Haziran 9, 2020

Family Affair – Entering the wild world.

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Family Affair – Entering the wild world.
When Chris arrived home his mother and Kathy were in the kitchen. Chris could not be certain but he thought he saw them suddenly step away from each other as he entered the front door. He walked into the kitchen hoping nothing in his expression or attitude would give away the emotions he was feeling.

“Hi Chris,” Kathy said, stepping over to him and giving him a hug.

Chris tried to relax the stiffness he felt in his body but suddenly the vision of her naked with her legs spread came into his head, her breasts pressing against him as she hugged him felt as if they were burning holes in him.

“Hi Aunt Kathy,” he replied nervously.

“Oh l think it’s time you dropped the Aunty don’t you,” she smiled as she released him.

He looked down at her, his eyes fixing on the undone buttons on her blouse, revealing her generous cleavage. He felt the overwhelming urge to burry his face between her tits. He felt his cock stirring, immediately turning away in case his erection became obvious.

“I Er….l er, need to go upstairs a minute,” he said, excusing himself.

“Kathy and l are having a salad lunch in the garden,” Jenny called after him, “do you want to join us?”

“Oh, Er…yes,” Chris replied as he mounted the stairs.

“Do you think he suspected anything,” Jenny whispered to Kathy, “it’s a good job we didn’t come down naked like you wanted.”

“Oh l don’t know,” Kathy giggled, “it’s not as if he hasn’t seen us naked before.” She stepped over to Jenny, kissing her full on her mouth, her hands going to Jenny’s breasts as she nuzzled her neck. “God l’m so horny, l wish we could go back to bed, do you think Chris would join us?”

“Stop it,” Jenny pushed her away gently, their morning in bed had been exhilarating, Jenny felt her whole body tingling at the thought of going back to bed with Kathy but the arrival of Chris had brought back all the anxieties from their earlier discoveries.

All the time they had been making love Kathy had persisted in suggesting how good it would be if Chris were to join them.

“Don’t pretend the thought doesn’t turn you on,” she had said after they had brought each other to orgasm the second time. “I know Corey does his best, but you need regular cock Jen, you can’t go on like this, it’s such a waste, you’re such a sexy woman, and let’s face it, Chris is a hunk, he could slip between my thighs anytime,”

“Stop it,” Jenny had said, she was having a difficult enough time imagining her son outside that window, masturbating as he watched her performing like a whore. “He’s my son.”

“Oh that makes it even sexier,” Kathy had giggled, “it’s more common than you think you know, and he’s a grown man now, you should try it, if you don’t fuck him l will.”

Jenny couldn’t deny that listening to Kathy’s suggestion had made her tummy stir, lately she had become more and more interested in the idea of looking for sex, she put it down to her time of life. Having sex with Kathy and Corey had been enough to keep her satisfied until lately but she had become more and more adventurous, it had been her that had first suggested anal sex, she was a regular viewer on porn sites and every time she had watched some woman being fucked that way she had experience a powerful orgasm.

She remembered the look on Corey’s face the first time she told him she wanted to try it up her bum, it was as if all his Christmases had come at once. Since then she had just had more and more urges to act the slut, she enjoyed their sessions far more when Kathy and Corey dominated her, it had taken a while to get them fully immersed in it but things were starting to get more and more kinky and Jenny had to admit that the more she did, the more she wanted.

Getting Corey to take his cock out of her bum and into her mouth, and then to cover her face in cum had been a major step for her, she had relived it over and over through the night, she wondered now how she would have felt if she’d known that her son was watching her, her body answered for her as a warm flush travelled through her.

“I knew it,” Kathy giggled, “the idea is turning you on isn’t it?” She put her hand under Jenny’s skirt, feeling the wet patch on her panties.

“Stop it,” Jenny forced herself to push Kathy’s hand away as she heard Chris coming down the stairs.

Chris himself was having difficulty. When he had gone up to his room he had passed his mother’s bedroom. The door had been slightly open, he could see the unmade bed, the tangle of bed sheet and quilt and the two indentations on the pillows. Immediately he had the vision of his mother and Kathy lying naked together, he had entered the room, seen discarded clothing on the floor. He had picked up a pair of panties, noticed the dark patch at the crotch, he had buried his face in the material, inhaling the aroma of sex, he assumed they were his mother’s and once again the vision of her cum covered face appeared. He hadn’t been able to resist the urge to release his cock, covering it with the soft material of the panties as he came, soaking them with his spunk.

