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Evening the Score – Chapter 6

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Evening the Score – Chapter 6
I looked down, and saw an arm reaching around me, a woman’s arm. Her hand was heading directly for my cock, my rock hard cock that I had not noticed before. I guess watching Jess fuck that cock, even with the condom, aroused me. And I also guess this woman noticed it too.

I turned around to find a gorgeous young woman, couldn’t have been more than 22 years old. She was shorter than my Jess, about 5’0”, but very athletic and fit. She had tattoos on many places of her young body, shoulders, arms, legs, but none on or around her stunning firm C cup breasts, complete with piercings. She had none on her stomach or abdomen, but there was what looked like writing just above her pussy. She was completely naked, except for the heels she was wearing. She also had a belly button piercing, complete with a jewel. She was younger than any of my own c***dren, daughters included. OMG, I almost came in my pants right there. How I did not hear her come up behind me, I don’t know.

Without saying a word, and still holding my cock tightly, she led me down the hall to another play room. She must be or had been a dancer, because her ass was sheer perfection. I think my cock was never harder ever in my life. And, I noticed, not the usual tramp stamp tattoo on the small of her back, but a tattoo that not only outlined her perfect ass, but with part of it leading down to, and into, her butt cheeks. I’m definitely going to have to see where that leads.

There, she undressed me, kissing my body as each part was exposed. When I was as naked as she, she placed her hand behind my head, and pulled me in to a deep, wet, french kiss. It seemed to last hours, but minutes, for certain. We broke our kiss, and she grabbed both my hands, and led me, herself walking backward, to a mattress on the floor. She turned me around, and gently guided me down to the mattress, making sure I was comfortable before proceeding.

And proceed, she did. On my back, my rock hard cock sticking straight up, with its downward illegal bahis curve, she parted my legs, moved herself closer, grabbed my shaft and balls, and, in one smooth motion, swallowed my cock completely. Jess had never been able to do that, not in one motion, at least. I was impressed. She remained like that for quite some time, not moving. But I did feel her throat muscles, and her tongue. God! She had a tongue piercing. I had never felt that before, and she knew how to use it. Her oral skills were out of this world, and it seemed she was massaging my entire shaft from within. Fuck, this felt good, like nothing I ever experienced before. I was so close to blowing my load down her throat.

She must have sensed this, because, finally, this young woman came up for air, turned herself around for me, lining up her pussy and ass with my mouth, and sat, literally, on my face, grinding her lady parts hard against my mouth and tongue. I felt her swallow my cock once more. I noticed, just before she sat on my face, that her pussy lips and clit were also pierced. All the more fun, I thought. That tattoo? Well, it led to a thin arrowhead that ended up stopping and pointing to her asshole. Very sexy indeed.

My tongue went everywhere she wanted, in deep and around her tight, pierced pussy, and deep in her ass as well. Fuck! She tasted good. I could have done this all night, but she had other plans.

She turned around again, this time, her lips met mine, and while we were kissing, she mounted my cock, and slid her cunt all the way down, again, in one smooth motion. The word “CUMSLUT” was tattooed just above her slit. She started rocking back and forth, with up and down motion now and then. Once more, I was in heaven, and soon about to cum.

She pulled off, grabbed my cock, and guided it into her perfect ass hole, the one minutes before, I was tongue fucking happily. Again, one smooth motion, and I was balls deep. Rocking back and forth, some up and down motion, and I was more than ready perabet to cum. But she would have none of that.

She pulled out once again, and plunged me back into her pussy. This time, she did not stop, encouraging my load. When I finally began to cum, she sat down hard, all her weight was on my groin. Not only was I cumming, but I could feel her orgasmic contractions. I could feel her cervix moving around and over the head and shaft of my cock. This motion brought me to an even larger and harder orgasm. I don’t think I’ve ever cum this hard, or in greater volume, in my life. I literally shot my wad into this woman’s womb.

This went on for several minutes. We both were panting and breathing hard. We both were sweating profusely. Our bodies smelled like sex, very good sex. And I was still in heaven.

She got up, and pulled me up onto my feet. She swallowed my cock, again to the balls, and sucked me hard once more. She turned around, put her head to the mattress, her ass high in the air, and said. “FUCK ME! JUST FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME!”. It was more a command than a request. Her ass and cunt were so delicious looking, my semen dripping out of her slit, I just couldn’t resist. I just had to eat her first.

As I was getting up to readjust myself, I looked up. And there, in the doorway, was Jess. Her arms folded, and a look of concern on her face. I don’t know how long she’d been standing there watching, but in the dim light of the room, I could see cum all over her tits. So it couldn’t have been that long.

I looked at Jess, our eyes met and stayed locked, as I got up, then knelt down, to feast on that gorgeous ass and cunt presented before me. I kept my eyes locked while I lowered my head to that dripping pussy, and just before my tongue dove deep inside, I took one last, hard look at Jess, then closed my eyes, and shoved my tongue into that waiting, wet, 22 year old cunt.

I didn’t open my eyes after that for quite some time. I ate as much of my cum from her slit as I could. perabet giriş I alternated into her tasty ass, trying to swap some of that cum as lube for her smaller hole. I enjoyed every moment, every lick. I didn’t not care what was going on outside of this moment. I did not care what Jess thought.

When I was ready to fuck, I opened my eyes to see Jess still standing there. But now she had her kimono on. She must’ve gotten it when I was ravaging this young pussy and ass with my tongue. Still, the look of concern was on Jess’ face. Fuck it, I thought. How much concern did she give me when she was fucking and breeding with all those 30 men.

So, with that thought, I looked Jess once more in the eyes, and I lined up my now rock hard cock, and shoved it hard into my playmate’s ass, one motion, balls deep. I kept eye contact with Jess throughout my fucking and breeding of this young, tight, anal hole. I was going to add my DNA to this hole, damn it, and I was going to make sure Jess was watching my every stroke.

After 15 minutes of pounding, I began to feel that familiar tightening in my balls. I was about to cum, and possibly, as large as the last one I shot in her cunt. She sensed this, and began opening and tightening her ass muscles in tune to my strokes. I couldn’t hold back any more, so I plunged balls deep, and let loose a huge load of cum into that gorgeous asshole. All the while, my eyes were locked on Jess’ eyes. I felt good, knowing that this breeding might be causing her some pain.

I pulled out, she rolled herself over, swallowed my cock once more, then stood up and gave me a huge, deep, wet kiss. With that, she turned around and left, her gorgeous ass the last thing I saw before I noticed Jess standing in the doorway, arms still crossed.

I went to walk out the door, when Jess reached out, gently grabbed my arm, and quietly asked, “Can we go? I want to leave.”. I looked back and said, “I’m not ready to leave yet. I’m just getting started. What’s wrong, not having fun?”. “I don’t want to talk about it here.”, Jess replied. I just walked out the door, and to the common area, to get another drink, not looking back. I didn’t really care about Jess’ concerns, or about the fact that I was still completely naked.

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