Mart 30, 2021

Felix’s Wonderful Night

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I was surrounded by three men, all considerably older than me and much more experienced than I was. I received the ball from the left, and managed to take advantage of my young speed and burst to dribble past the triumvirate of defenders, before lifting the ball into the 6-yard box so that our star striker could head it in for the opening score of the game. That play had been the highlight of the game and had made the rounds on social media and sports shows. Hype was beginning to gather for AS Roma’s bright new young, American rising star, also known as myself. It was difficult being so young and so famous, since the hopes of being America’s first soccer superstar were immediately placed on my shoulders, just like they were placed on Christian Pulisic at the same time. Before the beginning of the season, Christian and his team, Borussia Dortmund, were in town to play a friendly against Roma’s sworn rivals: Lazio. He’d only played a half of football, as was customary in such a situation. Being the good friends that we were, we decided to head out to a club that same night.

All in all, it wasn’t really all that much of a big night for us. It wasn’t like we had won the Champions League or something like that. While it wasn’t that big of a deal for Christian and me, it definitely seemed like it to a group of about six or seven girls that were having what seemed at the time like the night of their lives. We looked on from afar, our interest quite piqued, especially by the outfits they were wearing. After a few rounds of drinks the older team members egged us on to approach the gaggle of girls that had been drawing our attention from the moment they stepped into the night club. They were all quite beautiful, and they were together in a group, making the task at hand that much harder, compounded by the fact that I’d spent much of my time in high school focusing on the sporting side of things, as opposed to what other guys were up to.

Nevertheless, the whole thing went smoothly to start. We eventually narrowed down to two girls, one for each. Tamara was a gorgeous Italian-American girl who started off as an Instagram model and had since just gotten her first major contract, which was the reason for the celebration. She was wearing a short black dress with a plunge neckline and something of an open back, with matching black platform pumps, all of which contrasted well with her pale, olive skin. Her long dirty blonde hair was loose yet expertly arranged. I couldn’t help but smile like a dumb ass when our eyes first met that night, which through some bizarre act of magic made me that much more endearing to her. She had an inkling of an idea about who I was, which made me more comfortable within the situation as a whole. She was eternally confident, cool as can be.

“Come on, I’ll buy you a drink or five” I said, whispering to her as we all sat at a table. She nodded, and after shooting a look to her friends, led halkalı escort me by hand to the bar.

“I want at least those five drinks, wonder boy. Maybe more than that. Probably more.” She said, holding my left arm. “Definitely more than five.” She added with a small laugh, before placing a kiss on my cheek. I waved over the bartender and ordered the first of many rounds that would come that night. I let myself go with the flow after initially worrying about looking like a drunken fool.

After the drinks, I took her out to the dance floor. I was in for quite a treat, as it turned out. Her ass felt great against my crotch while we grinded to a particularly fast paced song, teasing me with her expertise before rewarding me with a closer, slower dance that allowed me to kiss her neck from behind, grabbing her side and her waist and pushing her towards me. Tamara had a look in her eyes that showed just how at home she was in the dance floor and on the spot light. She was such a natural and it was extremely impressive to say the least. We shared our first kiss while dancing and facing each other, rubbing crotches sensually.

I took her back to the table once I was feeling tired of dancing, even though she was still roaring to go out there and have the time of her life. She was sat on my lap now, and I had one arm around her waist and another one across her lap. We were shifting between making out and chatting with her friends, one of which had taken a liking to Christian, seeing as how she was looking at him as she sat on her lap. Eventually, the rest of the girls and my friend dispersed around the night club, either to drink, dance or chat with some guy, or all three at once, leaving us alone at the table. We locked eyes and I smiled confidently, taking her cue and placing a hand on the inside of her thigh, slowly snaking it upwards as I gathered sufficient courage to be able spread her wet panties aside and slip in one lonesome finger, testing out the waters as she bit her lower lip and nodded to me encouragingly. I became emboldened by her quick nod, exploring her wonderful pussy with my finger, feeling her out before slipping in another finger. A bouncer passed in front of us seemingly out of nowhere, just flashed in front of us like he’d teleported in there. I bite my lower lip as I hope and pray that he doesn’t turn around to get a good look at us. He stops momentarily before going on his way and leaving us alone. I smile to Tamara and keep going, adding a third and final finger, loving how she arched her neck back while biting her lower lip to keep her moans in check. I’m forced to slip my fingers out as soon as her friends start coming back, and Tamara’s smile showed just how pleased she was.

As the night was winding down, her friends were making their mind about heading back since they had a flight that they had to catch after sleeping off the hangover. Before harbiye escort exiting the club, Tamara took my phone from me and saved her contact. Immediately the morning after we started texting each other, deciding to become a couple a few weeks later.


