating hot stones. I felt the awkwardness that comes with those first few minutes of just lying there so I looked at the back of him.

I realized he was one of the most gorgeous men I had ever seen.

He was mid-height, with carefully styled, chestnut hair. The lines of his back came together in a gentle ‘V’. He was about my age and definitely someone I could see myself with. His nametag said ‘Justin’. I let the thought of me and this ‘Justin’ roam around my head until he took the hot oil and began delicately pouring it across my back. It felt astonishing. He then moved his soft hands across my shoulders and spread the warm oil across my entire back. I let out a little moan because it just felt so damn good.

His hands pushed their way into every knot of my back and unlocked a wash of release where pain was. I usually stay silent during massages but I had to tell him he was amazing.

He kept on pushing into my shoulders then to the small of my back. His fingers were magic. I couldn’t help but imagine what he was like in the bedroom. What? I’m still human.

He then disappeared to a corner of the room and came back with the stones. Delicately, he placed them all the way down my spine. The hot contrast on my back felt magnificent. While the stones penetrated my spine he moved to my legs. In booking I hadn’t asked for anything but my back but I didn’t care. He poured the oil once more onto my legs, the dripping of the oil felt similarly to how cum feels when it is expelled onto your skin. He was certainly a master at his work.

I let out a slow drawn out moan under my breath.

As he was massaging my legs, I felt him move his hands a little too high. He was virtually at my pussy. I didn’t know if I wanted to react so I just enjoyed the sensation. Maybe it was a mistake? Either way, my clitoris was throbbing and aching to be touched. Why not by this new guy? It was like something I had seen in a porno.

I was aware my pussy was dripping wet. The towel bordered my ass by just an inch and if he had looked under it, he would have seen for himself just how turned on I was.

He kept on massaging again getting izmir escort bayan a little too close to my pussy. Did he just brush my lips? This definitely wasn’t a mistake. It was thrilling.

I wanted to arch my back to encourage his fingers to brush harder against me but I knew that was inappropriate and, besides, he probably wasn’t meaning to get this close anyway.

Suddenly, his hands left my legs and he asked me to turn onto my back, practically whispering in my ear. We were at the halfway point.

I hesitated for a moment since I only had the towel over my waist. I was so heated up I wanted him to see how hard my nipples were so I turned face-up so that my D-cup tits were on display. I swear his eyes flicked to my hard nipples just a little too long.

He continued to massage the front of my thighs then carried upward – again making his way to my pussy. This time he gently moved the towel up even further with his hand, exposing the very tip of my thighs. If he had literally pushed it any more he would have exposed my naked pussy. I felt the air circulation of the room kiss goosebumps across my lips, sending pulse after pulse through my body, I was getting so wet for his touch.

I sucked in when he suddenly moved his hands directly to my breasts, letting the oil drip across my nipples and then moving it around and across my chest like this was a part of any other massage. Every touch was amazing. He pulled at my nipples and grabbed at my tit’s fullness Every couple of minutes he gave them a gentle twist. I gave up all inhibitions in showing I was wet and begging to be fucked. Anything I could get from him I’d take.

I was also aware that I was eye-height with his cock and so I took a quick peek to find that he was hard. It was like his cock was desperately trying to push through his shorts. Apparently, he saw me because he then slipped the towel from my lower body and I was totally exposed to him.

My pussy lips glistened from being wet for so long and my nipples were still rock hard from the stimulation. He remained silent, unchanged. Had he done this before? He took the oil and some new stones and used them across my stomach, working his way to my mound ever slightly just missing my pussy with his fingers.

I decided I had had enough. I needed him to touch me, no more waiting to see where this would go, I’m taking this into my own hands. I silently began rubbing his cock through his shorts with my eyes still closed. He slowly stopped massaging me and for a second I thought I had got the wrong impression until he tantalizingly moved his hand to my pussy mound and finally began touching my lips. The feeling was breathtaking. escort izmir He ignored touching my clit but moved around to everything else with his long fingers. I was immediately on the edge of an orgasm. I was openly moaning louder and louder grinding into his hand, overwhelmed by pleasure.

It was then that he stuffed the towel into my mouth. Apparently he liked things to be kept silent, maybe this wasn’t a usual client service of his.