As soon as he’d cum he panicked, quickly leaving the bedroom, then realising he still had the sodden wad of material in his hand, he went into the bathroom, intending to drop the panties into the laundry basket, then stopped himself, his mother was bound to find them, instead he took them into his room, putting them under his bed until he could think of a way of disposing of them.

When he walked into the kitchen, both women were looking at him, Chris looked away in embarrassment wondering if there was any way they knew what he had been doing upstairs. He noticed that his mother was now wearing a short skirt, then remembered seeing her discarded jeans on the floor of the bedroom. He found himself wondering if she was wearing panties, he had noticed the previous evening that both women had shaved their pussies, he suddenly had the urge to put his hand up his mother’s skirt, he wanted to feel that smooth flesh of her cunt.

“Are you okay Chris?” Kathy said.

Chris saw her looking at him with a strange expression, he automatically put his hand on the front of his trousers, fearing that he had forgotten to zip up his fly, he saw Kathy’s stare follow his hand, saw the smirk on her face.

“Er…no l’m fine,” he stuttered, “what’s for lunch Mum?” He desperately tried to keep his tone as normal as possible.

Jenny and Kathy took the food and they all went out into the garden, sitting around the table on the patio.

“So, what have you been doing this morning?” Kathy asked.

Chris realised he was staring at his mother. When she had sat down, she had crossed her legs, there had been a brief glimpse of the top of her thighs, Chris was certain he had seen the cleft of her cunt outlined through her panties.

“Oh l Er….l Er…l went into town, l ran into Luke Evans,” he said, hoping neither of them had noticed the direction of his gaze.

“Oh yes,” Kathy giggled, “l bet he had some tales to tell.”

“What do you mean?” Chris asked, tucking in to his meal, trying to behave as normally as possible.

“Oh young Luke has got quite a reputation,” Kathy smiled, “l hear he does a lot of gardening and odd jobs but he provides extra services as well.”

“Oh, l Er…l Er…l don’t know what you mean,” Chris felt his face going red, he could not bring himself to meet Kathy’s stare.

“Oh l bet you do,” Kathy giggled, “all the women down at the gym are talking about him, they say he has some special equipment, l’m thinking of getting him to come and do something for me, what about you Jen, would you like him to do something for you, l hear he does a very good job.”

Kathy smiled at the obvious embarrassment she was causing Chris, she saw the look that Jenny was giving her but she didn’t care, she was still horny from their morning session and thinking about the previous evening. In a way she felt sorry for Chris, he was obviously in a turmoil, she had seen him looking at his mother, seen his eyes open when she crossed her legs.

All of a sudden there was a strained atmosphere between them, no-one speaking, both Jenny and Chris avoiding each other’s eyes.

“Enough of this crap,” Kathy blurted out, “let’s clear the air shall we.”

“Kath!” Jenny said, giving her friend a warning stare.

“No Jen,” Kathy said, “this can’t go on, we have the whole summer vacation to get through, there are things we need to talk about.”

Jenny went to speak, she could guess what Kathy was about to say, at that moment she wanted the earth to open up and swallow her. There was no point trying to stop Kathy, but even in her panic, Jenny could feel her nipples hardening, she u*********sly squeezed her thighs together as she felt a wetness there.

“Did you enjoy the show last night?” Kathy said.

Jenny gave a whimper in response.

“What Er…..Er……What.” Chris went bright red.

“Oh come on Chris,” Kathy continued, “we all know what l’m talking about, it’s obvious you enjoyed watching, the evidence is running down my window, l have a good mind to make you clean it off.”

“Oh Christ!” was all that Chris could say.

“That’s not all,” Kathy said, enjoying watching Chris’s embarrassment. “We found your bed sheet as well, what was that, a wet dream?”

“Kathy!” Jenny said, “that’s enough.”

“No Jen,” Kathy insisted, “we have nothing to be ashamed of, it’s Chris who was a peeping Tom last night, what have you got to say for yourself Chris.”

Chris couldn’t take any more, he started to get up.

