Mart 13, 2021

Feast of the Flesh

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There was a rustle in the trees. She looked up toward the sound. It was only a bird. Birds were of no use. She needed something worthwhile to stalk. No, she was hoping for a different animal in this forest. A deer would be fine, but there was no sport in it. The best tasting meat came from the animals that required skill to catch. She was hoping for a jaguar. That would be excellent.

Her eyes focused back to the ground ahead of her. She hid herself well, in the bushes and tall grass. She came equipped, of course: held in her hand was a sword with a long handle, or rather a spear with a long blade. In either case, the weapon had an equal length of blade and wood, and was about her own height when standing, about five and a half feet. Beyond the spear, she had two other weapons: a dagger, which at the moment was kept in a holster on her belt, and a bow and arrow set, with both bow and arrows kept on her back. Her only clothing was one black leather formation that was perfectly fit around her body, and a small anklet, also black leather. A belt hugged her waist, followed by a strap that flowed up her spine, then another belt hugged her under her chest, connected to another strap that went between her breasts to her neck, and yet another belt was fastened around her throat. The quiver connected the throat and chest belts by way of her back, and the bow dangled around the quiver. There was the holster for her dagger on her right side, at her waist, and on her left was a leather loop for the spear. The anklet was also made of leather, and had a leather cup for the spear to rest in.

The woman was naked otherwise, but could camouflage her pink-white skin simply by knowing where to hide. She hid in the tall grass, in trees, and in the muddy waters of swamps.

She knew how to hunt. You could tell not only by the fact that she always brought back an animal to the village, but while she was waiting for prey, as well. Her beautiful face was always pinched while squinting and waiting, and you could see concentration in her emerald eyes. She had a medium auburn head of curly hair, which flowed down past her shoulders.

Though she was concentrating, an observer would note that she was still incredibly beautiful. She had no lines upon her face at all. In fact, her entire body was beautifully curved. Due to her prowess as a hunter, she was ever so slightly chiseled, with athletic legs, leading up to her smooth, non-protruding vaginal lips, with the smallest tuft of pubes. Her arse transitioned a wonderful roundness to connect her legs and back smoothly. Her stomach was slender, and her breasts were beautiful: smooth but firm, and perfectly round.

Any man, civilized or not, could set eyes upon this striking twenty-something Amazonian, and be instantly in love.

But now was not the time for love. Now was the time to hunt.

She crouched lower, looking through the bush. A jaguar had just slinked into view. The jaguar itself was also hunting. But who would be the victor in this game?

The jaguar sniffed the air, and shot its head up. Had it sensed her smell? No, the breeze was moving the jaguar’s scent to her. The jaguar turned its head to the left, believing that it had found its prey. Perhaps it had, but it would never find out for sure.

The woman jumped from her crouch, and gripped her spear in both hands. She did not scream or yell – she never did – but learned to always remain silent. The jaguar, however, growled, and tried, much too late, to slash her with its claws. The woman was much too quick, however, and her spear blade had come slashing down. With its reach, the woman was unharmed, and the jaguar suffered a slice to the jugular. It wailed on the ground for only a moment, before the creature fell silent with the grip of death.

The woman did not look strong, but amazingly was. She could be strong if she had to, such as in this case, where she was required to drag the 200 pound beast to the village. Yet, she could also be extremely gentle, such as at the feast that would take place later today.

The woman put her spear into its slots and dragged the dead jaguar for a solid half-hour to the center of the village as was needed, and exhaustedly laid upon the ground, using the animal as a cushion. The woman lay upon the jaguar, sweating and breathing heavily, waiting for a small man to leave an equally small hut and greet her.

The man came out in a minute’s time, smiling broadly. His large round stomach mismatched his width. His short hair was black and unkempt, waving out where it could. He was surprised to see this particular woman back in the village so fast, while the others were still out hunting, and applauded as he drew near. Usually this particular woman took as long as possible to hunt, preferring to stalk her prey, but today, she was in no mood.

“Trimi, is it truly you?” the man asked merrily in his Amazonian tongue as he unfastened and removed the quiver for her.

“It is,” replied Trimi, rolling onto her back when the man had finished.