His cock throbbed and twitched as I touched it through his shorts as he kept up his pussy massage, still constantly avoiding my clit as I ground harder into his movement, begging for the release.

I pulled down his shorts to reveal his impressive cock. Totally shaved, thick and veiny. My pussy was now begging for him. I removed the towel from my mouth and pulled his cock to my face, slowly letting it in between my lips as I took him deeper. I felt him hit the back of my throat and I pulled him into it as he let out his first moan and as soon as I bottom out on his cock he touched my clit and my body immediately exploded in my orgasm.

The sensation was earth-shattering, all of that teasing and build-up had made my clit so sensitive and his single touch pushed me over the edge to bliss.

It was an orgasm that left me wanting more. So much more.

It was then I began pulling him in and out of my throat, deepthroating like the slut I loved to be. He moaned again and again, I took his balls in my hands and gently pulled and squeezed them. I felt a small amount of pre-cum go down and I pulled him out of my mouth to lick the tip of his penis before taking his entire cock in and out of my mouth quickly once again.

He was using his fingers to softly play with my clit which was driving me wild, building me back up already, I was climbing fast. He pushed a finger into my pussy and his little finger swirling around my asshole, increasing in pressure but not entering. I had never taken it in the ass before. Would today be a day of more than one first? I was on the edge of a second orgasm that I knew would make me squirt so I had to act fast.

He seemed to know what I wanted because as soon as I looked at him, cock still in mouth, he, with a soft wet ‘pop’, slid his fingers away from my g-spot and on my hips. He flipped me back onto my stomach, stuffed the towel back in my mouth and climbed onto the table straddling me.

I felt his breath in my hair as he bent over my body and pointed to the massage storage caddy in front of us.

“Don’t take your eyes off of that light,” He whispered.

What light?

And then I saw it. A pin point of red. My heart sank and then rose at lighting izmir escort speed, turning me on even more than I thought I could knowing he was going to watch this video over and over again.

I was then interrupted by the feeling of warm oil drop on my ass cheeks and drip down my crack all the way down to my pussy, he ran he hand over my pussy and inserted a finger with no resistance, I was so turned on wondering how this was going to feel. He moved his hand out and started moving higher, circling my tight ring and I was pushing back into his hand having never felt this amazing sensation before I didn’t think it could get any better. Then it happened, he pushed hard and buried his finger two digits inside me and my ring lit with fire and pleasure. I am amazed I didn’t immediately cum with that one finger. He stayed there as my body got use to his finger and he slowing pulled it in and out for what seemed like forever, I was pushing back into him with each move craving more. He pulled his hand out and I felt him lean over me, pushed the towel back in my mouth all the way and whispered in my ear “this is going to hurt, but you’re going to give it to me”. I whimpered as he poured more oil on my ass and I felt his tip press in my ass slightly, I tensed and then as soon as I let go he slid his full length in my ass. My eyes shot open and I screamed into the towel, the tightness and pain of it felt like I was a virgin again. He clamped his hand not around my hips but around my mouth in case I decided to make any more noise. This pushed the towel even further, making me gag as I felt a tear drip down my face.

After he paused for what felt like forever I started pushing my hips back into him, wanting more friction of his cock in my ass. I took him deep and he started pounding in and out, it was only about four motions and I began to cum, harder than ever, squirting all over his cock and massage table. The waves were so powerful I felt him immediately cum from my contractions. Deep in my ass I felt string after string and then he pulled out and shot many times onto my back. His warm liquid slid around to my stomach and dropped on the table. I turned over and pulled his cock to my mouth to clean off the cum from the head of his penis.

He pulled his cock from my mouth, climbed off the table and pulled up his shorts, cleaned up my pussy with the towel, grabbed the camera and left the room without another word. My entire body was trembling from my orgasms and I laid there for what felt like 15 minutes. I got dressed and walked back to the lobby to pay the receptionist Justin was nowhere to be seen. Hoping I didn’t totally look like I just came multiple times she asked how my session was and I said 5 stars and paid.

As I turned to leave, I heard a small athletic blonde woman being greeted by reception before saying, “I’m here for my 2:30 with Justin”.

I knew I would be back, and soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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