“No casino siteleri you don’t,” Kathy stopped him, “we have to talk about this, l understand it came as a bit of a shock to you but we were doing nothing wrong, your mother is an adult, she’s single, and what she does is her affair, she doesn’t have to explain herself to anyone.”

“Kathy please!” Jenny tried to stop her friend, she could see the torment Chris was going through, she wanted to hold him, to put the clock back twenty four hours so that none of this had happened.

“No Jen,” Kathy said, “l’m not having you feeling guilty about this, Chris needs to know the truth.”

“I know the truth,” Chris blurted out, “l saw it with my own eyes last night.”

“Yes you did,” Kathy replied, “and what was your reaction? I’ll tell you what it was, you took your cock out and shot your spunk all down my window, so don’t pretend it didn’t turn you on.”

“Kathy please,” Jenny begged, “no more, please.”

“He needs to know the truth Jen,” Kathy said, “he needs to know that we have been lovers for years.” She saw Chris look up. “That’s right, years,” she continued, “ever since school days really, but no, we’re not lesbians, we both like cock too much for that.”

“Kathy!” Jenny shouted. She was as embarrassed as her son, listening to Kathy spilling out her most intimate secrets. But even in her embarrassment, she could feel the tingle of excitement running through her, that same excitement she always felt when Kathy or Corey became dominant with her.

“What your mother does with Corey and me is our business,” Kathy continued, “if she didn’t want to do it she wouldn’t do it, it’s her choice, she’s entitled to a sex life like anyone else, l wish she would find a man to give it to her regularly but she doesn’t want that. Now tell me you didn’t get turned on by what you saw last night.”

Chris sat in silence, looking from his mother to Kathy and back again. He was looking for a sign from his mother to tell him it wasn’t true but instead she just sat there passively as Kathy gave him all the details of their sexual activities.
“Your mother gets a thrill out of being submissive,” Kathy continued. “Isn’t that right Jenny?”

Chris looked at his mother.

“Yes,” Jenny whispered.

“Louder!” Kathy said.

“Yes,” Jenny replied.

“Yes what?” Kathy said.

Jenny looked across at Kathy, her face flushed bright red. She glanced at Chris, knowing the effect her next words would have. “Yes Mistress,” she said, loud and clear.

Chris stared at her, shocked.

“And what do you call Corey when we are playing our games?” Kathy pressed.

“Master,” Jenny replied, looking at Kathy with a slight grin.

“That’s right,” Kathy said, turning to Chris, “so now you see why you saw what you saw last night. Now tell me that didn’t give your cock a twinge,” she laughed.

Chris was speechless, he knew that at that moment he should have run away but there was one obvious reason why he couldn’t, his throbbing erection. He sat there thinking or all the videos he had seen where a woman was being used as a sexual slave, in his mind he could easily substitute his mother for all of those women. At that moment he thought his balls would burst, he knew he shouldn’t be having these thoughts but the things that Kathy had told him, following on from the way Luke had spoken about his mother, his brain was in a spin.

“Tell Chris If you enjoy being our sex slave,” Kathy said to Jenny.

Jenny turned to Chris, facing him, looking directly into his eyes. “I do baby,” she said, “l know you are finding this hard but l can’t help what l am, l never meant to hurt you, l know l should have told you before, Gina told me to tell you last year.”

“Gina!” Chris shouted, “what do you mean Gina, are you telling me Gina knows about this.”

“I’m sorry Chris,” Jenny said, “it was when she was home last summer, you were away backpacking in Thailand, Gina was supposed to be out with her friends but she came back early, she walked in just as Corey had put me over his knee for a spanking, we weren’t naked…well, Corey had told me to remove my panties.”

“What did Gina say?” Chris said.

“Well she was shocked of course, just like you are now, Kath and Corey left us to it and Gina and l had a long chat, l told her everything, she was brilliant, said it was my life, as long as that was what l wanted, l told her it was, we even ended up laughing about it. She told me l had to tell you but l never got the courage, then you went to Uni and l just put it on the back burner. When l spoke to her last week she asked if l was going to tell you, she said that if l didn’t she would.”
“So, there you have it,” Kathy said, “your mother has been totally honest with you, now it’s your turn to be honest.”

“What do you mean?” Chris replied, “what have l done?”

“Well you’ve masturbated while spying on your mother sucking Corey’s cock for one,” Kathy smiled.

