Mart 30, 2021

Finding You Again

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The storm that had been following me all day caught up as I turned the bike into your long driveway. The wind had been picking up the past few miles and now as the rain fell in big heavy drops the air took on a slight chill with the storm. As I crested the last rise of your driveway I killed the bike and coasted to a stop under the carport roof. I grinned as I saw that you had moved your truck over so I could get the bike under shelter. I swung out the kick stand and laid the bike over on it, hearing the tink, tink sound of the hot engine cooling. I hung my leather jacket and chaps over the bike and made my way to the back door.

You had left it unlocked and as I entered I stopped when I heard the low menacing growl of your two dogs.

“Bonny, Clyde come here” I gently said.

The growling stopped as they recognized my voice; soon their tails were beating against my leg. They lay back down on their beds as I made my way to your bedroom the light of the full moon guided me. The door was open and I could see you lying face down on the bed the covers kicked down around your waist. You have the windows open to enjoy the cool night air and the rain begins to fall heavier and heavier, the flashes of lightening lighting up your room.

I quickly remove my boots, jeans and tee shirt but when I try to slip onto the bed I heard you say.

“Shower before you come in my bed, you are covered with road grime.”

I grinned as I slip into your bathroom, closing the door before turning on the light. I quickly get under the hot water to wash off many miles of grime. As I shower I think back over the years that we have known each other, meeting that day long ago when a flat tire left you stranded on the side of the road late one night.

After changing your tire you had invited me back to your ranch where I met your husband and kids, after a good meal and talking till late night I crashed in your spare bedroom. We stayed in touch over the years, you ataşehir escort told me about the kids growing up and the accident that left you a widow. I told you about my life and the wanderlust that had taken over my life after my wife left me. I don’t blame her, after our daughter died of cancer I hit the booze and drugs pretty hard.

Since the day I woke up to find the only things I really had left was the bike and the clothes on my back, I had been riding the roads visiting friends trying to make up to them for being the asshole that I had been during that time.

You stood by me many a night when I was in the deepest pits of despair, keeping me from doing something really stupid. I would ride off and it might be months but the bike would find its way back to your ranch. It was not until I had been clean and sober for a few years before you took my hand one night and lead me to your bed.

After I dry off I turn out the light and slip back into your room, you had rolled over on your side and I slide into the bed and snuggle tight against your back. Your body is nice and warm as my hands slide around you and my lips nuzzle your neck.

“Hi there” I say as you sigh, feeling my lips on your soft skin.

“You back for a while this time stranger” you ask as your hands clasp mine and pull them to your chest.

“As long as you will let me” I reply.

My hands gently stroke your arms as my kisses move up your shoulders and neck, I hear your breathing increase as I hit those special spots on your neck. You press back against me as I gently nip your neck with my teeth. Your hands pull my hands down to cup your breasts and as I gently knead them I feel your nipples harden to my touch. You press back against me and feel my cock begin to harden as it presses against your ass.

As I kiss your neck more you moan and roll over so that our mouths can come together. As we kiss deeply our tongues dance with avcılar escort each other, twisting and probing in our mouths. You always take my breath away with your kisses and tonight is no exception. You push me over on my back and slide your body onto mine, our mouths moving from each other’s to trace along our necks, each of us knowing where to lick, kiss and gently bite.

Your hands move up and down my chest rubbing the hairs on it, your mouth sliding down to gently bite my nipples as you flicked your tongue over them. I stroke your hair and moan as you did this. I pull you up so I can kiss your sweet lips again and let my hand roam along your back. They slide up and down your body from your shoulders down to squeeze and cup your ass cheeks. Knowing that you really enjoy having your lower back rubbed, I concentrate there.

Your hips began to grind against me and that causes my cock to grow rock hard. Your hands move down under you to grasp it and you moan into my mouth as you take it into your hands. I slide my hands along your ass and feel the heat as your body responds to our actions. You rise up and I kiss and flick my tongue across your breasts as you offer them to me. I suck on each nipple and feel them grow ever harder as I do so. I love the way your body responds to my touch.

I roll you over onto your back and slowly kiss my way down your body. Starting at your lips and neck, down across your shoulders and over your breasts, gently nipping them as I swirl my tongue around and over them. Then down across your belly to the flat of your hips. Kissing and licking each one as worked my way down your legs to kiss then inside of your knees. I can smell your womanly scent.

I can’t wait to taste you again but want to give you all the pleasure I can. I kiss and lick the inside of each leg slowly working my way up. You are softly moaning and rubbing my head until my lips and tongue touch the outer lips of your avrupa yakası escort pussy, then you take a sharp breath followed by a sigh. As my tongue glides across your lips I can taste your sweet wetness and feel the heat. My lips glide over your pussy searching for and then finding your clit, my tongue flicks across it as I gently suck on it. Your back arches as you press hard against my face.

“Yes” you call out, “Yes right there”.

My fingers spread your lips as I suck and run my tongue across your clit and dive deep inside you to lick up your sweet juices. I continue to lick and suck on you till your back arches high and you cry out

“I’m cumming”.

As your body shakes and you roll your hips hard against my face I flick my tongue over and around your clit till you forcefully pull my head away and pull me up toward your face. Our lips meet again then you say

“I need you in me, please fuck me now”!

Your hands guide my rock hard cock to the entrance of your hot wet pussy and I tease you a bit by sliding it up and down your slippery pussy lips before sliding slowly, ever so slowly in to you.

We both pause and enjoy the feeling of my cock deep inside you as we kiss and then I begin to slowly slide in and out of you. Our hands are moving across each other’s bodies touching, kneading and stroking. Soon I can feel my climax building and I tell you that, you moan and say

“Cum with me, fill me up with your cum I want to feel it inside me”.

Our bodies are pounding against one another as we both build to mind shattering orgasms. Your back arches as you cry out, I feel your hot pussy tighten around my cock as you cum. Your wetness flows over my balls and that drives me over the edge as I cum, shooting deep inside you.

We continue to move against each other as we slow down our movement. Finally we are laying together your legs wrapped around me and my face buried in your neck.

Our breathing slows down and we kiss, gently this time. Softly and slowly we kiss and mutter words only known to lovers as our bodies slowly recover. I slip out of you and as I roll over on my back, you slide down so your head is resting on my chest, my arms around you and we both soon drift off to sleep while the storm rages outside.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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