Ocak 29, 2021

Film Night Trio

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John had engineered this meeting between the daughters of their two friends, while his wife was away on holiday. Kate was a tall, slender brunette with long legs and pert breasts. She was nineteen and slightly shy for her age, but extremely pretty in jeans and a cropped t-shirt, that slightly exposed her flat stomach. She didn’t have a bra on as her breasts were small enough not to need one, and she secretly fancied John and hoped that he would see her nipples showing through. Briony was eighteen, shorter, but also brunette. Her breasts were larger and stood proudly out from her body, covered in a trendy clingy black cotton dress, with a black bra and thong underneath.

Both girls were sitting expectantly in the lounge sipping their drinks, not realising that they were being filmed as they sat beside the fire on a large cream rug.

John came into the room and gave the girls a box of chocolates to share. “Why don’t you try these chocolates? I’ll just be in the kitchen for a few minutes, so sit back and enjoy the fire together.” He said. The girls chose different chocolates, Briony liked the soft centred ones while Kate liked toffee.

As they sat with their drinks they stared into the fire. John came back into the room and turned on the Sky box, tuning to an adult channel that was showing a lesbian film.

Kate said “I can’t see the fuss about this sort of film” but Briony said “Oh, I think we should watch a bit and see if we learn anything!”. She had never kissed a girl before and wanted to see how it was done.

The girls on the screen were sticking out their tongues and wrestling with the other’s tongue.

Briony, feeling adventurous, said to Kate “we could try that couldn’t we, after all Lindsay Lohan looks pretty hot kissing other girls doesn’t she??” Kate thought about it and then surprised herself by leaning over to Briony and kissing her gently on the lips – with her mouth closed at first. After she tasted Briony’s strawberry lip gloss she decided to take things further and kissed more passionately, opening her lips and gently pushing the tip of her tongue into Briony’s mouth.

Briony started thinking about other places on her body for Kate to stick the tip of her tongue.

As they sat kissing Briony let her index finger run down Kate’s arm, and then back up to her shoulder. When Kate didn’t react she ran her finger down across Kate’s collar bone and down the shadow between her breasts. Being more playful she hooked her fingertip over the round wide collar of Kate’s t-shirt and dragged it down between her breasts until Kate’s right nipple appeared. Briony then pulled away from Kate’s kisses and knelt down to kiss Kate’s exposed small brown nipple.

Kate couldn’t believe what was happening. She was enjoying the sensation of her nipple getting hard under the pressure of the younger girl’s kisses, but she had never had any lesbian desire before.

Part of Kate’s mind said she should stop this and the rest said let it go on. She whispered “where do you think John is? We’ll be in trouble if he finds us like this.” Briony stopped kissing Kate’s nipple and replied “Shall I stop then, aren’t you enjoying this?”

Kate thought for a moment and said “I can’t believe I’m letting you kiss my body, but it feels so good I don’t want it to stop”.

At that moment, John, who was of course watching everything on his laptop shouted through “I’ll be back through in a few minutes girls. I’ve got to go and chop some more logs for the fire”.

Briony said “We’re fine then aren’t we?”. She used the opportunity to start kissing Kate again and this time she ran the slender fingers of her right hand, which were so skilled on the piano, over Kate’s stomach and up her chest, under the pink cropped t-shirt. As she reached Kate’s left breast she could feel the hard nipple and gently squeezed it between her finger and thumb. It got even harder so she rolled her finger around it, all the while continuing to kiss Kate’s soft lips.

Kate was turned on by the kisses and caresses. She instinctively responded by running her left hand along Briony’s exposed right leg.

Both girls had forgotten all about John, and the movie, as they kissed and touched each other for the first time. The film was still running though and the sounds of passion coming from the screen were having a subliminal effect on both girls.

Kate ran her hand under the hem of Briony’s dress, over the firm thigh of a girl who loved swimming. She let her fingers roam over Briony’s ass and down the back of her right thigh, until she could feel intense warmth from between Briony’s thighs. “Wow” she thought, “I’m turning Briony on as much as she is doing to me”.

Both girls were moist between their legs now and neither had any intention of stopping the fun. Kate slid her hand down the back of Briony’s leg and then rested it on Briony’s left knee. Briony took the hint and parted her legs. She wanted to see how far Kate would go with this sex game.