“How wonderful! The men will be especially pleased.”

For many generations, the quickest huntress was given a special treat during the feast: after eating, she would receive the great honor of having sex with nearly every man in the village in succession, with the exception of children too young, and the village council. The fat man, fortunately, was on the village council. In fact, he was in charge of overseeing festivities and games. Trimi was glad that she would not have to have sex with him, but still considered him a good friend.

“I was hoping that I would get here first,” Trimi mentioned, “I’ve have wanted to have sex all week now.”

“Well, then, I am delighted that you have gotten your way,” the man smirked.

Trimi, unfortunately, could not have sex any time she wanted. She was a huntress, not a child bearer. Only child bearers were allowed to have sex whenever they liked, unless they were pregnant or nursing, but they were only allowed to have vaginal intercourse.

Trimi, however, was craving a penis antalya escort bayan in all holes, and she was to get her wish today. She was proud, actually, of being a huntress, and did not prefer to be a child bearer, mainly because of the “one-hole rule.”

She also gave another reason for being glad that she was not a child bearer: she dreaded the thought of pregnancy. She did not want to lose her sleek huntress form, or go through the pain of labor.

The man spoke, mimicking Trimi’s last line: “I was hoping you would have caught a jaguar, Trimi. I have wanted to have jaguar flesh all week now.”

“You haven’t a need for jaguar flesh, Freo,” Trimi shot back.

Freo laughed, but both turned their heads when they heard grunting from the edge of the forest.

A very large woman was pushing through the tall grass with another jaguar in her arms. The woman slowly walked to where Trimi and Freo were, and dropped the jaguar to the ground. There were no cuts upon the animal. Indeed, the large woman was wearing no straps and holding no weapons. She stood, and wiped sweat from her forehead.

The woman was large in all respects: over six feet tall, and all muscle, she would look exactly like a man, except for her wide, loose pussy, and her low falling breasts.

“Trimi!” the woman said in surprise. “How did you get here so quickly?”

“Motivation, Donde,” was her quick reply.

“I see,” Donde stated, and changed the subject: “This jaguar was a pain to put down. It took a good five minutes of strangling to wear it down.” Donde was fond of using her bare hands on her prey. She often wrestled it before choking it or snapping its neck. Trimi had the suspicion that Donde simply was not skilled in using weapons.

“Anyway,” Donde continued, “I’m glad you’ve got the opportunity this week. I’m still a little sore from last week.” Donde was usually the sex object for the feast, to most of the men’s disappointment. There was only one man who seemed to enjoy Donde, and Donde enjoyed him. The man had the tribe’s largest penis, with a length of over a foot, and a circumference of the same. His balls were a proper match. The man was large anyway, but his penis still made his body small in comparison. And that was really the only one who could satisfy Donde. And last week, the man’s penis had done quite a number on Donde.

Trimi kind of feared that man’s penis, because it seemed like it might hurt her. Indeed, the man’s tribal nickname was simply “The Penis,” and his chief job was raping both women and men when they broke rules.

Other huntresses began to pour in, dragging deer, mostly, and other animals. Some were disappointed, as usual, that they were not the first to enter, but none were really shocked, either. Some showed surprise when Freo told them that Trimi was the huntress of honor this week. Other villagers left their huts, and began to chat with the huntresses and examine their kills.

When all of the huntresses were accounted for, well over three hours later, Freo went to the gong and hit it firmly with a hammer. The sound resonated throughout the village. “Let’s feast!” Freo shouted.

Everyone cheered.
* * *

The food was cooked, the food was served, and now the food was being eaten. With throaty burp, Freo stood and went to the gong, where he banged it again. All chatter stopped immediately.

Freo spoke: “My friends, fellow tribesmen, you are given a special feast tonight! For those not in the know, tonight’s sex object is… Trimi!”

An uproar occurred, during which all of the men in the village shouted and applauded.

Donde was not fazed in the least. She was one of Trimi’s great friends, and she loved to watch her have sex nearly as much as if she was part of the act, too. “Go get ‘em,” Donde said, and patted Trimi on the back. Trimi left the table and stood by the fire. She was still wearing the leather, but had left all of her weapons at the table.

