Nisan 11, 2021

Fiona’s New Desire

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Note: This story occurs right after the story Drive. The story makes sense on its own, but you may understand the Fiona character better if you read Drive first.


The caller ID on the phone showed Fiona’s number. Ever since he saw note that she was meeting with Victor Frank had been wondering when she would call. He answered the phone.

“Hi Frank, I’m supposed to tell you what I have been doing.” she started

“Okay, ” Frank replied.

He sat down at the table, and picked up an unfamiliar garage door remote.

” Victor asked me to drive to his house without any clothes on.” Fiona said.

“You without clothes is a wonderful thing. Are you still naked?”

“Yes, are you?”

“I am about to be.” Frank replied, feeling a little aroused.

“Don’t you dare touch your cock, that is for me to take care of when I get back,” Fiona said sternly.

“What happened when you arrived at his house?”

” I walked through the house to the pool. I did not see anyone. I was standing in the shallow end of the pool when Victor appeared behind me. He pressed his naked body against me, and put his hands all over me.”

Frank felt his erection straining against his pants. He tugged on his waistband.

“He put his cock up against my ass. Having his hands on my tits and his cock up against me really turned me on. For a minute I thought he was going to fuck me in the ass.”

“Really, what happened next? ” Frank asked enthusiastically.

“I think you like the idea of me taking it in the ass. I didn’t think you wanted that”

“I think anyone that has seen your ass wants to, Even your girlfriend at the gym wants to fuck you in the ass. Now tell me what happened next,” Frank said, picturing Fiona naked and bent over.

“Then he went down on me. His mouth was between my legs, licking and sucking on me. It felt so good my legs almost could not hold me up. He did that until I came,” Fiona said as she pressed her thumb against her clit. She let out a low moan as she felt an orgasm building. Even as she told him about Victor licking her pussy, she was thinking about Frank’s cock slipping inside her ass.

“Fiona, are you playing with yourself?”

“Of course.”

“But I can’t?” Frank whined mockingly.

“I assure you I will have plenty of orgasm left for you when I get home. I don’t think you can say the same.” she scolded.

“That is so unfair,” Frank lamented. She was right, of course. She was like the energizer bunny when it came to fucking.

“Then I got on my knees and put his dick in my mouth. I sucked his cock until he came all over me. He came in my mouth and on my tits. After he came, he tit fucked me until he was done.”

“Is that all?” Frank asked.

“No, when he was done he watched me lick his come off my tits. I think he really liked that.”

“I really like that, and I wasn’t even there.”

“Do you want me to do that for you? Would you like to watch me lick my own tits?”

“Saying things like that is making it very difficult not to have an orgasm. Just thinking about your tongue on your breasts is enough to push a guy over the edge,” Frank replied. It was talents like that, and her willingness to engage them, that set Fiona apart from all the other sexy, hot, brilliant, slutty women.

“I will make it worth your while to wait. I want you to fuck me in the ass when I get home. You have about half an hour to get ready.,” Fiona said, her voice dropping bahis firmaları off to a moan. Frank knew she was coming.

“I will be there, see you soon,” Frank said, his voice full of eager anticipation.

“See you soon, ” she said, hanging up the phone.

Frank stared at the phone in disbelief. Fiona had joked about taking it in the ass, but somehow they had never tried it. They were more spontaneous, and the preparations needed to do it correctly never seemed to fit their schedule or mood. Frank stood up and stripped off his shirt. It seemed an unneccessary encumberance. Frank walked to the bedroom and pulled out the special toy box. He found an appropriate toy and bottle of lube. As he held it he replayed the conversation with Fiona in his head. He set the toy down and grabbed some rope. Frank looked around the room, there were three good options. He could bend her over the padded armchair, he could put her on her hands and knees over the ottoman, or he could tie her up face down on the bed. Frank imagined her in each position. The chair offered access to her breasts, but also required the most effort to maintain position. Having her on her hands and knees was the most erotic, but the least comfortable. Frank decided the bed would work best. He he laid a small coil of rope at each corner of the bed frame.