Chris went bright red again.

“Then you masturbated in bed while you were dreaming of fucking your mother, Oh, and before you deny it, we found the bed sheet.” She smiled again.

Kathy turned to Jenny.

“Push your chair back,” she ordered her.

Jenny looked at her with a puzzled expression but the look on Kathy’s face told her to obey. She pushed herself back away from the table.

“Now pull up your skirt and open your legs.”

Jenny shot her a look.

“Do it,” ordered Kathy, “open your legs and lift your skirt.”

Slowly, Jenny did as she was told, all the time staring at her son.

“See how wet her panties are Chris,” Kathy said, “See how the material clings to her pussy.”

Chris didn’t need Kathy to describe what he could see. The material of his mother’s panties was so wet that it had become almost see through. The material had welded itself to every contour of her cunt, it even moulded itself to her erect clitoris.

“Your cock must be rock hard now Chris,” Kathy smirked, “why don’t you take it out, l’m sure your mother would like to see how much you appreciate her pussy. Isn’t that right Jen, would you like to see Chris’s cock?”

Jenny hesitated slightly, but by now she had passed the point of no return. “Yes please,” she replied.

“There,” Kathy said triumphantly, “now be a good son and show your Mummy how hard your cock is.”

Chris felt as if he was some kind of puppet, Kathy was pulling the strings. His hands worked independently from his brain as he unzipped his trousers and freed his cock.

“My,” sighed Kathy, “what a beautiful cock, do you think it’s beautiful Jenny.”

“Yes it’s beautiful,” Jenny responded, pulling the material of her panties aside to expose her cunt completely

“Would you like it to fuck you?” Kathy asked, she was having trouble herself, the slight wetness she had felt between her thighs had now become a steady flow, it was taking all of her self control not to put her hand between her own thighs.

“Yes please,” Jenny whispered.

“Louder,” Kathy ordered.

“Yes….yes please,” Jenny said.

“Go upstairs and get naked, then lie on the bed,” Kathy told her, “Chris and l will be up in a moment.”

Chris watched astonished as his mother got up and walked into the house.

“This is madness,” he said to Kathy, “what have you done to her?”

“Nothing Chris,” Kathy replied, “it’s just a game we play, your mother likes to be dominated, we have only been doing it for a few months like this and she knows we can stop it at any time. She likes it, it turns her on, especially when Corey gets all masterful with her. Don’t tell me you don’t find it exciting, just look at your cock, she’s up there now Chris, getting naked, waiting for you to fuck her, what are you going to do?”

“This is crazy,” he said, managing to tuck his cock back into his trousers and zipping up, “l can’t do this.”

“Well you’d better go and tell her then,” Kathy said, “you need to grow up Chris, your mother has made a big decision today, a massive decision and all you can think of is some moral compass that you think you have. Admit it Chris, last night you wanted to fuck her, you dreamt of fucking her. Now you have the opportunity to fuck her and you back down, Well you had better go and tell her that you don’t want her.”

Chris realised that Kathy was not going to let him get off easily, he would have to face his mother, he would have to tell her that this just could not continue.

“I’m going home to clean your spunk off my window,” Kathy said, “l suggest you think about how it got there before you get all self righteous. It’s just fun Chris, loosen up for Christ’s sake.”

Once Kathy had gone, Chris climbed the stairs, unsure of what he was going to do or say, his mind was confused, when his mother had displayed herself he’d had the overwhelming urge to fuck her, even now he could feel his erection throbbing.

He reached the landing, his mother’s bedroom door was open, he stood in the doorway, she was naked on the bed, just as Kathy had instructed. Chris thought he had never seen her look more beautiful, her legs were parted, her knees bent, her cunt was facing him, she was stroking her clitoris.

“It’s okay baby,” she said, “l’m ready.”

Chris just stared at her, he knew that if he crossed that threshold there would be no turning back.

“This doesn’t have to be Mum,” he said, “somehow we can put this behind us, pretend it didn’t happen.”

“Do you think you can do that?” She replied, “l don’t think you can baby, this is not something that has just happened, Kathy and l have been talking about it for weeks, güvenilir casino we never expected it to happen like this but both Kathy and Corey want you to join us, Kathy wants you to fuck her too.”