Freo banged the gong once more to quiet everyone down again. Once the cheering had faded, he spoke again. “Tonight is a special treat for Trimi, who has not had sex in nearly two months, but also, the special treat is to all of the men who have wanted to have sex with her!”

The crowd gave a quick “Hooray!” but knew that Freo was not finished.

“A special treat comes to a special boy, as well. Quirkle, please step forward.”

The crowd cheered wildly again as a small boy crept forward, nervous and anxious.

“Quirkle, this bright boy, just today, has turned the ripe age of thirteen!” – (“Hooray!”) – “And as such, as part of his coming-of-age ritual, he alone gets to have sex with the beautiful Trimi first!”

Cheers exploded again, and Quirkle, a weak, scrawny boy, trudged closer and stood next to Trmi.

“What’ll it be?” Trimi asked casually.

“Hmm…?” Quirkle asked, bewildered.

“What hole would you like to fuck?” Trimi replied. “You can choose whatever you want.”

“I…I would like a, um, a blowjob please…um…” Quirkle squeeked.

“Then a blowjob you shall have!” Trimi shouted.

The crowd cheered louder than ever, and Trimi got to her knees.

Quirkle’s penis was small, and flaccid. Trimi noticed he had no pubes yet, and wondered for a moment if he was actually ready. Had he had any wet dreams yet? Had he masturbated yet?

Trimi touched Quirkle’s penis with her hand, and all questions were put aside. Quirkle’s penis spasmed away, and Trimi new he was sensitive enough. Immediately, Trimi slipped the penis into her mouth, and, using her tongue, began to massage it. She felt it go hard in her mouth very quickly.

As she began to move her head, sliding the cock into and out of her mouth, her senses of taste and touch began to rule her body. The sounds of the crowd cheering disappeared, and she closed her eyes. She could taste the flesh of this small boy, and it tasted wonderful. She could feel the head escort bayan of the dick at the back of her mouth, banging her throat. The feeling was amazing. Her hands massaged Quirkle’s ass cheeks, moving in circular motions.

Quirkle had his head cocked up only a little, but his eyes were looking to the sky. He was in pure ecstasy.

And, in perhaps a minute’s time or less, Trimi felt Quirkle’s penis pulsate just a bit, and the smallest amount of nearly clear cum expelled from it. Trimi could taste it on her tongue, and feel it slide down the back of her throat. She knew that this was the feast’s dessert, and it tasted so sweet to her. This was her favorite part.

Quirkle swayed, and the watchers cheered louder than ever. They knew that he had just had his first orgasm. And what better place was there to do so than in the mouth of the most beautiful woman in the entire tribe?

Trimi continued to suck Quirkle as the last of his cum dribbled out his dick, and he spasmed heavily each time the end of his cock touched something inside her mouth.

When at last Trimi felt that Quirkle was emptied of cum, and his dick now flaccid, she swallowed what was in her mouth, and slowly backed her head away, sliding the dick out. Quirkle’s dick fell limply, and he let out a sigh, slightly shaking. Trimi looked up and smiled.

“Your welcome, kid,” Trimi said as she smiled, winked, and tapped his ass lightly. Quirkle walked away slowly, closer to his friends, so he could describe what it was like to them.

Freo banged the gong again. “Let it begin!” he shouted, and most of the men stood up. They leapt and ran to Trimi as fast as they could, and Trimi barely had time to fall to her back. One man grabbed her legs, sliding her across the ground, and slipped his cock into her clit. As he pounded away, another man sat on her chest and forced her head up to meet his dick. He plunged his dick in her mouth and back out again. Her eyes were wide, and the man took hold of her ears and slammed her face back and forth against him. Two more men grabbed her hands and laid them on their dicks. Trimi, being unable to control her head, concentrated instead on giving handjobs to the two others. The man at her twat was pounding furiously, sending shock waves through her body.

Trimi was forced to breathe through her nose, but enjoyed the pummeling she was getting. She loved it. She loved to feel the dicks with her hands, taste the dick in her mouth. And she especially loved the feeling of the cock that was sliding in and out of her pussy. Her waistline bulged each time the man pushed deep inside her. Her tits would be bouncing if the man shoving his dick down her throat was not sitting on them.