The sound of the garage door opening told Frank that she was back. She had made remarkably good time. Frank set the toys by the bed and walked out of the room.

The door the the garage opened,and Fiona stepped in. She was completely naked.

“I hope I’m not keeping you up,” she said, staring at Frank’s crotch.

“Oh, you’re worth it.” He replied

“We are really doing this,” she said, still eyeing the bulge in Frank’s jeans.

“Fuck yea we are!”

Fiona had made a conscious effort to slow down the entire drive home. The thought of Frank taking her from behind pushed her foot the the floor. Her belly was filled with butterflies and other sensations. It seemed like forever, but she finally pulled into the garage. She bounded out the car and flung the door open. There was Frank. He was half naked. Her eyes went straight to bulge in his pants. It looked huge, larger than she remembered. Fiona wondered if he was so excited that his dick actually grew. She wondered how Frank planned to stretch her ass out enough for his monster cock to fit. Fiona had walked toward him feeling delightfully wicked. She was willfully breaking one of the nice girl taboos. Now she was having doubts Frank stepped forward and put his arms around her. She felt his broad chest press against her breasts. His chest hair rubbed against her skin. Fiona breathed in his scent. She slipped her hand inside his pants and wrapped her fingers around his cock. It felt familiar. When she realized she could easily wrap her fingers around its girth she felt reassured that what she wanted was possible. Frank kissed her on the lips, and she felt his desire. This is what excited her about Frank. He wanted her. Less than an hour ago she had been sucking Victor’s cock, and her tits had been covered in Victor cum. Frank did not send her to the shower the minute she walked in the door. Instead he embraced her.

“You ready for this? ” asked Frank.

“Fuck yes.” Fiona replied

Frank scooped her up in his arms and carried her to the bedroom. The room was dimly lit, and Fiona could barely make out the rope laying on the bed. Frank placed her on the mattress, kaçak iddaa then stripped off his pants.

“Lie on your belly and put your arms above your head,” he instructed.

Fiona did exactly as he asked, and Frank began tying her wrists and ankles. Each elaborate knot seemed to take forever to complete. He started with her anke. First he wound the rope around her leg, the secured it to the bed frame. When he pulled the rope tight on the second leg it spread her legs wide apart. Fiona suddenly felt exposed. Her ankles were almost on the corners of the bed. She suddenly felt very vulnerable and exposed.

Frank started on her wrist. He wrapped the soft, thick rope around and around her arm. The entire time all Fiona could think about was how her legs were spread apart. Frank pulled the rope tight, dragging her body across the mattress. She felt a tingle in her swollen nipples as they rubbed against the sheets. He started on the last knot. Fiona turned to watch him. He was naked and very aroused. She stared at his erection, and thought about all the times it has been inside her. She tried to imagine what it would be like this time. Fiona began to wonder if she would be able to take it in, it suddenly looked larger than she remembered. At the same time she was aching for it. Her pussy was drenched in anticipation of what would happen next. Fiona noticed she was clenching and unclenching every muscle below her hips. Finally he pulled the last rope tight. The sheets were cool against her skin, but she was sweating.

She wanted to be naughty, and she wanted it to be with Frank. And, it appeared, Frank wanted to be just as naughty with her. She felt the lube on her buttocks. It warmed quickly as it flowed down her skin and onto her ass. She felt the toy brush against her skin, following the lube. When it slipped down the crack of her ass she moaned softly. .

“Do it, fuck me with that dildo. I want it so bad right now,” Fiona said, not sure if she was encouraging herself or Frank.

She felt Frank angle the toy and the slowly slide it into her ass. She let out a whimper as her ass was penetrated for the first time. Fiona pulled against the restraints. The ropes did not budge, she was not going to get away.

Frank looked at Fiona. She was tied down on the bed, barely able to move. The flared base of the toy was clearly visible, a reminder of why she was here. Much to his surprise, Frank felt nervous. He picked up a condom from the nightstand and rolled it onto his erection. He climbed onto the bed and straddled Fiona’s calves. His hands rested on the back of her thighs. She let out a sigh as he began to massage her legs. Soon his hands were on her ass. Frank gripped the toy, and slowly slid it in and out of her a few times. She bowed her back and sighed again.

