Mart 30, 2021

Extra Credit

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This all happened my senior year of high school.

There I sat, bored and mentally tortured in the pits of Ms. White’s math class, looking out the window at the clouds and obliviously fidgeting with my pencil, while the rest of the class slowly but surely built their mathematical knowledge. Regardless of the fact that my athletic elegibility was at stake, I just could not bring myself to pay attention to the seemingly meaningless numbers and symbols on the board.

“Mr. Jones,” Ms. White suddenly said, as my head nervously snapped to attention, “Have you paid attention to a single thing I’ve said today?”

It was rather obvious to the class that I hadn’t, so before I even had a chance to answer, a small wave of laughter flowed through the room.

“See me after class,” she said without further discussion, and continued with her lecture.

I tried to pay attention after that, especially to avoid any further embarrasment at the hands of Ms. White.

No one knew too much about Ms. White. This was her first year teaching at the high school, and she was pretty much a stranger to the entire town. She looked to be in her late thirties, but we all knew she was single because she had no rings and wrote her name as “Ms. White,” not “Mrs. White.” She wasn’t a very attractive woman, I will say that much. She wasn’t really ugly or hideous or anything like that, she just wasn’t attractive. She had shoulder length, plain brown hair and boring brown eyes. She always wore conservative dresses, and never seemed to wear any make-up. She was definitely no one’s wet dream, young or old.

“You failed your last test,” she told me after the rest of the class had left, “Your soccer eligibility in the spring is in big trouble.”

“How do you know? I can fail one class and still be eligible,” I responded. I shouldn’t have been such a jerk, but this was a touchy subject.

“I checked up on you,” she informed me and smiled, “You have no chance in English. But my class… well, it will be borderline.”

“Great,” I said with obvious dismay, “I’m really not going to be eligible, am I?”

“I don’t know,” she answered and gave me a cold look, “Looks like you won’t be.”

“Look,” I said with a hint of desperation, “Is there anything I can do to pick up my grade, just enough to pass?”

Ms. White smiled and wrote something down on a small piece of paper.

“You like yardwork?” she asked without looking at me.

“Not really,” şişhane escort I answered.


“Well, I can do it.”

“Good,” she responded, “And can you keep secrets?

“Sure, I guess.”

“Well, come by my house Saturday afternoon… I’ll figure out a way for you to raise your grade.”

Saturday afternoon, I showed up at her doorstep with a rake and some garbage bags. When she answered, she smiled and invited me inside. I wasn’t very happy about wasting a Saturday afternoon on yardwork, but it would be worse to not play on the soccer team my senior year.

“You didn’t need to bring all that,” she told me as I stepped through the door.

“I wasn’t sure if you had stuff like this, especially since you’re new to town and all.”

“Have a seat,” Ms. Green commanded, “We won’t be doing any yard work today.”

Damn was I happy! No work. Perfect.

“Can I get you a soda or anything?” she asked.

“Yes please,” I answered, carefully being extra polite now that I had been relieved of all labor duties. When she turned to walk into the kitchen, I noticed she was wearing something far from her normal conservative clothing. She was wearing tight jeans and a white blouse. Her ass wasn’t overly incredible, but if she had one redeeming quality, that was it. Still, she was a woman in her late thirties, and I was barely eighteen.

When she returned from the kitchen, she brought me a coke and sat down next to me on the couch. This was when I got a little nervous. Why was I here?

“So James,” she said, “How are you going to pass math?”

“I don’t know.”

“It will take a miracle.”

“I really need the grade.”

“Yes,” she answered, and suddenly moved closer to me. At that moment, my heart skipped a beat. Surely not, I thought.

“Can I ask you something?” she asked.

“Sure,” I said, now nervous. The situation had grown very uncomfortable.

“How old are you?”

“18,” I answered plainly… then suddenly wished I had said 17.

At this, Ms. White put her hand on my leg. I was wearing shorts, so she was actually touching my leg.

“What are you doing?” I asked and tried to scoot away.

“Giving you the chance to make a good grade in my class,” she answered and began running her hand up and down my thigh. Although I didn’t find her the least bit attractive, I felt an erection coming on. She giggled as she saw it grow underneath my şişli anal yapan escort shorts. Still, I had no interest.

“I don’t want to,” I said.