After a short while, Trimi felt the dick in her mouth explode with satisfaction. This load of cum was full and thick. Trimi felt her mouth grow warmer, and the man took his dick out. Trimi swallowed fast and breathed heavily as the man got up.

After only a moment another man had his dick before her eyes, and she saw that he was facing the other direction. Trimi tilted her head, and the man slid his dick in, deep down her throat. She loved it. Trimi did not need to move this time, as the man was pushing himself up and down using his knees.

Trimi felt another body sit on her, this time, below her chest, and felt another cock on her body, sliding between her breasts. Two hands gripped her tits and squished them over the dick. The dick moved back and forth.

It was another few moments and then Trimi felt sticky, hot cum splashing into her pussy. In another moment, the dick left. Then, hands lifted her rear end, and a penis pushed its way into her tight asshole. The feeling was intense and incredible. Pain and ecstasy collided in her anus. The man pushed back and forth slowly, but as her ass opened, he pounded faster.

Another dick entered her pussy, and slammed harder and faster. The man with his dick in her mouth pushed her head to the ground, digging his dick down further, until it was buried to the balls. Another load of steaming cum flew down her throat, and the man got up.

The man with his dick in her tits took his place quickly, but only gently slid her face back and forth, but with a light hand on the back of her head.

The dicks she had been stroking with her hands convulsed in unison, and cum splattered the ground. More dicks were exchanged.

The dick in her ass burst, and cum drenched her insides. This was absolutely heaven. The man left, and the man with his dick in her pussy let it out for a moment, and lifted her legs higher. The gentle man with his dick in her mouth slowly stood up. The two men getting handjobs picked Trimi up by the shoulders, and now she was suspended in the air. Another man crawled under her, laid on his back, and the men put her on top of him. The gentle man put his dick back into her mouth lovingly, and the man underneath put his dick, not into her ass, but into her pussy. The other man, who had previously been in her twat, went to his knees once more and slid his cock into her twat, above the other man’s.

Both men pushed violently in and out, rubbing dicks constantly. Trimi’s twat was growing wider by the minute.

The gentle man let his penis out of her mouth again, and sprayed his cum lovingly across her face. Before Trimi had a chance to wipe cum out of her eyes, another man was already on her, forcefully shoving his dick down her throat.

Trimi gagged and coughed multiple times, but felt only joy. She was taking five dicks at once: two by hand, one by mouth, and two by pussy. Trimi gagged and convulsed for another minute, and, with nearly precision, all five dicks exploded with cum at the same time. Cum from the two men getting handjobs splattered the ground, while cum poured down her throat and a double dose in her pussy. The man underneath her pushed her off, rolling her onto her stomach, and all of the men left.

Trimi could barely breathe, had had very little time to, when yet another man laid next to her, on his back, with his feet at her head. antalya escort The man patted his thighs, and Trimi pushed up with her arms, and crawled to the next man. Trimi lay flat on the ground, and the man shoved his dick into her twat, pushing himself up. Another man came up from behind her, and shoved his dick into her ass. A third man sat down at her face, grabbing her hair, forcing his dick into her mouth.

No more men wanted handjobs, so Trimi balanced herself on her hands while being pushed and pulled in three directions. The man ass-fucking her let his dick out, and looked for a moment at her gaping asshole. Then, he shoved his dick in her ass at full force, knocking her forward. The dick in her pussy slipped out, and she choked horribly on the cock that had just been rammed down her throat. Her elbows had buckled and the dick in her mouth slid out as her chin hit the ground.

Trimi felt more cum fly into her ass as the man shoved it farther in. When he got up, Trimi got back on her hands, and the man under her pushed her off. She rolled to her back again, but both men stood, and Trimi had to get to her knees.

Trimi sucked the man she was already sucking, and stroked the other one. Three times she switched off in a half-minute, until one of the men took his dick out of her mouth and sprayed cum all over her face, adding it to the rest already on it. As that man left, only one man remained, and Trimi continued to suck at her own pleasure. This man simply stood, and Trimi bobbed back and forth. Finally the man moaned in an orgasm, and Trimi’s mouth, once more, filled with cum. The man left.