Meanwhile Briony’s casino şirketleri fingers were still caressing Kate’s breasts. Kate could hear the moans from the TV in her ears and this encouraged her to run her hand up the inside of Briony’s left thigh, until she again reached the top and could feel a hot, slightly damp panel of silky material on the front of Briony’s thong.

Kate’s mind was slightly confused as there was no springiness behind the material. Kate was a girl who only trimmed her pubes and didn’t yet know that Briony shaved herself entirely for comfort and excitement during her swimming sessions. Kate let her fingers run around the edge of Briony’s thong, where it lay in the crease at the top of her thigh. She found the top edge of the skimpy knickers and, hesitantly, pulled them down an inch at the front. When there was no reaction from Briony she pulled them down further.

Briony couldn’t believe how excited she was. Here she was, sitting on the floor of John’s lounge, in front of the fire, kissing a girl and touching each other sexually. She lifted her right leg and put her foot farther away, with the knee lifted, so that Kate would have easier access to her steaming pussy, barely hidden behind the rapidly lowering thong.

Kate again moved her fingers lower, dragging Briony’s thong lower down over her prominent pubic bone. Briony was trembling with excitement. She nervously waited for the moment that Kate’s fingers would reach her wet pussy. “What will she do?” wondered Briony.

She didn’t have long to wait. Scarcely believing what she was doing Kate pushed her fingers down inside Briony’s damp thong until she felt the top of Briony’s slit. Briony’s clitoris was hidden inside its hood, but it was engorged with blood and sensitive to the slightest touch. It responded to the feel of Kate’s gentle fingers and made Briony sigh with passion, releasing the breath she’d been unconsciously holding in waiting for this moment.

Kate couldn’t get her fingers much lower as they were pointing downwards and Briony’s thong was bunched too tight to let her push down any further. So she twisted her wrist so that her finger tips were pointing upwards and this gave her enough freedom to be able to push deeper into Briony’s wet panties.

The girls were still kissing, but just locked onto one another’s lips at this point. Neither one was concentrating on tongue wrestling. Briony had to release Kate’s nipple as she needed both hands free to move again to help Kate get into her knickers.

Briony shifted her ass forwards so that her pelvis was tilted upwards and she rested on her elbows. Her nipples were hard as rubber, despite still being enclosed in the slinky black bra she’d worn under the figure exposing dress that she’d worn to tease John with.

Kate slid higher and this gave her the perfect angle to get her hand fully down into Briony’s panties. She also had her head above Briony’s as they kissed so she felt in a dominant position as she pushed her fingers lower into Briony’s secret place. As she touched lower and lower she realised there was no pubic hair at all. All she could feel were Briony’s secretions coating first her pussy lips and then Kate’s fingers.

Briony was steaming by now and her breathing was getting shallow as she lay there panties half off.

Kate decided she wanted to see a naked pussy so she suddenly pulled her hand away from Briony’s pussy and sat up saying “Briony, you’ve got no pubes, you naughty girl!” in a mischievous voice. Briony replied “I do it for swimming. It makes it more comfortable with my swimsuit but I have to confess sometimes I let the suit ride up between my legs, which makes me feel almost as good as you’re making me feel right now”. Briony desperately didn’t want things to stop at this moment.

Kate said “I’ve never seen a shaved pussy before. I can’t believe I’ve had my fingers touching yours but not even seen it!”

“I’ll change that for you” said Briony as she sat up and reaching for the hem of her dress hitched it up until it completely exposed her slender legs and tangled thong. Looking down she said “Oh dear, looks as if I’ll need to take those off and wash them myself. Imagine if my Mum found my juices smeared all over them. She’d wonder whether John was being a bad man!.”

Kate had a better idea “I want the honour of de-thonging you!” she whispered in Briony’s ear. “Go ahead, you may remove my panties” replied Briony, getting into the game.

With this Kate leaned over the lean thighs and hooked her forefingers into either side of Briony panties. Briony helped by lifting her ass into the air slightly and Kate began pulling them down. At first the damp material was caught between Briony’s pussy lips but then it slid down, revealing to Kate the most beautiful sight she could imagine. A wet pussy, with plump labia and a large clit hood, hiding a special prize. Kate knew from her biology studies how each part worked. What she had never considered was the desire side, rather casino firmaları than the mechanics.

