Mart 30, 2021

Evening Appetizer

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You an I are in the kitchen preparing dinner for the night. We are moving back and forth across the kitchen, brushing up against each other as we playfully grab and grope each other as we laugh and giggle. We are both dressed in boxers and tank tops and can each feel the the others excitement as we brush against one another, your erect nipples and my hardening cock. I tell you that I need to grab something from the back room and will be right back, playfully grabbing your ass as I walk away. After a couple minutes you hear me call you from the back of the house that I need your help for a second. You walk to the back room and think that is it odd that the light is still off. As you walk into the room and reach for the light switch you feel a hand lightly grab your wrist and pull it away. You feel yourself pulled into the room and pressed against the wall, a finger against your lips and a soft “sshhhhhhhhhh” from in front of you. The room is so dark that you can’t even see the finger pressed against your lips.

You sense movement in front of you and a hand brushes against your neck, caressing it then traveling down as it brushes against your hardening nipples through your shirt. You let out a deep breath as you realize just how turned on you are becoming. This sensation of almost being blindfolded, not sure what is going to happen next. You feel the straps of your tank top being pushed over your shoulders and down your arms. Your nipples being brushed by the fabric as it slides down your chest to your stomach, exposing your nipples to the cool air. Suddenly there is a hand on your stomach and the other on your face, turning your head to the side and kissing your neck. Nibbling gently as you feel my mouth kissing down to your bare shoulders. The hand on your stomach presses you against the wall as you feel my warm lips kissing and licking your skin. You feel the hand move up your stomach and cup your breasts, as my mouth moves down to meet it. Placing soft kisses around and over your breasts, rolling your nipples gently halkalı escort between my fingertips as I pull them into my mouth and suck gently. Rolling them with my tongue as they press against it, hard and wanting. I begin pulling them in and out between my lips as I hear your breathing deepen and quicken, little moans escaping your lips. You feel my excitement growing from your breathing and sounds, pressed against your bare thigh.

You gasp as you feel a hand against your inner thigh, squeezing gently as you part your legs slightly, allowing my hand easier access to your moist pussy under the boxers you are wearing. You feel the material pressed against your pussy as your juices soak it against my hand. You moan loudly as you feel the palm of my hand press against you and the material brushes against your swollen and sensitive clit. You start to tell me how much this is turning you on when you feel the finger against your lips again, only this time it is moist with your juices as you push out your tongue to taste yourself, always as sweet as fresh honey. Suddenly you feel my lips against yours, kissing you deeply, sharing the taste of you on your lips. You feel my hand as it pushes your boxers to the side and you feel a finger part your pussy lips and start to slide slowly up and down between them. I feel the breath rush from between your lips as you exhale deeply, moaning in ecstasy.

As you revel in the feeling of my hand working against your pussy, you feel my hand travel to yours resting at your side. I grab it and pulling it towards me, as you feel your fingers wrap around my now swollen cock. Your juices flow even stronger, covering my finger that is now working in and out of you. You start to stroke my cock slowly, feeling the ridge of the head as your hand moves out to the end, then sliding your hand down to the base, opening your hand slightly as you push all the way down, feeling how hot and hard I have become from my excitement of just being able to enjoy you. You run your harbiye escort fingers to the tip and feel the wetness of the precum that has covered it, as you bring your fingers to your mouth and taste my sweet juices this time. You push your hand lower between my legs to my balls, squeezing them gently as you feel how tight they are, ready to release my hot cum for you.

You are surprised when you feel yourself spun around and you put your arms out to support yourself to find that you are now supporting yourself by the back of the recliner in the corner of the room. You are pushed forward until your hips are even with the back of the chair and your hands are holding onto the arms. You feel your boxers pulled down your legs as you step out of them and then hear them land somewhere in the dark to your right. You feel a hand on your hip and another between your legs, a finger working in and out of your pussy again. You moan loudly from the feeling and spread your legs farther, engulfed in the feeling of what is happening, and surely what is to come. As you feel my finger pull out of you and both hands on your hips, your breathing almost stops in anticipation.

You exhale and utter an almost silent squeal as you feel the head of my cock rub against your clit, then press against your soaked pussy. I hold it there for what to you seems almost like an eternity. Then without warning I push it all the way into you, as you feel my balls pressed against your ass. You scream with excitement as you feel yourself filled up inside, and this time there is no finger to quieten you. You feel your hips being held tight as my hard cock starts to move in and out of you, the head pushing deep inside you as you push yourself against me and moan louder and louder with each thrust. You now feel a hand on your back, pushing you over the chair as your pussy is fucked harder. You can feel and hear as my body slams into yours, the fronts of my thighs hitting the backs of yours. My pelvis hitting your ass with each ikitelli escort thrust into you. My balls are slamming off your ass as your pussy is fucked like it never has been before. You utter a scream of pleasure, your head spinning from the feeling of being fucked like you are now. You feel your stomach muscles tightening and loosening, as your pussy clenches my cock, trying to pull it in deeper and deeper. Your legs begin shaking, and you are thankful now that you’re supported by the chair for fear of your legs betraying you and spilling you to the floor. You are now aware of my heavy breathing and the moans escaping me as my excitement and arousal grows with you. Not as calm as cool as I was before, you know that you have always had this effect on me and revel in it, smiling to yourself in the dark.

You are aware of your body tingling all over like an electrical current running through you, originating between your thighs. You feel yourself starting to give in to the intense feeling of my cock ramming in and out of you. Your legs quiver and small gasps escape your lips as you feel yourself building to an intense orgasm. You almost bite your lip to stifle a scream, but instead yell my name at the top of your lungs, and tell me that you are going to cum. Finally like an ocean wave you feel the orgasm rock through your body as your pussy clenches my cock and you collapse onto the back of the chair, gasping for air and trying to get the stars to clear from your eyes. At that exact moment you feel my cock pushed deep inside you and held there, and for the last 30 minutes you hear me utter the only words spoken I’m cummming”. You feel my hot cum as it explodes from my cock and fills your pussy. This feeling triggers another orgasm from you as you reach back and grab my ass, pulling me tighter as I feel your pussy clenching around my cock over and over from the contractions. Finally your contractions subside to an almost heartbeat feel against my cock. You feel our juices as they mix and start to run down my cock and your inner thighs, the smell of sex engulfing the room. You relax your body across the back of the chair and compose yourself as you feel me lean across you and kiss the back of your neck, nuzzling my mouth against you. You exhale softly and smile as you feel my warm breath against your skin……

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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