Mart 13, 2021

Family Beach Party Turns X Rated Part 17

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Family Beach Party Turns Ex-Rated Chapter 17

“That was some game.” I said entering the motel. “I’m glad The Italians won the game.”

“It sure was Greg. I’m going to our room and have a quick shower if you don’t mind talking to the guys while I’m gone. I still feel some milkshake the guys missed when they were cleaning me at the stadium. I want to look at the moose the guys slicked down my hair with and see how cool it looks. How do you like it Greg?” Sandra asked.

“It looks interesting Sandra, but your natural look, looks better. You’ll have to get the guys to do it again for you.” I answered smiling sliding my hand through the moose. It sure is sticky, isn’t it Sandra.

“I’ll get the guys to moose it again, but I’m off to shower.” Sandra said heading down the hall toward the elevator. I headed for the lounge where the Italian and Ghana teams were sitting back and relaxing after the game.

“Good game guys.” I greeted walking in the lounge looking for a place to sit. I saw a chair on the other side of the room between two very black young men.

“Thanks Mr. Thompson.” The black muscular young man sitting to my left said. “We only lost by one stinking goal. I can’t wait till our teams meet up them again, that is if both our teams are in the semi-finals.

“Will you be watching tomorrow’s game when the German’s and Brazil teams play, Mr. Thompson?” One of the tanned, muscular Italian players asked.

“You bet I will, will you guys be watching?” I asked.

“We sure will we’ll be in the grandstand to watch. I heard this is you and your wife’s honeymoon, I must say you know how to choose your hot wife, Mr. Thompson.” The young hot Italian said.

“Yes your right, I’m one lucky man.” I answered smiling.

The guys and I watched the football game for a while until Sandra arrived, walking in the lounge. She looked smashing in her short, short yellow low cut summer dress and all the guys looked up at her.

“Hello Mrs. Thompson.” The black young hunk sitting to my left said standing up and towering over Sandra at least six-six feet tall. “Did you enjoy the game? I couldn’t see you because of the crowd of guys surrounding you. Hopefully you’ll save a place to sit beside you tomorrow when the German’s and Brazilian’s face off. I’m wagering that it will be Brazilian’s game.”

“I’m thinking the same, too bad they arrived at the hotel so late and didn’t get to see your team and the Italians face off today. I suppose the guys will be turning in early to get rested up for the big game tomorrow. I do have to admit the German’s are a bunch of gun hoe young men so it will be a close game. I got closely acquainted with them today at the game.

“Late night snacks will be served if you all want anything, we will be serving in a few minutes. Just relax and get better acquainted. I’m Jerry your server for the evening.” Jerry a six-three or four young muscular tanned, blue eyed blonde greeted with a smile. “Come on Alex, Pete, Greg, lend me a hand in the kitchen.

“I can lend you guys a hand Jerry, Alex, Pete, Jason.” Sandra said letting Jerry open the dining room door and walking through it into the dining room followed by Alex, Pete and Jason.

It seemed to take Jerry, Alex, Pete, Jason and Sandra a long time in the dining room. I looked at my watch and noticed it was at least an hour and a half since Sandra, Jerry, Alex, Pete and Jason went into the dining room. I was about to head in to see what was taking so long. “Where are you going?” George, one of the British players asked when I stood up.

“I’m going to check if I can lend Sandra, Jerry, Alex, Pete and Jason a hand, it seems they’ve been in there a long time.” I answered. “They’ve been in the kitchen going on an hour and a half.”

“Don’t worry I’m sure they’re doing fine and will be out soon, enjoy the game with us.” George said in an authority sounding voice that sounded more like an order than a request.

“Okay if you say so George.” I said sitting down.

No sooner than I had sat back down and Sandra came out of the dining room holding the door open while Jerry walked out. Jerry was followed by Alex, Pete, Jason entering the Lounge carrying plates of sandwiches, glasses and a pitcher of something liquid. Sandra was covered in sweat as was Jerry, Alex, Pete and Jason.