Briony’s slid her legs together slightly so that her panties could continue their journey down over her knees and down to her ankles. Finally they were off and Briony slid her right knee away from its neighbour once more. As she did so Kate could see the pussy lips separate slightly, with a glisten of moisture appearing from within Briony’s cave.

“Briony, you are de-thonged” said Kate, holding the damp thong in her left hand like a prize. She inspected the gusset and said “I can’t believe that I’ve made you this wet”.

“Well, perhaps I’d better check you over too” replied Briony. “All I’ve done so far is touch your breast and have your nipples push against my fingers.”

“Where do you think John is though?” answered Kate, worried about what would happen if she were caught at this moment with Briony lying exposed on the floor and her knickers in Kate’s hand.

“I know” said Briony. “Let’s go and find him and say you don’t feel so good after drinking the wine and that you need to lie down in a bedroom to rest for a while. I’ll offer to look after you up there – if you know what I mean!” and she winked for effect.

“Good idea, where do you want to put these panties?” said Kate. “In my bag over there” replied Briony as she stood up, pulling her clingy dress back down over her thighs.

John was watching from the kitchen and quickly pushed down the screen of his laptop. He opened the back door and picked up the basket of logs that he’d cut earlier in the day as a prop.

“Oh, there you are girls. I was starting to feel bad for abandoning you for so long. Have you been amusing yourselves with the film?” he asked innocently.

“We have” said Briony, “but now Kate’s not feeling so well. It must be the effect of the wine and the hot fire”.

“Yes, you both have flushed faces” replied John, knowing the true cause of that redness on their cheeks.

“Do you think Kate should lie down somewhere quiet then?” he asked.

“That’s what I was going to suggest” said Briony, “Do you have a bedroom she could lie in?”

“Of course, use the second bedroom, the bed is freshly made up and it’s nice and cosy in there”. John naturally had installed a camera in that bedroom, in fact he’d put in two. A daylight one, and a second that showed infra red images, just in case the girls made out in the dark.

Both were connected to his laptop remotely so he could zoom and focus on whatever he wanted, and what he desperately wanted now was to see these two girls take their passion to another level.

Kate leaned on Briony as they stood in the kitchen and Briony took the hint and said “I’ll help Kate upstairs and stay with her for a while to make sure she’s ok”. With that the girls turned to walk slowly out of the kitchen to the stairs, with John following.

As they got to the bedroom Kate just flopped onto the bed. Briony paused by the door and John took the chance to put his hand on her back and slid it down over her ass, feeling the firmness underneath. Briony said “Isn’t that a bit inappropriate, after all you’re married, your wife’s away and you’re touching my bottom?”

“I expect you’re right” he replied “but people do inappropriate things sometimes, don’t they young lady? Anyway where’s the harm in a light hand running over your bottom?”

Briony wondered whether John knew about the sexy game the girls had been playing earlier. She dismissed the thought as she was keen to start again in the bedroom.

“I think you should try to get Kate to lie down, and loosen her clothes to cool her down” suggested John. “Okay, good idea” replied Briony.

With that Briony helped Kate into the bedroom and sat her on the bed.

“Did you hear what John suggested?” asked Briony.

“Yes, I did. We should take his advice don’t you think?” replied Kate with a smile on her face. She laid herself flat on her back on the bed.

Briony leaned over and grasped the top on Kate’s low slung jeans, undoing the top button and then sliding down the zip. She could see the top of a pair of pink cotton panties.

Then she pushed up Kate’s t-shirt to reveal her flat stomach and eventually the bottom edge of her breasts. Kate lifted herself up leaning on her elbows and Briony pushed the t-shirt higher, bunching it under Kate’s armpits, so that her breasts were fully exposed. Briony said “Oh, they are lovely, especially your little pink nipples. I think they need some attention!”

With that she leaned over and kissed Kate’s right nipple, sucking it into her mouth, which caused a shiver of delight to run through Kate. Briony kissed and sucked both of Kate’s hardened nipples for a few minutes, enjoying the knowledge that she was turning Kate on again.

Kate’s mind drifted away to think about John touching her in the same way that Briony was. Then she turned her attention to Briony’s body again and started to run her left hand up and güvenilir casino down Briony’s thighs again, just letting her fingertips lightly touch the smooth skin.

