Şubat 14, 2021

Finding Their Kinks Ch. 03

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Dildo Fucking

Jack’s entire body was starting to tense up as he felt his orgasm building. He looked down at Stacy. She was looking up at him. She felt his body tighten and knew he was close to the point of no return. His hard cock slid back and forth against her lips as she swirled her tongue around his head to pleasure him in ways that only she could do. He tasted so good. She wanted to feel and taste his cum shoot onto her tongue and swallow him down. She grabbed his balls with her right hand and squeezed hard and pulled them downwards. Jack moaned with pleasure bordering on pain from the pressure. He put his right hand on the back or her head and thrust his hips slightly upward fucking her mouth as she sucked him in. She kept squeezing his balls and tugging as she sucked his manhood as hard as she could. Her saliva glands were working overtime coating Jack’s cock. She looked up and Jack was staring down at her with piercing eyes that just wanted to see her face when he shot his load. And then she pulled away. Her mouth released her hold on his cock and she gave his balls once last squeeze. She sat up.

“What. Huh?” was all Jack could manage.

“You always tell me to stop. You said you like it,” Stacy teased. She stood up, leaned over, and kissed him deep. The she just walked out of their bedroom and went downstairs.

Jack was left there in the bed. Naked. His cock was wet with Stacy’s saliva. He could feel himself throbbing. The taste of his own cock lingered in his mouth from her kiss. He still needed an orgasm that had been mere seconds away. For a moment he considered just using his own hand to finish the task at hand. He was surprised by the sudden stoppage but he was also incredibly turned on by what had just occurred. It wasn’t uncommon for Jack to request Stacy to pleasure him but stop right before he came. It made for a fun day of edging with a big explosion later in the evening or even the following day. But that was the first time she ever did it on her own. And she didn’t even tell him ahead of time. Up until that moment when she pulled away, Jack thought he was about to cum. But apparently that wasn’t in the cards. Stacy was in charge today.

He waited for a minute or two to see if she was coming back to finish the job at hand. But he heard her downstairs. She turned the TV on. That was it, apparently. He laughed to himself. He grabbed is cock and gave it a few sympathy tugs then stood up out of bed. He put on his clothes that had been tossed on the floor and headed downstairs.

When he got to the living room, Stacy was on the couch watching some TV show. She looked at him and smiled, “Hey sweetie. What should we do now?” she asked.

“I have no idea,” was all he could muster.

Stacy took the lead, “It’s Saturday. It’s sunny outside. It’s like 80 degrees. Let’s walk to Metropolis and sit outside.”

Jack mulled over the suggestion in his head. Metropolis was about a mile walk away. It was a cool local brewpub with a great outdoor space on the river. “Perfect,” he replied.

The sun felt great on her skin as the couple walked to their destination. Neither of them said a word about what had just happened. They walked up to the brewery and entered. Stacy went outside and found a seat. Jack went to the bar and ordered a round of lagers. He handed his card to the bartender.

“Leave it open or close it,” he asked.

“Leave it open, please,” Jack replied.

“Will do. I’ll keep the card up here” he said.

“Thanks so much,” Jack replied as he turned around to go and meet his beautiful wife outside. Jack was still running hard on sexual arousal. He was exquisitely aware of the pressure remaining in his swollen package. His mind casino şirketleri was unable to focus on anything else at the moment besides his own sexual feelings.

He walked outside toward the table Stacy had found for the two of them. He put down their beers and sat across from her.

“Thanks, babe!” she smiled at him.

“You are very welcome,” he smiled back as he took a sip of his pint of beer. “I’m so freaking turned on right now. That blew my mind in a good way. But like, I can’t focus. I’m at the bar ordering beers for us and I’m just thinking of you walking away like that. I hate it and I love it.”

Stacy laughed. She hadn’t planned on what she did. She decided on it about five minutes into the blowjob while she was sucking on his balls and jerking him off. She looked up at him as his head tilted back lost in his own pleasure. At that moment she thought to herself, “He thinks he’s about to cum but not now. Maybe tonight, if he’s lucky. But today I’m in charge.”

“Well, I’m sorry but it just wasn’t the right time for you to finish. I’ll let you know when it is,” she teased.

Jack looked at her and felt his manhood swell behind the confines of his zippered jeans. “What’s gotten into you? I like it but I’m also a little confused.”

