Mart 24, 2021

Emily Untethered Ch. 05

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Alison Brie


Chapter 5

“Dakota will be here in about an hour,” Emily said, peering into her dad’s room. He looked up from the book he was reading and smiled.

“Good to hear,” he replied.

She briefly considered joining him, but knew that it would probably lead to more compromising and risqué interactions between the two of them.

“I’m gonna be in my room,” she said, fidgeting with the door handle.

Her dad nodded and made a show of reading his book again. She saw the telltale bulge in his pants.

Sighing deeply, she turned and forced herself to go to her own room.

“That’s your own father,” she told herself again and again.

She checked the clock at least thirty times before her phone buzzed. Dakota was calling her. This couldn’t be good.

“Hello?” Emily asked, answering the call.

“You’re going to hate me,” Dakota said.

“What did you do?” Emily asked, sighing.

“I’m not going to be able to come over. Dad practically begged me to spend some time with him this evening. He’s being all sweet and I’m not gonna be able to make it. Will you be alright? Maybe I can come over during the week.”

Emily smirked, realistically unsure of whether or not she and her dad would be okay until they saw Dakota again.

“It’s okay. I’m sure we’ll be fine. We’ll both have work and school to distract us,” Emily said, trying to sound more sure than she actually was.

“I’m really sorry,” Dakota said.

“It’s okay,” Emily replied. “I promise.”

After finishing the call, she stood and went to find her dad and let him know. Walking up the stairs, she heard his shower running. Smiling to herself, she quickly tiptoed up the stairs. She briefly wondered if she should really just walk in on him in the shower, but the thought was lost in a haze of the raging hormones swirling around her brain. She was incredibly horny and clearly not thinking straight.

“Yeah, that’s it.” she thought.

Opening the door to his room, she peered in and confirmed that he was indeed in his bathroom. Moving quickly, she crossed his room and paused at his door. He was whistling. She giggled as she heard him and covered her mouth.

She reached up and knocked, opening the door and poking her head in.

“Daddy!” she yelled, causing him to jump in fright. There was a loud thump as he bashed into something.

“Goddamnit, Emily!” he yelled back angrily.

She giggled and stepped into the bathroom. “I just wanted to let you know that Dakota isn’t going to be able to come today. Her dad wants to spend time with her.”

She playfully tiptoed forward and peered into the shower. He looked up and saw her peering around the curtain.

“Are you trying to give me a heart attack?” he asked.

She giggled again and shrugged. “Need help washing anything?”

He sighed and looked at her. “No, Emily.”

She pouted playfully and pulled her head back. Moving back and sitting on the counter, she waited patiently for him to finish. As he did so, he reached out for a towel and pulled it in.

“Boo,” she said, scowling.

“Did I ruin your fun?” he asked, stepping out. As he placed one foot down, she hopped off the counter and snatched his towel from his hands.

“Emily,” he said, coming forwards. “Give me my towel please.”

She laughed and tucked it behind her, sliding back up onto the counter.

“Why are you doing this to me?” he asked. “You know being in here isn’t appropriate. You’re my daughter.”

She smiled but didn’t say anything. He came forwards, looking a little irritated. She didn’t relent though and spread her legs. She knew he could see her panties and the thought of this illicitness caused her to grow a little damp. He moved forward, reaching behind her and sliding between her legs.

She wrapped both of them around his waist, but continued to keep the towel securely behind her back. Glancing down, she saw his cock swelling slightly and giggled.

“Emily,” he said sternly. She looked up surprised and made an “ooo,” face at him. He chuckled and shook his head.

“Why, Emily? Why do you do this to me?” he asked, reaching down and yanking the towel free.

“Cuz, I’m fucking horny, and I love the way men respond to me,” she said honestly, sliding off the counter and tapping him lightly on the rear as she slid past.

“For the last time, I’m your father Emily. This isn’t right,” he said.

“And yet, you’re still hard,” she said, giggling as she left the room. She heard him sigh deeply. She figured that she’d tormented him enough for the time being and headed to her room to do a little studying. A few hours later, she left the room, bored out of her mind and still very horny. She kept fighting the urge to tear off her clothes and throw herself at him, but the desire was definitely there. She kept telling herself that he was her father, over and over again, but the more she said it, the more it didn’t have the same impact. She sighed and shook her head.