Tamara was laying down on the beach chair as she took in the sun from the terrace that faced the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. As I found out early in our relationship, Tamara was the daughter of a high-profile international lawyer and a fashion designer, which meant that of course they had a huge house on a private island off of the coast of Sicily. She was really quite a bit of a brat, but it was essentially a little speed bump considering how amazing she was. She was a few years older than me. I was close to turning 20 at the moment and she was 22 going on 23.

“Hey, babe.” I said, sitting down on the edge and placing my hand on her tummy to completely catch her attention. I was wearing some blue swimming shorts and nothing else. I shake her lightly as she ignores me the first time around.

“Can’t you see that I’m tanning?” Tamara said, whining because I’d interrupted her time in the sun. “Did you bring me a water bottle?” She added a few moments later, to which I responded by immediately handing over the ice-cold bottle that she had come to expect. I didn’t really mind being a bit whipped by her, given how warm and loving she was most of the time. “Thanks, babe.” She said, sitting up to drink from the bottle.

“No problem.” I say with a smile and a hand on her side. Her bikini was simple, teal colored with wide black bands. Her top held in check her perfectly formed 28C breasts that I couldn’t help but admire as she looked on from behind her sunglasses.

“My eyes are up here, dumb dumb.” She quips, teasing me for being mesmerized by her wonderful body. I stick my tongue out, which makes her giggle, making her perfect double dutch braids bounce a little. I was on a winter break, enjoying my time with my wonderful girlfriend, who was taking a photo of me, probably to put it on her Snapchat story.

“Your fans hate me. I’ve read the comments to your Instagram posts and to your tweets. They think you deserve better than me.” I say, commenting with one eye closed due to the sun.

“You shouldn’t give a fuck about those idiots.” Tamara takes off her sunglasses and sets them on the side, apparently knowing she wouldn’t be doing any more tanning for a while.

“Sometimes I can’t help but do. They get really bad, especially after a loss, where I have to deal with the abuse I receive.”

“Babe, they’re just trying to get under your skin.” Tamara says, getting closer to me and placing a hand on my shoulder.

“Do you think you deserve better than me?” I ask, a bit tenderly and submissively, knowing what the answer was but not being able to get over the insecurity.

“Felix, you’re ikitelli escort the best thing that’s happened to me.” Tamara responds, before adding a joking quip “Well, maybe after this mansion or my modeling career,” which draws a smile from me.

“Oh shut up” I reply, before leaning in to kiss her, pressing my tongue into her mouth and playing it with hers. What a wonderful life, really. Sure I get antsy sometimes but nothing could ever beat this kiss, or sharing this view with Tamara. I remembered back to the night we met and how amazing her outfit looked at the moment, feeling myself get hard while I do so. We’d gotten frisky in so many places it was ridiculous, so why not this terrace.

I glanced her a look that she well knew the meaning of: ‘Do you wanna fuck?’ She nodded in assent, to which I responded by sitting further into the chair, so that she was on top of me while we were making out. I place one hand on her ass, squeezing it as she grinds up against my crotch and straddles me with a leg on each of my sides. I look at her in the eyes, sitting up against the chair’s lifted part so that we could kiss with ease while I worked on undoing her bikini top, releasing the wonderful breasts I had been eyeing just a few moments ago. I kiss the top of them, before settling on one of them and sucking its nipple as Tamara moaned softly and ran a hand across my hair.

I fiddled with my swimming shorts before managing to pull them down to reveal my engorged cock. It wasn’t huge, just a bit of average at 6″ but Tamara didn’t give a fuck. She loved it and loves it like nothing else. She smiled as she saw it, taking it in her hand to give it a few strokes before pulling down her bottom with her hands. I rub up my cock against her wet pussy, teasing her so that she would release her beautiful, soft little moans.

“Stop teasing me.” Tamara whines, making eye contact and pleading for me to lead myself into her. I oblige her, pressing myself inside her and starting out slow as her hips swayed from side to side and from backwards to forwards as she fucked me back. She loved to ride, and she never throws away the chance to make it the greatest sexual experience for me and for herself. I slightly increase my pace, making her keep up.

I place on hand on one of her breasts as she rides me, fucking me back with equal measure to what I was carrying out. Tamara’s moans increased in frequency and loudness, which was music to my ears, and even I was letting out some grunts and groans, which Tamara cleared loved to hear. We increased the force that we were using, and I could feel the warm waves of pleasure that signaled the coming of the orgasm. It was a shared one, I could feel it and so could Tamara. I press my lips against her and wrap my arms around her, wanting to hold her tight as we both got closer than ever to our orgasms.

“Jesus fucking Christ, Tamara.” I said, panting slightly after Tamara was resting against me, carrying a fresh load of cum that posted no pressure or risk because of the pill. “God, you’re so fucking amazing.” I said, rubbing Tamara’s pussy lazily as she cuddled up against me, kissing the top of her head as we shared the view that the mansion’s terrace provided.

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