Trimi fell onto her ass with a deep satisfaction. She licked the cum around her mouth, and forced the rest into her mouth with her fingers.

Freo pushed through the crowd, and kneeled beside Trimi, who was trying to swallow all of the cum. Trimi heard the crowd as she swallowed the last of it, with a wide smile across her face. Her eyes were closed, and her face pointed to the sun. Freo put a hand on her shoulder.

“Are you all right, Trimi?” Freo asked.

“I’m better than that. I feel so wonderful and terrific,” Trimi replied in a quiet, calm voice.

“I hope you are, but, to let you know, it’s nearing the end of the feast, and there is only one more person to fuck.”

“I think I can handle just one more.”

“Then, Trimi, open your eyes, and stand.”

Trimi stood with the last of her energy, and opened her eyes very slowly. Standing in front of her was none other than The Penis. Trimi did not notice, and didn’t care much. She was too happy.

“What hole would you like?” Trimi asked dreamily.

The Penis only flashed a wicked grin, and pushed her to the ground. Trimi fell flat on her back, and she jostled awake at the pain. She looked at the man who had pushed her, and realized truly who it was. She turned to Freo with pleading, helpless, verge-of-tears eyes, but Freo was gone, back in the crowd.

The Penis gripped Trimi’s legs, and Trimi began to thrash wildly with renewed energy – the energy of desperation. The Penis shoved his massive cock hard into her asshole. Though an open chasm already, Trimi felt shearing pain as her ass was ripped wider. Her asshole began to bleed as The Penis shoved his huge cock into it, until his balls hit her skin. Trimi screamed in agony. The Penis picked Trimi up by the waist with his cock still in her ass, and stood. Trimi was in the air, supported only by two hands at her waist, and an enormous cock in her ass. The Penis walked around and Trimi locked her legs around him, still crying, but had stopped flailing around, discovering that it hurt less when she kept still.

The Penis continued to walk, and finally found a table and dropped Trimi onto it. Her back might have hurt again, but she could feel no pain in comparison to the pain in her ass. The Penis still gripped her waist, and then, without warning, began to pump as hard and as fast as he could.
Trimi’s screaming began again immediately, but, through her wails and tears, she only managed to shout “Help!” a few times, before her voice was lost, and she croaked out a scratchy voice, and led to silence.

Her silence, at least, for The Penis was grunting, and the crowd was cheering wildly, with cheers from people close by such as “Tear her up,” “Rape her dead,” and “It’s about time!” Trimi had never had The Penis attack her before. She had never met him. Many of the men and women who had broken laws were humiliated by the canyon of an asshole that had been made by The Penis. Most people, however, were untouched, for they kept themselves law bound, and never did wrong. The only huntress with a gaping wide ass was Donde, but, unlike Trimi and anyone else, always enjoyed the ass reaming. Most of the huntresses were lucky that they never faced The Penis, even if they had caught a kill and returned first, because through luck, The Penis never wanted to have sex during the feast. Today, however, for some unknown reason, The Penis’s sack was full.

Trimi’s tits bounced back and forth wildly. Her head rocked from side to side, weeping. The Penis slammed again and again. The cheering continued. Blood dripped onto the table. The Penis’s groans became growls. The cheering grew louder. The Penis pumped harder and faster. Faster. Faster. Faster.

At the end of the eternity, The Penis let out a tiger-like roar, and shoved his cock up her ass, pushing her legs upon herself. The cock buried deep inside Trimi burst with a flood of cum. Trimi got her voice back again to scream an ear-piercing shriek, but was drowned out by the cheering crowd and the animal-like roar. The orgasm lasted for a half-minute while cum poured out steadily. The roar lasted the length of the orgasm. Trimi’s shriek lasted just as long.

Trimi could barely think, but knew that this was finally the end of the torture. The Penis breathed heavily, and backed his blood-soaked cock out of her. Her asshole was stretched over three inches wide.

The Penis bent to her ear, and whispered: “Thank you.” He walked away, back into the crowd, and Trimi lay shivering in the last dying pains. Her ass would never recover. Her form would never be the same again. She would no longer be the most adored woman in the tribe.

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