“But it’s not right Mum.”

“Who’s to say what is right or wrong baby, no-one is forcing me, we are both adults, you know l love you, l know you love me.” She sat up on the bed, making no effort to cover herself. “This is a big decision for me too baby,” she said, “but you have discovered my secret life, you saw what you saw, l have no intention of apologising, l enjoy what l do with Kathy and Corey, l enjoy the games we play. Yes, they use me as a sex slave and l love it, it makes me feel alive. I can see by the bulge in your trousers that you want me, l’m here for you, l want you.” She drew up her knees, parting her thighs. “I’ve read so much about mother and son sex,” she continued, “l can’t count the number of times l had brought myself off, dreaming of having you inside me, it’s up to you baby, but we can never pretend this did not happen.”

Jenny placed both hands between her thighs, pulling open the lips of her cunt, she slid two fingers inside, then put her fingers in her mouth.

Chris gave out a groan as he watched his mother behaving like a whore, he thought of his girlfriend, how he had longed for her to behave like this, now he had a woman behaving just like those women in his dreams, but this was his mother…..god yes….this was his mother. He could feel himself losing control.

Jenny stood up from the bed, walking toward him. As she reached him she took hold of his t-shirt, lifting it up over his head, removing it. Then her hands went to the waistband of his jeans, expertly undoing the top button, then unzipping his fly. As she pushed down his jeans and underpants his cock sprang free. Chris gave another groan as she took hold of his manhood, dropping to her knees in front of him.

She kissed the head of his cock, parting her lips and engulfing him.

“Oh Jesus Christ!” He sighed, placing his hands on her head.

“Mmmmmm,” was the only sound she could make as she pressed her face into his groin, feeling his cock filling her mouth, feeling it reaching the back of her throat.

Chris felt the heat of her mouth, he knew he was close to orgasm, he tried to move away.

Jenny released him for a moment, looking up at him. “In my mouth or on my face, whichever you want,” she said, “don’t hold back, l want you to take your time fucking me.”

She took him back into her mouth, just in time to feel his shaft swelling. He pushed her hard into his groin as his cock exploded into the back of her throat. He felt the suction as she tried to cope with the flood of spunk filling her mouth, she pulled him in deeper, hungry for his cum, his cock pulsating wildly, his knob filling her throat forcing her to breathe through her nose, struggling for breath as he pushed her harder into his groin.

Chris cried out with the ecstasy of the moment, every muscle in his body tensing as he pumped his seed into his mother’s mouth. He didn’t care any more, he just had to use her.

Jenny felt her own body reacting, the flood of heat passing down through her cunt, the flow of wetness running down her thighs. She held him for as long as she could, finally having to release him as she gasped for breath, holding his cock, rubbing it over her face as the last drops of cum oozed from him.

He looked down at her face smeared with his cum. “Are you sure Mum?” He said.

“I’ve never been more sure of anything,” she replied, kissing his cock. “Get undressed and get into bed, l’m just going to freshen up.”

Chris was sat up in bed when she returned. She snuggled up beside him, taking hold of his flaccid cock and kissing it.

“You really are sure?” He said.

“It’s perfect Chris,” she replied, “Kathy keeps telling me l should get a man, we were watching some porn together a few weeks ago, she clicked on to a lot of stuff that was supposed to be about mother and son, she kept on saying how much fun it would be if l took you as my lover. We laughed about it at first, but the more we talked about it the more it seemed perfect for me. We just didn’t know how we were going to start it, then you saw me doing what l was doing and once we realised that you had been spying on us it was the perfect opportunity.”

All the time she was talking, she continued to play with his cock, feeling his erection returning. She kissed it, then kissed his balls as she drew her nail over the sensitive head.

“But all this stuff with Corey and Kathy Mum, this submissive stuff?” He said, unable to resist cupping her breast, rolling his thumb over her nipple.

“Mmmmmm, that’s nice,” she sighed, “l enjoy it Chris, l know Corey won’t hurt me, we watch a lot of bdsm porn and talk about things we would like to do, some of it is a bit advanced for us at the moment, but it’s so exciting Chris, when Corey spanks me l have some big cums, sometimes he makes my bottom bright red but the heat in my pussy is incredible.”

“I can’t believe we’re having this conversation,” Chris said, “l can’t believe we are doing this.”

