Mart 13, 2021

Fantasies 1

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Fantasies 1


1A. The Standing Game

A better name would have been the “Standing Fuck Game” but all games there included fucking. The group consisted of twenty people, ten of each sex, but no couples. If you came to the resort as a couple the two of you were assigned to different groups.

It was sort of like musical chairs and twister combined. Everyone had a number assigned randomly when the group was first organized, one through ten. The girls had theirs “tattooed” under their left nipple, the guys just above their penis. It was only marker and the numbers didn’t last the whole week. If a girl managed to get herself fondled and suckled enough the number might be gone by the end of the first day. But by then her number was probably tattooed into everyone’s brain. Since a VD physical was required before arrival, rubbers were not needed. The women were all using birth control.

For this game only the girls’ numbers mattered. There were dots of four different colors taped to the floor . Each person was assigned a color and had to place one foot on such a dot moving to a new one each time the signal was given. At each pause a number was drawn and the girl with that number bent over until her palms were resting on the floor. The man given the task of “servicing” her was the one nearest, whom she was supposed to face away from. If several were equally close she could indicate her preference by facing away from the man she desired. The main purpose was simply fucking an arbitrary partner in an unusual position. The girl was not allowed to touch the floor with her knees.

But there were points awarded. If the girl volunteered her ass, and the man managed to ream her without either one losing their balance, they were given one point. A point could also be earned if full penetration was accomplished in one thrust doing vaginal sex. After thirty seconds in the spotlight the couple retired to the sidelines so all twenty people would get a chance. Of course, before the game started, the women lubricated their holes, the men their shafts. This only made sense.


1B. Constant Arrousal

I’m different. I sense this although my difference is not something I can easily discuss with other girls. And believe me, the minute I get going on this subject with a boyfriend it usually gets me fucked about as quickly as the two of us can get our clothes off. The problem is I’m young, attractive, every man’s dream and I’m also always in constant arrousal. I want to get fucked by every man willing to look at me and most are more than willing to look. Almost all guys seem to realize I’m interested. It’s amazing how many of them this embarrasses.

The fact is, I live in the real world. My body wants to react to every male who walks by me, but my mind knows I don’t dare. Most antalya escort bayan of the guys I work with are not available anyhow. And I absolutely have to avoid the jealous types. The last thing I need, or can even tolerate, is a macho lover who thinks I should be his and his alone. I can’t help brushing my nipples against every man possible. I had to leave my last job because my “boyfriend” wanted to beat me up and every man I flirted with. He became my “boyfriend” because I let him fuck me. After that, naturally, I was not supposed to ever again look at any other men or even want to. What a pile of shit he was!

So here I am, nipples always erect inside my soft bras, clit almost making a dimple in my panties, pussy so wet I have to use a tampax when I’m not having a period. Did I say I like to touch men with my nipples? You should feel the excitement that shoots through my body when somehow in a crowd I get josled and feel a man’s leg press in between mine. Slow dancing is absoletely orgasmic. I’ve learned to recognize the macho, jealous types and avoid them. They’re about the only men I consciously avoid flirting with. The safely married ones are fun and like it as long as it doesn’t go beyond flirting. The shy ones are always shocked. Maybe they don’t enjoy it as much as I do but they generally cooperate or else don’t know how to politely resist my physical advances.

If I could find one man, macho or otherwise, who could satisfy me, completely scratch my itch, I’d grab him and hang on. But I need satisfaction constantly. No man can keep his penis inside a girl sixteen hours every day. Naturally I depend on my imagination, with refreshers of real sex as often as possible. Got to keep feeding fuel to the imagination! So I guess I have to remain single and available to many men instead of just one.

I imagine a dick inside me all the time, except when there actually is one inside me. I go to sleep dreaming I’m being screwed, wake up horny, like to do exercises that stretch my pussy, like skinny bicycle seats that feel like a man is using me for anal sex.

I like to keep in shape because I feel it keeps my body responsive. My favorite exercise is coed wrestling. But I have to do all the solo stuff to stay good at it. When I’m on the machines or running the track, however, I’m always pretending I’m doing that thing I love doing most.

I’m twenty-four, five-six, 105, 35B-22-35, long reddish brown hair, eyes you could die in. My tits aren’t big but on me they look impressive, especially when I can take my bra off and flaunt them. No sag because they’re firm and not too big. “Perky” some men call them. Other’s just start sucking the second I expose my nipples. I’m not a nymphomaniac. I can live without getting fucked for several days in a row, though it isn’t my choice. But that’s only because my imagination is working 24/7. I suspect regular nymphos have dry pussies occassionally.