“I’m ready Frank. I’m ready for you cock. I’m ready for you to fuck me in the ass,” Fiona moaned.

Frank withdrew the toy and tossed it on the floor. He poured some lube into his hand and smeared it over his cock, stroking up and down several times. The he put his hands just above Fiona’s shoulders and pressed his body against hers.

When she felt Frank’s hands next to her head, she knew what was coming next. Slowly the weight of his body descended onto hers. She felt the head of his cock separate her buttocks. Fiona closed her eyes and clenched her teeth, not knowing what to expect. She willed her body to relax as Frank pressed against her. The pressure slowly built. The suddenly kaçak bahis he was inside her. She felt a fullness that was both familiar and unique. Frank’s hips brushed against her ass and he filled her completely. Fiona moaned each time he thrust into her, and drew a breath each time he pulled out. Frank pressed in again.

“Now it’s your turn, ” Frank whispered in her ear.

Fiona squeezed her buttocks together so she could feel the part of his cock that was not inside her. She rotated her hips so she could feel Frank slide against her skin. As she did the first hint of an orgasm coursed through her body. She felt Frank start thrusting again. His cock pressed against her G spot, and his weight pressed her clit into the bed. Each time his hips pressed against her ass, her tits slid against the silky smooth sheets. It made her swollen nipples tingle.

“Fuck me Frank. I want to come with your cock in my ass,” Fiona moaned.

Frank held himself above Fiona has thrust his hips back and forth. He looked down, watching his dick disappear between the cheeks of her firm round ass. More than once he had to close his eyes or look away to keep from coming. Fiona’s moans were getting louder. She was bearing down on him, she felt incredibly tight around his cock. Frank allowed himself a brief glance at Fiona’s ass. The instant he saw the shaft of his penis vanishing between the round cheeks of her ass his cock began to quiver. He quickly shut his eyes, trying to restrain his climax. He realized he was fighting a losing battle. At best he could hold on for another minute or two.

Fiona felt Frank bury his cock deep inside her. HIs hips pressed into her buttocks and he thrust against her over and over. The subtle ripples of an orgasm were becoming waves crashing through her body. Frank’s full weight was pressing her into the bed, pressing the firm mattress against her sensitive nipples and clit. The feeling of fullness, the pressure on her breasts and pussy exploded into a climax. Fiona cried out as she came

Hearing Fiona scream that she was coming pushed Frank over the edge. Holding back became too difficult, and his orgasm overwhelmed him. Frank let his entire weight press against Fiona as his cock spasmed inside her. The sensation faded to quivering, and finally his dick was motionless in her ass. Frank slowly withdrew from her and rolled onto his side, still breathing heavily.

“That, ” his said pausing to draw a breath,” was incredible.”

“Yes it was, ” Fiona replied, ” I’d say I should get my new toy and do it to you, but I’m not sure you could take something that intense. We might have to work up to something like this for you.”

“So you would do this again? ” Frank asked.

“Next time I want you and the toy at the same time, and the time after that I want you and one of our friends at the same time.”

“Really, that’s quite a change.”

“I know, I’m not sure why. Maybe the planets aligned. And if you make a joke about Uranus you will be punished.”

Frank suppressed his urge to pun and began to untie Fiona. He started with her wrists. There was something about keeping her legs apart that he liked. When she was free she lay on her back.

“I’m think I going to be walking funny in tomorrow, but it was worth it”

“I’m not sure if I am flattered or that was TMI, ” Frank replied.

“I’m taking a shower, care to join me?” Fiona asked.

“Okay. Was this your homework assignment?”

“No, this was not even for extra credit. It was my idea.” Fiona replied, climbing off the bed.

“I like the way you think.”

Fiona walked into the bathroom while Frank quickly put away the rope and other special toys.

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