“Man it’s hot in there.” Jerry said while wiping his brow with the back of his hand. “It’s a good thing I made some cold lemonade earlier. Thanks for helping me with the sandwiches Mrs. Thompson, Alex, Pete, Jason.”

“You’re welcome Jerry.” Alex, Pete and Jason all said at the same time.

“That’s all right Jerry.” Sandra adjusting her sun dress walking close behind Jerry. “I hope you will enjoy the egg salad sandwiches. I added a secret thick white ingredient to the egg salad instead of Mayonnaise. Jerry, Alex, Pete and Jason helped by pumping it out. Didn’t you guys?” Brenda asked.

“Yes we did and it was our pleasure and hope your pleasure as well Mrs. Thompson.” Jerry half laughed. “Dig in Mr. Thompson.

“Definitely my pleasure guys.” Sandra answered picking up the plate of Sandwiches and offering me one.

Sandra knew egg salad was my favorite sandwich so I took one and bit into it. It sure had a different taste than any egg salad sandwich I had ever eaten before. It definitely was tasty, salty, kind of sweet and something I couldn’t put my finger on. I ate it and took another sandwich.

“Since you made the snack Jerry, I’ll clean up the kitchen, if Mrs. Thompson helps me that is.” Tom one of the other desk clerks said. Tom is in his early twenties at least six-three or four with dark brown hair antalya escort bayan wearing gym shorts and bare chested revealing his deep tanned muscular chest, arms and hairy legs.

“Sure I’d like to help you clean up the kitchen but it’s a real mess maybe Sid, Len and Joe could also lend us a hand, Tom.” Sandra answered.

“I’d be glad to help.” Sid said.

“Same with me.” Len and Joe answered the same time heading for the dining room swinging doors followed by Tom and Sandra.

“You don’t mind me helping the guys do you Greg?” Sandra asked just as she was about to walk through the swinging door.

“No go ahead I’ll watch the rest of the football game with Jerry, Jason, Alex and Pete. Right Jerry?” I asked.

“It’s fine with me if it’s okay with the guys and you don’t mind smelling our sweaty bodies.” Jerry answered.

“Don’t worry about it guys. I’ve worked out in the gym enough and been around a lot of sweaty guys before. Go sit down and enjoy the game.

I stretched my legs out getting comfortable drinking the cool Lemonade and having another sandwich. “Aren’t you guys going to dig in and eat?” I asked.

“Not to worry Mr. Thompson we ate while helping your wife prepare the lemonade and sandwiches for you.” Jerry answered.

“Yeah I’m all filled up.” Jason added. “How about you Alex, Pete?”

“I’m full.” Alex answered.

“So am I.” Pete added. “Eat up and enjoy that special sauce your wife and the rest of us got together to prepare for you in the egg salad sandwiches.

“Thanks guys the sandwiches do have that extra good taste with the sauce you mixed in with the egg salad.” I took a bite of the sandwich. “I wonder how long Sandra will be cleaning up?” I asked.

“I’m afraid we left a real mess in the kitchen, their going to take a while to clean it like it’s supposed to be, so sit back and relax and enjoy the rest of the game Mr. Thompson.

I ate the rest of the sandwiches and drank some lemonade relaxing watching the game. The game ended and the news came on. It was over an hour and a half since Sandra had gone into the kitchen to help Sid, Len, Joe and Tom to clean up the mess Sandra, Jerry, Jason, Pete and Alex made while making the delicious lemonade and special egg salad sandwiches.

Moments later the dinning room doors swung open and out came Sandra leading the way followed by Sid, Len, Joe and Tom. They all looked sweaty and a real mess as well as Sandra. I was surprised she had moose in her hair again and soap or something dripping down her legs. “Wow what a mess we had to clean up Mr. Thompson?” Tom said walking toward me carrying a cup of steaming hot hot chocolate.

“I figured you would like your hot chocolate before bed.” Sandra walked up beside Tom. “The guys added a little something but I’m sure you’ll enjoy the taste. These guys are great at adding different things to recopies. Here have a taste.” Sandra said taking the cup off the tray Tom was carrying and handing it to me. “It’s pretty hot so just take a sip.”