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1C. The Punishment Seat

It was more an honor than a punishment. But that’s what we called the gismo. Mostly it’s a sturdy pole that sticks out of the floor. There’s a six inch wide flange about fourteen inches up and a finger thick rod that points up two more inches. The rod is smooth polished metal. A girl could place her fanny over the point and lower herself down until the flange pressing against her heinie supported her weight. This effective anal dildo would be too small to be any sort of challenge. What actually happens is one of an assortment of caps is placed over the finger, which forces the ass of girl in question to spread a desired amount. The first time I was told to place myself on the thing the chosen dildo wasn’t much bigger than the steel finger it covered. It did, however, have a very erotic flare right at the bottom.

I was naked, naturally, and watched by the rest of the group, six men and three other women. All four of us were exhibitionists, but it was my turn to be the “victim”. The dildo was lubed, so friction did nothing to slow down my impailment. Only the use of my legs prevented me from sliding down hard against the flange. A girl, when lowering herself, is denied the use of her own arms. My wrists were tied behind me to my opposite elbows. Sometimes one of the men helps the girl to lower herself. But this dildo was neither dangerous nor challenging. I was given no male assistance. Being my first time, I was a bit nervous. Anal sex was one thing. This was a bit more raw and I feared the thing might hurt me. I also wanted to savor the pleasure if, as promised, it did give me pleasure. I spent about ten seconds lowering myself, feeling the thing slip up inside me.

Two inches doesn’t put a dildo very far inside a girl’s rectum. But it was harder than a penis, and I felt very delicate with it inside me. Very carefully I transfered all my weight to the flange, then moved my feet foward until they were no longer holding any of my weight, only helping me balance. For safety there was a bar behind me that I was not supposed to touch with my back if I could help it. But it would prevent me from falling backwards, which, with a bigger dildo inside me could seriously hurt my insides. I never actually had to touch it nor saw any other girl do so.

Sometimes we called this a vertical fucking machine. A girl could lower either hole down over it. But most of the viginal dildo’s were shaped differently around the flange so that the girl could lean forward while keeping her weight on the conforming saddle. When I had my feet out in front, the ankle cuffs were attached to tethers so I could not, without being released, get my legs back underneath me. I was effectively being held in a very specialized form of bondage. Captive impailment. It’s a sort of antalya escort trust thing. To make sure I didn’t beg for release until the master decided it was time, I was ball gaged. The beauty of a ball gag is you can hardly make any sound, even if you’re in fatal pain. You have to trust your master to judge correctly the degree of pain he is causing you. Other than falling off, which wasn’t likely with the wrap around bar behind me and my legs in front, the small dildo would cause me no pain. To correct this situation he applied nipple clips.

Well made nipple clips give a girl exactly the desired degree of pain. These were well made. The pain was only moderate. They felt very erotic on my already swollen and hardened nipples. But soon my nipples began to go numb. I knew from earlier experiences that the worst pain came when the clips were released, and the longer they remained in place, the worst the pain would be. Most times I orgasm immediately. It’s a delightfully embarrassing thing, an orgasm when everyone is watching and expecting it and you have no lover inside you. Only real sluts enjoy pain orgasms. Of course, all four of us were sluts. But any girl, slut or otherwise, wants a man inside her when she cumes. Making me cume without benifit of a man or even a dildo in my vagina was part of the sadistic experience. It was frustrating and erotic.

The next time I sat punishment, the dildo was only slightly longer, but much wider, almost a ball inside my rectum with only a short taper to the point that had made my impailment unavoidable. A perfect sphere would have made it difficult for me to stretch my opening around the two inch diameter. The neck around which my sphincter closed was still an inch and a half wide, giving me very little relaxation. Eventually I can get used to being held open that much, but it takes a while. For a good ten minutes it hurts.

Before this impailment I was quietly warned and given the intended dildo ahead of time to examine. Mainly this examination was done with lube and my asshole. When I returned it, telling my soon to be master that I thought I could manage it, there were only a few minutes left before the group was to meet. My earlier stretching helped a little. The erotic situation also helped. It didn’t seem to hurt nearly as much with an audience watching as it had minutes earlier in private. But I didn’t hide the fact that it did hurt. The girl victim is supposed to be suffering. To the nipple clips my master also added a clitoris clip. This hurt enough to cause my first orgasm even before they were released. Eventually each clip was released several minutes apart. I think he managed to get three more orgasms out of me.

And then we were done. My feet and hands were released, and I was allowed to stand up. For several minutes I walked around with the dildo cap still stuck in my fanny, not even realizing that it was still there and that my master had neglected to pin it to the pole. It had simply slipped up off the steel finger when I’d stood up. And by this time I was so completely stretched open that the inch an a half neck in my sphincter even felt nice.

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