As she did this Briony continued to switch her attention from breast to breast but she also moved her right hand up Kate’s right leg, trying to mirror Kate’s actions on her thighs. She reached the top of Kate’s jeans and pushed her fingers harder into the crease of material between Kate’s thighs.

She couldn’t really work out where Kate’s pussy started and she explored higher with her fingers, moving them up over the open zip and onto Kate’s panties. Then she pushed her fingertips down into the gap between Kate’s jeans and panties. As she did so she could feel the springiness beneath her fingers that told her Kate had pubes covering her pussy.

She moved her fingers lower into the hot tight space until she felt dampness on her fingertips. Kate shivered as she felt Briony’s fingers touch her most secret place, she imagined John’s fingers touching her there, exciting her, bringing her to orgasm.

Briony was so caught up in what she was doing that she was hardly aware of Kate’s fingers reaching her naked pussy, exposed between her parted thighs. Kate touched Briony’s puffy lips and tentatively felt between them, first with just her index finger, then deeper and using her forefinger too. She parted the wet lips further, revelling in the wetness that exuded over her fingers. She knew she was really turning Briony on by the soft moans that started coming from Briony’s mouth.

Briony couldn’t get her hand much further into Kate’s jeans, so she suddenly pulled back and said “Kate, you seem pretty hot in your jeans, shall I help take them off?”

“Well I am pretty hot, so perhaps I’d better undress a bit more?” replied Kate.

John decided to zoom in the camera for a close-up of Kate’s crotch.

So Briony knelt on the bed beside Kate and grabbed hold of the sides of her jeans. She started to pull them down over Kate’s slim hips until she could see a damp patch on the skimpy pink panties. “Hmm” she thought, “I’ve got Kate really wet”.

Briony then shifted down the bed and took hold of the bottom of Kate’s jeans so that she could easily pull them off. She lifted Kate’s legs in the air as she did so, unknowingly giving John a great view of Kate’s knickers covering her wet pussy.

As the jeans came off Kate stretched her legs out on the bed. She put her hands over her crotch and closed her eyes. Briony was slightly confused by this, but decided to start kissing Kate’s mouth and take her time exploring Kate’s body.

Briony took a moment to remove her clingy dress, sliding it from the bottom upwards over her head. Then, wearing only her bra she laid beside Kate again.

Kate lay there hearing the rustling of Briony removing her dress and then felt Briony’s lips on hers. She was unsure about whether she should go further with their sexy antics, but at the same time she didn’t want to stop.

Briony and Kate tongue wrestled for several minutes, neither teenager touching the other. They were though, both getting more sexually aroused and Briony being the slightly more adventurous girl started to run her fingers up and down Kate’s stomach and breasts. Kate loved the feeling of a girl touching her breasts and squeezing her nipples.

As each sweep of Briony’s hand went high onto Kate’s nipples, so the down sweeps went lower and lower, first to her belly button, then half way to the edge of her low cut panties, then touching the edge of her panties. “Here goes” thought Briony as she slid her fingertips down under the edge of Kate’s pink panties. She kept kissing Kate hard so that Kate would hopefully not stop her fingers from roaming downwards.

Kate was on fire so she had no plan to stop anything. Briony’s middle finger reached the top of Kate’s crease and she could feel the clitoral hood slide past as she explored lower and reached Kate’s damp outer lips. Kate unconsciously moved her left leg to give Briony more room to explore. Briony then pushed her fingertips all the way to the bottom of Kate’s pussy lips, searching for an entrance to the wet lips.

Then suddenly her index finger was inside Kate’s pussy. Briony regularly touched herself so she hoped that Kate would like what she did. First she gently slid her finger in and out of Kate’s cunt, smearing Kate’s juices over it. Then she pulled her finger out and felt higher for Kate’s clit, hidden inside its hood. Kate could hardly breathe, she was so turned on by Briony’s fingers.

Briony teased Kate’s hood until her clit emerged, hard and red, filled with blood. Kate was so aroused she moaned into Briony’s mouth. Briony knew then that she had control and that Kate liked the same stimulation that she did.

Briony knew how sensitive her own clit was so she made sure not to press too hard or for long on Kate’s.

Kate needed a moment’s break so she reached down for her panties and started to push them off. Of course she couldn’t get them off totally lying flat on the bed so she left them half way down her thighs, stretched across the gap. Briony took hold of the panties and swept them down over Kate’s knees and off past her ankles.

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