Ocak 29, 2021

Fiona and Ariel Ch. 10-11

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In these chapters Arial starts to feel guilty for hiding her relationship with Fiona and her previous lesbian affairs form her husband John. She decides she must tell him.

How will he react?


The fact that Ariel had been having an affair with Fiona behind her husband, John’s back so to speak had been troubling her for some time now. With her previous lesbian lovers Ariel hadn’t thought twice about it but with Fiona it was different because Fiona had become such an important part of her life. It was not that Ariel felt guilty in any way about her affair with Fiona, rather it was that she was used to telling John everything, absolutely everything, and the fact that Fiona had become such a central part of her life and John did not know about it, in her mind put a distance between them that should not be there.

They were just finishing their evening meal and talking about general stuff and touching and caressing each other like they always did and it was at this point that Ariel decided to drop her bombshell. In the end she decided that she would just have to say what needed to be said, she was not sure how he would react but she would have to trust in his love for her. Not being one to mess around Ariel just came out with it: “I am bisexual and have had affairs with other women all the time I have been with you.”

Initially John was in shock, then as he began to recover from this news he waited for all the negative emotions to kick in, surprisingly however it never happened. All John could think about was how much he loved Ariel. Finally John said, “I thought I was going to be angry but I am not, I feel hurt that you were not able to tell me until now but I understand why.” “In the end nothing has changed about how I feel about you, because I know that you will never leave me.” “The fact that you want to be with a woman at times does not affect me because I know that I fulfill all the needs you have for a man.” “Obviously I cannot fulfill needs you may have to be with a woman.” “Actually I am happy in away because by fulfilling those needs you have continued to be the bright happy loving woman that I love so much.”

At that point Ariel’s heart was filled with love for John and she said, “Oh God I love you so much”, and with that kissed John hard on the lips, her tongue invading his mouth. The kiss was turning John on and the love implied in it gave him a warm feeling of reassurance.

John started to think about past experiences with Ariel and he remembered one time they had gone to a disco with mutual friends he said, “So that time we were at the disco with friends and you were dancing with that black girl, grinding up against each other, I thought you two were just playing it up to amuse us but there was more to it wasn’t there.”

“Yes,” replied Ariel, “the way we were dancing it made me so hot I wanted to do her right there and then.” “You remember how I excused myself, saying I felt tired but for you guys to carry on, I would get a taxi” she commented “Well while we were dancing we had agreed to go to my place.”

“Yes,” said John, “I remember thinking it was odd the way that woman left a few minutes after you.”

“All I could think about was getting my mouth on her pussy,” continued Ariel, “when I ripped off her panties she was soaking wet.” “I sucked up all her juices and she was writhing and thrashing in ecstasy, then she did the same for me.”

Ariel continued, “Then there was the time when we drove out to the beach with your friend Andy and he took along his girlfriend Jill.” “You and Andy wanted to talk so I suggested you guys ride in front together, while we girls took the back seats.”

“Yeah casino şirketleri I remember that,” remarked John, “I thought you were being unusually considerate because normally you always like to caress me while I am driving.”

“Well Jill and I were touching each other up all the way to the beach,” Ariel confided, “I even had the opportunity to suck some breast.” And there was more, Arial continued, “When we arrived at the beach and you guys were talking on the beach, Jill and I were standing out in the waves, feeling each other’s pussies and making each other cum.”

All this talking was making John rock hard and he was sure that Arial must be getting wet, he knew her too well. “Maybe we could retire to somewhere more comfortable,” John suggested, so they both went up stairs. As soon as they arrived in the bedroom Ariel removed on her clothes and laid on the bed, John removed his and lay next to her snuggling up against her back and cupping a breast in his hand.

“The reason I had to tell you about my lesbian activities,” confessed Ariel, “is because I now have a female lover called Fiona and who is much more than a casual affair, I really love her.”