She blushed. She felt so silly with herself. But she knew Jack wanted her to act more like this. He had told her all the time and she was always too shy in a way to do what he clearly wanted. But over the past few weeks and months she had been talking herself into it. She’d take more of a sexual lead like he wanted.

“Just trying to have a little fun. I can stop if you want me to,” she said flatly.

“No please. I like it. Like I like it a lot,” Jack blabbered.

“Good. So anyhow…” They steered the conversation toward other non-sexual things. Jack was still throbbing in his pants, though, and Stacy knew it. But they both ignored the tension as they enjoyed the summer sun on the river.

After a couple of more rounds, Jack got up to go and close their tab. As he stood, Stacy said to him, “Find out the bartenders name. The cute guy with the blond hair and pink shorts on,” she didn’t explain why and Jack didn’t ask. He felt like he would find out later, however.


Jack and Stacy sat on their couch watching TV. The beers they had had earlier that day at Metropolis had worn off and they both felt fully sober – not that they had been intoxicated but just a nice relaxing buzz.

“I forgot to ask,” Stacy turned to Jack. “What was the bartender’s name.”

“Ummm. Brandon. His name is Brandon,” Jack recalled.

“Ah,” she replied.

“So by the way why did you want to know?” Jack asked.

“Oh nothing. I just thought I recognized him. Guess not,” Stacy replied but Jack didn’t feel she was being 100% honest with him.

They continued to watch TV. Their delivery Chinese food arrived shortly after their conversation about Brandon. The couple decided to open a bottle of white wine with their meal. After they finished dinner, Stacy turned to Jack, “I’m going to take a bath.” And with that, she grabbed a glass of wine and went upstairs. Jack heard the faucet turn on as she filled her tub. Five minutes later, the sounds of splashing water stopped. Jack went upstairs to check on her.

“He knocked and peeked his head in, “Everything good? Need anything?” He looked at Stacy as she lied naked in the bath. She was looking at her phone while she sipped her wine.

“No thanks. I’m great,” she smiled back.

Jack smiled too and lingered a few more seconds. He eyed her naked body beneath the water. Her breasts peeked above the waterline. He could see her casino firmaları pubic hair through the bath water. Stacy knew he was looking and without saying anything spread her legs apart just for a moment to give him a quick show.

Jack watched as his wife quickly spread her legs apart in the bath. But just as suddenly as she opened them, she closed them back up. He couldn’t tell if she had done that for his pleasure to tease him or if she had just shifted her position at just the right moment for him. Whatever it was, he liked it. She smiled again. He looked at her as he turned to leave. “Great. Enjoy your bath.”

Jack went back downstairs and sat on the couch. He tuned their TV to a baseball game and turned down the volume. He grabbed his phone and decided to pull up some adult content. While Stacy relaxed, he would enjoy some alone time as well.

He punched in the search terms that seemed interesting to him at the moment and started watching some amateur anal. He held his phone in his left hand and slid his right hand down the front of his shorts and slowly rubbed his fully erect manhood. He didn’t want to cum just yet but it definitely felt good to touch himself for a while. He grabbed his balls and pulled down on them. The pressure felt spectacular. He moaned softly to himself. His body was already set to cum from earlier in the day. Precum steamed from the head of his cock.

Just as he was losing himself in his own touch, he heard the drain of the tub open up. Stacy must be done with her bath. He pulled his hand out after one last hard tight tug. He closed out the movie and got back to watching the baseball game on the TV. A few minutes later, Stacy came back downstairs and sat next to him.

She had put on a pair of purple pajama shorts and an oversize t-shirt. She smelled of the floral bath salts she must have used in her bath water. “How was your bath?” he asked.

“It was nice. Relaxing.” Stacy grabbed the bottle of wine on the coffee table and poured them both another glass. The happy couple sipped their wine and watched the game. After an hour or two, they decided it was time for bed and went upstairs.

Jack took off his pants and shirt while Stacy brushed her teeth. Jack met her and grabbed his own toothbrush and did the same. Stacy finished up and crawled into bed. He rinsed the toothpaste from his mouth and turned off the bathroom light. He walked into the bedroom and turned on their fan and shut off the overhead lights. He crawled into bed next to Stacy. Immediately he noticed she had removed her clothes and was naked underneath the sheets.

“Well hello, naked wife,” he said.