“You can’t do this,” soğanlık escort bayan she told herself. Feeling better, she headed downstairs and went to the living room. Flipping on the T.V., she plopped down on the couch for a few hours. After a light dinner, she returned to the living room and flipped the T.V. over to a movie. Her dad finally reappeared and sat down on the couch beside her. She smiled over at him and held up the remote.

Shaking his head, he smiled. “I’m good with this.”

She returned his smile and tried to focus on the movie. Deviant thoughts kept worming their way into her brain and she couldn’t focus. She kept thinking about being railed back in California, having a nice hard cock pounding her senseless, or having one in her throat pumping her full of yummy warm cum. She wriggled on the seat, glancing over at him. She sighed in frustration at herself and thought briefly about leaving, but knew that would look too odd. She glanced over for the thirtieth time and saw him adjust his crotch a little. He looked erect from where she was sitting.

She felt her pussy get wetter than it already was. Every second that passed, felt like an hour as she fought to keep from launching herself at him. She looked again and saw him quickly look away. She smirked to herself and began to feel a little better, knowing that he was feeling the urge as well.

The evening continued like that for her for the entirety of the movie. Eventually it ended and she quickly stood, but saw her father doing the same.

“Going to bed?” he asked.

She nodded. “Pretty tired,” she confirmed. She was practically squirming just standing there.

They headed upstairs, bumping shoulders as they did so. Both muttered sorry simultaneously and quickly headed to their respective rooms.

Emily quickly lay in bed and tried to think about anything else. She closed her eyes and tried to sleep, but her dreams were filled with sex. She groaned in frustration and tried to fight the urge as she stared at the ceiling during one of her many wakeful hours. Finally, she could stand it no longer and slapped her hands down on the bed.

She stood and went to the bathroom. Turning on the water, she washed her face and looked at herself in the mirror. She turned what she was about to do over and over in her head. She fought for several minutes to think of a legitimate reason for her to not go through with it. Sighing and steeling her nerves, she turned off the light and left the room. Quietly stepping into the hallways, she felt like an elephant pounding on the floor as she stalked quietly towards her father’s room.

Opening the door, she slipped in and saw him tossing around in bed, unable to sleep himself. He sat up and clicked on the light, seeing her standing there in his room. He didn’t need to ask, he knew exactly why she’d come to his room.

Clouds swirled around in her head and she suddenly sat up in bed. She looked around, seeing that she was still in her own room. She must have been dreaming the entire time. She felt like she hadn’t gotten any rest at all, and was only more sexually frustrated than the night before. She sighed in frustration and went to get ready for school. After kissing her father platonically good morning, she made a healthy breakfast for the two of them and headed to school. Monday seemed to go okay, at least until she got home from school. Again, she couldn’t get the naughty images from filling her head and she pictured him slamming her up against the wall and taking her.

She sighed and shook the thoughts away again, hearing his keys in the lock. He came in and she stood, heading for a hug.

“Hi, Daddy,” she said, smiling sweetly. “How was your day?”

“Long and hard,” he said.

She snickered at the obvious joke, causing him to roll his eyes and sigh.

“Seriously?” he asked.

She shrugged, grinning. “You said it.” Looking up, she was suddenly very aware at how close they were. He’s released her from the hug, but she didn’t move, and was gently pushing into him.

Sighing, she fell back a little and turned, heading to her bedroom without another word.

That evening, she came downstairs and made a healthy dinner. Calling him down, she served him a plate and they ate, their silence occasionally punctuated by idle chatter.

She stood then, letting him do the washing up, and headed upstairs to her room. The sexual tension was palpable throughout dinner and the rest of the evening. She emerged from her room near bedtime and crept downstairs to see what he’d been up to. Peering into the living room, she saw him sitting on the couch in his boxers, watching TV.

She came in, feeling the throb of excitement throughout her body, and came around him. She intended to sit next to him and talk, but something made her walk up and straddle him in their normal hugging position. She was wearing a tight shirt and panties, and she felt flushed.