“Does she add a lot to your happiness,” asked John. “Yes,” replied Ariel, “so much in fact.” “Then I am happy,” said John (Ariel sensed he really was happy), “because your happiness is very important to me.” Again Arial was stunned by the way John was taking this, she loved him more than ever, grabbing the hand touching her breast and pulled it harder against her breast, her nipple hardening noticeably.

Ariel then proceeded to tell John all about her blossoming relationship with Fiona.

As she told her story, John sensed she was becoming more and more exited, his hand moved to her pussy and the wetness confirmed John’s suspicions. When she came to the end John told her to lay on her back spread her legs and close her eyes.

She did so. Then John said half jokingly “Maybe you can pretend it is a woman eating your pussy, maybe you can pretend it is Fiona.”

“OH YES,” replied Ariel earnestly and unexpectedly. As John began to get to work on her pussy, Ariel thought about him for a while. He was very gentle and sensitive in the way he licked her, yet hard when it was appropriate always completely attentive to her needs in this area, more like a woman than a man. This was one of the many things that she liked even loved so much about him.

As the frequency of Johns licking increased, Ariel started to get more and more into the fantasy. She really felt it was like Fiona. She imagined Fiona’s lithe body, her pert breasts her soft skin, oh god it felt good, delicate licks of her clit, the gentle licking of the lips of her pussy the sudden thrusts into her opening.

As her orgasm began to build the licking and sucking began to get faster and faster and before long Ariel was writhing in ecstasy, shrieking a chorus of ever louder she shouted out, “oh…..Fiona……I…..love……you.” At that point Arial almost fainted.

John held Ariel tenderly in his arms, his heart full of love for her. Eventually Ariel finally came to her senses suddenly she remembered how she had had shouted out Fiona’s name while John was eating her pussy and started to apologize but John said, “It’s ok, I told you to imagine that it was Fiona remember, no harm done, just call my name out the next time Fiona is eating your pussy.” “Deal?”

“Deal,” Ariel replied, suddenly she threw her arms around John and said “I love you so much.”

“I know,” John replied.

Chapter 11

Ariel lay with Fiona in her arms feeling so content. Here she was with the woman she loved more casino firmaları than any other in her arms and now it was no longer a secret from John the man she loved more than any other. As Fiona snuggled up against her, Ariel felt the smooth beauty of Fiona’s skin against her own and she luxuriated in the feeling.

It was at this moment that John suddenly opened the door saying, “Hey honey I forgot that I did not have to work today, they gave everybody the day off as a reward for the good production figures this year,” then suddenly “OH, eh sorry.”

It was obvious to Ariel that her husband was nervous and had no idea what to say. If John’s returning home was a surprise however it was nothing compared to what Fiona said next, “John, it is not polite for you to be here with us dressed while we are both naked, so remove your clothes, we are going to make Ariel’s fantasy a reality.”

“You what?” said John, but Fiona was very insistent and was not going to take no for an answer. “Well take your clothes off,” she insisted, “or are you going to just stand there in your clothes while we are naked, making us feel embarrassed.”

Ariel was beginning to find this amusing. It was obvious that John much was more embarrassed than either Fiona or herself, and that he was a complete loss for words.

At that point Fiona started pulling John’s shirt off, saying to her, “Come on Ariel help me remove his clothes.” Soon working together they had John naked and he was actually blushing. Ariel was beginning to feel sorry for John and the situation they were putting him in but it was also turning her on, her pussy was dripping wet.

Fiona continued, “You always told me that it was a fantasy of yours to eat my pussy while John is doing you doggie style, well now we can make it a reality.”

Then she appealed to John, “You know that Ariel loves us both more than anything in the world, but this is one thing that we can do for her together that we could never do for her individually, something that will give her the greatest pleasure possible.”

Then she continued, “If you love her as much as I know you do, you will help me do this for her.”

At that moment Ariel took over trying to persuade John to help make her fantasy come true. She looked at John with a pleading look in her eyes, gently taking his dick in her hand. Despite himself and the awkwardness he felt in this situation John was already beginning to harden.