“I know,” she giggled, kissing his cock, “it’s wonderful.”

Satisfied that she had returned him to full erection, she suddenly got astride him, sliding her cunt down onto him, sitting facing him with his cock buried deep in her cunt.

“Don’t move,” she said, “just let me feel you inside me, you’re bigger than Corey, you feel so powerful.” She squeezed her muscles, feeling him pulsate in response, she giggled again, “Oh this is so naughty, it’s wonderful, this is going to be the best summer ever.”

Chris reached for her breasts.

“You can be rough with them,” she said, “Corey pinches my nipples hard, it makes my cunt go all gooey.”
“I can’t believe you’re like this Mum,” he said, squeezing her breasts gently.

“I couldn’t believe it myself at first,” she replied, “when l started watching the videos of girls being punished and treated roughly, l was amazed how wet l got, then l started frigging off while l watched and my orgasms were so intense. Kathy and Corey have only really just started with me, there is loads of stuff we want to try, it all sounds so exciting, Corey says he wants to let other men fuck me…..ooooooo,” she giggled as her son’s cock pulsates inside her. “I take it you like that idea too, would you like to see other men fucking me, l know you enjoyed watching Corey fucking my bum, do you want to fuck my bum….do you?”

Listening to his mother talking like that was driving him crazy, this was not the mother he had known all his life.

“I know what you’re thinking,” she said, “but l can’t help it sweetheart, it’s as if a switch has been thrown inside me and l’m a totally different woman, l went years without sex when you were little, then Kathy and Corey moved in, it didn’t take long for Kathy to realised what l needed, she tried to encourage me to look for a man, l even went on a couple of dates but they were awful. We were having a glass of wine one evening, Kathy was going on about how l needed a man, then out of the blue she suggested l let Corey fuck me, she said she knew he fancied me, we laughed about it at first but over the next few days she kept on suggesting it, we had started having sex together by then.”

“What, just like that, you and Kathy?” Chris said.

“Well no,” she replied, “we had done it together when we were young, and a couple of times when we had met up, it was only when they moved in at the back that we started doing it regularly.”

“Did Corey know?”

“He knew we were close,” she replied, “then one day Kathy said that when he had been fucking her he had said that he would like to see her with another woman. Kathy can be very persuasive, she kept on at me to do it, then fate took a hand, Kathy and l were in bed together one afternoon, you were in school, Corey came home from work early and caught us, l was embarrassed but Kathy just said that this was his chance to fuck me if he wanted.”

“So this has been going on since l was in school then?” Chris said.

Jenny could feel his erection shrinking. “Oh, don’t go,” she said, wriggling herself on him, pleased that he immediately reacted, “this is so nice, just talking with your cock up my cunt, it’s so sexy, are you going to fuck me hard when you fuck me, l like it hard, you won’t hurt me, but l cum better when it’s rough.”

“Are you like this with Corey?” He asked.

“Like what?” She replied.

“Talking like this?”

“You mean talking dirty?” She said, “l love it, Corey and Kathy talk really dirty to me when we’re playing, Corey calls me all sorts of dirty names, tells me all the things he’s going to make me do, it’s so exciting. Can you talk to me like that, you know, call me names and talk about what you would like to do to me, be really dirty….do you want to fuck my bum?….do you want to do what you saw Corey do? He’d fucked my bum before but never put his cock in my mouth after, you should have heard what he and Kathy were calling me, when he came on my face l had a huge orgasm.”

Listening to his mother talking like that had done wonders for his erection, he grabbed her breasts, squeezing them.

“Oh yes!” She squealed, “you’re so big, do you like fucking your slutty mother?”

Chris could only react by grabbing her, rolling her over onto her back. He managed to stay inside her, then pinned her legs up over her head so that he was above her.

“Stick it in my bum,” she internet casino cried, “you’re so big, l want it up my bum.”

Chris new he was out of control. “You’re a slut Mum,” he said.

“Yes baby,” she replied, “be rough with Mummy, make her feel how big and strong you are, make Mummy your slut.”

He lifted himself, drawing his cock out of her cunt, resting it against her anus. He looked for a sign, anything to say that she wanted him to stop but all he saw was her smiling in anticipation. Slowly he lowered himself into her tight passage, forcing himself inside until half his cock was buried in her arsehole.