I took the cup from Sandra and took a sip. It did have a different taste and wasn’t as dark as usual. It looked like clumpy white stuff floating around in it like squishy marshmallows, but the lumps didn’t taste like marshmallows. They had a strange salty, sweet and something else I swore I had eaten before. Maybe in one of my many dreams I’d had lately. What ever they were they were added to the hot chocolate not mixed with the hot chocolate and they were very tasty.

“Would you like someone helping Mr. Thompson up to your room Mrs. Thompson?” Jerry asked. “You told us how fast the special hot chocolate works on your husband and you don’t want him falling down on the way to your room. “I’m sorry the guys and I have to head out to the gym but I can call some of the guys on the Ghana team to help with your husband.”

“Thanks, that’s a good idea.” Sandra answered. “Are they close by?”

“Yes they are probably just relaxing in the back of the motel after their trip here. I’ll go get them and send them to you Mrs. Thompson.” Tom said.

“That will be fine, won’t it Jason?” Sandra asked me.

“Yes that’s fine. We can sit here until they come.” I answered feeling a bit woozy already as I picked up my cup of hot chocolate draining it and gobbling down the delicious thick white lumps at the bottom of the cup. I licked my lips enjoying the taste. “That’s mighty good. You’ll have to find more of that white stuff to add to the hot chocolate from now on Sandra.”

Tom, Sid, Len, Joe, Jason, Jerry, Pete and Alex left the Lounge going out the back door.

“Sure thing Greg. It is easy to get. Where ever we go I know where to pick some up from guys that pump it out dear.” Sandra said.

I had just put my empty cup down on the near by table when the group of muscular, tall, black young men came through the back door. “I hear you need some help taking your husband to your room Mrs. Thompson. We’d be more than willing to help you.”

“Thank you……. If it’s not to trouble that is.” Sandra said smiling and I swore I saw her licking her lips but it must have been my imagination.

“My name is Tyler. It would be our pleasure. We wanted to see what the rooms looked like. Didn’t we guys?” Tyler answered, the taller of the hot looking young black men wearing only gym shorts and sandals his bare chest, arms, legs glistening in the light.

I stood up with Tyler taking one side of me and another hot black young man the other side helping me walk to the elevator. We rode upstairs to our floor and I was helped down the hall to our room. Sandra unlocked the door and Tyler and the other muscular black young escort bayan man helped me inside and I sat on the bed. I managed to lay down as my eye lids began closing. One of the last things I saw before closing my eyes was Sandra thanking Tyler and loosing her balance. She reached out and tried to catch her fall by grabbing something. She had grabbed the top of Tyler’s gym shorts causing them to be tugged to his feet with his huge cock bouncing up smacking his washboard stomach.

My eyes glassed over at that point but I swore I saw Sandra licking Tyler’s low hanging balls while the rest of the young black men tugged their gym shorts down revealing their giant black cocks and massive balls. It had to be my imagination and then I was sound asleep.

Once I was sound asleep I started having my weird dreams again. I had a dream there were pillow under my stomach and chest keeping me on my hands and knees. Tyler was standing in front of the bed with my head between his hands shoving his big cock in my mouth. I could feel it entering my throat then he pulled it out of my throat keeping his huge cock head in my mouth. In my sleep I took a deep breath through my nose before he shoved his big black cock down my throat with his big heavy balls smacking my chin. That’s when I realized I wasn’t just getting my mouth and throat fucked but I had a giant cock buried in my hot ass. Who ever was plowing my ass had one huge cock and I felt his big hands gripping my hips as he continued fucking my ass.

I heard Sandra beside me moaning and groaning and looked over to see her flat on her back, some hot black stud fucking her mouth and throat while another black muscular young hunk rammed his huge cock deep in her pussy. No wonder she was doing so much moaning and groaning. If only this could be true instead of just a dream I thought to myself.

“Oh wow you have a fantastic ass homo.” The guy plowing my ass groaned.

“Wait until you try his fucking throat.” Tyler groaned ramming his cock down my throat. I felt myself drifting deeper into sleep as everything went black and Tyler’s huge cock barred in my throat.