“Don’t want to?” she responded, “You need to.”

At this, she began massaging my cock through my shorts and moved closer to me. I moaned softly.

“See, it won’t be too bad,” she said,” You do this, you will pass. You don’t, you fail. It’s simple mathematics, James.”

“I don’t know,” I answered feebly.

Instead of saying anything else, she climbed on top of me. I didn’t want to kiss her, but she forced the issue, and suddenly we were in a deep kiss. I could tell she was really into it because she was rubbing my hair with her hands and grinding herself against my crotch, further fueling my hard-on.

Ms. Green suddenly pulled her blouse off and now I was staring at her breasts. She wore no bra. I will say this, I was surprised at their size and form. They were a lot better than I had expected, so I rewarded their quality by beginning to greedily suck on them. This really got Ms. Green going as she was now dry fucking me through my shorts. I was almost ready to cum when she suddenly stopped and stood up. She took off her jeans, followed quickly by her black panties, and sat down next to me. Her mid-section wasn’t so bad either. In fact, her pussy was shaved and looked relatively inviting.

“Before we continue,” she said, laying back on the couch and spreading her legs, “I think you owe me something.”

It was too late now to turn back, so I guided my face to her pussy and began licking it carefully. She moaned and cried out, and then closed her legs to put my head in a vice-like grip over her pussy. I began eating her out with a fury, as she arched her back and moaned loudly.

Then, without warning, she released me from her grip.

“Fuck me,” she commanded, “Fuck me, baby!”

At this, with her help, I tugged off my shorts and boxers to reveal a full size erection. Before I could think about anything else, she grabbed my cock and guided me inside her. Oh, the feeling was soooo good.. Her warmth and her wetness was incredible, as she bucked her hips upwards to prod me to fuck her. I pushed my cock down into her pussy and then pulled it a few inches upward, and then back down again. I did this harder and harder, faster and faster, as she moaned and huffed and dug her nails into my back. As young and inexperienced şişli bdsm escort as I was, an orgasm hit me like an unexpected freight train. I cried out in a mix of surprise and pleasure, as I shot my cum inside her. The spasms continued for what seemed to be an eternity, and then I carefully pulled out of her.

“I-I’m sorry,” I stammered, thinking my minute long performance had dissappointed her.

“Honey, that’s what I like about young boys,” she answered coyly, “Making them cum… quickly. It makes me feel sexy again, I love it.”

“Well… thanks, I guess.”

We sat there for a little while in silence. Then, after a few minutes, I found her inching closer to me again.

This time she straddled me as I laid back on the couch looking up at her. Ms. Green carefully slid herself onto my cock, and began riding me in a slow, circular motion. She looked down at me with a smile and put her hands on my chest.

“Take your time,” I said to her, “I want it to last.”

“Oh no,” she replied in a sexy voice, “I want to see how quickly I can make you cum again!”

At this, she picked up speed and began riding me back and forth. She reached behind my head and grabbed on to the arm of the couch. She suddenly began fucking me with incredible speed. She was pulling and pushing herself back and forth using the arm of the couch. Her breasts were smothering my face, as she increased her speed even more as now our bodies were slapping against each other. Her thighs were loudly slapping against my hips every time she jerked her body forward.

“Oh God!” I cried out as I felt cum shoot up from the shaft of my cock.

“Cum, baby!” she demanded between huffs, “Cum for me, do it!”

Suddenly, the cum exploded from my cock and this time I think I yelled out. She continued to fuck me with reckless abandon until I guess she could tell I had stopped cumming. She relaxed on top of me, panting, and put her arms around me.

“A few more times, and you’ll get an ‘A’,” she whispered to me and giggled. At this, I smiled back. After all, she had just fucked the hell out of me and it felt pretty damn good.

On my way out the door, she grabbed me, spun me around, and fell to her knees. After pulling down my shorts and boxers, she began hungerly kneading my cock until it became rock hard. Although a little sore now, it felt pretty good when she began giving me the first blow job I ever got. When I came, I shot my depleted load in her mouth, and to no surprise, she swallowed every drop.

I had several more sex sessions with Ms. White that year. She never showed any affection in class, thank God, and I sure didn’t tell anyone. It was our little secret.

And yes, I finished with an ‘A’ that year in Algebra. And no, I didn’t learn a damn thing.

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