Ariel ran her hand over John’s smooth cock. God it felt so good he thought. As he started to stiffen further, Ariel gently took the head of his cock in her mouth and very slowly moved down it to encompass his whole length then slowly moved up and down his dick with her mouth.

John noticed Fiona looking at what they were doing and it was obvious that it was turning her on as she started to rub her clit. John also noticed an envious look in Fiona’s eyes she obviously wanted Ariel’s mouth on her pussy.

After a moment she said as much, “It’s my turn now,” she announced, “and John is nice and hard to do you from behind.” With that she piled up some pillows behind her and put a pillow under her ass, that way her ass was lifted a little for Ariel to maximize eating her pussy and she could also get a good view of Ariel’s back and what John would be doing to her.

Now Ariel got on her knees lifting her ass in the air and assuming position in front of Fiona. As she started to lick Fiona’s clit with short quick movements of her tongue at the same time she spread her legs a little giving John a clear view of her soaking cunt.

Fuck, John thought to himself, Ariel’s open wet cunt looked so inviting and at the same güvenilir casino time he was getting really turned on by what Ariel was doing to Fiona. As Ariel licked and sucked her pussy, Fiona was emitting soft sighs of pure pleasure and John could see that Ariel’s pussy was responding to the impact that her licking and sucking was having on Fiona by producing more juices.

John’s dick was so fucking hard now from the blow job earlier and seeing the way that these women were so turned on by each other that he just had to be inside Ariel, so slowly he put the head of his dick into the opening of Ariel’s pussy and very slowly slid into her, the feeling was exquisite and somehow it was different than he had ever felt inside Ariel before, she was tighter, and he could feel her vagina rippling with pleasure. “Fuck, that is incredible”, he said out loud.

Ariel could not believe it when she realized that her fantasy was finally going to be realized and she felt enormous gratitude towards Fiona for pushing for it to happen. And from the point that Fiona assumed position on the pillows, she was completely concentrated on giving Fiona pleasure, apart from spreading her legs a little to give John better access. In all her licking and sucking and the deep probing of her tongue into Fiona’s cunt and the incredible sounds coming from Fiona, Ariel had almost forgotten that John was with them. That was until she felt him begin to enter her.

When she did finally feel John entering her Arial was not prepared in any way for how it would feel. She and John had made love doggie style many times but this time it was different. It was like her pussy had become super sensitized, that it was hyper sensitive to the slightest movements of John’s now rock hard cock. The movement of John’s dick inside combined with the taste of the juices from Fiona’s pussy and the noises Fiona was making was driving Ariel crazy, and as she synchronized the movement in her pussy with her licking and sucking of Fiona’s pussy by thrusting back into John so that he adjusted his pattern to match, her pleasure only increased further.

The effect of Ariel being fucked while she was eating her pussy was also noticed by Fiona. Fiona wanted to do this as a gift to Ariel because she knew that it would give Ariel immense pleasure.

What she did not realize was how Ariel’s, being fucked, would affect the oral sex being given to her Fiona. There was an urgency about it from Ariel, an intensity that Fiona had not experienced before, Ariel’s tongue probing ever deeper into her pussy, almost like an extension of the dick that was fucking her. At the same time she could see John’s straining face over Ariel’s back, their eyes met and a mutual understanding passed wordlessly between them, something they shared which was their intense love for the woman between them.

However much Fiona and John felt the increased intensity of this very special experience however, it was Ariel who experienced the most intense pleasure. The feeling of being fucked and eating pussy at the same time with the two people she loved more than anything in her life was unlike anything she had ever experienced in her life something incredible and precious, but above all it was the fact that she felt so completely enveloped by their love that took her mentally to another place, a safe place, a peaceful place, a blissful place.

At that moment they all began to cum in unison and when they finally parted they lay next to each other naked. Ariel without a word pulled a head to each of her breasts and her lovers each began to gently suckle on a breast. And like this Ariel drifted into a quiet and very peaceful sleep……..


I wrote this series more than a year ago and Chapter 11 was as far as I got. I did have some ideas about how to continue it but then became preoccupied with other things. If you want to see more of this series please let me know.

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