He looked ümraniye escort bayan up as she came around the edge of the couch and straddled his legs. He smiled, seeing her reaching down to get a hug and pulled her to him.

Emily sighed happily as she sank down on him, feeling his chest slowly rising and falling, lifting her up and down as she lowered her head to his shoulder.

“You okay?” he asked quietly.

She nodded. “Just getting a hug from my Daddy before I head to bed.”

He chuckled and inhaled deeply. His strong hands began to rub up and down her back, pressing fingers into her muscles. She growled in pleasure and then spun around on his lap, letting him have better access to her back.

He smiled as she glanced back expectantly and waited. His strong fingers began to prod and massage at her back muscles as she silently sat on him. She leaned forwards, placing her hands on his knees and inadvertently sliding her buttocks back against him. She felt his growing tumescence and shifted. She slyly lifted her buttocks as he pressed his fingers into her shoulders and felt the head of his cock slid across her butt. She glanced down and lifted a little more so that it was beneath her, and then sat back down on him.

He groaned beneath her as her pussy forced him downwards, sliding pleasurably across it and eliciting a low moan of approval from her.

Sighing in frustration, he patted her on the back and started to lift her up, but she sat up and then leaned back into him, placing both feet on his knees.

She looked down and saw that his cock had worked its way free from the confines of his boxers and was again pointing upwards, this time in plain view and gently nestled against her panty clad pussy.

Sensing how dangerous the situation was, she stood and began to slide off of him. His cock slide down her pussy as she moved forwards.

“God,” he moaned, gripping her hips for a moment. She paused, feeling him gently pulling at her and fought against the urge to pull her panties aside and start fucking him.

She stood quickly and then turned to face him.

He reached for her and pulled her back to straddle him. The look in his eyes was definitely conflicted, and she knew she had warring feelings herself. She lifted her left leg over his right knee and then moved forwards as he pushed his cock back into his boxers and tucked it under his waist band.

She smiled and leaned into him, her body molding to his as they pressed together. She keenly felt his erection pressing against her panties and lower stomach, and smiled as she looked at him.

He returned her smile and sat back into the couch, closing his eyes.

“Do you like the way my panties feel against your cock, Daddy?” she asked, causing him to open his eyes.

He smirked at her and glanced down, as if the answer was obvious.

“Why don’t you just take what you want?” she asked, her arms moving around his neck.

He groaned and pulled at her hips, causing her hips to slide forwards and her pussy to slide dangerously against his shaft. She moaned in pleasure and looked expectantly at him.

He released her hips though, and simply patted her on the back.

She sat back and then looked down between them. His cock was poking its head out of his waist band, looking terrifyingly erect. Giggling, she stood and headed for the stairs.

“Good night, you dirty old man,” she said, turning and looking at him seductively. “If you hear noises from my room, don’t worry. It’s just me.” She took a single step and turned back to him again. “I think you know where I’ll be if you need anything.”

“Good night, Emily,” he called.

“Night, Daddy,” she said, smiling.

Quickly shutting her door, she dove into bed and began to furiously masturbate. She couldn’t believe how incredibly turned on she was. A few minutes of dedicated rubbing later, she brought herself to an orgasm, but wasn’t surprised when she felt how horny she still was.

Sighing, she forced herself to go to sleep. Tossing for most of the night, she barely managed to get enough sleep and awoke, still just as horny as she’d been the night before. She heard the distant sound of her father’s shower turning on and sighed. A deviously naughty idea formed in her mind and she quickly stood and stripped. Heading directly for his bathroom, she quietly entered as he hummed. He didn’t notice her entrance as he was running his head under the water.

Quietly opening the shower, she gazed at him for a second, staring longer than she should have at his cock, and quietly stepped in. Closing the door behind her, she caused him to jump in momentary surprise as she reached up and touched him. Spinning around, he looked down at her nakedness and shook his head.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“Helping you shower,” she said, as if that was enough explanation.

“I’ve been doing it on my own for a few years now,” he said, raising aksaray escort an eyebrow. She looked up at him innocently and shrugged.

“I wanted to use your shower this morning,” she explained. “Let me help with that,” she said, grabbing the bottle of soap from his hands.

