Şubat 12, 2021

Feather Me

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Big Dicks

I walked into the cocktail party regretting yet another social event and completely aware of the eyes upon me. My coworkers seem to think I have a need for a collective life since I favor an absence from this type of function. I immediately noticed his dark eyes, indulging in my champagne satin dress. He focused on my feet, and slowly moved upwards, marveling at my pointed nipples, shown through the thin material. He was ravishing in his black tie attire and dark locks slicked back. My glossy lips parted just enough for him to notice the obvious attention he had of mine. His smile sent chills up my neck and launched an intense throbbing between my legs. He was standing with a group of men and I watched as his vocals moved from businessmen to businessmen. I made my separate way, but soon he would be mine.

Stockbrokers, traders, and lawyers filled this Manhattan penthouse and after hours of blending in with friends and countless introductions, I knew I had to find the man who taunted my clit with just a smile. I made my way through the dining area, and checked both balconies. He had vanished. I couldn’t take the moisture down below any longer. I knew I had to retreat to my bed and masturbate several times imagining what he’d feel like inside me. I gathered my belongings from the doorman and sent valet in search of my car. casino şirketleri I looked up and there he was, helping a lady friend into her car. He turned around and our eyes met again.

He approached me with a boyish smile just as valet arrived with my car. He took me by the hand and guided me to my door. After helping me in, he ran to the other side and slid into my leather seats as though invited. A smile crossed my face and I threw the shifter into first. Not a word was spoken.

He peeked down at the sheer nylons that caressed my legs and instinctively led a hand abroad. An impulse. His strong hand glided over my thigh and I knew that it belonged, however was unfamiliar. The uncontrollable desire not to cum overwhelmed me and I held back. I can only imagine of the pre cum that soaked his boxers. He leaned into me and devoured my neck, the wetness matching my tropical domain. He slid his hand down my leg and one by one, while still maintaining a suitable speed, he undressed my feet. A glimpse of a park caught my attention, and I impishly pulled into the dark parking lot and found a cozy spot in the back.

I looked at him with complete seduction in my eyes. Simultaneously, we danced from the car onto the dimly lit playground. He pushed me onto the slide and pulled down the strap to my dress, kissing along my neckline. casino firmaları His body pressed up against mine in the fit of fury, wanting, waiting no longer. I moaned, letting him know what he was doing to me. My breath became stronger and the desire to take control overwhelmed me. Just then, he stopped. “Not here” he said. He led me by the hand as though I were a child. I followed, but must admit, I was disappointed.

We arrived at his uptown apartment, and what I saw when walking in confused me a bit. It felt as though I walked into a dungeon, but a cozy one. I saw hand restraints hanging from the ceiling, leg/feet restraints coming up from the floor, feathers and other odd objects piled on tables. I’ve never seen such a thing before and was a little scared. He said “have you ever been tickle tortured before?” I thought it was a joke. I turned to leave, and he appeared behind me, wrapping his thick arms around me. “Sshhh, don’t leave. I want you to relax and trust me.” At that point, I wanted to run, however, was interested in where this would go. I walked up to the hand ties falling from the ceiling and opened my mouth to ask what they were for…….I didn’t get that far. As soon as I turned around, he quickly covered my mouth with a heavy tape, almost like duct tape. I was so caught off guard that I didn’t realize that güvenilir casino in less than 20 seconds, my hands were enthralled by the restraints. Then he clicked the foot restraints shut. Being unable to move or even speak, I wanted to wet myself.

The first feather he introduced was a bright purple, ostrich feather. He started at my neck and softly slid the feather down my chest, over my rock hard nipples. Tiny little circles were the motto. I felt my clit throbbing with intensity with every stroke of the feather. The uncontrollable urge of laughter was enticing to me at this point. He then reached for a small matchbox car and drove the car up and down my sides. I couldn’t move. I wanted to break out of the straps and burst with…..hell I don’t know…intensity maybe? He ripped the tape from my mouth and reached for my sides. I screamed as he started tickling the hell out of me bare handed. I begged and pleaded for him to stop, making it clear that I would urinate on myself if he didn’t quit. He continued. I begged him to fuck me, but he would just find another object to torture me with. I screamed with laughter for about an hour before he stopped so I could breathe.

He knelt down and kissed my clit. His fingers traveling to my, now soaken wet, pussy, he slid two in. My body jerked as I came from so much anticipation. He untied me, and I collapsed to the floor. “That was the best orgasm I had ever had,” I said to him as my body trembled. “By the way, what is your name?” I asked.

His reply involved two words only……..”Tickle master.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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