“Oh my god, you’re so big.” She cried.

Chris saw the pain in her eyes, he started to withdraw.

“No….don’t go!” She yelled, “l have to take it, Corey says l have to take bigger cocks up my bum, give it to me baby, plant your beautiful cock deep in Mummy’s bum hole.”

Chris lowered himself until he was fully engulfed in side her.

“Just stay,” she said, adjusting her position, “l can feel him pulsing, just stay still for a moment, let me get used to him. Is it good for you, do you like fucking me like this?”

“This is unreal Mum,” he said.

“I know baby,” she smiled, “it feels so good. Corey says he wants to make me a proper slut, would you like that, would you like to have me as your slut……oooooo yes that’s nice.”

Chris couldn’t hold back as he started to fuck her, any thought of being gentle with her was gone, this wasn’t his mother beneath him, this was a common slut, a slut he needed to fuck hard.

“Oh Jesus……oh yes!” She cried out as he pounded into her. “Oh yes…..this is the best ever….l’m going to cum!”

Chris was too near his own orgasm to pull out as he felt her fluids spurting from her cunt, her head thrashing from side to side as her orgasm ripped through her. He sank deep into her as he unloaded his spunk deep into her belly.

Chris’s whole body went into spasm as he pumped his spunk into her.
“I want this,” she cried as somehow she managed to extricate herself, grabbing his cock as it slipped from her arsehole, still pumping his cum. She managed to swivel round, taking him into her mouth.

“Oh Jesus Christ!” He cried out as her mouth engulfed him, his balls pumping furiously. He came until he could feel the pain of his balls being sucked dry, his cock still pulsating as she took him hungrily.

Exhausted, Chris collapsed on the bed, Jenny followed him, keeping his cock in her mouth as if they had been surgically joined. Finally she released him, crawling up to lie on top of him, smiling down at him, she opened her mouth, showing him her mouth filled with his cum. She watched his expression as she swallowed then showed him her empty mouth.

“Do you think l’m as good as those porn stars?” she smiled.

“I’m……oh l don’t know…..l’m…..this is so wrong on so many levels,” he said.

“It can’t be wrong when it feels this good,” she said.

Suddenly they were both startled by the sound of clapping. Both of them together turning to look towards the door. Kathy stood there, naked, smiling as she applauded.

“That was fucking fantastic,” Kathy said, “Corey will be so pleased with you Jenny, now move over and make room for me.”

“Don’t you just think your mother is the sexiest slut ever,” Kathy said as she joined them on the bed, lying beside Chris, taking his hand, guiding it to her breast, “l’ve still got better tits though,” she giggled.

Kathy leaned over Chris, kissing Jenny full on her mouth. “Mmmmmm, l can taste him,” she sighed as she broke away, “you were beautiful baby,” she said to Jenny, “l caught all the dirty bits on my phone, Corey will be so proud of you when l show him.”

Chris looked to his mother, he saw the look of pride on her face knowing that she had performed well.

“Was this all planned?” He said.

“Well not planned exactly,” Kathy replied, shuffling down the bed and kissing his cock, “we have talked about your mother getting you to fuck her but we never expected it to happen so soon.”

Chris turned to his mother. “So you planned all this?” He said.

“No baby,” she said, getting up on all fours, looking down at him, “none of this was planned l promise you. It’s was just something Corey suggested when he was talking about things he wants me to do, l never expected this to happen between us, l know you must be thinking that l’m just some cheap slut…..”

“Oh but you are,” Kathy interrupted, reaching for one of Jenny’s hanging breasts, pinching her nipple, “but such a beautiful one, isn’t she beautiful Chris, did you enjoy fucking her bum, l bet your girlfriend takes it up her bum doesn’t she?”

Chris thought about Tania, she was beautiful, but she would never have agreed to let him do what he had done with his mother, he remembered how hard he had had to work to get her to show him her tits when he Skyped her, he knew that if she ever found out what he was doing with his mother she would never speak to him again.

“Oh look Jen,” Kathy said. All the time they had been talking she had been nuzzling Chris’s cock. “It looks like there’s still some life in him,” she giggled as she watched his cock slowly grow harder, “l think your son likes talking about you being a dirty slut…..ooooo yes,” she said, seeing his cock twitch.