Once more things became clear as I found myself in the same dream I had before blacking out. This time I was on my back with my legs pushed against my chest as I looked up at the young black muscular stud fucking my ass. I felt someone grabbing my head in their big hands and pulling it back. When I looked back a hot young muscular black man had his cock less than an inch from my lips. With out giving it a second thought I opened my mouth wide and took his giant purple colored, mushroom shaped cock head in my mouth. I looked up at his determined face as he shoved his cock down my throat only giving me time to take a deep breath. “Fuck you have a hot throat.” The black hunk moaned.

I was lost in a dream of lust again as two studs fucked my throat and ass. Beside me I could hear my darling bride of less than a few days moaning her approval as two black studs fucked her mouth and pussy.

The guy fucking my throat kept his huge cock inside my throat gripping my head between his hands as his cock grew bigger around and longer. It started to vibrate as I blacked out once more.

I have no idea how long I was out this time but when I woke up the bed was empty and I looked around the room and saw Sandra coming out of the washroom with a towel wrapped around her head and body. She smiled at me. “How did you sleep Greg?” You were talking in your sleep but I couldn’t make out what you were saying. Your soaking wet from moving around so much it must have been some kind of dream.”

“Actually it was a strange dream but I need a shower and poo. I feel like I’m plugged up as usual.” I answered getting out of bed and heading for the washroom. I closed the door and got on the toilet just in time to start pooing. I looked in the toilet before flushing the gooey thick white shit and sitting on the toilet again and kept on shitting.

At long last I was finished shitting and took an enjoyable shower, dressing in shorts and T-shirts before
joining Sandra in the bedroom. She was already dressed in a mini sundress that was low cut and one could see her huge breasts pressed against the thin material. She bent down at the door to put on her sandals and I saw her bare ass cheeks. “You’re not wearing any panties Sandra, why not.” I asked walking beside her to put on my own sandals to head down stairs for breakfast.

“It’s so hot Greg I thought I’d go without, you don’t mind do you?” She asked. “No one can see anything when I’m standing up.”

“Of course not Sandra, I was just asking that’s all.” I answered, having learned by now that it is just better to give into Sandra rather than to question her motives. After all like she said no one could see anything when she would be standing up. It was already hot at eleven o’clock. I was surprised it was so late thinking it was only around eight. I must have really been tired to sleep so long and I wasn’t hungry but then I never am hungry in the morning since getting a good nights sleep, even though they were filled with strange dreams.

I followed Sandra to the elevator and went down stairs. I had a glass of orange juice and coffee. For some reason I was extremely thirsty. “What would you like to do today before dinner and tonight’s game?” I asked Sandra.

“We could go to that park again and look around maybe some guys will be playing a game of football, if not we could just relax and enjoy the view of the city.” Sandra answered.

“Sounds like a great idea.” I said exiting the motel and catching the bus to the park. We followed one of the paths through the park the motel antalya escort desk clerk told us about and came to a large area where a bunch of young men were playing football. As soon as they saw us they waved us over.

“Hello, how are you? Are you from around here?” One of the guys in his early twenties with dark brown hair, about six feet tall greeted us. “My name is Rob.”

“I’m Greg and this is my bride Sandra, we are on our honeymoon.” I said extending my hand to great Rob.

“Hello Sandra, Greg. Glad to meet you. We were about to start practicing for the big game next Friday. We go to an all boys school sports school. All the guys at our school are athletes playing many different sports. Why don’t the two of you have a seat on the bleachers and watch us. We decided to practice by dividing up into two teams and have a practice game.” Rob said after taking my hand and shaking it.

“Okay with me.” I answered heading for the bleachers in the park and sitting down near the front. It was an exciting practice with only four players on each team. I rooted for the side Rob was playing since he’s the only one that introduced himself to Sandra and myself.

