Mayıs 15, 2021

Emma Meets a New Friend Ch. 2

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Bill was a manager at Leah and her husbands firm, who would often courier documents to Leah for her to sign when she was ‘working from home’.

“Fuck” Leah sputtered, “I forgot that he was supposed to come by this afternoon.”

“What do we do?” I asked, watching Bill stride toward us down the pool deck as if in slow motion.

“Not much we can do, hon,” Leah whispered, “we’ve been caught.”

As Bill neared our end of the pool, he stopped mid-stride, obviously realizing what he’d walked in on. His eyes shifted immediately away, to the pool deck. His discomfort became painfully obvious.

Bill was a handsome man, clean-cut and tastefully dressed in a crisp white dress-shirt with a bold, red power tie, dark pants and impeccably shined shoes. His sharp blue eyes pierced the tint of his sunglasses, and his facial features were sharp, and well defined. He was tall, accentuated even more by my perspective from the pool below. He was obviously athletic, with a lean waist and broad shoulders. He couldn’t have been more than five years older than I was, and still had an innocence to his look.

“Care to join us?” Leah blurted out, obviously noting Bill’s discomfort as well.

“Um, uh…well…I” is all that Bill could muster in response.

“Come on, sweetie, no one needs to find out” Leah persisted. She approached the side of the pool, next to where I was standing, and planted her hands on the pool deck. With a hop, she sprang from the water, pulling herself up onto the pool deck, mere feet from where Bill was standing. The poor guy didn’t know where to look. I could tell that he desperately wanted to fix his gaze squarely on Leah’s naked, wet body, but felt it was inappropriate to do so.

Leah approached Bill, water dripping from her body onto the stone deck. She reached out, and began undoing Bill’s necktie. “Why don’t you hop in” she continued, “there’s someone here that I’d like you to meet.”

“But I…I don’t….we uh…I just…” Bill stammered as Leah moved to unbutton his shirt. As she did, his shirt opened, revealing a smooth, bare chest with just a hint of light blond hair. Bill’s skin looked pale in contrast to Leah’s tanned hands, which now stroked Bill’s bare chest as they removed his shirt. A noticeable lump was forming pendik escort at the front of Bills trousers, and Leah immediately moved to release it from its confines. Undoing his belt, Leah swiftly moved to his zipper. Bill’s pants fall away from his hips, landing in a crumpled heap around his ankles. He still has not moved from the position he was at when he realized that Leah and I were nude in the pool. His boxer shorts are deformed with the growing protrusion they contain, which Leah grasped with her wet hand, stroking gently.

“I won’t tell if you won’t” Leah persisted. It was now a forgone conclusion. The poor guy didn’t have a choice. He was standing poolside, pants around his ankles, his boss’s wife stroking his hard-on. The only thing that was left to do was take off his shoes and jump in. As he stepped on the back of one shoe with the other to pry them off, Leah slipped her hands into the elastic of Bill shorts, and knelt before him as she guided his undies down his legs. Bill’s stiff prick sprang up as Leah pulled the waistband over it, almost catching her nose as she bent in front of him.

Now, perhaps it was the fact that I’d been so aroused at so many points during the day, or maybe it was simply the view I had from the pool below, but when my new lover knelt, with her still glistening wet skin, and began to felate her young co-worker’s erection, I immediately felt my vaginal muscles beginning to quiver. Instinctively, my hand reached for my pussy, as I reached the other to caress the round form of Leah’s ass. For the next couple of minutes, I continued to watch as Leah sucked on Bills fine, thick cock while I played with myself beneath the water, and with Leah on the deck above me. Leah’s pussy was warm and slick, in contrast to the cool drips of pool water still dancing on her tanned skin. She responded to my touch, pushing back onto my hand at first, then shuffling her knees around to bring her ass closer to me. Now within reach, I was able to bring my face to Leah’s ass, gently probing my tongue into her anal entrance, and down to her parted lips to taste her juices. Out of reach of my tongue, her clit was now being teased by her own fingers, frantically rubbing a circular pattern over the swollen tissue.