“Do you want him to fuck you?” Jenny said, “do you want me to leave you two alone?”

“Oh no sweetheart,” Kathy said, her hand stroking his cock which was rapidly regaining full erection, “you can sit on his face and let him eat your cunt while l ride him.”

Chris’s brain felt like it was about to burst, this was fantasy land, two naked, beautiful women, playing with him, using him for sex. The fact that one was his mother just added to to eroticism of it all. He just lay there motionless as Kathy climbed above him, straddling him, guiding his cock as she lowered herself down on him. The he saw his mother above him.

“Face me Jen,” Kathy told her, “l want to play with your tits.”

Chris looked up as his mother straddled his head, as she lowered herself he could see his cum still oozing from her anus. Slowly she lowered her cunt onto his mouth. He felt sharp nails on his nipples, he had no idea which of them was tormenting him as he tasted his mother’s cunt.

“Move forward, give him your bum hole,” he heard Kathy order her just as his nipples were twisted hard his hips jerking in response. “Oh he likes that Jen, he feels so good up my cunt, he’s bigger than Corey, we must get some really big cocks for you, some nice big black ones too, Oh that would be fun.”

Drops of his own cum were dropping onto his face, he used his hands to part her buttocks, his tongue licking around his mother’s anus before forcing it’s way inside.

Jenny gave a sigh as his tongue entered her most private orifice, the whole situation was now out of control, Kathy had transferred her attention to her tits as she worked her cunt on Chris’s cock. Her own hands went to her son’s chest, continuing what she had seen Kathy doing, dragging her nails over her son’s nipples, pinching and twisting them.

“Do mine Jen,” Kathy cried, “l’m nearly cumming, do it to my tits, just like we do to yours.”

Kathy gave a shriek as Jenny slapped her tits.

“Oh yes Jen, harder!” She cried.

Jenny slapped her again, herself crying out as Kathy grabbed her tits, digging her fingers into the soft flesh, her nails digging in deep. She did the same to Kathy, seeing the pain and pleasure on her friend’s face.

Chris could taste his mother’s juices flowing from her cunt, his face smeared with his own cum leaking from her arsehole, he could feel Kathy’s cunt milking his cock, feel the heat of her juices as she came. There was a searing pain in the depths of his belly as he came, his cock pulsating wildly but his balls were empty. The pain of his cock pumping dry intensified his orgasm, he sucked harder on his mother’s cunt, biting on her clitoris, hearing her cry out as another flood of cunt juice poured into his mouth.

Kathy grabbed Jenny, pulling her towards her, their lips meeting, tongues invading each other as each woman squeezed the other’s breasts.

When they all finally collapsed on the bed, exhausted. Chris still had his head clamped between his mother’s thighs, still savouring the taste of her.

“Wow!” Kathy sighed, “Wow, Wow, Wow, that has got to be the best sex ever.”

“Was l good?” Jenny said, smiling at her best friend.

“You were perfect,” Kathy kissed her, “what do you reckon Chris, isn’t your mother the most perverted, beautiful fuck ever?”

Chris rolled onto his back, “l can’t believe we just did that, my balls are aching, l’ve never cum dry before.”

“Yes well you shouldn’t have pumped so much spunk into your mother’s bum hole,” Kathy laughed.

“Was it good for you baby?” Jenny said, turning to her son, “you don’t think l’m some perverted monster do you?”

“I think you’re beautiful Mum,” he replied, “l love you.”

“Does that mean you want to fuck me again?” She said, bending down and kissing his cock, unable to resist licking the taste of Kathy’s cunt from his shaft.

“Stop it Mum,” he pleaded, “you’ll get me hard again, l can’t do it again, not yet, l’m knackered.”

“You youngsters have no stamina,” Kathy giggled. “Come on slut,” she said, giving Jenny a sharp slap on her bottom, “let’s get cleaned up, Corey will be home soon, l can’t wait to tell him what we’ve been doing, he will be so proud of you Jen, he’ll probably want to give you a good spanking for being such a perverted whore.”

“Do you think so?” Jenny replied.

“Oh l’m sure of it,” Kathy said, “he loves spanking that perfect little bottom of yours, Oh this is going to be so much fun, we have all summer to think up loads of perverted things we can do, l do love you both.”

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