The guys had a game together tossing the ball to each other and a number of fumbles. At one point my bladder was getting to me and I went to the washroom and returned just as the game was ending. Rob’s team ended up loosing by a field goal. The guys came to the bleachers led by Rob. “Hoped you enjoyed the game Sandra and Greg. I neglected to introduce you to my teammates. “This is Lance, Sam, Tim, Fred, Jeff, Matt and Pete.” Rob intruded each of his friends as they shook hands with me.

“Hello Lance, Sam, Tim, Fred, Jeff, Matt and Pete.” I said remembering all their names. This is my darling bride Sandra.”

“Hello Jason, Sandra.” All the guys said the same time.

“The guys and I could meet for something cold to drink and a light lunch if you care to join us.” Rob said stareing at my wife.

“Sounds fine, doesn’t it Sandra?” I asked turning to Sandra.

“Yes sure sounds okay.” Sandra answered with a gleam in her eyes stareing at first one hot football player to the next.

“I hope you both stick around we would like to shower and change out of football gear first. We won’t be too long I don’t think.” Rob said looking at me and then Sandra and smiling.

“No problem.” Sandra answered before I had a chance to say anything. “I have to go to the washroom and would like to fix myself up after sitting in the hot sun. You don’t mind being alone for a while, do you Greg?”

I knew I had no choice but to say I didn’t mind. “No it is fine with me, I’ll just take a walk for a few minutes and take in the beautiful park.” I answered.

Rob, Lance, Tim, Matt, Jeff, Fred, Pete, Sam as well as Sandra headed for the washrooms and around the corner of the building. I headed for the near by flower beds and looked around biding my time until Sandra and the guys were finished in the washroom.

It seemed to take forever for the guys and Sandra to come back. I was about to go around the washrooms/shower building when Rob, Lance, Tim, Matt, Jeff, Fred, Pete and Sam rounded the building without Sandra. “Sorry it took us so long.” Rob said sounding out of breath. “The cool water felt so great we lost track of time.”

“Think nothing of it guys, I should have joined you guys and cooled off myself. But I didn’t bring a towel.” I said seeing how worn out the guys looked, it looked like they had run the 50 yard dash instead of showering. They were still wet from the shower.

Sandra rounded the building a few minutes later with a big smile on her face looking damp and tired. “Sorry I took a shower and had to put on my dress because I realized I hadn’t brought a towel.” She said.

“You should have told us and we would have lent you one of ours.” Rob said. “I like your hair, you must have moosed it.”

“Yes I did.” Sandra answered her hair slicked back with the thick moose. “Lets head for a cold drink after that work out. I mean shower.”

“Yes quite the work out.” Sam said winking at Rob. “The practice I mean.” He added.

The team and the two of us headed up the slope to the main street to an ice cream shop and went in. After an ice cream cone. We said our good byes. “Please give me your phone numbers, Rob, Sam, Fred, Jeff, Matt, Tim, Lance, Pete. We’ll have to have the eight of you over once we get settled in our new home.”

All the guys wrote their phone numbers on a piece of paper handing it back to Sandra. She put it in her purse. “Thanks for the exciting time guys. It was a real work out. For you guys playing football that is.” Sandra added.

“We better get back to the Motel, I want to shower and change before supper.” I said.

“Fine with me, I’d like to change as well. I’m afraid after that shower and not having a towel I feel all grubby again. Lets go Greg.” Sandy said.

When we got back to the motel I was surprised to see Sid, Tom, Len, Joe, Jason, Jerry, Pete and Alex sitting in the Lounge waiting for us. “You two must have had a good day you both look like you had a good time.” Alex said greeting Sandra and myself.

“We sure did.” Sandra answered.

“Yes, we saw a bunch of guys having a practice game of football.” I said. “I’m off to shower and clean up before supper.”

“In that case do you mind helping us in the kitchen prepare supper Sandra.” Pete asked.

“I was going to shower but I can put it off, after all Greg will be showering now I’ll shower later.” Sandra smiled lets get going guys.” She said heading for the dinning room swinging doors and kitchen beyond the dinning room.

The end of Chapter 17. I’m sure Sandra, Sid, Tom, Len, Joe, Jason, Jerry, Pete and Alex will be cooking up one fine dinner for us to enjoy while I am busy showering.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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