Then suddenly, Leah turned, escort pendik sitting herself on the deck, facing me now. She still had her hand wrapped around the base of Bill’s prick, but had stopped her sucking. From my vantagepoint, I could see that Bill’s scrotum had pulled his fine balls up tight to the underside of his cock. The head of his penis was purple, and seemed to almost strain for release.

“Hop on out” Leah offered, “It’s time for you to meet my friend Bill” she stated with a smile. “Bill, meet my friend Emma.”

“Hello” he stated, as if he were about to shake my hand. I laughed, and winked at him, which was the only appropriate thing that I could think to do at that moment.

Leah pulled me to my knees on the deck. I distinctly remember how hard the stone tile felt on my knees. She spun around and lay beneath me, pulling my hips down toward her face. She then instructed Bill to kneel behind me and “treat me to some of his manhood” as she so eloquently put it. Feeling Bill’s strong hands grasp my hips; I arched my back and reached around to grab his cock. It felt so large as I guided him toward my twat. He felt even larger when he entered me for the first time.

The sensations were almost overwhelming; Bill sliding his thickness out of my vagina, and then pushing back in, over and over while Leah’s tongue flicked my exposed clitoris. I recall at one point trying to concentrate enough to lick my lover’s snatch below me, but my own pleasure sensations overtook me, and I just tossed my head back and shamelessly enjoyed how it felt. I’m not sure how I even had the wherewithal to notice, but atop a small metal table, just feet away from me, stood a bottle of tanning oil. Swiping it from the table with one hand, I opened the snap-lid, brought it behind me, and tipped it up, squeezing its warm contents over my anus. As I tossed it on the pool deck, I moved slightly forward, interrupting Bill’s rhythmic stroking. Reaching back again with my oily hand, and grabbed my fine probe, and guided him to my puckered porthole, pressing his swollen head to my entrance. I felt Bill’s grip tighten as he pressed his cock to my ass, his thumbs prying my cheeks apart in order for him to gain full access. I push back onto his pole, and I feel the familiar sensation pendik escort bayan as his head pops through my initial autonomic defenses. He pushes a second time, impaling me about mid-shaft when I hear him moan.

“Oh god, I’m coming in your ass” Bill exclaimed, as his body began to shudder. His hips began bucking, as he attempted to shove the rest of his now spasmodic cock into my ass. I feel the pulsations of his juice as it struggles past my constriction to spew from the head of his penis, deep into my ass. As the grip of his orgasm loosens, so too does his grip on my hips, but he keeps his dick inside of me for as long as he can.

Below me, Leah has had an unobstructed view of my sodomization, and is eager to continue her work on my clit. She grabs my hips to pull me lower, which serves to plop young Bill’s now semi-flaccid penis from my hole. Its heaviness proves too inviting for poor Leah, who feels compelled to suck the milky white drippings from its head. I hear her slurping from under me as she finishes Bill’s job, and then returns to mine. The tongue flicking I was treated to while Bill’s cock was still in my pussy, has now made way for a full-on sucking from my older lover. Leah sucks and nibbles on my nubbin, grinding her face veraciously into my snatch. I feel Bill’s giz begin to leak slowly from my ass, trickling down over my exposed vagina toward Leah’s face below. She moans as his salty taste mixes with my musk, and she laps him up from my folds. As quickly as Bill was overcome by his penetration of my ass, so too am I by Leah’s face-fuck. As my orgasm starts to wash over me, I grab one of my tits, squeezing and plucking at my big, pink nipple. The quivering in my vagina builds and turns to spasm. I begin to buck wildly atop my lover’s face as shake my breast with my one free hand. My next conscious recollection is the smooth sensation of Leah’s thigh against the side of my face.

Left to recover in the warm sun, I lay back in one of the loungers that resided poolside while Leah helped Bill gather his clothes and escorted him to the house. She returned minutes later with a glass of lemonade.

“Your poor knees” she said, remarking at the red abrasions that adorned each of my legs.

“Small price to pay” I retorted, smirking. Leah laughed, and then leaned forward to kiss me. I could still taste Bill on her lips.

As we broke our embrace, Leah sat back up, and raised her glass toward me. “To new friendships” she toasted.

“To new friendships.”

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