“Hi,” she said without much expression.

Jack looked in her eyes and she stared back. He knew that look. It was the look of arousal. Then he noticed it. The bed sheets above her stomach were moving ever so gently. He pulled the sheets down to get a closer view. Stacy let him without any sound. She wanted him to do it. As the sheets exposed her bottom half, Jack saw Stacy was rubbing her left breast with her left hand. Her middle three fingers of her right hand were slowly circling her clitoris. He watched her and she stared at his eyes.

By now, Jack was fully erect and turned on as well. He pulled off his own boxer briefs. Stacy draped her left leg over his right leg. He reached down with his right hand and grasped her left inner thigh. He reached down with his left hand and began stroking himself. Stacy moaned at his touch and at her own touch. Jack watched her fingers touch herself exactly how she wanted it. She closed her eyes and her head tilted back. She squeezed and twirled her left nipple. She moaned louder and her left leg güvenilir casino pulled at Jack.

Jack stroked himself completely turned on as Stacy fingered herself. She was now circling her clit harder and faster and her breathing was short and heavy. Her left leg released from Jack and she clenched her body. “Ohhhhhhhh!” Stacy orgasmed next to Jack on the bed. Jack was now using his right hand to jerk his cock and his left to squeeze and pull his balls. Stacy looked over once her orgasm had faded and watched. Then she said, “Stop. Not yet.”

“What?” Jack stammered.

“Don’t worry. You’re going to finish tonight. Not just yet,” she smiled at him.

Jack released his grip and his cock twitched. He wanted to get off. No, he needed to. After this morning and then his own teasing on the couch during Stacy’s bath and now this…he was a walking time bomb waiting to burst.

Stacy reached down towards Jack’s lower abdomen and saw the puddle of precum on his belly. She wiped it up with her right index finger. Jack looked at her with a stare of arousal. A few weeks ago she was giving him an amazing handjob. He was – how best to put it – very turned on, and asked her to feed him his precum. She had done it and it was even hotter than he anticipated. And now, here they were again.

But instead of giving it to him, she put her finger in her own mouth and looked at him. “You taste good, sweetie.”

Jack didn’t say a word. He just looked at her. She put her hand down again and took her finger and wiped off the precum still leaking out of his cock. This time she brought her hand to his lips and he willingly opened his mouth to accept her finger. He tasted himself. “Mmmmmm,” was all he could manage.

Stacy then crawled between his legs and began to suck his cock. She knew this would be a quick one. She had teased him enough all day. Her mouth went up and down his member. She felt his body tensing as she inched him closer and closer to orgasm. And then she stopped and pulled away.

“Oh baby no no. Keep going. Enough teasing. Please I want to cum so bad,” Jack begged.

Stacy didn’t say a word but instead came up towards him. She kissed him with an open mouth. “Okay,” Jack thought to himself. This is good too.” He could taste his own cock on her mouth. It was incredibly erotic to him. She pulled away and looked at him seductively.

“I want to suck a cock with you,” she said without hesitation. “We’ve talked about it and it turns me on to think about. Today, at Metropolis, when I watched you ordering beers from Brandon, I imagined us both sucking his cock. Sharing his taste. Kissing each other in between sucking him. And I couldn’t handle it.”

Jack was silent. He just kissed her again deeply. As their kiss ended, Stacy positioned herself above Jack’s cock and reached down with her right hand. She guided him inside of her and slid down his impressively hard cock. Jack moaned as her tight wet pussy took him fully inside. She rocked her hips and rode Jack’s manhood. Jack was already about to cum from the current situation and from the day’s events.

He watched Stacy’s breasts bounce around as she rode him. She placed her hands on his chest and she began to cum again. Her body tightened as her orgasm poured out. Her pussy tightened around Jack and he started to cum as well. His hips shot upwards and he started to fuck her hard as his cum shot deep inside of his wife. They both moaned and grunted together as their simultaneous climaxes gripped at them. As they subsided, Stacy collapsed down onto Jack’s chest. Her breasts pushed against his chest. He felt his semen already starting to drip out of her and down onto his own cock and pelvis. Stacy caught her breath and lifted her head up to kiss her husband deeply.

“Fuck, that was good.” Stacy said as she rolled off of Jack. She snuggled up to him and like that she was asleep. Jack smiled. He could not argue with that conclusion.

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