She poured some into her palm and rubbed her hands together for a few moments before spinning him back around and rubbing him down. She started at his shoulders, gently massaging and rubbing, and then moved down his back. She moved to his buttocks and thighs, surprising him back running her hands between his legs and across his asshole for a second, her fingers brushing his balls as she soaped him up. She knelt in the shower then and began to soap up his thighs and calves. Looking upwards, she couldn’t help but see the end of his cock bouncing between his legs.

“Turn,” she said.

He obeyed, seemingly unable to comprehend what she was doing and obeying out of confusion or lack of brain control.

She didn’t look up, but sensed his erection dangerously close. Her hands worked upwards from his ankles to his knees and then calves. She skipped his crotch, figuring that he probably might freak out if she actually started to soap up his cock. She stood then, the tip of his steadily erecting cock brushing down her breast and across her nipple as she moved upwards.

Standing, she began to wash his stomach and then shoulders while he stared. She glanced down at herself and saw her nipples erect, the new nipple rings in them dancing with the slightest movement.

“Okay,” she muttered, trying to appear disinterested. “Rinse.”

He nodded dumbly and backed up into the water stream.

“Just a second,” she said, stepping out of the shower. She quickly disappeared and then reappeared holding her own soap bottle from her bathroom and set it on the shelf in his shower.

She stepped in and took his place in the shower stream as he started to get out.

“You aren’t going to return the favor?” she asked. “That’s kinda rude.”

He turned back, clearly conflicted, and sighed. “I guess it won’t hurt.”

She smiled. “Well, I don’t know how you wash yourself, but I hope it doesn’t hurt when you do.”

He chuckled and took her soap in his hands, pouring some and lathering them up. He spun her around and moved in much the same way that she had. His hands massaged gently, causing her to lean forwards and let the water course over her. He reached up and got more soap, as the water had washed all of what he had away, and forced her to stand up.

“It’s not time to rinse,” he admonished.

She smiled. “Sorry, Daddy,” she whispered. He moved to her back and then did her legs. She glanced back at him expectantly. “You’ve got to get me clean,” she said.

He smirked and nodded at the soap. “You can wash your own rear,” he said.

She pouted for a second, but then did just that. He moved down her legs, and then turned her around. She glanced down at him as he fought to maintain a lowered gaze and not stare at her pussy.

His hands worked upwards from her ankles to her thighs, again skipping her pussy. He continued kneeling, his hands reaching up and soaping her stomach. Finally, he looked up and she swayed forwards, pushing her crotch dangerously close to him.

He couldn’t help himself, though, and looked directly at her. She immediately felt a swell of excitement and fought the urge to reach down and pull his head to her pussy. He sighed and closed his eyes, standing and shaking his head at her.

“You’re going to give me a coronary,” he said. “But goddamn, what a way to go!”

She giggled and then turned to him. “You forgot your favorite part,” she said, looking up at him and jiggling her breasts back and forth.

He sighed but soaped his hands up again. His fingers tentatively started at the underside of her globes and she sighed leaning back against the wall as he kneaded them into her flesh. He moved around the outside of her breasts and then up to her shoulders, methodically massaging her.

She sighed and reached up, grabbing both of his hands and placing them directly onto her breasts.

“Wash all of me, damn it,” she ordered.

He seemed frozen, unsure of what to do. Slowly, he began to squeeze and massage her breasts, even gently squeezing her nipples and lifting the rings up.

She glanced down after a minute of him groping her and felt a familiar prodding against her pussy. She smiled and looked back up at him. She reached down and briefly adjusted him so that he was pressed between the two of them. Squeezing him, she slid the two of them into the water stream to wash away the soap.

He spun as she began to slide out of his arms then, and turned off the water. Turning back around, he opened the door but she stopped him by wrapping him in another hug. Lifting her face upwards, she looked at him pointedly and then pulled his face down in a tender kiss. Her lips pressed into his as his cock pushed into her stomach again.

She snickered and then finally opened the door. Reaching back playfully, she grabbed him by his cock, her fingers wrapping around it and pulling him out.

He groaned and stumbled forwards, as she pulled him from the shower and reached for a towel. After drying him off, she handed the towel to him. She smiled quietly as she realized that he was paying particular attention to her breasts.

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